by Minhkie

~ Part Two ~

Shinya looked around the table before gently leaning closer to Die. “Die!”

Die shivered slightly from the soft whisper in his ear. Squeezing the delicate hand that he’d been discreetly holding under the table throughout the meal, he turned to face the younger man.

“Mmm?” he placed a quick kiss on the tip of the other’s nose, smiling at him.

Blushing, Shinya continued. “Kyo really doesn’t want to be here, does he?”

The two of them looked across the table at their vocalist, who had been strangely quiet and subdued during their dinner with Dué le Quartz. It had been Shinya’s idea; he’d known Kazuki from way back, and they’d arranged for their bands to go out to dinner together after the TV show filming had finished. Everyone seemed to have been having a good time except for Kyo, who had been staring off into space every time Shinya had glanced in his direction.

Die laughed softly. “Oh he’s having a good time alright Shin-chan. You’ve given him a perfect opportunity to stare at the object of his affections all night.”

Shinya stared. “Huh?!”

Die pulled the other a little closer and lowered his voice. “Oh come on…surely you noticed Kyo during Dué le Quartz’s performance tonight? He was absolutely fixated with their guitarist.”

The drummer looked at Die a little disbelievingly, not sure if the guitarist was having one of his jokes. “Really?”

Die raised his eyebrows. “Don’t believe me? What’s he doing now then, eh?”

Shinya looked again at the small blonde, and followed his gaze. Die was right. What Shinya had taken for Kyo gazing into nothingness, was in fact gazing at Miyabi, who was sitting directly opposite the vocalist. Shinya smiled slyly.

“Mmm…Die-kun…Kyo has been a little lonely lately, don’t you think?”


Toshiya grinned, very pleased with his efforts. It had almost been too easy. Kaoru obviously wasn’t enjoying it, but he’d make it up to him later, he thought, making him grin even more.

Sitting next to him at the hotel bar were the extremely drunk vocalist and bassist of Dué le Quartz. To his right, Shinya was having an animated conversation with their drummer, and behind him Die was talking about the latest guit with Miyabi. Kaoru was moping over at the table with Kyo, not pleased that his part was to prevent the vocalist from heading back to the hotel whilst Toshiya flirtatiously led Kikasa and Sakito into a drunken stupor. The plan, like the dinner, was Shinya’s idea, and the end aim of it was to “accidentally” leave Miyabi and Kyo behind. Toshiya smirked mischievously, remembering Kyo’s conversation with the guitarist that he’d watched from the doorway of the building. He decided that he’d better get the two that were in his charge out to the elevator before they passed out.

“Kikasa-san, Sakito-san…” Toshiya gave them his sexiest smile, and took a hand of each. “Here, I’ll help you upstairs to your rooms.” Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that the drummers had already left. Standing up, he had no trouble in leading the more then willing vocalist and bassist out the door. He laughed, noticing as we opened the door for the two of them to stagger out, as he watched Kaoru do his best to prevent Kyo from noticing what was happening.

“Come on now…” with one last grin, he blew a kiss across the room to his guitarist, and closed the door behind him.


“Ah…back soon Kyo…just gotta…um…gotta go to the toilet.”

Kyo nodded vaguely in acknowledgment to Kaoru. He wished Shinya hadn’t made him come tonight. He wished he could have just gone back to his hotel room after they’d finished and watch TV feeling sorry for himself. He wished he hadn’t had to come and see Die and Shinya make goo-goo eyes at each other all night, see Totchi and Kaoru pretend they weren’t feeling each other up under the table, and worst of all, see Miyabi and Sakito, who’d been sitting directly opposite him. He suddenly noticed a hand waving in front of his face.

“Err…Kyo-san?” Miyabi looked questioningly at the vocalist. “Where’s everyone else?”

Kyo quickly looked around him, and noticed that apart from a rather occupied couple across the other side of the room, and the barman packing up some glasses, he and the guitarist were the only ones left in the bar.

“Um…Kaoru’s gone to the bathroom…”

Miyabi smirked. “Ah. That’s where Die-kun went. Ten minutes ago.” He got up and came to sit next to Kyo. “Want another drink?” He reached across the vocalist to retrieve his half glass of beer from where he’d left it on the other side of the table.

Kyo swallowed nervously. Miyabi was right next to him. He could feel his soft arm against his. It was a little too close for Kyo’s comfort, for reasons that were beyond his control.

“Um, thanks, but, actually…I should probably go to bed.” He stood up, picking up his coat.

Miyabi smiled. “Hmm…me too I suppose.”

They headed out the door, and stood in the lobby waiting for the elevator.

Silence. Awkward silence, thought Kyo. He coughed. “So…what floor are you on?”

“Seven, you?”


The arrival of the elevator saved him from making more forced conversation, and they stepped in, Miyabi pressing the button for level seven. To Kyo, the whir of the elevator seemed excruciatingly loud, and the ascent painfully slow. After what seemed like hours, there was a loud ding and the doors slid open. He followed Miyabi out into the hall, until the guitarist got to room 706.

Miyabi knocked softly on the door.

Kyo looked him, a little jealously. “You’re sharing a room?”

“Yeah, I make Kazuki hang on to the key, cause I always lose it.” He began to knock a little more loudly on the door.

“Kazuki?! But…why aren’t you sharing with Sakito?”

