by Minhkie

Die glanced down again at the scrap of paper he’d found in his guitar case at the end of practice:

Die – My building, level 9, 11pm – S.

Brief and to the point, he thought. Not the sort of note you’d expect from someone you’d consider to have been your boyfriend for the past four and a half months though.

Leaning against his car, Die reached into his pocket, his fingers easily finding the pack of cigarettes. He put one between his lips, before searching again for his lighter. Not there. He checked his other pocket. A frown formed on Die’s face – Kyo mustn’t have given it back after he’d borrowed it at the last break.

Sighing, he got into his car, throwing the useless pack onto the seat next to him. He watched as the slender drummer walked past his vehicle without so much as a glance at the occupant. He’d always known that Shinya was secretive about his love life – especially in interviews – but Die couldn’t help but feel frustrated by his behavior. He could understand Shinya not wanting to let it go public that they were seeing each other, but to keep it a secret from the other guys in the band? It’s not like they’d be shocked or freaked out by that kind of relationship – Toshiya and Kaoru weren’t exactly discreet in their affections for each other! This in itself made Die feel a tinge of jealousy. He hadn’t expected Shinya to be so…well…so shy in the physical side of their relationship.

Die turned the key in the ignition when another thought occurred to him: Shinya didn’t even live on level 9!


It was unusually silent as Shinya stepped out of the lift. In these warmer months, it was rarely deserted here, but then again, Shinya had chosen this time exactly for the reason that he didn’t want other people around – his plan would hardly work if there were!

He carefully placed his bag on the bench, before removing its contents. He placed sixteen candles evenly around the edges of the room, and the remaining four he doubled up with the candles he’d already placed at one end. He smiled, reaching into his pocket to fish out the lighter that he’d discreetly removed from Die’s pocket earlier. Saved him buying one himself, and saved Die’s health too!

He wasn’t sure what to do next. It was a few minutes until Die was supposed to arrive, he didn’t want to be ready too much ahead of time, otherwise he’d be all wrinkly before the guitarist even got there! Shinya shivered slightly. The silence was making him nervous; he began to get butterflies in his stomach. It wasn’t like he’d never done this before, it was just that…well, he was sure that Die was more…experienced! He knew that Die was getting a little annoyed at his unwillingness to take things further, and to tell the truth, he was too. He’d just wanted to make sure that he wasn’t another of Die’s conquests, something to brag about over a drink at the bar. Apart from the effects it would have on his own feelings, he was sure the effect on the band would be far from positive.

His watch beeped. Eleven PM. Shinya took a deep breath, reached over, and switched off the light.


Die looked around the lobby as he waited for the lift. Something on the opposite wall caught his eye; he moved closer to read it. It was a list of the residents of the building. His gaze wandered down and came to rest on level 9. He frowned. Someone had removed the panel that would have revealed to him the mystery of level 9! A muffled ding sounded behind him. Die entered the lift, and pressed the button for ninth floor.


Shinya sat fidgeting slightly. He should be here by now! Maybe…Maybe he didn’t find my note? He shook his head. That couldn’t have happened, unless Die didn’t put his guitar away at all. Or…A wave of uncertainty swept over Shinya. He didn’t want to think about the “or” that Die had found his note, but chosen to ignore it. Maybe he should have at least waved as he had passed him in the car park; had he taken his fake icy demeanor too far?

A moment later, the uncertainty was washed away by a tingling of nervousness and anticipation as he heard a familiar voice call out in the darkness.


“Shinya?” Die blinked a little and tried to adjust his eyes to the darkness after the florescent-lit elevator. As his eyes got used to the light, he discovered that the dim glow that lit the room was from a number of candles, made brighter by their reflection on the mirror-like surface of a pool. Hesitantly, he made his way closer to the pool edge, until he could see down the other end where the spa was, and his gaze came to rest on the person he’d been seeking – Shinya.

“Just follow to the right of those candles Die-kun – you won’t trip over anything.”

Die did as he was told, and made his way towards the drummer, his eyes never leaving the gaze of the other man’s. He smiled slightly. Shinya was sitting at the edge of the spa, the water just up to his neck. The bubbling of the spa made it impossible for Die to see what Shinya had on in the water – making him smile even more.

“Shin-chan, you should have told me we were swimming, I didn’t bring anything appropriate to wear,” a small furrow formed on Die’s brow as he said the words.

Shinya smiled at him. “I don’t mind what you wear – and there’s no one else here.”

Die blushed. People didn’t really expect him to be shy, but he was quite self-conscious about his body. He’d gone to a great effort to diet his body into the form it was now, and although he was a happier with his appearance then before, he still felt a little weird about stripping down in front of Shinya, who was basically completely covered up. He also didn’t particularly want the younger man to see how…excited he was by the current situation. Shinya seemed to sense his uncomfortableness; he coughed slightly and turned his head away, pretending to be engrossed in the view through the glass panel windows on the other side of the pool.

