Complicated Love

by Mana Crystal

Comments: That's why is COMPLICATED Love. :) and also, this is right after the last part. Picks up where it left off. Not as long as the last part...only 11 with size 10 short. ;_; I wasn't inspired. If it sucks...sorry. :)

Part 2

Shinya sighed and walked over to Kaoru and the others. He felt a tear slid down his cheek and brushed it hastily away. The drummer stopped at the other table and looked at Kaoru.
"Hey...Kao-kao...can you drive me home...please, I'm really sorry...but...please." Shinya bit the inside of his cheek and pleaded silently for no one to ask what was wrong. The table fell silent as Kyo came up and took Kaoru's seat as the guitarist stood. Shinya noted that Kyo was crying, silent tears ran down the vocalist's face, te youngest member of the DeG turned his eyes toward the window.
"Um...listen...why don't you drive Shinya home, huh, Kyo? I think it would be'm eating, yeah? Then I'll just catch a cab..." Kaoru tried to force the two into a situation where they would have to talk. Shinya shook his head and looked at Kaoru.
"No...can I borrow you're car then?" Shinya tried again to make Kaoru see what he felt.
"Well...I'd like it better if Kyo took you...nee?" Kaoru smiled encouragingly. Shinya frowned.
"Oh come on Shin-chan it's--"
"I SAID NO! I don't want to drive with him. If you can't help me fine. But I'm not getting in a car with him. I don't want you to try to force me into something I don't want to do. Listen okay?! Hear my words hear what I'm saying Kaoru, I DON'T WANT TO BE WITH HIM. So please...stop trying to force it....I'm going to walk home....I'm...really sorry, Kaoru, sorry." Shinya turned and ran out of the restaurant, earning a few baffled looks from the other costumers and from the staff. No one at the table moved for a moment, then Kyo jumped up and bowed apologizing but he was just so terribly sick, and must excuse himself to home and bed. He left through the doors opposite of the ones Shinya left from. Kaoru sighed and rubbed his head, Jun, Aiji, Takeo and Kohta exchanged looks along with Toshiya and Die. Kirito just wrapped an arm around Kaoru and murmured into his ear.

Shinya pulled his coat around him and ducked into some bar. He had walked for around two hours and he really didn't know where he was, but that was okay...he could call a cab. He frowned at the bar. Shit. *Someone's gonna recognize me...* Shinya almost left but then decided that if he lurked in the back in the dark then it would be okay. He ordered a pitcher of beer and then sunk into a corner booth. It was dark and it shielded his face from anyone who happened to look. Someone dropped the pitcher of and left. He poured himself a glass and gulped it down. With a wave of his hand Shinya ordered some various hard liquor and threw back glass after glass attempting to lose himself in the alcohol. Someone slide in next to him and took a shot out of one of the bottles. Shinya frowned and turned to look at the person. He was already drunk and didn't quite know who it was.
"Shinya...Dir en Grey right?" The person asked. Male voice. Shinya blinked and lifted a hand to rub across his eyes. He sniffed and stared at the person. Female. Eh? Black hair, beautiful....dressed in a dress...who?
" the fuck are you...what the fuck are you?" Shinya blinked and rubbed his eyes again. The other laughed softly and took a drink of Shinya's beer. The drummer glared.
"Male....that's to who...why don't you guess it's not that hard. Or do you not pay attention to other Visual kei groups? I would think mine has a lot of publicity right now...." The man chuckled. Shinya liked his laugh. Low and pretty, just like him.
"Urg....I don't know me home nee?" Shinya finished off the last of his alcohol and was beyond the point of caring who he went home with. Cab driver or no. The mysterious man laughed again and nodded.
"Fine...come on." Shinya stood and they left, earning looks from girls dressed in cosplay outfits. *Uhoh, we've been or him?.......* They got to the other mans car and left just as three girls rushed out of the bar. Shinya fell asleep.

