Title: Paradise
Author: Mako
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Genre: angsty fluff stuff ^^;
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Pairing: KaoruxToshiya & a little DiexShinya ^_^
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Part 1

Soft music was starting up as Toshiya crossed his long, slender legs and ordered a drink. A
quick look around showed that he was surrounded by rather hungry looking men.

//They all need to get laid...haha...//

Toshiya hadn't the slightest clue what he was in for, or whom he was seeing, for the sign outside
the bar had only said live music....

The music picked up with a calm piano, and the lights dimmed, all except for one spotlight
shining down onto the stage.

"Hey lady, you lady, cursing at your life
You're a discontented mother and a regimented wife...
I've no doubt you dream about the things you'll never do
But i wish someone had talked to me like i wanna talk to you...."

//this song....i've heard it before...// Toshiya puzzled, watching the slender figure on the
stage lipsync to the old song. They had a long, sleek, silver shimmery dress on, with a long
slit up the back of it. Their makeup was well done, and they wore a small, shimmery crown on
top of a head of rather sleek looking brown waves.

"Ooh I've been to Georgia and California and, anywhere I could run
I took the hand of a preacher man and we made love in the sun
But I ran out of places
and Friendly faces
Because I had to be free
I've been to Paradise
But I've never been to me..."

//He's good...//

"Please lady, please, la- *BAM*"

Toshiya and half the room jumped to their feet as the cross-dresser fell onto his face, beer
bottle shattering on the floor. One of the other dancers quickly ran over to help him up and
into the back room.

Toshiya turned to glare at the man leaning on the back of a chair a table away from where he
stood. Toshiya wasn't the only one.

"Burra, why the hell did you do that?!"
"I jus' wannid' to get dat' fag off the stage." Burra slurred drunkinly.
"You idiot, that was our entertainment!"
"Not only that, but they're some of the best bar dancers around! We haven't had anyone who can
actually make it look like they're singing for a long time! You idiot!"
"But he's a MAN! A man ain' suppos' to be in a dress!"

Toshiya grimaced. Yet another.

"Whats that you said?"
"I called you an idiot, Burra."

Toshiya turned, hearing a familiar voice. He was rewarded with the very frightening glare of
his band leader (not directed at him, thankfully). He almost felt sorry for the drunk.

"Now get the hell out of here before I make you get out."
"You ca-can't!"
"This isn't America, boy. And i won't be put in jail or fined for beating the shit out of you,
personally, if they don't catch me."
"FIGHT! FIGHT!!" encouragements ran through the now rather silent bar.


The drunk hastily stood, wobbly, and glared at Kaoru.

"You're one of them, aren't you? One of those...those _fags_, aren't ya? Probably going to go
fuck the brains out of some whore when you're done with me, aren't you? Another gay guy, ain't
you? Or are you going to be the one to be fucked?"
"Shuttup, Burra..." one of his companions growled, dragging him towards the door.

"You haven't heard the last of me, slut!"

//Slut? Since when has Kao-chan been a slut?// Toshiya pondered, watching as the ass-monkey was
dragged out, and the people of the bar continued with their usual happenings.

"Hey Kaoru! Over here!" Toshiya called, smiling as the pink haired guitarist made his way through
the crowd to sit at his table. The bassist noticed a blush on his face.

"Y-you saw?"
"I've been here for a while, Kao-chan ^_^"
"Whats the matter?"
"I-I didn't know anyone was watching..."
"Kaoru, everyone was watching you ^.^"
The guitarist's blush deepened a shade, making Toshiya giggle.
"Why didn't you want anyone to hear you? You not going to follow through with your threat of
beating him?"
"No, I would." //Especially if he ever touched you.// "It's just that....um....I don't know...
what if that's in the news?"
"What, 'Kaoru, the leader of JRock band Dir en Grey, threatens to beat a drunk man in dance
bar'? Oh horror. Yoshiki would laugh, as would most of the community. You'd probably get some
glances from the parents of the fans, but that's just 'cause they wouldn't understand why you
said that, ne?"
Kaoru nodded. "I guess your right...."
"So what are you doing here, anyways, great leader-sama?" Toshiya lightly poked him in the ribs.
"I could ask the same question of you, Hara." Kaoru grinned, sipping at his neglected drink that
he had ordered before the dispute.

"Well, i say 'CHEERS' to rainbow boys, ne?" Toshiya winked, holding up his glass towards Kaoru,
who grinned, and clinked his glass.

The drinks passed by, as did that chatter, and by the time the two of them were ready to go, both
of them were a touch tipsy, but not dead drunk (a new record ^_~).

When the reached the door, a hand reached out to stop the bassist.

Toshiya turned to see a man with dark brown hair that was cut very short.


