Puppet Master

by Kyo-sama

Authors note~~OHAYO MINNA-SAN! I know it sucks. T.T hai hai i need to finish it to. That doesn't help any. I'm a lazy. ~.~ -kyo-sama  R&R ONEGAI!

rating-NC17 ! of course! why would i write anything less! just hasn't gotten there yet. -_-;; i'm a lazy. ~.-


Sleeping Beauty*


sleeping beauty - Shinya

the prince - Die

fairy 1 - Kyo

fairy 2 - Toshiya

fairy 3 - Kaoru

queen - Mana

king - Gackt

king 2 - hide

witch - Yoshiki

witch's servant - Miyabi

peasant boy - Levin

narrator - Tetsu

evil fan fic writer - Rei-chan *gives evil grin and bows*


Part 1

Tetsu runs in pulling on his pants "Your late." *taps her foot* Gomen Rei-chan!! I was......um.....busy....." sweatdrops and tells Hyde to go away *sighs* "Damn you just start narrating!" "H-Hai.........*stutters* o-ok." *is silent for a long time* "WEll! What's wrong??" He looks around and then turns back to rei-chan. "I-I can't find t-the script....." "AAGUH!" *throws the script at him* "HERE! Now read!" "H-Hai....." *begins reading*

One day in a kingdom along time ago, a baby was born...(more like adopted)... to King Gackt and Queen Mana who desperately wanted a baby. The named the baby Shinya and announced the baby as a girl even though it was a he. And on that day they had a huge party for princess Shinya and the whole kingdom was invited so even the peasants could come see the baby and not just royalty. Suddenly the trumpets sounded and everyone became silent as the guard spoke up. " Now entering the kings most honored guests, King Hide and Prince Die!"

The king and prince walked up to the king Gackt and queen Mana and bowed and then Hide and Gackt sat down as Mana took adorable 5 year old chibi Die over to see little Shin-chan. (Kawaii!!^^) Then the trumpets suddenly sounded again and the guard spoke, "The three good....*cough* ....fairy's!" Then everyone looked up towards the ceiling waiting for them to come down from the sky when all of a sudden the door slammed open and the three fairy's stomped in in a straight line. "The three fairy's! *sweatdrops* Kyo, Toshiya, and Kaoru!!" annonced the guard.

"LOOK DADDY IT'S SAILOR MOON!!" screamed Die and started jumping up and down. "Ssshhh!!" Hide slapped his hand over Die's mouth before he could say anything else and the entire congregation sweat dropped. But indeed they were a sight.

Kyo came in first with his face a very bright shade of red pulling on his frilly pink ballet skirt and tight pink silk top, while twirling his wand in his hand and a little tiara on his head. "Now explain to me again why in the hell I have to be a god damn fairy!" *receives glare from ff writer* "BECAUSE I SAID SO!" everyone turned and looked up at the ceiling when they heard the mysterious voice then turned their attention back to the fairy's.

Next Toshiya walked in looking very much like a hoe with his short overly tight blue dress and fish net panty hose, sliding his wand in and out of his hand. "I think you look adorable!" Squeaked Toshiya just as Kyo pounced on him. "AAHH! Get off me!" Toshiya shoved Kyo off just as Kaoru walked in and everyone cowered back. He looked obviously upset at having to wear a frilly green dress that did not match his pink spiky hair at all. "You know you didn't have to make me wear this!" *evil writer throws a stick at Kaoru* "EEP! Ok ok gomen!! Geez."

They all walked up the aisle getting strange looks from the crowd and walked right up to the king. "Ok, here's the deal. The kid gets three wishes that's it zip zatta." yelled Kyo then he stuck his lip out and crossed his arms and marched over to Shinya with everyone else. The Toshiya went first. "My gift will be that you will be as gorgeous as me!" Then he muttered "almost" under his breath. Then he twirled his wand around and disco music started playing.....huh?? disco music.........What kinda screwy script is this?? *evil rei-chan throws things at him* OW! Meany. Fine. *everyone looks up at the ceiling and hears the voice again* "GOMEN-NASAI!! I can't find the right music!!" *receives evil glare from toshiya* *evil rei-chan turns off the music* "hmp. That's better." yelled Toshiya then Kyo came up and shoved him away. "My gift will be that you'll will be able to sing like me!!" Then Kyo waved his wand and Myaku started playing. "Gomen!! I can't find the right music!!" *turns off the music* "She has issues I think....*sweat drops*"said Mana-chan. *makes evil rei-chan mad and she makes a cute puppy appear in front of him* "AAHHH!!! GET IT AWAY!! KILL THE CUTE-NESS!!" Mana ran around the room screaming hysterically then ran out the door. Everyone fell over on the floor and sweat dropped. "Ok! Now my turn!" wined Kaoru and went over next to Shinya but was stopped when a gust of wind hit the castle and lightning struck and a mysterious man appeared in the room.