"Ugh.....what the fuck did I drink last night..." Shinya opened his eyes slowly and stared up at a blue His ceiling wasn't blue....what the fuck? Standing up Shinya looked around, he was wearing only his boxers but was positive that he was still beautifully able to walk. *At least I didn't fuck...or maybe I fucked who ever it is who's house this is....fuck........* Shinya sighed and pushed a hand through his hair he opened the door slowly and peaked out. It seemed that he was the only person in the house. Till he heard a snore. (Hehehehehe anyone know who it is?! I do. :)- MC) he noticed that the only room was the one he had come out of. Beside's the bathroom it was the only room down the hall. He walked forward and looked into the living room at the couch....*Holy Fuck!!!!!! I came home with HIM....* Shinya stared down at Mana in awe. The older man yawned and rubbed his eyes, waking up. Shinya blinked. Mana Blinked. Shinya yelled. Mana pounced on him and covered his mouth with his hand.
"Shut the fuck up. Jesus. I have neighbors you know." Mana hissed and uncovered Shinya's mouth.
"What the fuck am I doing here?"
"Well, I couldn't very well take you home. Fuck, after you passed out in my car I had to bring you here, you look so fucking cute when you sleep....damn kids these days...don't you know how to look ugly when you sleep..." Mana grumbled and fluttered away in his nightgown. He flashed Shinya a smile. "I'm gonna make breakfast er...dinner/lunch then I'll drive you home, yeah?"
"Uh...what time is it?" Shinya remembered, o'clock.
"Around four..."
"Shit..." Shinya sighed and fell onto the couch. "I don't have anything to wear." He vaguely remembered puking on them at some point.
"Um....if you don't mind a skirt and a shirt you can wear something of mine...I have pants...but I left them at Közi's...."
"Don't mind...but...didn't you guys break up? Malice Mizer I mean...not you that I think you're a .....yeah.." Shinya stopped as Mana stared at him from the kitchen.
"Yeah....about a month ago...." Mana said softly before smiling at Shinya again. "Don't worry about it..."
"You...smiled." Shinya frowned.
"Yeah...most people do...what you think I'm like the Mana that goes on stage? No. I'm not. I do wear women's clothes most of the time though...and make-up...but I'm not who I am on stage." Mana made them some sandwiched and came over sitting next to Shinya again. They ate silently for a while.
"Thanks...for letting me sleep you even gave me you're bed. You could have just put me on the couch...or slept with me...I don't mind" He stopped when he realized that sounded a bit wrong. Mana laughed as he struggled with the words a moment.
"Don't worry I know what you mean. But it was no big deal...lets get you something to wear." He said after they were done."

"Thanks for the ride...and the cloths...I kinda like them." Shinya smiled at Mana from the passenger seat. He had just had Mana drop him off at the studio he hoped that the guys were still practicing. "If you'll walk with me over to my car I'll give you your umbrella back.."
"Sure." They both huddled under the umbrella, as it was raining and walked to Shinya's car. It occurred to them both that Shinya could have just walked over, gotten his umbrella and walked back to give Mana his, but neither said anything. Shinya unlocked his door and threw in his gross clothes before grabbing his umbrella and handing Mana back his. They stood there for a minute. Shinya shuffling his feet and Mana wondering what to say next.
" you think I could have your number..I really like you...and.." Mana stopped and looked at Shinya who practically beamed. He quickly took Mana's hand and wrote his number on the back with a pen. They stood that way and then Mana smiled and leaned over kissing Shinya gently. Shinya blinked and then let his eyes slide shut. They both leaned into the kiss and Shinya actually dropped his umbrella wrapping his arms around Mana. Mana slid an arm around Shinya's waist and held the other man closer. Shinya ran his tongue over Mana's bottom lip asked to enter, the guitarist complied and their tongues met, playing before they broke away and smiled shyly at each other.
"I'll call you...I promise." Mana smiled and kissed Shinya lightly again before walking back to his car, getting in and driving away. Shinya almost floated up to the practice room. He hadn't felt anything like it before, not even with Kyo. *Kyo...* it sent Shinya crashing back to earth he sighed and stepped into the practice room.
"Sorry...I'm really sorry....." Shinya started apologizing as soon as he found the others just sitting around.
"It's okay...we've been listening to Pierrot....who was that chick who drop-" Kaoru looked at him and stopped talking. Shinya blushed realizing that he was dressed in a black short skirt, knee high platforms, a blue belly shirt and had his hair piled onto his head. Everyone turned and stared at Shinya they all blinked and their mouthed fell open. Shinya didn't realize that he looked beautiful, he thought it was just the clothes.
"Um...I had to borrow the clothes...I puked on mine last night..." Shinya blushed and walked over dropping his bag onto the floor.
" look beautiful..." Toshiya breathed out. Some of the others nodded in agreement Die smirked.
"Who was the woman you were with down there? Huh Shinya...or did you just fuck her and not ask for a name?" Die chuckled and one or two of the other men chuckled with him.
"What woman?" Shinya scratched his head.
"The woman you were making out with in the parking lot...." Die said rolling his eyes.
"Oh you mean Ma-" Shinya blushed and covered his face with his hands, maybe he shouldn't say anything he didn't want to be happened was special...
"Who? What did you say...come on...who!?" Toshiya squealed and jumped up grabbing Shinya's hands and pulling them away from Shinya's face. Shinya blushed again and shook his head. "Come on Shin-chan.... PLEASE!!!" Shinya sighed. Might as well tell.
"Mana dropped me off, I met him at this bar last night, I got drunk asked him to take me home and then fell asleep in his car...not to mention puked all over he just took me to his house cause he didn't want to wake me...he was so nice...he gave me the bed and slept on the couch..." Shinya smiled dreamily, while Pierrot was exchanging surprised looks.... *MANA!?* Toshiya was grinned and jumping around Shinya talking about how great it was. Kyo was staring at his hands and Die and Kaoru were frowning and watching Kyo, worriedly. Kaoru sighed.
"Okay, no practice today just....everyone be here tomorrow at five. Okay?" Shinya nodded and picked up his bag that he had only tossed down a few minuted before. He waved to everyone and walked out.
"You okay, Kyo?" Kaoru asked worriedly.
‘Hey...listen, it's all okay, Mana....he doesn't stay with one person for long, if he gets with them at all. He's kinda a flake. Plus....him and Közi those two are together, you know? So during fights...." Jun stopped as everyone stared at him.
"...He finds someone to fuck, but the minute Közi comes's over. So I don't think you'll have to worry much about Mana..." Aiji finished what Jun had been saying then chuckled and slid an arm around the nodding man. Kohta rolled his eyes and poked Takeo whispering something about ‘lovebirds' before they both snickered. Jun grabbed one of Takeo's drum sticks and threw it at Kohta.
"Hear that? Huh Kyo? Don't worry." Die said with a smile as he pulled Toshiya onto his lap.
"But...I don't want to have him get hurt..."
"HA! Like he'll listen if we tell him to stay away from Mana..."
"You're right..."
"So I guess we let him find out the hard way, yeah?" Kaoru looked around at his band members.
"Yeah, I guess we do." Toshiya replied. They all looked at each other a moment before getting up and gathering their stuff.

