Paradise Title: Paradise Chapter 4 (Lemon)
Author: Mako
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Genre: Lemony ^_^ ...and OOC....o_O;;
Rating: Lemon ^_^
Pairing: KaoruxToshiya & a little DiexShinya
Comments: my first lemon. I don't like it X_X they sure as hell don't seem...passionate enough
for my liking.... dedicated to everyone it was dedicated to before ^_^ VM, Piiko-chan, Luni-chan,
'n ScarletKozi-chan especially.


"You loved me, and embraced me completely
That was the warmth in my life"
-Hidamari no Uta, by Le Couple


"Tada! All done! Please wait here as I go get some documents for you to sign, then you are
free to go, Niikura-kun."
"Arigatou." Kaoru bowed politely from the bed, watching the doctor leave.
When the door clicked shut, he turned to the blue haired bassist slouching in the chair next to
the bed.

He was very much asleep.


Toshiya grumbled, moved around uncomfortably, then peeped open one deep brown eye.

"Aa? Doctor's gone?" he asked in a groggy voice.

Kaoru nodded, holding out a hand as to pull the tall man closer. Toshiya took the hand, kissing
the knuckles as he sat on the side of the bed.

"I'm glad the cast is gone ^.^"

Kaoru nodded again, giving a small smile.

"Koi, we should go out and do something with the band to celebrate! Go to a club, or something
fun like that, ne? What do ya think?? It's been a long time since we've been out ^_^" Toshiya
rattled off, still holding the calloused fingers in his own calloused hand.

Kaoru's smile grew, and he nodded.

"Yatta! ^_____^!"

Toshiya was about to glomp the pink haired man when the door creaked open again, and the doctor
came back in.

"Oh, Hara-san! I didn't notice you here. How has your side been? All healed up?"
Toshiya nodded, lifting up the side of his shirt.
"All better, see? ^_^?"

//Lord, why was he born with such a nice body?// Kaoru thought to himself, a slight blush
covering his cheeks.
Though the two of them had been together for a while now, they had taken it very slowly; first,
because of their injuries, and second, just because they were extremely shy about the fact. They
knew the love they shared, and didn't want to jeopardize it with actions not thought of.
Toshiya had moved in with Kaoru about a week ago, and they had had the luxury of falling asleep
in each other's arms.

But that is as intimate as they had been.

//Damn Die and Kyo...Shouldn't have told them about Totchi moving in with me...//
The red head guitarist and the vocalist had teased and been in wonder at the fact that the two
hadn't hit the deck and gone at it like bunnies yet.

The teasing normally kept up until either Totchi started crying, or the lean drummer came up and
smacked Die on the head with a drumstick.

Kaoru grinned. It seemed as if Die was paying a lot more attention to the drummer, listening to
him, and still teasing him, but stopping before he got into too deep of a grave.

//Have they finally gotten together?// Little Shinya's and Die's ran around in Kaoru's head as
he pictured what their life would be like if they could have children.

Millions of little red heads with big smiles and millions of little auburn heads who looked frail
yet could push thief siblings off them and beat them up.
It was a humorous thought.

Kaoru looked over to where his koi was and pouted.
//Still talking to the doctor.//

//I wonder what kind of children Totchi and I would have if one of us was female?// He pondered,
the blush creeping back to his face.

They would have dark hair, sparkling eyes, and high cheekbones, or so the ones in Kaoru's head
looked. Some would have Toshiya's playful and flirty personality, while others would have a
more hidden persona, only opening up when they knew they could trust the person.

"Kao-chaaaaa~aan?" a young sounding voice broke through his day dream, and he nearly jumped when
a hand waved inches from his nose.
He looked up.

"What were _you_ thinking about, Kao-chan?" Totchi grinned, giving a helping hand to the
guitarist and pulling him off of the bed. Kaoru shook his head, hoping to drop the subject.

"Daijoubu?" He asked, looking at the bassist.
Toshiya nodded, smiling.
"I'm all better, and all the stitches healed nicely. I'm so glad they didn't have to go and
take them out...all I had to do was wait for them to heal ^.^"
Kaoru smiled, then, remembering, asked:
"Call others?"

Yeah, still broken speech.

"Oh yeah! I'll call them right now!" Toshiya exclaimed, pulling out his dark blue cell phone and
quickly dialing the short vocalist's number.


Toshiya waited...


And waited...


