by Mana Crystal

Comments: Um, these are just a few little sketch type things. I Typed them in my DeadJournal ( and i thought i'de just send them in. ^_^ Various pairings. but all are Deg. With Yoshiki in one. ^_____________^

Sketch one:

'What are you thinking?'
'Nothing...just looking at the sunset.'
'Come on, what is it?'
'Do you love me?'
' it because of-'
'Yes. You know that. I can't love you when I loved him first. Why do you even ask anymore?'
'I don't know. Wishful thinking. I gotta go. See You.'
(sounds of a kiss to the cheek and then the door slams and Die looks down as a figure passes below.)
'I don't love you. Not yet. But i'm learning....'

Sketch 2:

'Totchi...' the name was whispered from cold lips. a small body lay on the floor. time, was slipping away.
*what's going on?* the words couldn't force themselves through the lips so he just let himself think them. *What's happening. i can't remember...i can't see.* He wanted to open his lips and say something, because he could hear someone sitting next to him on the floor and talking to him.
'h...hurt.' *that's right. it hurts. i can feel that. why is he just standing there looking at me* the person began blurring. he couldn't see them any longer. *Oh well. It's not him. Is it?* forcing his eyes to open again he stared up at the other person. *No. not Totchi.*
'T...Totchi....i...i''t...hol...hold I...I....tried....I...I love you.'
lips closed. limp arms. *cold....* 


'Kyo? You home?' Totchi yawned and pushed his way into the smaller mans home with Kaoru right behind him. he stopped and looked around. Something was wrong. RUnning to the bedroom Toshiya looked in finding it empty he turned and headed to the kitchen only to have Kaoru step out and grab him around the waist.
'Don't.' Kaoru said holding him tightly. Toshiya stood there before forcing his way into the kitchen. * much blood....KYO!* the bassist fell the his knees and clung to the Vocalist, crying.
'I love'

<i>...the young man was prononced dead at the scene. Apparently he had come home and found a crazed man standing in his living room. The man slaughtered the vocalist violently before moving to the roof of the building and jumping. The singer was found by the Guitarist and Bassist of the band. Sadly, the Bassist suffered a heart attack and died shortly after reciving the news of his friends death. A note was found scrawled on the wall of the victims apartment, it read 'I'm sorry. He said he loves you. I'm sorry. I didn't know. I didn't know.' other ne-</i>

Die, Kaoru and Shinya sat staring at the t.v. long after it had been turned off. Shinya leaned quietly on Kaoru and cried....

Sketch 3:

"I don't care." 
"You don't care?"
"I can't."
"Stop asking me."
"I will when you answer me."
"I can't answer you."
"I just can't."
"It's not possible. Not for me anyway."
"Yes it is."
"What? Possible? No. Not now that it's that he's gone."
"He has nothing to do with it! you're just scared..."
"Shut up, what would you know? You didn't lose him, and you didn't lose anything that could ever compare."
"I don't have to lose something like that to understand you...why can't you let me try?"
"You can't ever understand. Never."
"I can..."
"Why did you just kiss me?! I told you i don't want you....i can't love you. Not now, not ever."
"You can if you let yourself."
"I told you that you can't understand. What you say and what you do prove that you can't."
"I Love you."
"I'm sorry."
"You're leaving, aren't you? He told me you're leaving tomorrow..."
"I am."
"Dammit! I love you! Why isn't that enough...I can never compare to him, no one can, I can't replace him...but I can love you. Let me. Please?"
"He would want you to love. you think that he wants you to wait around til you die!? I don't think so...He didn't wait for you. He didn't wait for-"
Get. Out. Now."
" slapped me."
"I leave. I don't want you...not now...Not ever."
"Goodbye...Yoshiki...I love you." 
(Door Slams)
(Pen is picked up and a note is written on white paper.
Dammit Kaoru...You're right. It's not because of's because of you. I love you too...i'm scared. You're right, such a great leader always right...I love you...I'm so sorry...but he did didn't know that he waited. But he did. I loved him...and I lost him...and now that I love you...I would rather hurt you then lose you...Please understand...I'll see you I return.

(Yoshiki stands and walks to his door, he picks up his coat and goes to Kaoru's apartment, taping the note to his door. Then he walks away, and drive to the airport to catch his flight to L.A.)

Sketch 4:

Kyo thrust the younger man back against the wall.
"Kyo..." the name was moaned out as the blond slid his hand into the loosened leather pant and touched the hot skin beneith.
"Yes?" Kyo asked between nibbleing on the others neck.
"Please..." It was a soft breathy request.
"please what?"
Please..." the other opened his eyes as Kyo pulled away, staring straight into the brown pools.
"Tell my what you want..." Kyo said flicking hs tongue out and running it slowly across the other's lips.
"fuck me...please?"
"What do you mean..." the other asked, uncertian. Kyo smiled, so innocent.
"Fuck you how?"
"Hard...fuck me right now i want to feel you, kyo. I want you to turn me around and fuck me."
"Really....well i have no lube..." Kyo said with a grin sliding his fingers around the other mans member and pumping it slowly. the man moaned and jerked against his hand trying to get more of the blessed contact. "And look around...we're in a club...someone might see."
" I don'....don't care...just fuck me...hard." Slender hands moved to tangle themselves in his hair.
"Fine." Kyo flipped the other man around and pulled him hand away from the other man's cock. Pulling his pants down around his knee Kyo dropped his own pants as well. grabbed the others hips and thrust into him. the other man yelped softly but began moaning as the short man thrust into him. it wasn't long before they both came, gasping softly. Kyo pulled out and away from the other man. pulling up his pants he steadied the taller one and helped him pull his pants back on. He smiled and licked his fingers in a very cat like way before pressing them to the others lips allowing him to taste himself. the taller one smiled and licked off the remaining seed before linking his hand with kyo's and walking back to the table where the others were, they earned a few strange looks from the people around the darkened wall but no one said anything. sitting down Kyo smiled happily.
"Where the fuck did you two go?" Die asked from where he was sitting, playing with one of Toshiya's nipples.
"Yeah...i bought you drinks but they drank them.." Kaoru said while biting Die's ear erotically.
" would've been longer, but Shin-chan here doesn't like foreplay..." Kyo said with a smirk as the drummer blushed while the others laughed.
"well lets head over to my place....I'm sure he'll like it just fine with more than one person giving it." Toshiya said with a grin. So the members of Deg stood and walked happily out of the Bar and headed back to Toshiya's home for a night of sex and pleasure.


End Notes: That's it. little sketchs. I think i'll start a little line of sketch type things. anyway. hope you all liked. They were all written in about 5 to 10 minutes each. :)

~Mana Crystal

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