Shinya yawned and flipped the page of his book, he was sitting on his couch listening to some soft music and reading a book called ‘NP' (It's an actually book, very good, if you can only read English go read the translated version, if you read Japanese, read the Japanese one. :)-MC) by Banana Yoshimoto. Shinya frowned, Wasn't a Banana the American name for a fruit? Hum. Shinya smiled. There was a knock on the door. With a frown Shinya stood up and pulled his robe tighter around him, padding over to the door and opening it.
"Mana! What are you doing here...?" Shinya stopped noticing the look in Mana's eyes. Predatory. Oh...a little thrill of excitement flashed through Shinya.
"I want to talk to you..." Mana stepped inside and took his shoes of, Shinya closed the door and suddenly found himself on the couch. He gasped. Mana leaned down and kissed Shinya hard on the mouth, he ran his tongue along the little drummers lip and Shinya opened his mouth, meeting Mana's tongue and they sparred for a moment before pulling apart. Mana kissed down Shinya's jaw trailing his kisses down Shinya's neck until he stopped and pulled back, Shinya blinked as he felt hands pushing up his shirt, he complied and took his shirt and robe off, Mana stared at Shinya's face for a moment.
"You sure?" Shinya nodded and Mana leaned down again nibbling on Shinya's neck, which brought a moan from the younger man. (I'm going to assume that Shinya is Younger then Mana.-MC) Shinya grabbed Mana's shirt and pulled it off, tossing it on the floor. The guitarist chuckled and slowly moved his head down kissing Shinya's chest and nipping at it regularly. He paused a moment before slowly licked one of his lovers nipples. Shinya moaned and tangled his hands in Mana's hair. He gasped as he felt the other mans erection pressed into his leg. Mana almost purred as his attacked the other nipple tugging at it softly. The drummer arched up, seeking more of that wonderful feeling. Mana pressed him down and pulled the brown headed man's Boxers off. (Shinya sleeps in Boxers and a shirt in my fic....>:)-MC) Keeping his hands firmly on Shinya's hips Mana took the head of his lover's erection into his mouth. Shinya tossed his head from side to side and attempted to arch up into the other man's mouth, but was held firmly down. The younger man whimpered and bit down hard on his lip. Mana's slowly rolled his tongue around, taking in Shinya's shaft slowly, making sure to lick every part. Shinya kept his hands in Mana's hair.
" god..." Shinya moaned and tossed his head back and forth as Mana's head began to bob. He could feel Mana's tongue working and he finally cried out. Screaming as he came before falling back onto the couch and staring with wide eyes at the ceiling. Mana smirked and came up licking his lips before crawling onto Shinya and kissing him, letting him taste himself on the older mans tongue.
"Mmm, you taste good, Shin-chan..." Mana purred out resting his head on Shinya's shoulder. Shinya blushed.
"What about you...?"
"Oh, don't worry, when you get you're strength up, I'm planning on fucking you silly." Mana chuckled and Shinya smiled sliding an arm around the others waist.
"Oh, okay." Shinya was surprised at himself, amazing that he would let this man fuck him, when they had just met the night before. Mana smiled.
"You have anything?"
"Erm...some lotion in the bathroom, and some jelly/lube shit in the drawer on the right hand side of my bed. We can use the lube." Shinya stood up and helped Mana up. "Let go to the bed though....fucking requires more room then a couch." Mana chuckled.
"That it does." They walked into the bedroom and Shinya flopped onto his bed turning onto his back and watching Mana, who slowly stripped for him. He could feel his hard on returning as Mana pulled his stalking's off. Then threw his Skirt onto the floor moving on finger up his length and moaning. Shinya shivered and pointed at the drawer the lube was in, Mana took it out of the drawer then crawled onto the bed and fitted himself between Shinya's legs. Nudging his legs even farther apart Mana spread the lube over Shinya and then himself. He leaned down and kissed Shinya tenderly as he slipped a finger inside him, Shinya moaned and moved against that finger as another found it's way in, slightly uncomfortable it was until Mana began moving them and hit his lovers sweet spot. Shinya yelped and grabbed onto Mana as one electric jolt followed another, then the fingers were gone and Mana captured Shinya's lips in a passionate kiss. Shinya felt the other man's hardness press against his opening and jerked away from Mana as he was entered. Shinya screamed in pain as he was impaled on the other mans length.
"Shhh. It'll feel better soon...." Mana whispered soothingly. Shinya whimpered an felt a tear slid down his cheek as Mana began to move, but soon pain gave way to pleasure and Shinya was moving his hips against Mana. He felt an electric jolt once again and cried out arching up as Mana hit the spot over and over again. The drummer felt himself close to the edge and cried out.
"Oh...fuck...Mana I'm gonna...." Shinya's sentence trailed off into a long, loud, drawn out moan, he clung to Mana as he spilled his seed on their belly's. Mana thrust once more before tensing up and Shinya could feel the warmth of the other man inside him. Mana pulled out and collapsed next to Shinya. The drummer snuggled up against Mana and shivered.
"Jesus fucking Christ..." Mana whispered and slung an arm around the younger man. They fell asleep. (There you go everyone a very crappy lemon. >_< this is for all of you people who asked me for one.

