Title: Paradise
Author: Mako
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Genre: angsty fluff stuff ^^;
Rating: *shrugs*
Pairing: KaoruxToshiya & a little DiexShinya ^_^
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"In the arms of an angel
fly away from here
from this dark cold hotel room
and the endlessness that you fear"
-Angel, by Sara Mclaughin


Part 2

"To-toshiya?" a weak voice came, and that was when Toshiya figured that his leader was somewhere
under the now growling man.
"I'm gonna kill you!" the man, whom Toshiya recognized to be Burra from the bar by his greasy
brown hair and cruel, dark brown eyes. "Come here, slut!"

Toshiya took an invollunteered step back through the door.

"Totchi, get out of her-"
"SHUTTUP UP!" the rahter drunk man screamed, turning back to where Kaoru lay, and slapping him.

Toshiya fought the urge to run to the pink haired man. He had been thoroughly beaten, with long
gashes down his chest and arms. Blood was splashed on the bed sheets, and something that looked
sickingly like a large chunk of Kaoru's skin lay.

//Oh dandy. We have a sadist in the same room as us. Joy.//

Toshiya looked at the enraged Burra. He was, at the moment, hunched over Kaoru's rather prone
looking body.

//Something to throw, something to throw....//

He looked around again.

//...or at least something that could cause him bodily harm...//

Toshiya pouted.

//Damn damn damn, where's a pocket knife when i need it....Kao-chan.....///

//Butcher's knife is a good thing too...// and with that, Toshiya, sneaking extrodinare, slipped
back out through the door and quickly towards where he knew Kaoru to house his knives.

But before he reached them, he quickly called the local police, told them the address, and hung

"Perfect." he whispered, before slipping back into the room, and almost let out a sob at his
leader's state.

Burra had seemingly forgotten of Toshiya's pressence, going back to his sadistic ways on Kaoru.
It was sick how happy and pleased he seemed to be, beating the guitarist.

He never noticed, until it was too late, the rather large knife that started hacking at his back.
He let out a scream, and turned, only to see the figure that he had forgotten about standing
there with a rather bloody knife in his hands.

Toshiya looked terrified. The man's blood was everywhere. His mind had totally blanked out when
he had started attacking the man, but now it had started to work again.

//My God....what have i done?//

He dropped the knife and slumped to the floor, ignoring the fact that the Burra man was towering
over him. It was amazing that he could still stand after having his back nearly turned into

"YOU LITTLE SLUT!" a kick to his side rammed him into the wall, and he looked up, only to see a
large fist aim at his face.

"Toshiya..." a small whisper came from where the bed was, and the bassist looked up from where
he lay, being beaten by the insanely strong drunk man.

Burra had just about reached for the knife he had been cutting Kaoru with when there came a loud
commotion from the door.


Toshiya gave a small grin, seeing the mad man's look of horror. It quickly disapeared, though,
as the man grabbed him by the hair, and started slapping him.


Last thing Toshiya heard was the door splintering open, and his own long scream as the knife
delved into his side. Then it was black.


"....severe lacerations on chest, arms, and legs, black eye, split lip, and a minor concusion.
Fracture of the left leg, and severe cuts on lower regions. Needed a skin graph for a large
chunk of skin that was missing from his theigh. Seems to of been a near rape victim,
if his friend hadn't stepped in."

"Wha-what about Toshiya, doctor?"

"Puncture wound in the side, slight internal bleeding, but we fixed that up, bruises up and down
his side and face, slices on on his arms, sprained jaw, and need for stitches."

"Thankyou doctor." Die stood up to bow, then showed the man to the door.

//Heartless man.//

Die looked over the room.
In the middle of it were two beds; one housing the still uncouncious bassist, the other with the
bandaged up and out cold guitarist.
To the side were not very comfortable couches, a chair, and a tv, which was currently off.

Kyo had left thirty minutes ago to get food and to get out of the depressing room.
Leaving the two comotose men with Die and Shinya.

Die watched the drummer as he stared at the floor, shivering periodically.