"It's Yoshiki!" everyone yelled. "What do yooouuuu want." yelped Kyo then threw the puppy at him and Yoshiki made it blow up in front of him and blood spattered all over his dress. "You're paying my dry cleaning bill rei-chan!!" *lightning strikes next to Yoshiki-chan* "No the hell I'm not! Tet-chan can!! It was his idea!" "What! I'm just the narrator! You can't pick on me!!" "Yes I can. NOW GO BACK TO NARRATING!"

*Yoshiki sweat dropped* "*clears his throat* um......what was my line?? *whispers* oh yeah! Why was I not fucked last night!" *everyone sweatdrops* "WHAT!!" "um......sorry...I was kinda busy with um........*lowers his voice really low* with the peasant......uh-oh....I'm in trouble..."yellped kyo just as Yoshiki threw his boot at him. "JERK! oops....wrong line.....Why was I not invited to the party!" "That's better." yelled Gackt after he fell out of his chair. "Because no one wants you!!" screamed Kyo. "That's not what you said the other night." Yoshiki said in a husky voice. "EEP!" Yoshiki's dodges Levin's boot. "MINE!" screamed Levin and ran up to Kyo and grabbed him protectively and stuck out his tongue. *Yoshiki sweatdrops*

"W-Whatever.......anyways...why wasn't I wanted here??" "Because! You just weren't!" announced Gackt. "Well fine then. I'm gonna cast a doozie on little Shin-chan then. He's gonna grow up like all that stuff you said but when he's sixteen he's gonna fuck someone......I meant he's gonna prick his finger and die...." *looks nervously at the cieling* "YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO TELL THEM THE CURE!!" *beats Yoshiki with a stick* "WWAAA!! GOMEN!" *disappears and leaves everyone sweatdropping* Mana runs back in screaming and grabs Shinya* "WAAAA!! You have to do something Kaoru-kun!!!! My little Shin-chan is going to be raped and die! Or.....something like that........."*huge sweatdrop from fairies* Kaoru sighs and walks over to Shinya and puts him back in the carrige. "oooooookkkkkk.........so long guitar lessons........T.T;;" *waves his guitar pick around* "He will indeed prick his finger, o.o;; but, instead of dying he will fall into a deep slumber until his one true love finds him and ummmm........wellllllll.....we won't get into that but still.........THAT happens...^^;;" *entire coronatin sweatdrops and facefaults* O.O;; * FINALLY the right music starts to play.............*kaoru hunts down that music box and throws it at rei-chan*

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" *dodges* *everyone looks up at the ceiling again* some king dude"I'm starting to wonder for the insanity of this writer" everyone agrees "HAI!" *Levin looks up at Kyo and glomps him* "YOU LOOK SO KAWAIIIIIIIII IN YOUR PINK DRESS!!!" *automatically relizes what he's done and cowers back with everyone else in the corner and tries not to get run over by the stampeding people trying to get out of his way* "I......am....not.....KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!" *blows everyone away with his scary scream and now red face* "ahhhhhh....."*everyone cowers under a table* *breaths insanely* "I HATE YOU PEOPLE!!" *runs off with his little wings and flies into a balcony and sleeps* "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...." rei-chan looks down at her script "ummm...I think I either pissed kyo off or that wasn't in the fic and Levin just blew his mouth off like I told him not to......uh-oh..." grabs her head and cries "NOW I'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO WAKE HIM UP AND FINISH MY DAMN STORY!!! AHHHHH!" "OOHHH well. I'll threaten not to give him scorpions later or something." sighs

~later that...........*tetsu looks down at the script* "IT DOESN'T SAY WHAT TIME OF DAY IT IS YOU BAKA!" rei-chan facefaults "NANI??!!??!! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU CALL ME!" throws a chair at him and watches him run onto Hyde "um..........GET DOWN FROM THERE AND FINISH THIS FIC! IT'S NIGHT!"

cries and jumps out of Hyde's arms and sits in his lap for a chair now "hhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" O.O;; watches Ken run by chasing a little boy with the police right behind him "umm......RUN KEN IT'S THE POOOLICE!" tetsu giggles