Shinya awoke alone. He got up and padded out into the kitchen to find a note from Mana. He sighed and felt a tear slide down his cheek as he read it. ‘Thanks for last night, great sex, but you know that's it right....I'm in love with Közi. You're a sweet kid and I hope you understand, we should go out for a drink sometime, you'd make an awesome friend. Call me, just forget about last'll make everything easier....thanks again. See you soon.' And it was signed Mana. Shinya sighed and brushed the tear off his cheek.
"Should have known. Oh was great sex." He glanced down on the table next to the note and found a pair of blue lace pantie's, he smiled and looked at the note again. ‘P.S. something for last night...I took you're boxers.' Shinya laughed and shook his head taking the panties and walked into his room tossing the panties into his closet and then stepped into the shower with the comforting ache that made him limp. *Yes...last night was great sex...*

Shinya walked into practice right on time and sat behind his drums. Toshiya grinned and walked over to him as they were the only two that were in the room at the moment.
‘So..." Toshiya said with a grin. Shinya blushed and looked at his sticks.
"So what?"
" does he fuck?" Toshiya poked Shinya and giggled.
"He fuck's just fine. How did you know?"
"You're limping, people only do that after mind blowing sex."
"Well it was." Shinya smiled and stood limping over to the couch and flopping down. "Mind blowing....that is..."
"Yeah, so you gonna see him again?" Toshiya asked, half hoping what Jun and Aiji had said was true and half hoping it wasn't.
"No." Shinya shook his head and shrugged.
"It' was only sex,'s not like we are a couple....he has Közi, I don't want to break that up. Haven't you ever fucked, just to fuck?" Shinya asked.
"Sure, but...what about you and Kyo?"
"What about it?"
"Don't you want to be with him?"
"No. Not really...I don't...well...I can't really explain it in the two minutes we have till Die gets up here..." Shinya pointed at the window.
" bout if I come over tonight and we'll talk...yeah?" Toshiya asked, and Die walked in.
"Okay what? Die blinked and sat next to Shinya slipping an arm around the drummer and pulling him onto his lap snuggling up with him.
"Eh...Die....what do I look like a teddy bear?!" Shinya giggled as Toshiya mock pouted.
"Bah....go cuddle Toshiya..." Shinya laughed and poked his friend. Die caught Toshiya and pulled him down over himself and Shinya.
"There....a nice cozy threesome."
"DIE! BAKA!" They all laughed as Kyo and Kaoru came in and exchanged confused looked.

