Snow Flower

Snow Flower

by Lady J


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"amid the snow, round and round I spin, dancing
and when the impulse to lie down strikes,

I'll eat the flowers that bloom in the snow, and simply fall asleep
As I eat the flowers that bloom in the snow, I simply want to sleep

Your frostbitten hand is lovely and cool
(stay by my side like this forever)
I'm not the same as I was yesterday; in my hands yours melts
melts away into lukewarm water

If the snow would only
continue to fall a little longer colour will soon
If the snow would only
continue to fall a little longer colour will soon be
turned colourless"
-Snow Flower, by Plastic Tree

Brushing his long, unruly blue hair out of his eyes, Sakito
watched the rain scuttle
down the window pane. It had been raining for a good week now, and
since it was consiterably
colder at night, most of the rain water froze in the streets, making
it near impossible to get
anywhere, including practice.

There manager was freaking out.

Sakito grinned.

"I wonder why it doesn't snow?" he pondered to himself, eyeing the
slick street and remembering
the white Christmas only a few weeks ago.

He suddenly felt a small pang of sadness, as he remembered the small
Christmas party that his
band and a few others had put together. He'd been a psyco and gotten
all of his chums presants,
and had reseived a good number too, but not from the person that he
wanted one most from.

Miyabi had been there, but he was distant throughout the night.

Well, until they got to that Drinking Game, which he had won.

Sakito smiled slightly at his good friend's state in the morning.
Miyabi had walked around with
one hand on his forehead and the other supporting him on whatever he
could reach.
Sakito had to take him home and tuck him in his bed after that.

Sakito walked into his kitchen quietly, stooping to get a pan out
from under the sink. Hungry.



Grudginly, he put down the pan, rubbed his head, and got the phone.

"Moshi Moshi?" venom dripped off his words.

"....Saki-chan?" came the meek reply

"Oh, Miyabi-chan. Whats up?"

"daijoubu ka?"

"hai hai, daijoubu. Whats up? You normally don't call me." Sakito
turned around again, picking up
the pan and filling it with water and setting it on the stove.

"Eh, nothing. I was bored and couldn't get a hold of anyone else."

"Oh thanks. I'm a last resort now, am i?" Sakito grinned, teasing
Miyabi while waiting for his
water to boil.


"Nee, how's Kisumi?"


"Miyabi-chan? You didn't get in another fight, did you?"

More silence.


"I'm sorry, i have to go." a small noise that seemed like a sniffle.


"Miyabi? MIYABI! Damnit!" Sakito yelled at the phone before hanging
it up and glaring out the
window where snow was lightly flittering out of the sky.

Wait, SNOW?!

Rushing to the window, Sakito ignore the water that was now boiling
over the rim of the pan,
making the boiler steam and hiss.

Snow! And it was sticking!! What joy!!

Pressing his forehead against the cool glass, Sakito suddenly got the
invisionment of Miyabi,
crying in the snow.

But...why would he be in the snow? Why wasn't he at home? Or over
here, for that matter? Sakito
thought to himself, blushing slightly.

He had always felt close to the black haired, flirtatious guitarist,
closer to him than he was
to the other members of Due le Quartz.

Miyabi had always been there for Sakito when the relationships with
his lovers fell through the
clouds, down to the hard barren earth.

And now it was Miyabi's turn to be thrown from the clouds. Sakito
slapped himself for not
thinking of it sooner.

Before he could so much as put his coat on, the phone rang again.

"Hello?" he was hard pressed to keep the hope that it was Miyabi out
of his voice.

"Sakito? It's Kazuki. There isn't going to be practice you
know where Miyabi-kun is?"
Kazuki's deep voice sounded worried.

"No, i don't. I was just about to go out... i'll look for him, k?"
Sakito tried to comfort the
worried drummer. "And thanks for telling me 'bout practice."

"Anytime. Hope you find him, k? Goodluck, he knows how to hide well,
even if he's not doing it
on purpose." Kazuki let out a small laugh. "Talk with you later. Ja
"Ja ne."

Sakito quickly put on his heavy coat, shoes, grabbed his keys and
promptly forgot his boiling


Humming a soft, rather shallow, mornful song, the guitarist
in mention rocked back and
forth on his heals, sitting dejected and alone in the cold park.
Finally sitting down on the small mat that he had brought along, he
lay back, ignoring the rain,
and closed his eyes.

He hadn't broken it off with Kisumi for normal reasons. She had told
him that he was spending too
much time with Due le Quartz, and not enough time with her. Too
much time with Sakito, not
enough time with her.

She made it sound like Sakito was his lover.

Miyabi fidgeted on the blanket, totally unaware of the cold and the
small blush that covered
his cheeks.