//What's going to happen know? Will they wake up? What'll happen? Why the hell wa-//

"Shinya?" Die's kind voice broke through Shinya's thoughts, startling him. He looked over to see
that Die had taken a seat on the couch next to him. "You okay, Shin-chan?"
"Ah, daijoubu." he mumbled, unconvincingly.

The guitarist watched him for a short while, before giving Shinya a hug around the shoulders.
To Die's suprise, Shinya then turned to bury his face in Die's shirt, and pulling the guitarist
closer and turning him so that he was almost in a half indian-style sitting posture.

Die wrapped his arms around the devistated drummer, lightly rubbing his back and whispering
sweet nothings in his attempt to calm him down.

//This feels...so right....even in a room full of pain...// Shinya thought, before snuggling
deeper into the guitarist's embrace.


Die looked down, pulling a little bit away from Shinya to be able to look into his face.
"Please...just hold me...."
Die gave a small nod, heat rising to his face to make it a light shade of pink, as he felt the
drummer move a little bit to get more comfortable in Die's arms.
"Forever, until you want me to stop...."


Footsteps echoed through the corridor, chasing the beautiful creature.
Feet scampering, the midnight black rabbit ran farther and deeper into the halls, loosing it's
way and shying from the lights emitted from the open doors.

Seeing an open door that led to freedom, the rabbit quickly ran through it, bounding off the
stairs, and flying through the air.

Legs began to lengthen, as did arms and hair. The body was of a man, and from the back grew
two large, white wings.

Before he could flee, he felt the bindings of chains grip at his ankles and wrist, pulling him
to the harsh ground below.

There was no pain, falling on one's wings, for the dream followed the rules.

"You tried to get away....Never again...."

A loud keening came forth from the winged man's throat, as he felt cold, clammy hands reach for
him, tightening the binds, and covering his eyes.

"...arms are bound and tied....
....and no one can hear you cry...."


Toshiya awoke with a start, hearing and long scream bounce off the white walls.

//Where...where am I? And what's that ...noise...?// he squinted his eyes at the harsh light,
and tried to get up, only to be pushed back down by a soft hand.

There was gentle talking to his side, and a gentle hand at his forehead.

As his vision began to clear, he realized that it was Shinya's hand that was running it's fingers
through the black and blue locks of his hair.

He forced himself to turn to look to the side, where something in him told him that Kaoru was.

//Kaoru made that noise...?//

The pink haired guitarist had started to thrash, causing the others in the room to worry.

"Shin-chan, go get a doctor." Die whispered to Shinya, nodding towards the door. Shinya
disapeared within an instant.

"Shhhh Kaoru....it'll be alright....everything is fine....Toshiya is here...." Die whispered to
the still thrashing Kaoru, in an attempt to calm his friend. "It's alright now...."

"K-Kaoru?" Die's quick look to the side registered that it was the now somewhat concious Toshiya
had spoken. It hurt to speak.

"Totchi!" Die quickly spun around, just in time to catch Toshiya, who had started to crawl out
of his bed. "Totchi, what are you doing?!"

"Kaoru..." Toshiya clung to Die's arms, forcing himself upright, though his head complained and
his jaw hurt. His stitches had been numbed some time during his sleep, also limiting the move-
ment of his limbs.

"Die...Ka-kaoru...." Die nodded, figuring out what the bassist wanted. He gently helped Toshiya
onto the bed, and pulled his IV fluid thingy closer. Then he turned to sit down.

"K-kaoru..." Toshiya whispered, brushing pink bangs out of the still thrashing guitarist. At his
touch, the thrashing subsided, and the only thing to show from Kaoru's nightmare were the
crystiline tears that ran down his cheeks.

Lying down next to him, Toshiya gently leaned his head on Kaoru's chest, listening to his
breathing and heart rate calm.

"My Kaoru...."

His eyes closed, and sleep enveloped him again, as the door opened with a frantic Shinya and a
straightfaced doctor.


To be continued ^_^;
so, not that bad, ne? i mean, what i did to Kaoru ^^;;;;;
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