My name is … Lucy


Part IV

So ! I worked as salesman in Department store and a stripper. My first night in the bar, I was pairing with Toshiya, I followed his act…his swaying hips…his movement. At first time I felt horrible, but just like Toshiya’s words, once you tried…and you would love it.

It was amaze too, saw the audience yelled my name, seduce me … made people wild, although I had worked there for 2 weeks. I realized that I wasn’t good as Toshiya, but for the tip…it was quite enough.


It was Tuesday night, it was my turned to work there… Toshiya stayed at home. Then !!! in that show…that dance…that night !! I saw Ling in my show. He stood there, frozen !!! . I gasped and my feelings up and down like a bouncing ball.

My other side was happy to saw him again, and the else I hated him because he didn’t say anything that Miyabi’s accident. I didn’t know what evil came to my head, I walked toward him, caught his tie…pulled it and I kissed deeply his smooth mouth. I could hear the crowd yelled at me…they felt so jealous at us.

We broke off and I whispered in his ears.

“It’s for you because I didn’t say goodbye that day”. I smiled.

The show was over, and I disappeared from the crowd. My feelings still up and down then I saw him peeping at backstage door.

“Ling !!”. I walked and opened the door.

“Hi Lucy…” he nodded.

“Hi…how are you…” I asked as starting conversation.

“Fine…Lucy…aa…how could you…work as stripper” He asked me while sat down in a couch.

“Well…just a coincidence, this job…easy job…lots money, I like being aroused and I like the fame”. That last words I didn’t want to say but somehow I liked him to be jealous.

“Ow…”. He nodded.

We became in silence for a while, I didn’t know what I was gonna say. The man that I wouldn’t forget my entire life stood beside me and I just got numb.

“Here’s my new address Lucy!” He took his name card.

“Ohh…you moved? “ I asked.

“yeah…I moved to bigger apato” he explained.

“And here’s my new address” I wrote it in some piece of paper.

Then his cell-phone rang, he took it. As I listened it was like female voice in his phone, but I didn’t know anything about it. He ended the phone and he said to me that, he had something to do so he said good-bye and left me alone.


//finally…I could meet him again…is this destiny ???…my lovely Ling//

I went home with happy face. I felt just like met my fave idol or something like that. In the morning, I told everything about Ling to Toshiya.

“So…you got his address, why don’t you go there ?? “ he asked while chewing bubble gums.

“For what ? “ I raised my eyebrow.

“C’moon you love him ! He like you, come to his house, give him an extra show” Toshiya giggled.

“You…Hentai! Wee….”. I poked out my tongue.

Toshiya were never serious in some conversation!!


Day by days, My father’s health was OK, but I still worked as stripper, and my job as salesman still worked as usual, and…!! my relationship with Ling. He knew I worked in that Department store so sometimes he came after me, got dinner together, or sometimes lunch well…we were just like lovers.

Until …

We slept together in my place that night, we were making love then in the morning, I opened my sleepy eyes, I wanted to kiss him but….

I didn’t find him beside me…

He just wrote a message that he had meeting with his client, so he woke up early and left me.

I got up and ready to go to job, when I wore a coat I realized that it was Ling’s . His coat still in my place, So in that evening after worked without any hesitate, I went to his apartment.

I didn’t tell him that I would come to his apartment, I thought it would be some surprise.

But the surprise was for me…

I knocked his door for a while, and for a little while I heard some female voice said, “Yeah…chotto matte kudasai !!!”

Who is she ???

I took a deep breath when She opened the door.

“hi…who are you ?? “ She asked me.

She was pretty cute I thought, She had some short blonde hair, beautiful big eyes, but kindda short. But who is she !!! was I in wrong apartment ?!?.

“M-m-my name Lucy, I’m looking for Mr.Ling “ I was little bit confused.

“Ooo…are you his friend ? “ She asked.

“Yeah..” I nodded

“Come in…!!” She allowed me to go in, I came and sat down in a couch. I heard She was calling Ling from another room.

“Ling !!! there’s your friend Lucy in living room !!”

“OK !! darling…”

//darling ?!?! who is she ???!! how come Ling called her darling !!!??//

He came out from his room, He gulped and shocked just like met a ghost.

“Lucy…what are you doing here ? “ he asked while sat down in the couch in front of me.

“I want to bring it home…your coat…” I was still didn’t understand why Ling acted so cold.

“Thank you !!” He smiled and then he whispered…”Don’t let She know what happen between us “

“Why ?? “ I asked desperately, and Ling just blinked his eyes

Then She came, brought us some lemonade.

“Ayu …I want to introduce you to my friend, Lucy” She bowed.


“Lucy…she’s my wife…” I spoke desperately

//WIFE ?!?!?!…Ling !! How could you !!!//

I felt empty and stoned !! how could Ling lie to me ! , Ling said to his wife that I was his new employee. That night I felt so terrible, I wanted to run away from his apartment, but I still held myself, tried not to embarrassed myself.

I told him that his coat was left in Ling’s desk, after that I took permission to go home. I was harshly went out and when I was on outside his apartment I couldn’t help myself to cry…I cried desperately… I ran away not noticed lots people watched me.

I banged myself in the couch…not noticing that Toshiya asked me what happen. I cried and cried… Toshiya embraced me and calmed me down. Almost for hour sat and cried in the couch, finally I could tell Toshiya what happen. I hide myself inside my cold futon and slept

//I can’t believe you Ling!! the most person I loved had hurt me once again…why ?!?!//


To be continued

//hiks…hiks…hiks…I know it’s so sad, but this fic gonna be happy ending !! don’t worry…. Comments ? = //

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