By : Lochy

In the cold night, Kaoru yawned softly and moved closer to Toshiya who slept beside him. Slowly he sighed shifting his arms to Toshiya’s waist. But Toshiya avoided it by pulled Kaoru’s arms.

“Please Kao…I’m not well today, please don’t force me, it’s very hot right here …” He murmured and moved away from his koi.

“hot?!! What do you mean hot Totchi ??!!, it’s very cold here!, a-a-are you alright?!” Kaoru got up and he looked Toshiya’s face which so pale, so he gasped and rested his hand to Toshiya’s forehead. Toshiya only murmured something that Kaoru didn’t understand.

“Toshiya!! You’re so pale !! y-you get fever!! I’ll take the thermometer and some pills ok!?” Kaoru was very afraid and concern about Toshiya especially Toshiya’s health.

Toshiya laid back to his pillow when Kaoru went to his drawer to find some medicine. Kaoru was so hell confused, so he turned on the light and made Toshiya’s eyes hurt.

“Please Kao…go back to sleep, ok!” Toshiya begged.

“But you’re ill !! you have to take the medicine!!” Kaoru sighed.

“No…I’m ok!! I’ll take the medicine tomorrow, I just need rest…please turn off the light and sleep with me!!” He ordered.

Kaoru just sighed and turned off the light. “OK…ok but promise me, that you’ll go to the doctor !!”

“I’ll go to the doctor if I know I’m ill !!!” Toshiya answered it with high tone.

Kaoru didn’t relpy , because he avoided to fight with Toshiya that night, he felt that maybe Toshiya’s right that he just too overprotective.

In the morning, Toshiya’s health seemed had recovered and it makes Kaoru forgot about Toshiya’s fever.. That day they got practice in the usual studio for some show next week. Together they played the music until noon. Then when they concentrated to some song, and Kaoru played his guitar solo’s part, Toshiya felt his body wasn’t alright and he stopped play his bass.

“Hey! Why you stop?” asked Die who stood beside him, and Kaoru still busy with his solo guitar.

“I-I feel so dizzy” he answered with his hand held his forehead.

“Hei!! What’s wrong with you!” Suddenly Shinya shouted at him and stopped playing the drums.

Then everybody gasped and stop their activity. Shinya is very skeptic person.

“YY-you’re face…you’re body are spotted red!” He raised his eyebrows.

“Huh?!” Toshiya looked at his arms and his hands.

“oh my god…” said Toshiya disbelief.

“Are you alright, honey?” Kaoru walked toward him and held Toshiya’s forehead.

“Y-You got fever again!”

“Maybe you get chicken pox !” said Kyo.

“What happen to me?!” Toshiya was very confuse and shocked.

“Oh c’moon he’s 25 years old and got chicken pox!, silly dumb-ass Kyo” Die laughed out loud.

“maybe he’s got some allergic !!” Shinya advised, and looked at Toshiya.

“Kao…you know I don’t have any allergic, and I didn’t eat sea food either…”. Answered Toshiya with trembled voice. He looked so afraid and his eyes was already wet.

“s-s-stt it’s gonna be ok totchi, let’s go home and do to the doctor , baby…” He hugged him and ordered to everyone that the practice cancelled and he would take Toshiya to the doctor.

“So…what happen to him doc? “ asked Kaoru to the doctor who had examined Toshiya.

“Don’t worry mister, this young-man only got chicken pox” replied the doctor easily.

“Chicken pox??? Are you sure?” toshiya heard him and widened his eyes.

“Calm down Hara-san, you never got chicken pox when you’re young aren’t you?” the doctor asked him while wrote some prescription.

Toshiya only nodded and agreed with the doctor.

“So what should I do?” Toshiya bite his bottom lips.

“Well…take the medicine, don’t scratch the red spot and take a rest for one week” The doctor gave him the prescribe.

“take a rest for a week?!!…are you sure?” Kaoru gasped disbelief.

“Yup, or he will getting worst!” The doctor adviced.

“Ok, thank’s doc” They left and went to Kaoru’s car.

“WA…Kao-chan!! I got chicken pox!!!!” Toshiya growled and then he started to feel the itchy but he forced to not scratch it .

“It’s gonna be alright honey, It’s usual things… and don’t you ever scratch the spot even it’s so itchy, or your body will ne like freddy kruger !” Kaoru advised.

“B-but how about our show?”

“Canceled…, it ain’t funny the audience will see you like this” Kaoru turned the engine and went back to his apartment

Because Toshiya’s illness, they had to separate their room so Toshiya moved to the other room.

It was late night and Kaoru had already sleep, suddenly He woke up by Toshiya’s screamed.

“What happen???!!” Kaoru ran quickly to Toshiya’s room

“Kao…soooooo itchy!!! I can’t stand anymore” Toshiya cried while holding his pillow.

“Totchi….” Kaoru just sighed and held him tight, he knew that Toshiya is the most tickle guy

“s-s-stt…everything gonna be alright honey” Toshiya buried his face in Kaoru chest while Kaoru rubbed Toshiya’s back.

“Go back to sleep Totchi, you have to take rest, so you’ll soon recover ne!, and I have to sleep too…please” Kaoru was so sleepy and hardly opened his eyes.

“U-u-u-uuhh OK, I’ll try” He pulled himself from Kaoru’s chest and he laid on his bed.

“Sweet dreams…” Kaoru smiled and turned the light off.

“WHAT a chicken pox!! No way !!” Kyo laughed out loud until he cried and banged himself on the couch in Shinya’s apartment.

“Really?!?!!!” Shinya widened his eyes.

“How poor…” Die replied. Kaoru nodded and scratched his head.

“So, how’s he doing right know?” Shinya asked while he offered a cup of coffee to Kaoru.

