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Groove Jet

by Lady7

---We Beg Borrow and Steal---

Of course, lady7 has a LOT of homework to do and a baka test on how to draft a basic skirt but as always, she writes fic, which unexpectedly turns out to be a ...(read it yourself!) ...

I have wanted to write this for a long long time, now having the chance to, I feel this is so inspired by Miss J's fic. Does that considered stealing? Hn, we beg borrow and steal these days...


The room was bright as we entered.

Well, he opened the door and let me in. I looked around, admiring the tidiness, which was unexpected. Then I noticed the brightness, so I looked at him. he shut the door slowly and walked towards the bedside table. i watched him doing so, then he dimmed the light down.

"It's better this way..." he said, reasoning.

I nodded slightly

He walked towards me, then held my face, brushing my cheeks.

I felt myself blushing

He smiled a little

"Are you okay?" he asked

I nodded

He leaned forward giving me a light kiss on the tip of my nose

"Relax..." he said

I nodded again

He moved his hands, walking away, towards the small bathroom

" want to get ready?" he asked, uncertain.

I looked around, casting my eyes to the room, again.

He coughed

I looked at him, "Yeah..."

So he entered the bathroom and came out with something in his hand, like a bottle of lotion...

I stared as he kneeled on the bed and pulled the sheets gently. then he looked at me

"Come here..."

I did so, and he made me sat on the bed, beside him.

I blinked and looked up at him, he was smiling warmly.

Then he kissed me, and his hand brushed my cheek, then went down, burshed my chest, my nipple, then my stomach. I didn't know what happened, but I was suddenly lying down, and we were still kissing ...and I placed my right hand on the back of his neck.

He parted the kiss and stared at me, with something strange in his eyes

I held my breath as he took his shirt off, then slowly kissed me and somehow took my shirt off too. I didn't know what happened, and the next thing I knew was him touching me down there, rubbing me more likely. And I heard a moan...sounding like my voice.

I did moan...and moaned again. It felt so good, him touching me if teasing me...I felt that I should be doing something as well, so I kissed him passionately and placed my hands on his back then moved to his waist then his butt.

He rubbed his chest against mine, and rubbed his crotch against mine, and it felt so good that I felt that I should be doing more than what I did, so I gave his butt a tiny squeeze.

He gasped, not expecting that from me, of course.

I smiled, pleased with myself.

He looked at me and smiled back.

Then he kissed me, on and on...and somehow, few seconds later, not knowing when exactly it was and how exactly, but he managed to get my pants out of the way and I heard the sound of his jeans dropped on the floor. He was probably too busy with my body at the time.

And suddenly, everything got so heated, I started to pant lightly, and he started to breath fast. I lifted my eyes up and he was staring at me, and his lips trembled. I blinked and started to stare into his eyes, until they disappeared and the next thing I felt was wet thing trailed down my naked chest, my nipples, my belly button and my navel.

I gasped as he tugged on the boxers I was wearing.

It was off me the next second, and coldness swept me down there. I winced, cold.

I winced again...but it wasn't cold.

It was pain

I needed......


And he had to know

So I told him...


I begged

He chuckled, but I couldn't see his face, so I didn't know his expression

Then I felt a sudden warmth and wetness, surrounding my-

It hit me ...since when was I ...erected? And how big was it? I wanted to know, wanted to take a look...but it was in his mouth already, and it felt too good to I went quiet. Not for long, coz I heard myself moaning, taking quick breaths.

I wondered what he did, coz it felt good.

I wondered how he did it, coz it seemed impossible to me.

I knew he kissed, licked, and sucked...all for my sake, and it worked well, as they said.

Then suddenly, I had the urge to jerk my head up, curved my body and moaned louder, calling out his name. I thought I saw stars, but it was quite impossible coz everything seemed to be spinning.

I curved my body again, threw my head back, and gripped his hair.

I did, to my own surprise

But he didn't respond to that, merely paced up the speed, and it felt so good.