So what if he felt a deep desire for the vocalist? He had hidden it
deep down in the bottom of
his heart, and only showed parts of it when they were on stage,
giving a performance to a crowd
of screaming fangirls. Most of the yaoi-fangirls.

Miyabi sighed and opened his eyes again. The cold rain had begun to
freeze on his cheeks, the
rain and the tears that he didn't know about. Looking up through his
matted black hair, he
noticed the silence for the first time.

Silence that only comes when snow falls.

"Snow?" Getting up, he smiled for the first time in a long while,
spinning and dancing as the
snow softly played with his hair and swirled around his body.

Miyabi sang quietly as he spun, a childhood bliss returning to his
heart, as the light snow
coated everything within it's reach.

He was suddenly hit by a wave of exsastion. Swaying towards where
he'd left the mat, he sat, then
lay, down and closed his eyes, smiling at the light snowflakes that
kissed his cheeks, neck,
and mouth, and wished that they weren't just snowflakes.

He wished for someone to love him.

But he knew, deep down, that the person that he loved would never
return his love.

New tears froze on his cheeks as he stiffled a sob, turning over, and
burying his face in his

Gently falling asleep.

And that's how he was when Sakito found him, partially covered in


"Geh, your heavy Miyabi-chan!" Sakito muttered, dragging the
unconcious Miyabi up the front
stairs of his apartment. When he got into the lobby, he quickly
dragged the guitarist through
into the elevator.

"Itsu no ma ni ka machi no naka ni juunigatsu no awatadashi saga a
Chisa na te o mo rinagara daisetsu na hito no namae o yobu"

Sakito let out a little laugh as he heard the melodic voice of the
old vocalist for Malice Mizer
sing his new single, 12Gatsu no Love Song. When had Gackt turned
into a popstar and elevator
Sakito was still laughing quietly as he dragged Miyabi through the
door of his apartment, took
of his shoes, and flumped the unconcious boy down on the couch.

"What did you do to yourself, Miyabi-chan?" Sakito whispered,
brushing the snow out of the black
hair and lightly brushing his cheek with the back of his fingers.

He felt the frozen tears there, the rain had melted.

Frozen tears.

Why had he been crying? Sakito thought to himself as he started to
lift Miyabi up and cradling
him gently in his arms as he walked into his room and place him down
on the bed that was in

Sakito looked at him for a moment, pondering on what he should do.

Scratching the back of his head in embarrasment, he knelt down and
started to unzip the now
completely wet and soaked thru black sweatshirt/coat/thing and threw
it to the floor with a
Sakito's eyes bugged out. Miyabi had been a nut and worn one of his
sleeveless black shirts
under, along with long, baggy and loosely fitting black pants that
hung off his hips.

"What am i going to do with you Miyabi-chan?" he whispered, running
his hands under Miyabi's
shirt, parting it from the owner's cold skin. Miyabi shivered as the
cold air reached his even
colder skin, and curled into a protective ball unconsiously.

Sakito laughed quietly, before picking him up and carrying him
towards the bathroom and setting
him down on the toilet while filling the tub with hot water.

The water! The boiling water!

"SHIT!" quickly running out to the kitchen, Sakito was confronted
with a mess of steam,
gurgling-ness, and a busted pan on the floor of his kitchen.
Sakito muttered death threats at his oven as he attempted to turn it


He heard a quiet splashing in the distance.

"SHIT!! Miyabi!" Running back to the bathroom, he found that the tub
had started to overflow
with comfortably hot water. Miyabi was still perched on the toilet,
head lolling a bit to one
side. Running through the thin layer of water on the floor and being
careful not to slip, he
quickly turned off the facet and cleared the drain in the washing
area. (Mako: Aye, this be one
of those traditional baths where there's a little place to wash and
clean, and then the REALLY
deep bath tub in which you soak until you're 'bout as red as a
lobster. So the water pretty
much just over flowed into the washing area. Yeah. one of those)

Turning back to Miyabi, he found that the guitarist was watching him
through half lidded eyes,
a small smile playing on his lips.

"Saki-chan funny." he slurred, leaning foreward a little, which ended
with him being caught in
Sakito's arms, and pulled down to the floor.

"Miyabi-chan, Miyabi-chan. How did you get in such a mess? Come on,
help me get your pants off."
Sakito ended with a slight blush. He could always blame it on the
heat. Yeah, the heat.

"Kisumi.....snow....snow pants...?" Miyabi
looked at him quizically,
before standing up with Sakito's help and taking off the later parts
of his pants and boxers.

