My name is … Lucy


Part I

It’s was a breezy Sunday morning, He walked towards to his balcony, stretched his arms and yawned. Hie eyes gazed to the blue sky, as he thought //what a beautiful spring//, he also heard the birds chirped.

He took a seat in little bench, took a diary book beside him, opened it then he began to write.

Hi my name is Lucy, it is my first time writing diary … somehow I little bit confuse when I’m gonna start. Hmm… ok…start from my name, Lucy is just a nick name, but I’m very proud of it. I lived happily in this big apato and this fabulous city, with my koi Ling. Even I’m only his mistress but I can feel that he love me more than his wife, it just… he is some business man, so well-known. A man like that should have a look like some “normal” guy and normal live isn’t it !, but I don’t care that.

So…about myself, I was from China but my family moved to Japan since I was a little baby. We are so poor, so we lived only as a farmer in a little village in Yokohama. I had two brother, Zheng and Hong, and only Zheng who finished school until high school. Me and Hong only school until elementary school, after that we helped our parents. Hong as a farmer and me …I helped my mother in house. Deep inside my heart, I felt so jealous with people who could go to school, people who rich…it was like they were so lucky !!, so I hoped that someday my life would turn better…better than this.


I started to think about my future when I was 19 years old. My childhood friends all gone to town, so I followed them too. I knew I wasn’t an educated, so I thought maybe I could be some servant…or labor … but I thought, my body was slim and small (>_<). So I went to Tokyo, I went with my childhood friend Shinya.

When we arrived in Tokyo, we met Shinya’s cousin Izam. He worked in some job agency, so we straight got a job. We got a job in some a big house !! . We worked as a servant in Ling’s. He was from China too, he was a great rich businessman. He lived with his koi, Miyabi. Ling was a charmed, serious and really a gentlemen!! When I saw him at first time, it was just like love at the first sight.

An about Miyabi, he’s cute too, he was an attractive guy, and he was pretty enough. In early days I worked, Ling was so silence, he only spoke a few words to me but one thing I knew well that he was loyal gave us some tip. And about Shinya, he enjoyed work in that place too.

I had worked there for three months and then that one frighten night…

“Oh FUCK OFF, Miyabi !” . Ling pulled his arms from Miyabi’s hold.

“Ling !! … you fucking asshole !! “ Miyabi cried out.

“SHUT UP !!” Ling screamed, he ran to his room and slammed his room.

“Ling !!! Don’t leave me here all alone !!” He sobbed.

I was peeping from the kitchen, I saw they were fighting.

“I wouldn’t if you just don’t overacting in front of my office mate ! what do you thing you are Miyabi !!!,FUCK ! you embarrassed me !!” He yelled from the back of the door.

“B-b-but I’m your lover, what should you hide it ! it hurts Ling !!” He replied .

Ling didn’t answer.

That night, I could see the evil Ling…He abandoned Miyabi just like that, left him all alone. Miyabi sat down in front of the door. He stayed there until morning.

But !the next morning, Shinya woke me up. It seemed that I was late from my job. I helped him served the breakfast. In dinning room , I saw Miyabi and Ling kissed together. Well it seemed they in love again, and they were a romantic couples.

I saw it with an eye of silent jealousy, I knew Shinya realized it too but he never asked about my personal live.


The next big thing had come…it was some night…a stormy night. Ling came home late from some friend’s party. I wondered where’s Miyabi, but he said that he was drunk and slept in his friend’s house.

I offered him dinner, but he refused it. He already tired and went to his room. So I went back to my room, Shinya was already sleep too. Not so long after that, Ling went to our room,

he gasped while looked at me and he slowly talked, he ordered me to brought him a blanket. I was so surprise too because I was topless… //Well I always slept topless, but in front of Ling?!//.

I got some thin shirt to wear, walked rashly to drawer to bring him some blanket. I entered slowly to his room.

“Sir…here’s your blanket” I spoke properly

“ Hei ! call me Ling Ok ! and bring it here Lucy !” he talked while laid in his beautiful large futon.

I put them beside his futon, then his hand grapped my wrist.

“Thank’s Lucy…but I’m soooo…cold”. He said it with husky voice. The voice that hypnotize me…

I couldn’t reply it, I was just blushing.

“Come here…warm me…” he whispered

I knew the direction of that conversation. I just smiled, maybe it was what I dreamed of.

I came near him, he pulled me softly and came inside his futon. He rubbed my palms.

“Your body warm ne !”. He smiled and I replied it. His body nearer to me and I gasped…and held my breath ! He was naked !!

He slipped his hands to my shirt and rubbed my back. Gosh…his gentle hands !… I couldn’t describe how was my feelings.

He kissed me softly and slipped his tongue to my mouth. I was enjoy it so much…my heart was beating soo fast !! like a train !!!.

He tugged my shirt off…and my short pants too, then I was naked too. He ‘attacked’ me with lot of kisses. His lips down to my neck…sucked it harder.

I moaned…and moaned.. I closed my eyes.

I could feel his arousal had been hard on against my tights.

Then his lips down to my hard nipples. He sucked it too. I was caressing his violet hair and still moaning and called his name again and again.

His lips down to my tummy and my ….

He licked and kissed the tip and slowly sucked it. I gasped and so shock, well it was my first time !!! it was not right but it was ok !! He played his tongue in – it – too.

“oh..god.. oh Ling…” I whispered in desire.

He scraped his teeth along mine and sucked it again harder and harder.

“Ling…I….” I couldn’t finished my words, I reached my peak and I cum. He just smiled and climbed me again he whispered to me

“ you ??? “ . I confused and scared…I tried to speak..i cleared my throat and said…” I’m scared…it’s my first time”

“Well…anything need a beginning isn’t it”. He kissed me and slowly began to thrust in me.

“AAaa…” I cried, it felt hurt and nice…it felt strange !!

He thrusted me harder and faster … until he reached his peak and spread his seeds to mine. I was bleeding, and stained in his beautiful white large futon then he breathlessly mumbled…

”Sorry Lucy… did I hurt you? Are you ok ? “

My tears ran down to my cheeks but I smiled. “ I’m ok Ling !, it’s amazing”

Gosh…I lose my virginity, it was a mix of pain and pleasure ! I felt I died and go to heaven.

He laid beside me and kissed me, rubbed my tears and he whispered “See…it’s fabulous, thank’s Lucy…you’re so sweet”.

We were too tired, so I slept beside him that night.

To be continued

//well it’s my first time writing some lemon scene *blushing…red as tomato* , hiuh…I hope you all like it and please send comments, in, there’s still several parts//

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