One night in Hong Kong

One night in Hong Kong

By: Lochy


//So…so ..this is Hong Kong … //  I spoke to myself when I realized that there’s a lot of Dir en Grey fans. They were waiting us in the airport, anyway  I was so tired  and   Kyo too . Our  face looked so awful, Die gave his big smile to the fans , Shinya just stood , it seem that he enjoyed his silence, and Kaoru always in his “Mr. I-AM-LEADER –SAMA” act

I was not in good mood to serve the fans, but  … fans was a fans , so I gave them a simple smile.


“Let’s go guys !! we ‘ re going to hotel “ I heard  Kaoru ‘s yelling  , so I slowly lifted my hand bag , then I shocked when some body held my back . “C’moon Totchi I know you’re tired, let’s go !” said Kaoru .


All of us walked to our van. I sat beside window, beside me is Kyo and he’s already sleep . Die and Shinya sat in front of me , then Kaoru and our  manager sat behind me, discussing our schedule . I peeked the window, saw the scenery of Hong Kong. I hoped my arrival to Hong Kong gave me some pleasure, something I wouldn’t forget.


We arrived in our hotel, and I pretty shocked that Kaoru didn’t want to stay one room with… me !!… with his Koi !! uuuffff…my head and my mind wanted to blow up !!

I picked up my bags harshly , with my wet eyes I ran to my room , threw my bags and jumped to my bed, crying ….

//My Kaoru changed …. My lovely Kaoru… he’s not ‘Kaoru my Koi’ anymore …he’s so different, so tense, so silence…//  Well … I didn’t know what happen to our relation with Kaoru , lately he too busy with his job, too busy with his world, he didn’t care bout me…he didn’t even ask me ‘how are u ?? how ‘s Hong Kong…etc..etc…’ or…maybe he didn’t love me anymore.

My tears became louder until somebody was knocking the door, then I realized that I was fall asleep.


I tried to stand up, my head felt so dizzy. I walked slowly to the door, but before opened the door I wiped my tears which left in my cheeks. I opened the door, it was Shinya.

“HI Toshiya …what’s wrong ?! .. don’t you know the schedule ?!, right now it’s pers conference , and you….you…hey !! are you crying ? “

 I shocked when I heard he ask that  and I answered

“No…why you asking me like that” but then I realized that I couldn’t hide my big red eyes.

“can I come in , are you ok Toshiya ?? “

Shinya was asking me again and again , so I let him to in and I answered him

“ well…it’s fine it’s just… me not in good mood..”   I tried to changed the topic .

 “ It’s bout Kaoru isn’t it ?! “ He asked me

 I was really shocked ,  I tried to calm down but I couldn’t  I needed someone’s shoulder to cry on. I hugged him, and started to cry.


“He changed …he…he doesn’t love me anymore, Shinya… I could see that in my eyes…” that evening I cried and I cried, threw all my feelings to my bandmates Shinya.

Somehow it’s quite strange too, how I could tell everything to Shinya, well as you know he’s so silence and quite guy.


“You should ask him why, talk to him ok!  “ advice Shinya

“I know what’s going on lately… I see you changed, so do Kaoru” said Shinya again

“Maybe, but I don’t have any guts so say that! , look now he’s so  dictator!” I was still crying, I held his shoulder tight, I thought now I became so pathetic weak man.


That evening, Shinya couldn’t tell anything, so I slowly release my arms from his shoulder, then I wiped all my tears. He even helped me to wore my wardrobe and helped my make up too, he had some make up tricks for hiding my big red eyes.


So that evening, we had some pers conference, well… that evening I could forget a little bit about my problems, the pers conference so enjoyable, people in Hong Kong quite nice too , then after pers conference, photo shooting, we had some party !!


They took some party for us in some famous night club in Hong Kong, there’s a lot of people there and I didn’t even know them. Lot of Chinese people than Japanese, so I bothered them  ‘cause I didn’t understand what they’re talking about.

I couldn’t find Kaoru and Kyo  , I just saw Die talking to some stranger, and  Shinya in the corner of night club  .

So I sat down in bar, while I was enjoy the music with some tequila in my hand someone spoke to me , asking me and introduced himself .


“Hi you’re Toshiya from Dir en Grey aren’t you “ . He was speaking Japanese, but his Japanese was so awful. I realized that he’s not Japanese

“Yes… hajimemashite”  I said.

“Hajimemashite…watashi wa Ling desu” He introduced himself.

I really curious who was he. His hair was purple too //um…who was he ? I think he was just like Kaoru, or maybe some Kaoru fans? ? ? no … no it’s not some fans meeting. He just like some member of some visual band?! ahh … maybe some visual freak//


So, I bowed to him.

“I ‘m from Silver ash…nnn…. Chinese visual band”.  He continued

I ever heard about some Chinese man made some visual band, but I didn’t imagine that I met one of them, I thought that this man really cute too and really fit with his visual looks.

“O…that Chinese band, yeah… I ever heard that “. We continued chatting, getting know each other, and the last we drunk too much (>_<;).


After a lot of glasses and laughing I caught him, he was such a kind man, friendly, cute and sexy too. Just like someone I ever knew …He just like the past of Kaoru. We went back to my hotel, he drove me by but before he went home, I asked him to visit my room.