And damnit, it was starting to feel like dejavu...

*Ri-* "'llo?" a groggy voice asked, clearly just being woken. "Wha' is i'? Someon' die?"
"Kyo-ko! It's noon!"
"Don't call me that!"
"Why not? It's such a _kawaii_ name for such a _KAWAII_ person!!"
Kaoru hid a grin behind a hand, listening to half of the conversation as he started up the car
and headed out of the hospital's parking lot, back towards their apartment.

"Kao-chan and i were thinking about going out and celebrating the removal of his cast, care to
come? .... Oh? ....Okay, we'll be there! ...Yeah, see you there!...Oh, and before you go!...
Yeah, bye Kyo-ko! *CLICK* He wants to hurt me ^_^ But, change in plans, head towards the
studio ^.^"
"Surprise ^_^"

Kaoru: o_O


"Hey there! ^_^!! YOSHIKI-SAMA!!" Toshiya squealed, glomping the older man. "What are you doing
here?! ^.^?"
"Oh? Die didn't tell you?"
Kaoru and Toshiya turned to look at the red haired guitarist.
"" He turned to Yoshiki. "I have to explain it?"
"It was your idea Ando."
Die pouted, then looked at the still shocked pink haired guitarist to the blue haired man, and
then to their guests.
They had a wide arrangement of people with them that day, from many different bands, just to
confuse people.
Levin of La'cryma Cristi was there, as was hyde of L'arc en Ciel, Miyabi & Sakito of Due le
Quartz, Sugizo, Yoshiki, and the rest of Dir en Grey were all stuffed into the rather small
practice room, half of them smoking, the other half having had their cigarettes taken away by
He was still making rounds to get the others.

"Why?" Kaoru asked, looking from one musician to another.
"Oh, Die-kun said that you had some troubles a while ago with some man by the name of Burra?"
Levin inquired, looking at the pink haired man.
Kaoru nodded slowly. The name brought up troubled memories and bad dreams.
"Well, I have a friend who found out that he was not taken off to the mental institute, nor to
prison, but is running free out there. So, since Die-kun said that you were having bad
dreams-" Kaoru glared at Die. "-he thought that we should go hunting ^.^"
"Hunting O_O?" Toshiya nearly squawked indignity. "Hunting?!"
"Yep ^_^ We gonna catch tha' waskly wabbit or else my name ain't Elmer Fudd."
"Levin, you're name _ISN'T_ Elmer Fudd."
"Oh yeah ^^;"

"Who's going?"
Kaoru nodded, looking at hyde, who'd spoken.
"Well, Die is going, of course, as is Levin, Miyabi, Sakito, Sugi, and myself. Yoshiki is just
here to make sure it all goes as planned, ne, Yoshiki-san?"
Yoshiki grumbled.
"It's only because i know how to bring you all together and i know everyone."
hyde nodded, turning back to Kaoru.
"All you have to do is go back to your apartment with your Koishii, and relax ^_^ And then tell
me if you have any bad dreams after today. K?"
Kaoru nodded, then looked at Shinya.
the drummer looked up.
"Me? I'm just here to see them off. Then I'll be going back to my apartment and waiting for
"From who, Shin-chan?" Toshiya grinned, poking the drummer in the side. "Waiting for anyone
Shinya's face went a deep shade of red as he turned away, sputtering. "N-no, just waiting f-for
word of h-how it went! T-that's ALL!"
"Sure it is, Shin-chan ^_^"

"So! Out you two go! Or do you want to see us off, as well? ^_^?"
Toshiya looked at his Koi. "Care to stay a little while longer?"
Kaoru shook his head, walking towards the door and opening it.
"Good luck."
"Levin-chan, he does speak...-_-;; just not a lot...."
Kyo shook his head, waiting for the little drummer to go out the door, so that he could follow.

Kaoru watched him.
He was blushing.

//Kyo? Blushing?! How absurd! How amusing!! How _CUTE_!!// Kaoru grinned.

