My name is … Lucy


Part III

“Well…I’m a waiter plus a stripper in some...yeah…gay bar”. Toshiya was blushing hard, and I didn’t want to believe it, so I just turn silent and nodded but then he began to laugh .

“so…so… I see”. I was just smiling. But I didn’t know why Toshiya was laughing out loud.

“Ne ! what are you laughing for ?!”. I couldn’t stand to see other people laughing, so I laughed too even I didn’t know what happen.

“You…you…you’re so funny when you’re blushing…your...your…well it’s not even your cheeks but your face are burning red !!!”. Toshiya wiped tears in his eyes and tried to stop laughing.

“Yaiiiii!!!! It’s not funny !!! –o-;;;;;; “. I laughed.

“Well…nevermind…it’s sometimes strange…and you know people always see me as some… aaaa…you know aren’t you, Lucy?, so I keep that as secret but now you stay with me, so it’s better for you to know it” He explained.

“So…why do you want to do it? “ I asked.

“Well…easy job, lots money…you know just swaying …made people aroused, then you get the fame and money !” He answered while sipping some ocha.

Lots money , easy job, fame ?? well I NEED money …but as stripper ??!!

“So desu ka ?!” I nodded.

Then Toshiya stood up and cleaned the dishes, while I went to living room, watched TV.


I woke up in the morning that day, just like usual did some morning activity, I wore my new uniform and had a breakfast. That day Toshiya stayed at home because it was his off-day. I wrote some letters to my parents. It was just only simple letter, just wanted to tell my new address, my new job and of course I told them that I didn’t enjoy worked in Ling’s house then worked in Department store.

“AA…you still mama papa little baby’s child ne!”. Toshiya teased me.

“What ?? Why?? “ I asked curiously.

“you know…writing a letter every week…get home sick…and bla bla bla” He smiled

“No…it’s not like that ! I just wanted them to know my new address and my activity…it’s only that weeee… ! :P “.

Toshiya and I really had a nice relationship. He’s so funny and kind, and help me much about anything.

I worked like usual, as some salesman in cosmetic department, then sometimes they used me to be their model in some new product show !!. Sometimes I could see some salesgirl was soo.. jealous to me. Mana and Hakuei loved to see me being their model.


The life was ok, everything looked alright until someday I got a letter from my family. It wrote about my father’s health, he was sick and too old to be a farmer, so then only Hong who worked in the field. They told me to went back home for a while. I was so scared, I hoped that everything would be OK, but I couldn’t resist that so I asked permission to Hakuei, and I took couple days to go to my home town.

I went to my hometown and met my parents. I saw my father’s health had turned down after I and Zheng left home. Zheng came back to China, he said that lived in China was better than lived in Japan.

I said to him that I couldn’t stay long because I needed to get lot of money for my dad medicine. My mom begged and forced me to stay. It was a long conversation talking about that, and after I stayed there almost one week, I decided to go back to Tokyo.

A night before I went home. Kyoko, my childhood friend plus the girl I ever crushed, came to my little house. We were talking a lot about my job, our activity…etc…etc… until…

“ee…Lucy, I want to tell you something…” She was blushing hard.

“what’s wrong Kyoko ?? “. Then my feelings said there ‘something’.

“well because you will go back to Tokyo, I want to tell you that…”. She turned silence and smiled.

“Tell what…tell me , it’s OK” I replied.

“I-I-I want to tell you that…I love you…and …”. She couldn hooooooooohohohohohoho~~~~~’t say any words anymore. And about me…my mind blanked!!,

I felt that I didn’t have any feeling about girl anymore…my head spin around, and I imagined about THAT night…me and Ling…my first time…

//DAMN !?! What happen to me…//

I was thinking and thinking then I decided, I took a deep breath and talked to her politely.

“Kyoko…I-I-I’m sorry…I-I don’t mean to hurt you b-but I’m not interest to have a commitment right now…”. I turned my head down.

//I know I hurt her, but I can’t lie to myself that I am …//

“W-w-well that’s ok…I mean…”. Her eyes turned wet, I knew it but I didn’t know what would I do, She stood up and ran away from my house.

“w-w-wait Kyoko !!” I yelled but she was running and I didn’t chase him.


I woke up in morning, and got ready to the station. I chased the first train. I said good bye to my parents and I gave all my money for my dad’s medicine.

//Now I need MORE money for my dad !!// I thought.

I went back to Tokyo, worked as usual. In one night, me and Toshiya was talking about job. I said to him that I needed more job and needed more money for my dad.

“Uumm…do you want to work in my place ?!”. He asked

“HUH ?!?! as a stripper !!!!” I widen my eyes.

“Our place need new comer …”. He smiled seductively.

//c’moon easy job …lots money…//

“But I can’t dance!!!” I said.

“you better come with me tomorrow !!, see me then um…you know…learn from there and DO it “. He replied

“UUUmmmm…Ok…geeezz….>_<” I closed my eyes.

“What !?!?” he raised his eyebrow.

“n-n-n-no…I just can’t believe I will do that..”. I was hardly talked.

“Hey…I just offered you…if you don’t want its ok..”. He explained.


The next day, I followed him to the bar. I sat alone in the corner while he worked. Toshiya wore a very seductively and sexy dress, a short pants, then he wore leopard spots stocking, stretched transparent jacket with tanktop and a red scarf in his neck, And he added a red lipstick in his lips (Lochy, ;D~~~).

In early hours he worked as a waiter. As a writer, he had seduced lots of man and in special hour, when the light are turned low and the music on, Gosh… He jumped to the stage…already to dance…growling as a sexy skillfull cat.

The audience yelled calling his name, first he swayed his hips followed the music beat. He slowly unzipped his jacket’s zipper.

The audience were getting wild, lots of men got nearer to the tiny stage. Toshiya threw his jacket, he slipped his hands inside his tank top and rubbed himself …then released his stocking…showing his long sexy legs.

I closed my eyes, actually I was kindda arouse too ! Damn! Toshiya was very sexy…so seductively. I saw Toshiya had already topless and he started unzipped his hot pants. The audience were getting ssooooo… wild, they threw some yens in front of him. Now he just wore his black underwear , He walked nearer to audience and the audience tried to catch him. He was swaying, licked his bottom lips and he randomly caught a man in front of him and kissed him. The other tried to catch Toshiya.

The music was getting in the last chorus, so He blew a kiss goodbye, and went back to the backstage. My heart beating so fast…it was very fascinating, I gulped…I couldn’t think about myself doing that!!!!.


I met him in backstage, and I saw him already got normal clothes, and he cleaned his make-up.

“So…how about it ???, it’s an easy job isn’t it” he asked.

“well…I know but for me it’s hard” I giggled.

“Yeah…I know…but after you do that, you will see…”. He blinked his left eye.

“So…I see you pretty lucky with that lots of tip from the audience”.

“A-ha !! that’s why I love this job”. He giggled.

I was thinking about this job one again, and I asked him.

“So…when I can start this job ?? “

“AAA…you’re interest !!!…good boy!! “ He walked toward me, and pinched my cheeks.

“Oouch…!!!” >_<

“TOMORROW !!…you and me, pairing in one stage !” He smiled.

To be continued

//aaa … lalala… I’m speechless about this parts…OK this part is about Toshiya, the Ling and Lucy’s parts is in the next parts !! comments ? ? //

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