The Breaking of Malice Mizer Author
The Breaking of Malice Mizer
Author: Mana Crystal
Rating: G
Genre: J Rock, some light M x M
Pairing: none really. I guess some hinted Gackt x Kami
Notes: I'm terribly upset over the breaking of Malice Mizer. This came to me in the middle of Biology class, and I have been itching to write it ever since. It's not as long as my others and not as complicated. Let me know what you think.

"It's over." Klaha stood before Mana. Yu~ki and Közi stood off away's away from the Guitarist and the Vocalist. All four of them knew Malice Mizer was coming to an end. Every could feel it. It's time had passed. It could only stand so many blows. Even after all the work and love Mana had created it with.
"What....." Mana looked up.
"It's over. You know it Mana. It's gone. You can feel it. I know you can, so don't bother saying you can't. There isn't anything THERE anymore." Klaha looked at the pretty man sitting in front of him. "None of us can go on like this....come on Mana, please, just...let it go."
"...." Mana looked away and towards his other bandmates. They looked as if they agreed with what Klaha was saying. He Stood and shrugged shoving the papers toward Klaha, then walked out. The other Three stood there for a moment before looking at the papers, like always, Mana was a step ahead of them. Their beautiful guitarist had already gotten the forms and paper work to end their contract. So Mana had felt it. The three looked at each other and knew beyond a doubt that it was over, if the person who loved the band the most had felt it, then it was truely over.

Mana walked outside and slipped into his car. *What a laugh. They thought I didn't feel it. That I didn't understand that it was coming for us. * His thoughts were so loud in the silence that he was greeted with once he got home. Mana stood in the center of his living room after kicking off his shoe and looked out the window. It was sunny. A few pretty white clouds drifted lazily around in the sky. So unlike the turmoil that was ragining inside the feminine guitarist. Mana sighed and walked over to his sterio, his dress brushing softly against his ankles as he walked. He picked out a cd and put it in. A loud sound came from the speakers and Mana sighed. Dir en Grey. No one else could make those noise's. He sat down and stared at the t.v. suddenly feeling terribly depressed. Standing up again Mana walked over and popped the tape that he had recorded. It was every Live that Malice Mizer had ever played, at least everyone that was on film. He had a different tape of all their PV's. it started and Mana sat on his couch watching the first live. They looked AWFUL! *Look at that hair...* Mana smiled in spite of himself. *Look at Gackt! And Közi! that.....Yu~ki.* Mana laughed. *Eck....and me..... And...Kami....Kami...* As the camra stayed on Kami for the breif moment, Mana felt tears hit his eyes. It wasn't as if he had not gotten used to Kami being gone, it was the fact that he had not actually seen a tape of him for a while now. Pictures were fine...they didn't move...but even a concert video with the strobe lights and the fog, makes you feel like they'll be waiting when you walk out the door.
Mana didn't realize he had tuned out till he heard the opening of next concert. Mana snapped his head up and fast forwarded through this one and the next few on to the last concert that Gackt and Kami had played with them. There Mana let the tape play. Tears becan to fall from his cheeks once again. Despite the fact that they still spoke to each other, Gackt leaving had been the first blow. Kami's death was the second. When they had troubles signing a deal, well that was the third. And was over. Mana stared at Gackt's image as he paused the frame to study the man, Gackt was in L.A. And so Mana hadn't been able to see him. He had the number...he could call him. Gackt always was a great friend. Reaching over Mana picked up the phone and dialed letting it ring.
"Yes?" Gackt's voice drifted to Mana across the phone line.
"Gackt...." Mana whispered softly.
"Mana. What's new?" Gackt sounded upbeat and happy.
"It's over Gackt.....Malice Mizer's....dead." Mana chocked out the last word. The line fell silent. The didn't speak for three or four minutes. Mana sobbed against the phone. Gackt always could understand him. Even if he had been closer to Kami, but that had been expected. After all, a friend is a friend but a lover is a lover. Mana leaned his head back on the couch and stared at the ceiling with soft tear rolling down his cheeks.
"I'm sorry, Mana-chan....I'm so sorry, I know how you loved it. Why?"
"It's time....there isn't anything day I woke up...and it wasn't there. It was awful waking up to find you're long time lover was gone. Without leaving so much as a note....God was so awful. I don't...I don't know what's going to happen to me...." Mana sobbed feeling like a spoilt child who had suddenly lost the power to get what she wanted.
"Mana...please...don't cry. Please. It rather hurts to know you're crying. Please...listen to me. You need to deal with it, nee? Go and get it over with. I'll be back in a week. When are you releasing a press statment?"
"Don't know yet, around the 13 th maybe...I don't know...when are going to be back?"
"The 10 th."
"Don't give up Mana, maybe it'll come back."
"Maybe." They hung up. Mana knew it would be back. It had to come back.

~On the 10 th~

"Gackt-chan." Mana smiled and embraced the other man. Gackt smiled and placed a friendly kiss on Mana's cheek. Mana chuckled and took one of his friend's bags. They left and headed to Gackt's apartment where, once settled, gackt offered Mana some tea.
"Erm...could I have a beer instead?" Mana knew Gackt always kept Beer in his fridge.
"Hai. Sure." Gackt brought back the twelve pack and set it on the table, handing one to Mana.
"Am I going to end up like Yoshiki?" Mana asked suddenly.
"Yoshiki's not a bad person. And he's quite a good lay." Gackt said with a smirk Mana poked him.
"You know what I mean. Is it going to be like him...that now, my one great love is I going to grow old, alone, in a foreign country, Perhaps producing bands.....and working 24/7? Is that going to be me?" Mana looked at Gackt.
"If you want it to be...."
"I don't know."
"Whens the press statment?"
"You want me to come over later. We could go drinking.....or something."
"No. I need to be alone."
"Well...I need to go. Thanks Gackt-chan..." Mana gave a soft smile and kissed Gackt's cheek.
"Bye. Call me, nee?" Gackt smiled.
"I will." Mana picked up his coat and left.

~The 11 th~

Mana straightened his dress and sat in the chair listening to the others give their statements. They would all be on their web page the next day. They came to Mana and asked him what he felt. Mana debated for a moment before answering.
"These nine years dashed without a backwards look...." And at that moment, Mana knew it was over.


Comments anyone? I'm basing this fic on the fact that what the members of Malice Mizer said on their web page sounded more then final. Please do not take this as truth, i have no idea if Malice Mizer will return i pray it will. I also wrote this on the assumption that Gackt and Mana are still friends. x_x;; I have no clue as to if this is true or not. Very short, my shortest fic yet. :) hope you like.

~Mana Crystal


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