"Now what's going on in your twisted little mind, Leader-sama? This is the second time you've
dreamed off into another place ^_^"

Kaoru patted the pouting bassist on the head, pulling him into a loose embrace, as he watched the
others file out of the door. He was glad to see the two indies band mates again.
Miyabi was wearing a long black trench coat, with a black shirt, pants, and hat on, with black
gloves. Very black, no da? Sakito was wearing a black business suit and sunglasses, yet no
hat covered his now shockingly blond hair*. Die was wearing the outfit he wore in the [KR] Cube
PV, dark coat, glasses, gun and all. Hyde wore white. The shirt was very loose, and looked very
comfortable (think the PV for Dive to Blue ^_^), with black leather pants.
Sugizo, of course, was wearing his thigh-high bitch boots, extremely short shorts, and straps
that attached the shorts to the pants. His shirt was a see through fish-net looking _thing_...
Kaoru really didn't know what to make it.

//Oi, Sugi....// Kaoru shook his head.

Levin was wearing a light tank top, yet had a long black coat over it. He, as well, was wearing
sunglasses and a hat, and was smiling broadly at the fact. His cherub like face didn't go along
with the mafia-like atmosphere that was the studio room.

//I wonder if he should really go...// Kaoru worried, watching the little man chatter on to Kyo.
Kyo was wearing a black sleeveless shirt, black leather pants, and yet another black trench coat
over everything. He looked rather sadistic, yet still had a slight blush covering his cheeks.

//Oh well...Kyo will watch over him...//

"Die?" a small voice called from across the room. Kaoru turned to see who it was.

'Twas Shinya.

Die walked over to the drummer, and they conversed in low tones, making Kaoru rather bitter at
the fact that he couldn't hear what they were talking about.

"Die-kun, please be careful."
"Oi, Shin-chan, you sound like one of those ladies saying farewell to their loved ones who are
going off to fight in the war."
Shinya blushed, looking down.
A gentle finger brought his chin back up.
"Don't worry about me. I'll be fine." Die kissed the drummer's cheek before turning and walking
towards the door.
At the door, he stopped and turned around and saluted the drummer, who smiled.

//Damn, i wish i were wearing my [KR] Cube dress....// he thought as he watched the red head
walk after the small group of JRockers.

"Well, i do believe you can all go home now ^_^ You've seen everyone off, and...yeah, so off you
go. I'll just stay here and go through some of your songs, is that alright with you, Kaoru-kun?"
Yoshiki asked, already sifting through some of the many music sheets.

Kaoru nodded, getting up and walking towards the door with Toshiya's hand in his.
Toshiya grinned, tightening his hold on the warm hand in his.
Shinya followed them.

Kaoru gave a nod of farewell towards their old producer, before opening the door and walking out.


"Ne, Kao-chan? Want something to drink?" Toshiya called from the kitchen. By calling the
guitarist from a room he wasn't in, Toshiya was able to hear the man talk, a secret reward for
"*sigh* HAAAII!" a still rather raspy voice called from the living room.

Toshiya grinned, pulling out two beers and walking out into the living room.
"Think they'll get him?"
Kaoru nodded, opening his can and taking a sip.
"True. Die will more'n'likely be able to track the man down and take him down to the police."
"Or kill him. That's always an option with Die-kun, ne?"
Kaoru nodded.
"But what a crowd to go with!" Toshiya grinned, shaking his head. "I mean, i know that Sugi and
Kyo and the two indies boys could kill something, but the other two munchkins?"
Kaoru grinned.
"Kyo Levin?"
"And then there's that....Why was Kyo-ko blushing?"
Kaoru shrugged.
"Maybe...maybe he has a _CRUUUSH_?!" Toshiya squealed, pleased with the idea.
Kaoru nearly choked on his beer.
"Crush? Kyo?"
"Well, ya never know? They're both tiny lil' men, and both are adorable, though Kyo-ko doesn't
like it to be known. I think it would be cute!"
Kaoru smiled, shaking his head.
"It was nice seeing those two again...haven't seen them since that lil' get together Yoshiki had
a while back. Our little boys are growing up right before our eyes! Off to kill their first
biggot! OH!" Toshiya faked crying, falling back onto Kaoru's lap and looked up at him.

The guitarist blushed and smiled, running a hand through Toshiya's hair.

"I think there's something going on with him and Die-kun, ne? I mean, Die wouldn't normally
kiss anyone on the cheek, would he? And that smile Shin-chan gave him! SCANDALOUS!"

Kaoru chuckled quietly, before bending down and kissing the laughing lips lightly.
Toshiya closed his eyes after a moment of shock, bringing his arms up to wrap around the
guitarist's neck to pull him closer.

When they finally came for air, Kaoru ran a finger down the side of the bassist's face, awed by
the softness in the skin.

