My name is … Lucy


Part V

I opened my eyes slowly, I realize that it wasn’t a holiday so I had to work, I looked myself in a mirror and I felt so miserable. I walked to bathroom, and doing some morning activity, I heard Toshiya was preparing our breakfast. After I had dressed, I joined Toshiya in the dining room.

“Are you sure you gonna work today ? “ He looked pity for me

“Yeah…what’s wrong with that? “ I tried to clear my throat.

“Oh…not at all, but you look miserable…it’s better that you don’t go work ne!” He advised.

“Job is a Job, Totchi” I tried to give him a smile.

“Yeah…with your messy face like that? The customer will scared of you!!! Look!! your eyes just like a goldfish ( you know what I mean isn’t it?= Lochy) ” He giggled.

“Totchi” I rolled my eyes.

//Look! Toshiya never serious but anyway He was right. I tried to cover my big red eyes but it didn’t work.//

“Yeah…you’re right, maybe I don’t go to work ne!” I answered.

“Why don’t you come with me !!”, He gave me a suggestion.

“Where…??” I asked him lazily.

“I don’t know…anywhere, shopping maybe?”

“Umm…but not in my department store ne”. I gave him a simple smile, and he replied.

So I followed him to shopping, eating, watching movie. Toshiya definitely made me forget the day.


I didn’t know the next morning I woke up early, usually Toshiya woke up first. I made a breakfast when the bell-door rang. I wonder who the hell people visited us in this early morning. I opened the door and I shocked and ready to mad when I saw Ling was in front of my eyes.

“Lucy…I-I-I need to talk with you” He whimpered

I stood up and lost myself for seconds to realized what I was going to do.

“For what? Everything’s obvious!, what you wanna talk about?” I asked him angrily, I felt myself that I was too much crying and only the anger left on me.

“Can I come in first ?? “ he begged me, and I allowed him because the weather was pretty cold that day.

“So…?”. I asked him lazily.

// I felt so angry…so…AAAAh !! I thought I would stab his heart with hundreds of knife//

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before about my wife…”.He sat in the sofa and I sat beside him.

“….” I didn’t notice that I was going to cry.

“I didn’t do that because I didn’t want to hurt you”. He rubbed my palms.

“But it’s hurt me Ling !!, you lied to me”. I screamed, pulled my hands and swept my tears.

Both of us swollen in silence. I heard Toshiya had woke up, he walked out from his room, but when he saw me and Ling in the living room, he returned to his room.

“I never love her…” he finally spoke.

“Why you married her?” .Finally I had a brave to gaze him

“Because her parents, you know…her parents is famous business man, I married her to get some business deal” He explained.

“What !?! just like that ?! …you evil Ling !! you…you geezzz….such a liar !!, you even lied to her! What human are you!!!” I yelled at him while my tears still rolled down on my cheeks, I couldn’t believe that Ling was so evil!!!.

He exhaled his breath and explained

“I know…that’s why I come here to clear it all. I will cancel all my deal in her father’s company… I tire to lie Lucy…all my life I’m just thinking about work and my ambitions…I didn’t ever think about people heart and now I realize that I have hurt the man I love for that…I’m a pathetic ”. He was starting to cry.

“After that I will divorce her…”. He spoke slightly.

“No…you can’t ! I don’t know bout your wife but I can see that she’s really count on you”. I replied

“But I love you Lucy!!, I would live with you”. He hugged me so tenderly…and my heart was melted.

“Would you forgive me…would you come with me to start a new life?, stay in my other apato” he asked me while sobbed.

“Do you mean…I’m gonna be your mistress??”. I asked and pulled him away

“yeah…for a while…”. He gazed on me.

//I took a deep breath…I was really confuse…how if Ling lied to me?? Then I’m hurting his wife’s feeling!!//

“Lucy…please give me one more chance…” He begged me, and I couldn’t stand to see him like that. I thought for seconds and I decided.

“I give you one chance…Ling”. I decided that, He hugged me and whispered to me “thank you darling” and kissed me deeply.


Not so long after I came back with Ling, I moved to Ling’s another apato. He had cancelled all his business agreement with Ayumi’s father. It had some effect with Ling’s business but I could see Ling had changed. He still worked as usual but he didn’t too ambition like before.

I’m very happy with that, right now…he’s on the way to divorce his wife after several months married. At first I don’t support him to do that, but since he cancel his business agreement, Ayumi’s father hate him so much and He give Ling so much pressure in their married, Ling’s business and lots of more. It give them so many problems. I can’t do anything to help him except support him and take care of him.

Dear diary…I hope everything’s fine, I don’t care what people may say, I love him so much and I don’t care anything even we turn no money and poor.


“Lucy…!! Where are you ?!”. There’s some voice came out from a room

“In here !!! balcony!!” . Lucy closed his diary, stood up and walked toward him.

“Hei!!…why you leave me alone in this cold morning…” Ling embraced him so tight and kissed Lucy’s cheeks.

Lucy just smiled and kissed him deeply. ”Sorry…” he answered.

“ok !!! by the way Lucy…I’m hungry…”. He teased Lucy.

Lucy rolled his eyes. “Ok !! I’ll cook for you”

While Lucy cooked for breakfast, Ling went to their mailbox, he caught some letter from the court. He brought it to Lucy

“Lucy !!! finally…..” he gave him a big happy smile.

“Finally what?!” Lucy curious

“Me and my wife divorce!!! Man…if I’m still stay with her right now, her father maybe have killed me” he explained.

“I’m happy for you…”. Lucy smiled and kissed him deeply again.

“we’re free Lucy… and I love you soo much” Ling whispered.


aaa….and they live happily ever after…hiks..hiks…

Thank you for Mi-chan, V_mint and all the people who supported me….*big hug*


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