Sakito blushed as he watched the leith guitarist stretch and asked
for assistance into the
steaming tub. Once he was in, the water to his neck, he leaned his
head back, and closed his
eyes once more.

"Saki-chan, I love your baths..." he mumbled, sinking a bit lower
into the water.

Sakito just sat there, watching the now sleeping guitarist get the
body heat that he'd lost back
into his body.

His eyes popped open all of the sudden, watching as Sakito was
watching him.

"Nee, Saki-chan?" he reached out of the bath, "Want to join me?
There's enough-" *Yawn* "-room
in here for two..."
Sakito just stared for a second, before brushing Miyabi's bangs out
of his child like face and
getting up. Miyabi's dark, playful eyes followed his every move as he
turned to undress.

Miyabi's eyes lingered on Sakito's thin body as he moved to make some
room in the large tub for
the vocalist. His movement was still a bit limited and very choppy
and wobbly.

When Sakito was finally bum-naked, he crawled into the tub, and
leaned against the back of it,
wrapping an arm around Miyabi's shoulders and pulling him closer.

Miyabi blushed furiously as he felt that arm linger on his shoulders,
before leaning back and
resting his head on Sakito's shoulder, savoring the moment and
closing his eyes.

His eyes shot open with a flash as music started to waft through the
room. He looked around
through his still blurry vision and finally spotted the small radio
that was hooked to the wall
near the tub.

It was playing the end of "Snow Flower", by Plastic Tree. Miyabi had
never met the vocalist,
Ryutarou, but had heard a good number of stories about him being a
psycic/psyco/druggy, but he
doubted most of them. His voice was soft, and almost child like.

Miyabi leaned back on Sakito's chest.

"If the snow would only
continue to fall a little longer colour will soon be
turned colourless"

the song ended, and Miyabi was fast asleep again, gently breath
teasing Sakito's neck, as he
gently wrapped his arms around the slumbering guitarist and picked
him up.
Stepping out of the large bathtub with another person in his arms
proved difficult, but he
managed to defeat his bad day, and carried Miyabi back into his
bedroom and placed him down on
the big bed and tucked him in.

Sitting on the side of the bed, he wondered what Miyabi would say if
he found him sleeping next
to him in the morning?
He gently brushed Miyabi's bangs out of his eyes, and bent closer to
kiss him lightly on the
forehead, before getting up and turning off the lights.

Whatever happened in the morning happened.

Crawling under the big warm blankets, he found the sleeping Miyabi
and pulled him closer towards
his body. Wrapping his arms around him, he tensed when he felt the
black head start to move.

Move closer towards him.

Wrap him in his own arms, and lean on his chest once more. Sakito
unintentionally kissed the
top of his head, before resting his head on it and falling into deep
slumber, the man who had
caught his heart on the down fall in his arms.


Cracking his eyes open, Miyabi was only slightly blinded by
the bright sunlight that was
flitting through the large window across from the bed.
Snow still covered everything in a crystal wonderland, and silence
crept through every crack.


He tensed, forgetting where he was and who he was with. He looked up
and gave a sigh of relief
as he found Sakito's face inches from his.
Reaching up, he gently played with Sakito's bangs, before running his
fingers down the side of
his cheek and across the soft pink lips.

The lips cracked a smile, and he quickly looked up to see one of
Sakito's dark, almost black,
brown eyes watching him.
He gave a small smile, then blushed as he felt Sakito's hand travel
from it's resting place
around his waist to his chin, tilting it up.

Miyabi looked into those dark pools for a long time as Sakito looked
into his, feeling the soft
gush of breath against his lips.

Running his tounge over his lips unconsiously, Miyabi watched (kinda
bewitched, nee? ^_^;) as
Sakito lowered his lips to Miyabi's in a soft, almost innocent kiss.

They started with butterfly kisses, but they grew into more
passionate kisses as Sakito ran his
tounge lightly over Miyabi's lower lip, asking for entrance, which it

Exploring it's new playground, Sakito's tounge met up with Miyabi's
tounge, playing gently with
it as their lips moved slowly with each other in a kind of dance.
Miyabi twirled the digits
of his fingers in the now short blue hair a the back of Sakito's
head, causing a small gasp from
the vocalist.
Sakito pulled him closer, then started to run his hand down Miyabi's

The kiss ended as they both found that they could not breath through
each other, and so they sat
there, half an inch apart, catching their breath and smiling at each

"I take it you feel better, Miyabi-chan?"
"Hai, i do. But i'd still like to stay in bed all day, nee?" Miyabi
winked. "And i want you in
here with me." the vocalist to blushed as Miyabi's hand caressed his
cheek softly.
Sakito suddenly smiled.

"Anything you want me to do, Miyabi-chan."


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