"I'm here, with you..." Toshiya grinned, playing with Kaoru's shirt.

It was silent.

He looked up from his watch of the lips to look into Toshiya's dark brown eyes.

You could get lost in those eyes.

Toshiya lifted himself up from his position across Kaoru's lap to kiss him lightly on the nose,
then pull him towards the door of the bedroom.

The beer was forgotten.
Time was forgotten.
Past and future and present were forgotten as well, as the two of them danced nearer to the bed,
finally falling onto the soft sheets of it.

There they stopped and watched each other's faces.

Kaoru gently rolled over Toshiya, resting on the bassist's chest, and kissed him deeply.
"Is this alright?"
Toshiya smiled, ignoring the fact that Kaoru had just spoken his first whole sentence in a long
while, and wrapped his arms around his neck, pulling him down once more so that his ear was
near the soft lips of the blue haired man.

"Ai shiteru, Kaoru."

Seemed like a fitting answer.
Kaoru was about to move to pull them farther up the bed, when a warm, wet tongue traced a trail
along the shell of his ear. He turned his head to look at the pretty bassist under him.

And smiled.

Yet another gentle finger traced a path down from the tip of Kaoru's nose, across his partially
open lips, down his jaw bone, over his Adam's apple, and across his collar bone, to stop at the
top of his shirt.
Another hand came up to gently start undoing the buttons of his shirt, as he felt his own hands
travel to the hem of Toshiya's shirt, then under it.

Toshiya's skin was as warm as it was soft, and Kaoru found that he couldn't stop himself from
letting his hands roam over the vast expanse of skin.

"Matte yo, Kao-chan..." A small whisper came from next to his cheek. He looked at the bassist,
whom was smiling rather seductively. Whispering hands traveled up the guitarist's arms,
separating the fabric from the skin, and throwing the shirt across the room.

Kaoru quickly pulled Toshiya's shirt off, and threw that across the room as well.

Toshiya shivered, feeling the cool air touch his warm skin. Reaching out a hand, he felt for
Kaoru, finding him and pulling him down onto his chest.

"Love me, Kao-chan."
Kaoru nodded, a slight smile on his face, as he bent to kiss the bassist again.
Toshiya closed his eyes, feeling the warm kisses on his face travel down across his jaw bone,
and later down his neck.

Kaoru's mouth felt almost like a vacuum, sucking gently, yet forcefully, on the soft skin of
Toshiya's neck, before traveling up again to kiss the already kiss bruised lips.

Toshiya's fingers played along the ridge of Kaoru's backbone, skittering away from the scars that
resided there, and down to the waistband of the jeans Kaoru was wearing.
One hand slipped in, and he felt the man above him twitch in shock as he ran his hand over his
bum, until he heard an almost feral sounding growl.

He looked up at the pink haired man and smiled again.
"Anxious, ne?"
Toshiya grinned again, before sitting up and scooting towards the top of the bed, bringing Kaoru
up with him.
His hands cupped Kaoru's high cheek bones, pulling him closer to kiss, then leaving that resting
place to travel down the man's chest.
There were more scars here, but Toshiya avoided them. His fingers knew what they were doing when
the reached the front of Kaoru's pants.

"Very anxious! Naughty Kao-chan!" Toshiya winked, breaking the kiss, only to have his mouth
ravished by Kaoru's again, as if to just shut him up.

A hand slipped in to the tight pants once the zipper was undone, and Kaoru body almost spazzed
out when he felt the calloused fingers touched his member.
His own hands went up to Toshiya's shoulders, pulling the man closer to him.

"Take off."
A grinning Toshiya happily took off his own pants, before sitting back and watching his soon to
be lover fight with his own pants.
When they were finally gone, he was pulled once more towards the pink haired man.
"No foreplay, Kao-chan?" Toshiya's voice whispered into Kaoru's ear, breathing warm air on his
neck and ear, making him shiver.
"Nope." Toshiya smiled, seeing the smile on Kaoru's face as well.

Kaoru pulled him into yet another deep kiss, while on hand clasped the bassist's member, lightly
pumping it. Toshiya groaned into his mouth as a finger came to play on the tip of it, gently
rubbing the pre-cum off it.

Toshiya's moans became louder, though, when he felt the very hot mouth surround him completely,
and his hips held down by two strong hands. No bucking of the hips.

The gentle tounge swirled around the head, then down the underside of it to run along the
pulsating vein that resided there.