Shinya answered the door when Toshiya rang the bell and showed his friend into the living room.
"Sure..." Toshiya smiled and walked around looking at Shinya apartment.
‘What are you looking at? You've seen my apartment a hundred times..." Shinya chuckled and put the tea on the table.
"I's have so many pictures of know? No one else has pictures of the band hanging on the least not as many as you do. have some pictures that no one else this one. Of Kaoru and Die kissing... how long ago was this?"
" the begging. When they were still together." Shinya smiled and sipped his tea.
"And look at this and Die...everyone has this one, fans and all, how did you get the original?"
"Asked for it..." Shinya looked at the picture to which Toshiya was referring. It was the famous guitar licking one. And he was right...everyone had it.
"And look at this...hehe....Kao-Kao has such a funny look on his face whenever he plays the guitar....but...anyway. Lets talk. Why don't you want to be with Kyo?"
"I do. It's just...I don't. You know?" Shinya frowned at Toshiya's blank face " don't, okay, it's like this....I really like him, I think, I mean, I thought I loved him."
"Last night with Mana told me I don't. I felt more when I was kissing Mana then I did anytime I was around Kyo.'s the whole, I hurt you, you hurt me, I hurt you thing...I don't think we could be together...." Shinya sighed and pushed a hand through his hair. Plus...I don't know Toshiya...I'm starting to like...someone else."
"Oh...who?" Toshiya asked looking at Shinya out of the corner of his eye.
"Oh...come on...who?"
"It's just this person has a buy. So I'm not even going to voice it. I don't want to be responsible for breaking them up, or straining my relationship with him, you know?" Shinya shrugged.
"Yeah...I know. But...I bet he likes you too..." Shinya blinked and pulled his eyes to Toshiya's questioningly. "And I know he's sorry for what happened between you two..."
"How.." Shinya was stopped by Toshiya's finger on his lips.
"I'm smart." Toshiya smiled and leaned in kissing Shinya gently on the lips. Shinya blushed and closed his eyes kissing Toshiya back and feeling a bit guilty about Die.
"Wait...Totchi...I don't think.." Shinya was silenced again as Toshiya took his hand and led him away to the bedroom.
"Don't worry about it now...I'll even let you fuck me....since I don't want to hurt you're cute little butt..."

(HEHEHEHEHE No lemon this time....don't wanna do no more of them right now...I know what you're all thinking you're thinking ‘no...Totchi's supposed to be with Die and Shinya's supposed to be with Kyo...' hehehehehe, or you're thinking ‘Where the fuck did THAT come from!?' Or you could be thinking...'Yumm, cheese is good.' O.o One, I don't know what I'm going to do with this Die and Toshiya thing, and the Kyo Shinya just might not happen for a while. And...yes, cheese is good, I'm eating some right now. ^______^ -MC)

