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by Luniana

                Gackt was the last one off stage and Ren found himself waiting with You for the vocalist. Two of Gacktís huge bodyguards waited at the bottom of the stairs to catch him if he couldnít make it himself. Taking a hold of each arm they half carried, half dragged the exhausted singer towards his room, You following behind, Ren quietly after.

                Ren cringed slightly at the apparently rough treatment but Gackt wouldnít have it any other way. His ego was against his being carried around like a fainted princess. Gackt never wanted to be accused of being a fainted princess so he was happily dragged about after nearly every concert with You making sure he wasnít hurt too badly.

                The bodyguards entered the room first and You waited for them to leave. Nervously Ren touched the violinistís arm before he made to move inside. ĎAnoÖ" Ren mumbled. "Do you want me to put him to bed tonight? Youíve been doing it the whole tour."

                You looked down at the bass player skeptically then gave a half smile. "Iíd appreciate that. Donít let him go to sleep before he has something to drink and make sure he isnít cold before you leave." At Renís nod he moved out of the way and went off down the hall.

                Cautiously Ren entered the room, lit only by moonlight streaming through thin curtains. Gackt had obviously been dumped rather unceremoniously on the bed and landed half on a pillow. "Hey! Camui-san! Donít sleep yet! You have to drink something first."

                "Do not." Gackt mumbled, wrapping his arms around the pillow to pull it closer.

                "Do so. You said you must." Ren dug a bottle of water out of the mini-fridge and set about rolling the vocalist over.

                "He lied." Gackt put up a feeble attempt to push Ren away.

                "If you donít drink youíre going to be dehydrated and too tired to do this all over again tomorrow." Ren tried reasoning with him.

                "Good. More sleep for me."

                Ren finally rolled him over. "Which means youíll have to cancel you concert. Now what would your Dears think?"

                A small frown creased Gacktís features. "Theyíd be upset, wouldnít they?"

                "Exactly. And all because you didnít drink a bottle of water, now sit up!" Ren helped him sit up against the headboard and opened the bottle for him. Gackt began drinking the water while Ren fought to pull off his huge shoes. Bottle empty Gackt tossed it aside and helped Ren with his pants. Ren found himself wondering where the vocalist had found a fabric so like snakeskin but so stretchy (I still canít figure out how he moves around in those pants so I made up my own magic fabric!). Finally off came the shirt and Ren helped him under the covers. "There, now you can sleep."

                "Iie. Cold." Gackt cuddled his pillow and stuck out his bottom lip.

                Knowing You had warned him not to let Gackt get cold Ren searched the room for extra blankets. When every bit of sheet was on top of the vocalist Ren sighed. "There."

                "Still cold." Gackt announced, still pouting.

                Ren collapsed at the side of the bed on his knees, his chin on the mattress. "Gaku-chan!" he whined then put a hand over his mouth. Gackt hated pet names and the only one who got away with it was You. Masa still bore the scars from calling Gackt Camui-mui. Gackt opened one eye just enough to assure the bass player heíd heard and Ren would pay for it later. "Camui-san, youíve got every sheet in the room. Thereís nothing else."

                "One more thing." Gackt rolled onto his side with a cute grin.

                "Where?" Ren stood up, anything so that he could go to bed. He wasnít as exhausted as Gackt but he wanted to sleep too.

                "Take off your shoes."

                Ren raised a brow then sat down to pull his own shoes off. "I donít think my shoes will keep you warm Gackto."

                "Iie. Come here." Gackt stuck a hand out from under the mass of sheets.

                Ren moved to the side of the bed to look down at the vocalist. "What? Where is it?" he asked wearily.

                In an amazing feat of reserve strength Gackt grabbed Ren by the wrist and pulled the smaller man right under the covers with him. Ren found himself on his back with Gackt at his side holding him tightly.

                "Gackto?" Ren managed to squeak.

                "There. Now Iím warm." Gackt announced quietly, resting his head on Renís shoulder, arm around Renís middle.

                "Gackto." Ren licked his lips nervously. "Gackto, why didnít you just tell meÖwhat you wanted?"

                "I did. You were just too tired and dense to figure it out."

                "Well I never thought youídÖ" Ren wasnít sure quite what to say.

                "ShhhhÖ" Gackt purred. "Sleep."

                With a small smile Ren nodded and closed his eyes, ignorant of the tiny smirk that touched his vocalistís lips as he too succumbed to sleep.

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