"Take this, please?" he said in broken Japanese, pushing a peice of paper into his hands, before
smiling and turning to walk away.

"What is it??" Kaoru looked over the blue head's shoulder.
"Don' know....let's go...i'll bring it to next practice, k?" Toshiya turned his head a touch to
smile into Kaoru's face, with was very near.

//Close enough to kiss...// Toshiya thought, a slight blush dusting his already alcoholic blushed
His eyes searched the guitarist's eyes, almost smiling as he saw the blush on Kaoru's cheeks.

"Do you mind if I ki-" Kaoru was interupted by a random drunk group, who rammed into him, making
him trip and fall onto the startled bassist's arms.

A frozen moment of time.

They stared into each others eyes, both with a deeper blush than alcohol can leave on their

"um...Ah! Gomen ne, Totchi!" Kaoru finally burst out, letting go of the still rather dazed
bassist. "Damn people. Shall we go now?"

//But I want to go back into your arms, Kao-chan...//

Toshiya forced a crooked smile.

"You going to drive me home, Kao-chan?" he winked.
"Oh, you don't live that far away, ya lazy bum. We'll walk."
"WE? You're walking me home? Oh, Kaoru, that's so sweet!" Toshiya laughed. "Want to stay over?"

Kaoru blinked at the out of the air question.

"Um...i...sure! ^_^ I haven't been to your house in a long time...."

"Okay ^_^!" Toshiya nearly squeeled, dancing from foot to foot, or dancing as well as his
slightly intoxicated mind would permit.

"Shall we go?" Kaoru asked gently, stearing the now rather hyper bassist towards the door,
where he presented him with his arm (all gentleman-like ^_^)


The rest of the night had been uneventful, and both of the musicians had enjoyed each other's
company and the peace.


"Kaoru's late...."
Toshiya looked at Die, who had spoken. It had been two days since the insident in the bar, and
the past two hadn't had practice. The blue head had been tuning his deep red and black bass,
looking at the stickers on it, and fixing the hat that he had worn that day.
"So he is....I wonder what happened?" Kyo, who was awake (oh horror! O_o), called from the couch
where he had been residing until now.

"Someone want to call him?"
Toshiya looked towards the frail drummer, and gave a small grin.
"I'll call him, k?" Toshiya pulled out his cellphone, and moved to sit down on one of the chairs,
his bass forgotten on it's stand.


Toshiya waited.


and waited.


"He's not there." Toshiya muttered, turning his keita off and putting it back in his pocket.
"Maybe someone should go check on him?"
"I will." Toshiya offered, pulling on his coat, and heading towards the door.


"I hope he finds him..." Shinya's voice was a touch shaky with worry.
"He will, you needn't be worried, Shin-chan. Toshiya has a 'Kaoru-Radar' ^_^"
"I guess..." Shinya looked away from the red haired guitarist, who was leaning on one of his
drums, looking at him. Shinya looked rather depressed, so Die desided to "cheer him up"....
namely, teasing time.

"Can ya guess what radar I have, Shin-chan?" Die winked, leaning a touch closer to the drummer.
"I don't know, what?" Shinya said in a monotone.
"A Shinya-Radar! God, you people are boring XP" Kyo called from the couch.
"Are you trying to flirt with me, Die-kun?"
"Maaaybe 9_9" Die grinned impishly, leaving the rather moody drummer to his own thoughts and went
to tune his guitar.

Kyo muttered to himself about stupid pick up lines, and went back to sleeping, since there would
not be practice until the two other bandmates came.


Toshiya quietly padded through the hallway, on his way towards where he knew his leader's
domain to be.

When he reached the doorjam, he noticed that the door had been slightly battered, as if a wild
cat had taken it's claws to it.


Pushing the door open (it was slightly open....the lock had been totally killed, making it easy
to open.), Toshiya crept in to the silent room, fear threatening to clog his throat.

//Fuck, it's just like one of those horror movies...//

After taking his shoes off, the tall bassist quietly walked into the living room, which looked
rather messed up.
Again, it was like a theif had been in here. Or Yoshiki, on one of his room destruction fazes.

"Kaoru-chan?" the tall man called out in a weak voice. "Doko?"

He quickly spun around, hearing a shuffling coming from behind him.

From where he knew Kaoru's room to be.

"Kaoru?" he called out again, creeping towards the door and cracking it open.

As he peered in, the figure sitting on the bed turned, casting cruel eyes on the unsuspecting

"To-toshiya?" a weak voice came, and that was when Toshiya figured that his leader was somewhere
under the now growling man.
"I'm gonna kill you!" the man, whom Toshiya recognized to be Burra from the bar by his greasy
brown hair and cruel, dark brown eyes. "Come here, slut!"

to be continued.

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