"fine fine fine..."cowers from rei-chans psycho stare

~later that night *rolls eyes

*kyo stomps around the little house he shares with Toshiya and Kaoru while Totchi runs behind him trying to calm him down* (hehehe.......I threatened to take away his scorpions *evil grin) "HOW DARE SHE THREATEN TO TAKE AWAY MY SCORPIONS AND STILL NOT GIVE THEM TO ME! *cries insanely* it's not fair" *gets all water eyed* T.T "hmp" o.0;; *Totchi wonders for Kyo's insanity* "um......should'nt we be thinking of a way to help Shinya?????????" *Kaoru stands up from his chair and pace's around the room* "Yeh we should....but what can we do?" *Kyo walks over to his towel and flops down on it and goes to sleep* "hell if I know but wake me up......like never" zzzzzzzzzzzz.......o.x;; *Totchi walks to Kaoru and kicks Kyo on his way over there* "AHHHH! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!! huh???????oh.....*hits Totchi's ass* baka" O.O;; *runs from kyo and jumps on Kaoru* "ummm....yyyeah...........anyways.........what should we do.....um......we can.......we can......." *Toshiya hits Kao-chan with his wand* " YOU BAKA! JUST GO GET THE KID AND HIDE HIM SOMEWHERE!! DAMN IT I'M TIRED OF WONDERING AROUND GETTING PINCHED BY KYO!" "huh????!?!" *Kaoru looks around Totchi to find Kyo pinching his ass* "WAAA! MINE!" *slaps his hand away* "umm....I meant...y-you shouldn't be doing that.........*sweatdrops and turns red*" "you are a baka...." *Totchi grabs Kaoru and hauls him off to the bed room* O.O;; *Kyo stands there wondering what the hell just happened and just decides to make Levi appear and rape him* "hhmmm.....Hai! *nod nod* That sounds like a good idea to me"

~next night

Queen Mana and King Gackt watch out the window as Toshiya, Kaoru, and Levin attached to Kyo ^^;; walks off with Shinya into the night to raise him for his first sixteen years.

~16 years later ^^;; (times flies, ne?)

Kyo, Toshiya, and Kaoru piled around a huge book in the little house in the woods they lived in. "ooohhh! I want this one! Oh! That one's gorgeous! Don't you think I would look good in that one!" "These arn't for you Totchi.-_-;;" Kaoru looked at Toshiya and moved the book away from him. "These are for Shinnnya! Toshiya flopped down in the chair and crossed his arms. "hpm! Fine! I still like the blue one." Kyo grabbed the book away from Kaoru and turned the page. "OH! That one's reallly pretty!!!!!" Kyo pointed to the short black dress with the pink fur at then end of the skirt and sleeves. "WOW! That one is pretty!" Toshiya jumped up from his seat and grabbed the book from Kyo. "But....." Kaoru and Kyo leaned in close "but...??" "Well... I THINK THAT TRIM SHOULD BE BLUE!" both of them face faults. Kaoru tries to sneak away from Toshiya while Kyo tries to strangle him. All of sudden Shinya walked into the room in a cute black dress wondering what was going on. (awwwww!!!! Adorable full grown Shin-chan!! *tries to contain my drools* -Rc) "Umm....guys?" *sweatdrops* "Um.....GUYS!" "AHHHHHHHH! SHIN-CHAN! WHAT THE HELL ARE DOING!" Kyo climbed on Kaoru and tries to hide the book. "W-what are you doing? " "Well um.......Kyo? What are we doing?" Toshiya turned around in his chair and looked at Kyo. "Um....well.....we wanted you to.....well.......*pokes Kaoru and whispers* what do we want him to do? I can remember my line..........? "You baka....T.T;; "We want you to go pick...pick......um...go find something to outside deep in the woods!" "YEAH! THAT'S IT!....I think? 0.0;;" Kyo jumped off of Kao's back and ran over to Shinya and started to push him out of the door. "And don't foreget! Screw every guy you see!" "NANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" *everyone facefaults* "oops.........^^;; um...i meant stay away from people!" "uh...ok" Shinya makes a mad dash to get away from the house. "ooookkkkk............"Toshiya sneaks away from Kyo and goes to a cabinet and pulls out a pile of cloth. "Here ya go Kyo-cha....err....sama!" *glares at Toshiya* "FINE! I'LL make the dress. YOU make the cake." "*growls* fine!" grabs the stuff and stomps off to the kitchen. "kkkkaaaoooo-chan!!!!!!!!!!" Totchi sneaks over to Kaoru and starts to rubb up against him. "ABSOLUTELY NOT! NO TOSHIYA!" Totchi gets all watery eyed " But Kao-sama!!"

~30 mins later

Kaoru is standing on a stool in a pile of black rags all slopped together tapping his foot with a very frustrated look on his face. "I hate you." " OHH! KAORU-CHAN! YOU LOOK SO PRETTY! *.*!!!!!!"


~ to be continued

~gomen, gomen!! I know. I'm a lazy. Ish needs to finish. ^^;; 

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to be continued

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