Gosh, oh no...what in the world...




There! I saw the stars!!! I did!!! And the world spun, my eyes were close, but I could feel it!! It spun!




I took a deep breath, slowly.

I took another deep breath, then I opened my eyes, and the room became visible, and I saw his face.

Smile, he was smiling.

I blushed

He smiled, still.

"How's it?" he asked, softly, gently.

I blinked, brushed my eyes, then nodded.

Then he leaned forward, giving me a kiss. A soft kiss, and I kissed back.

He pulled back, lying on top of me

"Do you want to continue?" he asked, in a deeper voice, and oh, I felt something down there, belonged to him. I noticed too, the look in his eyes, the tensed body of his, and the quick breath.

I placed my hands on his shoudlers, and nodded.

He lay between my legs, and I parted them more.

Did I mention how my heart beat went faster and faster? I mean, it was fast. It felt like exploded when I saw the stars just now, but...this time around, I just had that funny feeling...what was it? It was just funny.

And he was staring at me, deeply into my eyes.

All the sudden realised...where did his boxers go?! Things went on so quickly, I didn't even get the time to notice!


It hurt, I gasped, winced, and bit my lip.

What was it?

He slowly brushed my cheek, and stared at me concernedly.

"Is it okay?" he asked, what a soothing voice.

I blinked, joined my eyebrows, then got it all.

It was already in me?! How could I not know? How could I not be ready?!

I blinked againa and looked at him. He bit his lip and placed a kiss on my forehead.

"It will be okay...relax..." he whispered, but I could hear certainty.

I held my breath as he started to move, in and and out...

In and out...


His fingers cupped my cheeks, he kissed me slowly, but then it went passionate and I panted as we parted the kiss because he was running out of breath. But it didn't stop him from touching my shoulders, and I felt some wet thing, on my chest.

Then I heard sucking sounds...

Was he nipples? felt good...



I arched my back, and the moving of in and out continued, and its speed paced up, and first it was painful, but then...then...what's that feeling? Like...



Ahh, mn, gosh...was I...was I gonna see stars again?? Really? How come?

The next thing I knew was hearing the cracking sound of the bed, coz I was moving so violently on it, arching my back, throwing my head back, gripping his hair, even hugging his waist with my both legs and somehow I felt him moving in even faster, and his breath fastened too, and he placed his forehead on mine, and I felt our movements went together in a beat...

A rhythmical beat...that went faster, and faster...faster...




Ah...he wouldn't believe how much I wanted to call out his name..a lot more than just now...and I could already blurry see the stars...I knew I would see them again...but...


"Kaoru! Kaoru!!" I finally did call out his name, and he gripped my head tightly, and stopped moving.


I stopped too...


"Shin..." I heard a whisper, then I screamed.

I did...coz he made a sudden move in, and it was the most painful move, the most-

hn...? Ah...oh no...gosh, Ah!!!

There the stars again!!!




That's how it felt?


He moved and placed himself on the bed, right beside me. I took a deep breath, and opened my eyes.

I looked at him, who was looking at me.

He sighed and touched my cheek

"How's it?" he asked. As soft as ever, as gentle as ever.

I smiled

He smiled back and pulled me close to him. Then he kissed my forehead, and suddenly got up, pulling the blanket and tugged me in neatly. I smiled at him, and he smiled back, brushing my hair.

He gave me another kiss on the forehead.

"Oyasumi..." he whispered.

"Oyasumi..." I whispered back, and placed myself comfily in his arms, and slowly closed my eyes.


"Don't tell Totchi..."



Well, it suddenly hit me that this one really seems like the first Groove Jet! Too bad I don't have it here with me. So I can't compare them! but please write some email and tell me what u think...okay??? And it suddenly hit me that this is the same pairing as in the first Groove Jet, and my very first lemon is also this pair! Must be fetish eh?

Dedicated to my bakachan, KaoruxShinya for you. And don't you dare starting a DxT one, coz I'm gonna kill Totchi in my next fic.



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