Die smiled appreciatively and stripped down to his underwear before gingerly poking a toe in the spa. It was warm, the bubbles having a tingling effect against his skin. He gently slid into the water, moving to sit next to Shinya.

Shinya smiled, scooting across closer to Die so he could kiss him briefly on the lips. He reached for something on the edge of the spa, his hand reappearing holding a strawberry.

“You want?” he asked Die, running the fruit gently across the other man’s lips. The guitarist opened his mouth slightly, taking the strawberry from Shinya’s fingers. “I was beginning to think you wouldn’t come,” said the drummer, pouting slightly as he fed his lover another of the red fruit. “Made me quite nervous,” he continued, as he fed a third and then a fourth to Die, who whimpered slightly when Shinya teasingly pulled the strawberry away before letting him have it. “Because I have something special planned for tonight.”

Turning to face Die, Shinya leant forwards and kissed him deeply. The guitarist looped his arms around his lover’s back, pulling him into his lap. He broke the kiss with a jolt. “You’re naked!” he said in shock, but with a slight silly grin on his face. Shinya had barely ever even let Die see him change his shirt, and now he was sitting on his lap wearing absolutely nothing!

“Yes. And it’s hardly fair that you’re not!” retorted the drummer, as he began tugging at the guitarist’s underwear. Die, still grinning and looking at Shinya with dreamy eyes, took a moment to realize that it would probably help the brunette if he stood up slightly so Shinya could pull the pants off his hips. That achieved, Shinya climbed back on to Die’s lap, and resumed kissing him passionately.

Die moaned softly as the drummer rubbed his body against his, wrapping his legs around the guitarist. He let his hands run up and down the sides of his lover’s smooth body, and his tongue explore the other’s mouth. Despite all the pleasure, however, he couldn’t but feel something wasn’t right. Gasping, he broke the kiss once more.

“Shinya…Umm…,” Die tried to force himself to concentrate on what he had been going to say, as the drummer looked into his eyes whilst absent mindedly playing with his nipples. Die swallowed and tried again. “Shinya…not that I mind but…what caused this sudden –” Die’s mind searched for the right word to use “- keenness?” Shinya was looking at him slightly perplexed, so Die tried to explain further. “I mean…you’ve never been this forward before…so willing to go further?” he looked at the other questioningly.

Shinya shrugged slightly. “I guess…I guess I was a little nervous. Shy. And I also wanted to make sure that this was…well, you had teased me for so long! I wanted to make sure this wasn’t another joke.” He looked away from Die’s eyes as he said the last few words. He didn’t want to offend the guitarist, but he also wanted to tell him how he felt.

Die pulled him close. “Shin-chan…I wouldn’t do that. If this were a joke, I would have slept with you the first night and be bragging about it to Kaoru the next. I wouldn’t do that to someone I care so deeply about.” He took the drummer’s chin in his hand and gently lifted it so he was looking into the other’s eyes once more.

Shinya smiled at him, pressing his lips to Die’s. He leant his forehead against the guitarist’s, so he could look into his eyes, and entwined their fingers. “The other reason for my “keenness”,” he continued, “Was that I couldn’t resist your sexy charm any longer,” he said, making both he and the other grin. He continued, whispering shyly. “And I wanted it to be something you would remember.”

Die didn’t need any more explanations. He let Shinya kiss him deeply, this time not attempting to break away as the drummer’s legs wrapped around him, and his fingers teased his nipples once more. He let his lips wander down his lover’s slim neck, placing teasing soft kisses along the collarbone. “Mmm…with a beautiful body like this, why were you so shy about it before?” he murmured, making the brunette blush as Die’s tongue found its way back to meet with Shinya’s.

Shinya pushed his body closer to Die’s, loving the feeling of his soft skin in the warm water, and the spa bubbles that made him tingle all over. He could feel Die’s hardness pressed against his belly, and he loosened his legs a little so he could wriggle himself towards the guitarist’s knee. The hand that had been teasingly playing with Die’s nipples slowly made it’s way downwards, pausing to trace the smooth skin around the bellybutton before going further still. Shinya hesitated slightly, and Die kissed him passionately, whimpering slightly to urge him on. Shinya let his index finger run down Die’s length, before he took it in his hand and began to move up and down. Die moaned at his touch, subconsciously rocking his body against Shinya as his breathing became more desperate. The drummer placed hot kisses on his Die’s neck as the guitarist tensed in his embrace, before relaxing against the slimmer man. Shinya continued kissing up his neck; along his jaw; up to sucking and licking his ear lobe as the older man lay against him, breathing heavily.

Die ran his fingers through Shinya’s hair, stroking it softly. “Mmm…so good Shin-chan…” He pulled him in close for another kiss, tracing his finger down the younger man’s spine, making him shiver despite the warm water surrounding them. He moved to snuggle the drummer against his chest, but Shinya resisted slightly, lightly kissing his lips before moving back once more. “I’m not finished yet,” he murmured, smiling.