Kaoru felt the man in his mouth quiver, then a strong spurt of white started to fill the
guitarist's mouth, as he attempted to swallow it all.

Toshiya fell back onto the bed, panting and waiting for his vision to clear of little white
It had been a long while since he had had such a nice job done to him. From anyone.

His thoughts were broken, though, as Kaoru crawled up next to him and embraced him.
"Liar. You said no f-foreplay." Toshiya smiled into the face of Kaoru's, bringing it down to
kiss him.
When Kaoru pulled away, his eyes looked troubled.

"What's the matter, Kao-chan?"
"In you?"
Toshiya blushed, figuring what the man wanted.
Hell, he wanted it too, but it had been a long time since he'd had any activities such as these.

Kaoru would be gentle....unlike half of those others...

"Hai." he whispered, smiling again, playing with his koi's pink hair.
Kaoru smiled before rolling over to the side of the bed and rummaging around in the drawer next
to it.
Finally, he came back to where Toshiya sat, holding a small container of lotion.

Peach smelling lotion.

"Lotion, Kao-chan?" Toshiya grinned, watching his lover.
"Only thing." Kaoru muttered, embarrassed.
"Fine by me...and you and i will smell like peaches for a week."
They both smiled.

"Here, give it to me." Toshiya didn't wait for any signal, just took the container, popped it
open, and squirted the gloop onto his hand.
He then squirted some onto the guitarist's hand and threw the container across the room.

Kaoru tried not to moan as he felt the cool substance finger over his very erect member.
He opened his eyes as he felt the soft fingers leave him, only to see a blushing Toshiya smiling
at him.
He smiled back, before bringing Toshiya to sit on his lap.

Toshiya squirmed as he felt one lotion-covered finger find his opening. It hurt, just like he
remembered, but the finger did not jab or scratch, like it had in the past.
A second finger was added, and he felt himself start to relax, enjoying the ministrations of the
pink haired man in front of him.
A third was added, and he knew for sure that this would be different than any sex he had ever

For it wasn't just sex, this time.

This was love.
And it was gentle, just as love should be.

The fingers in him slowly moved, bringing a moan from his throat. The nearly screamed as he felt
the fingers brush against a very sensitive spot in him.
He had forgotten about that.

The fingers were taken away, and he felt almost empty, as if part of him had been destroyed.

The feeling soon disappeared as he felt a rather large, alien object at the entrance of his most
intimate spot.
Toshiya's arms came to wrap around Kaoru's neck, pulling their slick bodies closer, as Kaoru
slowly pushed in.

Toshiya moaned, liking the feeling of the other man's erection inside him. He felt complete, and
he felt love through his hazed mind.

His hazed heart.


Kaoru took hold of Toshiya's hips for leverage, and then started to pump into the bassist.

Groaning, moaning, and gruntings were all that was heard, along with random little whispers of
names, words of love.

It hurt, of course.

//It always hurts, ne, baka...//

Suddenly the pain resided, and Toshiya's let out a soft gasp, as Kaoru brushed past a certain
part in his anatomy, making him see stars.


Kaoru smiled, pleased to be bringing his lover pleasure. He aimed for that spot...

Toshiya knew that his lover was about to come, so he hooked his ankles in the small of Kaoru's
back, pulling him deeper.

Pleasure swept through the guitarist's body as he felt himself come inside the bassist, bringing
the bassist over the edge to come on their stomaches as they fell back onto the bed.

The bassist in mention creaked open an eye and smiled at him.
Kaoru smiled back, before pulling out of the man under him and crawling next to him.

"I love you, Hara Toshiya..."
"I love you, as well, Niikura-san..." Toshiya whispered, latching an arm around the pink haired
man's sweaty waist.
"We'll need a *yawn* shower in the morning, ne?"
Toshiya's yawn was contagious.

"With you?"
"Of course."
Toshiya smiled before leaning up to kiss the tip of Kaoru's nose.
"You're so cute~" Toshiya whispered, resting his head on Kaoru's collar bone so that his face was
partially buried in his neck.

They fell asleep, in each other's arms, smelling like peaches, just as the moon graced the


To be continued ^_^
One more chapter... small little gotta make sure Burra is dead ^_^;; was my first lemon? O_O;;; would of added more, but i ran out of room ^^; it's already
14+ pages ^^;;


*Sakito did go blonde O_o;; i finally saw a picture O_O!

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