Shinya's thoughts slowly rose to consciousness. He floated there just under the edge of waking and heard Toshiya's voice as if from far away.
‘Yeah....listen, he was sick, we won't be in take care of him of coarse....sure.... okay. You too....bye.' a click...oh....yeah. Shinya opened one eye as Toshiya laid back down with him, feeling the arms around the slightly older man slid around his waist. He snuggled against the warmth of the body and purred.
"Who was that?" Shinya asked sleepily.
‘Die." Toshiya yawned and held Shinya tighter.
"Oh fuck...that's right." Shinya sat up and stared hard at Toshiya who just raised a brow.
"We fucked last night...."
"Yes...we fucked be exact..." Toshiya grinned and took Shinya's hand in his own and played with his fingers.
"God...Totchi, how could we do that to Die?!"
"Do what?"
"Betray him like're HIS!" at that Toshiya sniffed and frowned in Shinya direction.
"I do not belong to him....I belong to myself...and you know...Die doesn't even have to know...I personally think that last night was rather....special....more so then it's ever been with Die...Plus...I'm breaking up with's just...not the same. We don't even really love each other anymore. You know last time we fucked he called out someone else's name...I don't think he noticed...I didn't say anything about it...but still." Toshiya looked at his hands and sighed.
"Who's name?"
"Kyo...." Shinya frowned and brought Toshiya's hand to his lips and kissed it gently.
"I'm sorry."
"Not you're fault, why do you apologize....?"
"Because you're my friend and I care about you...I don't want you to be hurt..."
"Be with me....nee?"
"I need some time...with no commitments...I need to see what everyone is like...." Shinya looked at Toshiya and found his friend with bright eyes.
"Hey...I have an idea....just a little know...between friends...who plan on being with each other...and it's a way for you to find out what everyone that's available to you is like.."
"What?" Shinya blinked and stared at Toshiya.
"I'll bet you that I can fuck every single member of DeG AND Pierrot before you can...and if I can't...then I have to do whatever you say...for a whole week. And if you lose....then you have to do whatever I say...for a whole week..."
"Wait...there's no way I can fuck Kyo....and it's not fair for you to fuck Die...cause he's been with you...."
"Lets do it this way....every other the morning, we meet up and challenge the other. We pick who we have to fuck. So you pick for me and I pick for you. And the next time we meet to give out challenges we have to have fucked them...okay? But we need to pick two people who aren't part of the game...and you can't challenge me to fuck Kyo and I can't challenge you to fuck Die...okay?" Toshiya nodded. "I propose that Kirito and Kaoru be left out of the game...they are happy with each know?"
"No..I don't like it that're right. Let's leave Kirito and Kaoru out of bout we each make a list of who we have to fuck, in order of how we have to have them and who ever get's done first....wins. It's easier...yeah?"
"Yeah...okay." Shinya nodded and got out two pieces of paper and two pens handing a piece of paper and a pen to Toshiya. "But how can we know we did it?"
"Pictures....after we fuck them we have to take a Polaroid know the ones that have the printed date and time on them...that way we know which order we got them in....and we can count Kyo AND Die on each..."
"Okay..." And they started writing. Shinya took his time and wrote out:


They traded papers and Shinya read his.


Shinya chuckled.
"And one last thing....if we fall in love with anyone else, besides ourselves....we both win, but we have to BOTH fall in love...." Toshiya smiled.
"Okay...hum the first person on my list is Toshiya...." Shinya grinned and pounced Toshiya. The game was on.

"Okay everyone that's it." Kaoru smiled at everyone as Pierrot came in. They had that practice room after them. Kaoru ran to Kirito and the two began talking. Toshiya glanced at Shinya and winked. He had broken up with Die the day before and was now well on his way to getting the second person on his list crossed off. Shinya smiled and wandered over to Aiji. He had done himself up really nice that morning and was well aware that he looked very hot. He could tell that Aiji was watching his from behind his hair as he set up his guitar.
"So...Aiji...right?" Shinya asked. The guitarist nodded. "I've been watching you..."
"You...have?" Aiji looked up and Shinya blushed and acted shy. He smiled softly and nodded.
"I was wondering...would you like to go out for a drink tonight...?"
"Um...shouldn't I be asking you that?"
"If you want..."
"Will you go out with me for a drink after practice...?"
"Sure." Shinya smiled...this was too easy.

Six hours later Shinya snapped a Polaroid picture of a sleeping naked guitarist and pulled his clothes of. He scribbled out a note saying it was great and they would have to do it again, but he really did have some pressing business and must fly. Lots of kisses and what not. Shinya giggled and walked out. They really would have to do it again...he had fucked really well.

Shinya walked in and stood next to Toshiya.
"How did you do?"
" telling where we are till it's over."
"Fine... Oh shit...look.." Shinya nodded towards Die and Kyo who were cuddling on the couch.
"Fuck..." Toshiya looked at Shinya. Shinya looked at Toshiya. They got an idea at the same time and snickered walking over to the couple. Die and Kyo looked up at them.
‘ cute..nee, Shin-chan?"
" cute..." Shinya purred out and poked Toshiya in the ribs.
"Aw...shut up guys..." Kyo blushed and crawled away from Die running off into the bathroom. Toshiya followed him and Shinya sat next to Die.
" wanna go drinking with me tonight??? PLEASE!? Totchi won't go...said something about plans with Kyo...or something...come with me...yeah?"
"I don't wanna go out...." Die frowned.
"Well then come over to my place and we'll watch a movie and get drunk...yeah? You can sleep on my couch....." Shinya gave him puppy dog eyes. Die relented and said he would come over.