He swam away to the other side of the spa, beckoning Die to follow. Carefully he made his lover sit again, taking more care of the actual position he was in this time. Satisfied, Shinya reached out, pressing a button to the side of the spa, and knelt between Die’s legs, rubbing his body teasingly against his lover. Die heard a slight hum before strong jets of water began massaging his body; down his back, his sides, along his legs – the feelings matched by Shinya’s hands that were gently massaging along with the jets. Shinya stopped for a moment, pouting. Die, mistaking the look for a feeling of neglect, reached forwards to run his hands along the beautiful body in front of him, and to kiss the soft lips. The drummer responded by moving Die slightly. Die’s eyes opened wide. Shinya’s pushing him two centimetres to the left had resulted in a strong stream of water massaging him in an extremely pleasurable way below his waist.

Shinya ran his fingers down Die’s body, starting at his nipples, and ending in making smooth patterns on his inner thigh. Shinya smirked at Die, as he felt the older man grow hard beneath his touch once more. “Die-kun almost ready again huh?” he teased, nibbling on the guitarist’s neck. Die blushed, and mumbled something incoherent. He pulled Shinya back onto his lap, and shyly ran his hand down the drummer’s body as the other had done to him. Reaching a certain area, he smirked back. “Shin-chan almost ready too huh?” he laughed, running his fingers along Shinya’s thighs in a way that made the other giggle and squirm in his embrace. It was Shinya’s turn to blush, as Die pulled him close and softly kissed his lips.

Shinya shifted slightly, wrapping his legs around Die’s waist again. Lifting his own body up a little, he whispered in the guitarist’s ear. “Ready?”

Die moaned softly as Shinya lowered himself down on him. The drummer bit his lip at the pain he was feeling; his lover pulled him forwards for a long slow kiss. The water swirled gently around their bodies, jets and bubbles pulsating against their skin. Gradually, Shinya began rocking himself up and down on his lover. Die pulled him even closer, so that the intense friction between their bodies ran through the drummer’s erection. Shinya leaned forwards, whimpering into Die’s neck as he began moving faster and faster. The guitarist unconsciously began moving his hips up and down with his lover’s movements, gripping his nails onto the slim back almost painfully. The younger man wrapped his legs tighter around Die as the friction between their bodies caused him to climax between them, moments before the guitarist tipped his head back, breathing fast, and moaning his lover’s name, came inside Shinya.

They lay there; panting against each other for a few moments longer, Die still deep inside Shinya. Catching his breath, the younger one lazily reached over and switched off the jets and the bubbles, before relaxing with his body looped around Die’s and his head on his lover’s shoulder. Die wrapped his arms tightly around his lover, kissing the top of his head. Shinya sighed contentedly, as the water calmed and settled around them, and the only sound to be heard was their warm breath upon one another, the twenty candles burning out one by one.


Eyes opening groggily, Shinya blinked a few times to register his surroundings. Smiling, he realized he was in his own bed, with a still naked Die holding him tightly. He noticed some towels that had been unceremoniously dumped at his bedroom door, bringing back a vague dreamlike memory of having been wrapped in one of them and carried upstairs. Lazily rolling over, he suddenly let out a horrified gasp.

“Die! Die!” his rather desperate wriggling in order to get out of the said man’s grasp only resulted in Die’s rolling over on top of him, and squeezing him tighter still. “DIE! We were meant to be at practice three hours ago!” frustrated, Shinya tried to shove the guitarist off him.

Die’s eyes slowly opened, and he smiled down at Shinya momentarily, before beginning to shower soft sloppy kisses all over the drummer’s face and neck.

“Mmmpf! Die! Ugh…stop that!” Shinya weakly protested as the guitarist’s hands moved downwards and began to gently tickle his sides.

The ringing of the phone distracted Die from his task. Keeping as much weight on Shinya as he could to prevent his escape, he reached across and picked up the phone.

Even from where he was, Shinya could hear Kaoru’s angry voice demanding to know what Shinya thought he was doing being this late to practice when they had a concert tomorrow, and if he’d seen Die anywhere because he wasn’t answering his phone - all before Die had a chance to say a single word.

A cheeky grin grew on Die’s face. “Shinya’s not available today, he has a very busy schedule. And you sound like you need to relax today Kaoru-kun! I’m sure Toshiya will be happy to help you out.” Still grinning, Die hung up the phone, and turned back to Shinya, who, with wide eyes was opening and shutting his mouth like a fish.

“You…you just told him…” Shinya gaped at Die who merely grinned back.

“He was bound to find out Shin-chan. Besides, now it’s my turn to give you something to remember.”

And Shinya couldn’t help but smile and feel a shiver of excitement as Die’s lips again descended on his.


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