“Thank’s Shin-chan well…you know Toshiya is so spoilt … he complain all the times for the itchy” Kaoru sipped a cup of coffee.

“I never got chicken pox too” Shinya and Die shared seat on Kyo’s side.

“No way!! Beware from Toshiya or you’ll get infected…,my lil’ shin-chan” Die hugged Shinya thigh and took Shinya to his lap.

“Hey, my Totchi not that danger!! Who’s the hell you think he is!! Do you think he got some rabies so you have to quarantine him !!” Kaoru threw some cushion to Die’s face.

“H-H-Hey stop it!!” Die begged and Kaoru just smiled and showed some evil grin.

“Let’s go to Kaoru’s place and visit him” Kyo stood up and yawned.

“Well, I agree!” Shinya replied.

“No Shin-chan!! I’m afraid you will infected!!” Die raied his eyebrows and Kaoru just rolled his eyes

“Oh-C’moon Die!!, Toshiya is our friends and he’s ill, how poor him…” Shinya begged and pouted some innocent face in Die.

“Hmph…ok ok, but still! Stay away from him” Die never resist from Shinya’s innocent look, then Shinya took Die’s hand.

“Haik.. Mr.Daisuke!” Shinya bowed to Die.

“Hi! Everyone!!” Toshiya was so happy when all of them arrived at Kaoru’s apartment

“Hi…are you alright?!” Kyo entered then Kaoru and all of them. Die still didn’t want his Shinya near to Toshiya, so he tried to take Shinya away from Toshiya.

“Well…not to good, but I’m happy you visit me” Toshiya tried to hug Kyo but Kyo run away.

“Hei! Disgusting ugly To-to Chan!!”

“Hmph…how dare you!!!” Toshiya began to show some fake tears.

“Totchi…” Kaoru smiled but his time a bitter smile, he knew that the red spot in Toshiya’s face was more worst than yesterday. He brought Toshiya a box of bento too for lunch.

“Hi Die!! Hi Shinya!!!” Toshiya greeted them who sat in the corner.

“Hi!! Please stay away from Shinya, I’m afraid he’ll infected too” Die warned him and glared.

“Die!!! How could you say like that!!” Shinya slapped Die’s arms.

Toshiya poked his tongue out and left them without any words.

“So…Toto-chan! , here’s DVD anime and some mangas for you” Kaoru gave him a big plastic bag full of DVD’s and mangas from department store.

“AAA!!!! SANKYUU…you’re the best!!” He ran towards Kaoru and ready to jump over him.

“E-e-ee Totchi…please!!!!!….”

BOOOMMM !!!!!!!!

“Totchi…you’re so heavy…my head hurts…” Both of them fell off and Toshiya pinned Kaoru’s body.

“G-g-gomen…” He got up and reached the plastic bag store and took the mangas and DVD’s .

Kyo, Die and Shinya just sighed and rolled their eyes… watching their childish friend.

“I think we gonna let Toshiya rest” Kyo got up from the sofa.

“Well…that’s good idea, c’moon Shinya!” Die joined Kyo

“OK Die!! Well, totchi, I’ll call you later…” Shinya blinked his eyes.

“Thanks for your coming !! I think I’ll take a nap… hoaamm…” He yawned and swept away the tears.

“Me too…” Kyo replied.

“Yeah you always !!” Die rolled his eyes.

Toshiya gasped when Kaoru joined them too. “ kao…you’ll leave too?!”

“yeah… I have a lot of works, totchi! Eat your lunch, take the pills and take a nap ok??”

“B-b-but I’m lonely here…do you have to go?” Toshiya begged and pulled Kaoru’s shirt.

“Toshiya…please…I can’t, look!! Understand me…I have lots of work, and you’re ill so take a rest honey”

“No kiss goodbye??”

Kaoru just shook his head, and poked his tongue out.


A week past, Toshiya had recovered and the doctor allowed him to work, thanks to Shinya who called Toshiya everyday. The day was a bright daylight, they went out town to take a photo session in sea shore. Everything was alright, but still only Toshiya had a full and heavy make up this time on that photo session because there’s still several red spotted marked in his face.

“Is your koi really recovered from chicken pox??” Die offered some cigarettes to Kaoru, both of them enjoying the landscape of the seashore. They had changed clothes and sat down in the beach, while Toshiya and Shinya still pose for the photo session.

“YES!!…what’s wrong Die?? It’s seem you’re very afraid of chicken pox” He took a cigarettes and lit it.

“Because I hate chicken pox!!, it’s gross I was 17 years old when I got it, and because that I can’t go to prom night with my Koi” He continued inhaling the cigarettes.

“C’moon it’s the past Die, it’s the usual things, but Toshiya’s case is funny ! he’s got in when he’s adult…ummm I got chicken pox when I was 10 years old in the summer time !! I was very sad doin’ nothing while all my friends went out and had fun.” Kaoru tried to remember his childhood.

“Sir…sir…can you come to there please…your bandmates force to meet you” The crew asked Die to come to the director and artist seats.

Die saw Shinya surrounded with the crew in there, his heart pumped fast and his feelings not good. Harshly he got up and ran towards Shinya.

“W-what happen ???!!!” Die tried to push the crew who he thought disturb Shinya.

“S-Shinya…you??” He raised his eyebrow and widened his eyes.

“D-Die…I – I think I got chicken pox…” said Shinya with trembled voice and he showed his red spotted face.

[ This fic dedicated to Miss_J to memorized her chicken pox hahaahhahah :P, and well this is really fic, so I don’t know the reality about Dir en Grey’s chicken pox experience ^__^V, and if there any mistaken for identify about Chicken pox things plz don’t shoot me :P ‘coz I never had chicken pox ok ^_~. write comments : hideshazna@hotmail.com]


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