Shinya snapped a picture and smiled. Three down.... He walked away from the naked body on his floor and crawled into his own bed. Die opened his eye at the flash and wondered drunkenly why Shinya was taking a picture of him.

"Promise you won't tell Kyo...god...please!?" Die begged. He was on his knees wringing his hands in front of Shinya. Shinya grinned.
"Fine...I was only Sex Die...don't freak out...." Shinya leaned down and kissed Die cheek.

Snap! Four down....Note....sorry to many things to do....lots of it again... ~Shinya

Snap! Five down...another note, Must run...thanks for the fuck...see you around

Snap! Six to go. Only Kyo. No note this time.

"Shinya!" Shinya heard Takeo's voice from down the hall and quickly ducked up the stairs and out onto the roof *fuck...* Takeo didn't follow him in though. Shinya looked at his last object and approached him quietly before grabbing him.
"KYO!" Shinya yelped and laughed with the littler man jumped and drop his smoke.
"Fuck Shinya...don't do that..."
‘Mmm Mmm Kyo-kun..." Shinya nibbled on Kyo's neck and purred....

Snap! Kyo turned around from pulling up his pants and looked at Shinya.
"Just a little reminder..." Shinya smiled and claimed Kyo's lips before running down the stairs and straight into Toshiya.
"I'm done." Shinya said.
"I'm done..." Toshiya said at the same time. They looked at each other and frowned.
" what...we've fucked them all....what now?" Shinya asked. Not aware that Kyo and Die were both listening.
"Kirito and Kaoru?"
"NO. No.....defiantly not. They are HAPPY I'm not going to fuck with that. It's not fair...and it's not right just because we made a bet." Shinya said.
"What about Kyo and Die....we fucked them both...and they were happy...I think.
"No Kirito....come on....lets get to practice....we'll figure it out later" Toshiya took Shinya's hand in his own and they slowly walked to the practice room to find everyone sitting there. And everyone looked pissed.
"Hey...guys." Shinya blinked as everyone turned to stare at them.
‘Uh oh..." Toshiya sighed and dropped Shinya's hand.
" fucked us all....for a feelings what-so-ever....I don't believe you two...mostly you Shinya..." Die said quietly. Everyone stood up and they began practice. No one talked to Shinya or Toshiya for the whole day.

Two weeks later, no one was talking to them yet, and Shinya had sunken into silence even with the bassist. He wouldn't speak to him...but most of the others had forgiven Toshiya already, Shinya wondered why they hadn't forgiven him. He cornered Kyo one day during break.
"Why have you all forgiven Totchi....but not me?"
"It was you're idea...Totchi told us all about it..." Kyo smiled evilly and pushed past him. Shinya stood there for a moment before sinking to the floor. * he...he was setting me up all along....* Shinya ran off and found Die leaning against the vending machine.
"Die...listen I need to ask you's really important...then you can go back to not talking to me okay?"
"Fine...what is it?"
"When you were fucking Totchi....and you called out someone else's name...who's was it?" Shinya hoped that Die remembered.
"Funny you don't know...."
"It was Kyo's name right...?"
"What? No it was yours....." Die blushed slightly and looked away.
"Mine...?" Shinya looked around and then growled. He felt something tear inside of him when he realized that the bassist had betrayed him.
"I'm gonna fucking kill him...he set me up that little fucking bastard....first he was pissed cause Kyo....I'm gonna kill him." Shinya yelled and ran off down to the practice room where he found Toshiya sitting with all of Pierrot and all of DeG minus Shinya and Die, who ran in right behind Shinya. He grabbed the drummers arm and yelled at Kaoru to get his ass over there. Shinya stared at Toshiya watching as the bassist laughed and joked. He felt rage well up inside him and tried his hardest to push it down. It didn't work. Shinya ripped his arm away from Die and walked slowly over to the group. Everyone fell silent and glared at him. Everyone including Toshiya.
"I need to talk to you...Totchi-CHAN"
"I don't really want to talk to you....." Toshiya said coldly.
"Go away Shinya..." Someone said. Shinya narrowed his eyes and clenched his fist's.
" need to talk to me..."
"No I don't..." Toshiya said again though he sounded a bit uncertain this time.
"You want me to say what I have to say right here?"
"GO ahead no one cares."
"Fine.." Shinya screamed and launched himself at Toshiya grabbing the bassist and throwing him onto the ground before jumping on him and punching him over and over again in the face and gut. Everyone was stunned for a moment before Kaoru grabbed the younger man and hauled him off of the Bassist. He threw him onto a couch and sat on him. Th others helped Toshiya who was crying, up from the ground.
"What the fuck is wrong with you!?" Kyo screamed.
"He's a fucking liar, a fucking liar hear me! And you all believed him!! ALL OF YOU! Even though you've known me longer!!!!!!! You believed him when he said it was all my idea. Shinya pushed Kaoru off him and stood up screaming at the group, it was like everything that had ever happened to Shinya was suddenly bursting out causing the young man to break down. "You ALL believed him....and he lied! It wasn't my idea it was his! Just like when he raped me because Kyo wanted me, not him, he gave up Kyo to be with Die then Die screamed out my name while they were making he set me up...he set me wasn't my fault that Die said my wasn't my fault that Kyo liked wasn't my goddamned fault...not my fault."
"Shinya...." Someone move forward to grab the other but the drummer smacked him.
"Stay the fuck back...none of you give a damn...not one of you care....not one." Shinya whispered and turned running out the door, he jumped in his car and drove home. He locked the door and sat on his couch crying. He stared at the black t.v. and sighed....
‘What the hell am I doing...what am I fucking doing...." Shinya sighed and pushed a hand through his hair. He stayed in his apartment for most of the next three weeks. Thinking.