So he didn’t go home, he stayed at my room. We laid on my bed, and still talking ‘bout anything 

Well… he’s good at Japanese too, even some words I didn’t get it but it’s ok. 


“Do you have koibito ? “ Suddenly He asked me

 It such a strange question for me.  //you know…he’s male but asking a man about koibito ?!//

“I have…but it’s will over soon “ I said to him, then I remembered about Kaoru again.


“……….” I kept in silence.

“well…Toshiya I’m  sorry, I shouldn’t ask bout that”

“ no…no that’s fine, sorry Ling “ .

So told him about my relation…my relation with guy…my relation with Kaoru. First he shocked caught me and Kaoru, but I began to crying and sobbing.

First I tried to stop it, I didn’t want to show my sadness but I couldn’t hide my pain in my heart.


He moved near me, his hands wiped my tears in my cheek and his deep eyes looked at my eyes.

“Sorry Ling, I ruined this night”. He still wiped my tears

“that’s ok Toshiya…I know how it feels”

Then He kissed me, first I tried to avoid that but I changed my mind, I replied kiss him too. His tongue slipped to my mouth. I swung my arms to his neck.

Then he’s really upon me.

“relax Toshiya “ . He said, He knew that I enjoyed this much, I demanded it … I miss some lover touch.


That night was the unforgettable night in Hong Kong, I admitted that we had sex that night, he’s so calm and smooth person. I woke up the next mourning and Ling still beside me.

“Arigatoo Ling… “ I whispered in his ear.

“For what ? if you happy, so do I” . He answered

//oh…! What a romantic guy// I thought


I stood up, picking my clothes and I was going to take a bath. With my naked body I walked to bathroom.

“Can I join ?” He held my wrist. I looked at him and grinned.

Then my hotel phone was ringing. I tried to ignore it but it kept ringing, so Ling told me to answer the phone.

I jumped again to my bed, and took the phone, it was Kaoru.

“Toshiya…have you woke up ?”  He asked

“Yeah…w-what’s wrong Kaoru? “ . Heard that name, Ling sat beside me , tried to listen the conversation.

“Toshiya…there’s something we should talk…I miss you”

I couldn’t speak any words, my eyes got wet again

“I’m totally jerk Totchi, I’m wrong…lately I abandon you  and I now I realize that, I’m so selfish please…Toshiya forgive me”

I tried to speak some words but It just couldn’t get out. Ling knew  who was talking in the phone. Kaoru heard that I started crying  

“Toshiya…please don’t cry, everybody tutored me with lots of question about my attitude lately, I didn’t realize that, and I realize now that it must be hurting you”

“……” I couldn’t reply his words

“Toshiya…I love you”

My heart was beating like some Shinya’s drumbeat, so fast …

I couldn’t think anything, but how about Ling ?! just threw it for one night standing ?!


Then I heard Ling whispered “Forgive him, Toshiya … he still love you”

My body began trembling, I cant imagine Ling said that, I was still confuse . Ling was such a romantic, kind guy.


So I couldn’t say anything, just sobbing and tried to speak some words, I took a deep breath and I said what Ling said, I spoke to Kaoru.

“you still love Kaoru isn’t it ? I could see it in your eyes”.

I was just nodded.

“totchi ??? “ Kaoru asked

“I-I-i forgive you, Kaoru”

“oohh … thank’s Toshiya, I…I really love you Toshiya, I will changed right now, I will be your forever ok !”

I was just smiling in the phone, I could see that Kaoru was really wanna change .

“ may I visit your room right now? I miss you much” .Kaoru asked me

“Up to you, Kaoru”

I answered him, but I realized that Ling still in my room ! .

“w-well o-o-ok Kaoru, see you” I hung down the phone, and I looked to Ling

“Ling…K-K-Kaoru going to my room…”

“Yeah…I know Toshiya, you still love him, so do him. How dare I steal your heart”

//man…he’s so romantic isn’t he?//  

He stood up, got dressed quickly and got out from my room.

Before he left, he kissed my forehead and said goodbye to me.


“I wouldn’t forget you Toshiya…find your true love ok?, your Kaoru’s ”

“Ling…we will see each other someday ok! Thank’s for everything” and I kissed him.

It was our last kiss.


Not long after that, Kaoru came to my room. I could see his eyes were wet. He embraced me so tight, apologized to me. And I forgave him, I was still love Kaoru too and I gave him a chance.

So we continued our schedule in Hong Kong, we got some concert in there, I saw Ling was in concert hall, and I gave him a big lovely smile to him. And after Kaoru apologized , Kaoru gave me a lot attention to me.


Now, we go back to Japan. My love line with Kaoru still working. I’m still send Ling some e-mail…well often . Sometimes  chatting, get know what we’re doing. Until right now, Kaoru doesn’t know about Ling. Anyway still my experience that night with Ling can’t be forgotten too.




Um….i hope my fic not so crappy, I don’t know how romantic people can be (never get the experince -_-) . But please give me some idea or comments . And bout Silver Ash , what do u think guys?! I hope you’re already know them. I think, Ling the vocalist of Silver Ash so sexy too ^^;, and I begin to like Silver ash too.