"Fuck...this is like last time...these people are fucking poisoning me....the happens way too much...way to much." Shinya sighed and looked at the phone. Only this time, it hadn't rung. At all. No one had called. Shinya sighed and picked up the phone and dialed Kaoru's number.
"Moshi, moshi?" Kaoru asked.
"It's Shinya...when's the next practice...?"
"'re taking a break. Yeah? Till next week. Wednesday at ten in the morning okay?"
"Sure. Bye."
"You okay?"
"Bye." Shinya hung up the phone and sighed.

"Okay...well everyone. How are we?' Kaoru asked a bit exasperated.
"" Kaoru sat next tot Shinya and rubbed his temples.
"I'm sick of it. I'm sick of it all. Okay? Every time Toshiya doesn't like's my fault. Every time something people blame me. I'm tired and I'm sick and I'm depressed." Shinya pushed a hand through his hair. "I can't do it anymore..."
"Are you saying that you want to leave?"
"No. I'm saying that I think we need to have an actual vacation. As in....a paid one. Something relaxing...or just some time off work. I say we get three weeks off. To do whatever the fuck we want. Yeah?" Shinya looked around and saw all of DeG nodding.
"Okay...three weeks." And they all left.

Shinya went home and slit his wrist's.

When Shinya opened his eyes he stared up at a white ceiling. It wasn't his. He turned his head and found Die and Kyo curled up together sleeping on a chair and Kaoru and Kirito were sitting together talking quietly. Shinya looked down as he felt a weight clenching his hand. It was Toshiya. He blinked. * I must be dead....* he shook Toshiya and watched as the brown eyes opened slowly and focused on his face. The bassist let out a yelp and jumped up clinging to Shinya and sobbing. Everyone looked at Shinya and Toshiya then rushed over and began talking to the drummer all at once.
"You idiot." This was Die
"You're okay. God I'm so happy..." This was Kyo.
"What were you thinking..." Kaoru.
"....god you guys, he just woke up. Why don't you guys shut up and let him get his sense's back...then bombard him with your fucking questions..." that was Kirito.
"SSSSSSOOOOOOBBBBB" That was Toshiya. Shinya stared down at the blond headed bassist. He lifted a hand and slowly ran it through Toshiya's hair. The others looked at each other and left.
‘God...oh Shinya...why did you do that...why!?" Toshiya whimpered and clung to the drummer, lifting his face up and staring hard into the brown eyes of the younger man.
"Totchi....why are you crying I thought you hated me...." Shinya blinked.
‘You idiot...don't you get it...? I love you! The reason I did all those things...fuck...I didn't want them to want wanted you...god Shinya...forgive me...please... I promise I'll never hurt you...please... please..." Toshiya sobbed and clung to Shinya. The drummer blinked and lifted Toshiya's chin. He stared into Toshiya's eyes and then kissed the older man gently.
"I forgive you...." Shinya whispered and held the crying man.


Shinya smiled down at his new lover. The bassist truly did love him. It had been almost two month's and they were still completely devoted to each other. The drummer smiled and kissed the sleeping face of the other man. The bassist smiled in his sleep and snuggled closer to his lover. Shinya didn't expect that he would fall for the person who had hurt him so badly. But he had. And he was glad.


Hehehehe yes....unexpectedness of the ending...hope you all liked it... and if you didn' bad. :) cause I did. Comments?....Anyone? Please?? *Makes you all some brownies and smiled really big* PLEASE!?

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