“Sakito?? Why would I want to share with him?” He looked at Kyo quizzically before going back to his knocking. “Oii…Kazuki…open the door!” he whined, banging louder. “Argh…I’m going to have to go get a spare key from reception.” He headed back to the elevator.

“Oh! Wait! There’s no one at reception at this hour…Um…You can just sleep somewhere in my room if you like…” Kyo’s voice trailed off. He suddenly felt extremely hot. He was unaware so much of his body could blush.

“Really? Thanks!” Miyabi grinned at him. “Which number? Kyo?”

Kyo made himself speak again. “Umm…724.” He numbly followed Miyabi down the hall. Of all the stupid things to do! Less then five minutes ago, he could hardly control himself sitting next to the guitarist! So what on earth had made him suggest he stay the night with in his room?!

“Err…Kyo. You’re going to need your key. Staring at the door isn’t going to open it.”

The vocalist looked up at Miyabi’s rather amused face. “Heh… oh, yeah.” He fumbled around in his pockets, his shaky hands taking longer then what was needed to find the key. Eventually, he managed to fish it out and open the door. Stumbling slightly as he walked in, he started babbling nervously.

“Umm.. you can have the bed…I’ll sleep on the couch or something…I’m shorter so it’s more comfortable for me then you y’know um-”

Miyabi stopped in the doorway, smiling bemusedly at the flustered vocalist.

“Kyo…” he cut off the blonde’s ramblings.

Kyo stopped, staring at him nervously.

“Hey…come over here.”

Without thinking, Kyo complied with the request.

Miyabi stared into the vocalist’s eyes. “Mmm…” swiftly, he leant down, and captured Kyo’s lips with his own. He gently sucked on the pierced lip, running his tongue around the metal, before softly, but firmly, pushing his tongue into the blonde’s mouth to deepen the kiss.

Kyo moaned dreamily as Miyabi slowly detached his lips from Kyo’s. He stared dazedly at the guitarist.

Miyabi smirked. “I’ve always wanted to know what it would be like to kiss someone else with a lip piercing. Where’s the bathroom? I need a shower.” He turned, looking at his surroundings. Kyo stood still, in a little shock.

Receiving no answer, the guitarist turned to face the vocalist once more and couldn’t help but laugh at his expression. “Wah, don’t look so mortified! You weren’t too bad a kisser,” commented Miyabi, giving Kyo a cheeky grin.

Kyo instantly regained his composure at the joking insult. “Not too bad?! Ha! I’ll show you not too bad!!” and without another thought but for his injured ego, he launched himself at the taller man, pushing him down on the bed behind him.

“Feisty, aren’t we?” replied Miyabi with a smirk, before Kyo forced his lips down on his, the vocalist in control this time. He licked along the other’s lower lip, chewing and tugging gently on the metal ring, pulling it into his mouth with his tongue. Miyabi’s arms he kept pinned to his sides, as the guitarist made a half-hearted effort to struggle against the blonde and regain control of the situation. Kyo plunged his tongue in deeper, running it around the inside of the guitarist’s mouth, gently playing with another metal ring he found there, whilst constantly going back to giving attention to the piercing on his lip.

Miyabi made a stronger effort to struggle against the blonde. Pulling away, he gasped for breath. Kyo sat up, straddling the taller man’s hips, looking questioningly down at the guitarist as he panted softly.

Miyabi gave no answer to the unspoken question in Kyo’s eyes. Waiting but a moment, he roughly grabbed the front of Kyo’s shirt and pulled him down.

The room was filled with the sounds of soft moans, sharp breaths, ripping of cloth, gentle thuds as clothing hit the floor. The shorter and taller bodies struggled against each other, kissing, licking, sucking hungrily at the skin, as bit by bit they pulled off each other’s clothes, and fought for control. A faint taste of blood filled their mouths from a piercing that had been tugged on too strongly. Small bite marks ran across Miyabi’s shoulders; angry red marks showed on Kyo’s neck where the guitarist had sucked down hard.

“AH..” Miyabi pulled away suddenly, laying his sweating naked body next to Kyo’s, he panted hard.

“What?” the vocalist tried to pull him back, but the other gently restrained him.

“You might be disappointed…”

Kyo looked at him in confusion.

“I saw where you were looking before…”

For the second time that night, Kyo marveled at how much of his body was capable of blushing. He also realised, with slight annoyance, that he’d had a naked Miyabi all to himself for a good ten minutes now, and had yet to discover whether a certain part of naked Miyabi was pierced or not!

The guitarist smiled at Kyo’s frustrated expression, as the vocalist slyly tried to look down only to discover that Miyabi had discreetly pulled the sheet up to cover himself.

“Wanna know what I had done?”

Kyo nodded fervently in response.

Miyabi smiled, and moving closer, he purred seductively to the other. “Ok then…close your eyes…”

The vocalist squeezed his eyes tightly shut with instant obedience. He heard a soft rustle of sheets, then he felt the guitarist move his legs apart and sit between them.

Kyo flinched, panicking slightly. He had a pretty good idea of what Miyabi might be up to, if it concerned the piercing the vocalist had overheard him discussing! He squirmed a little. Fuck, he thought. This was going to hurt…

Miyabi sat looking down at the small yet strong body in front of him. The vocalist’s body glistened with sweat, and to Miyabi his nervous squirming made him look sexier still.

“Shhh…” soothed the guitarist, rubbing circles with the tips of his fingers around Kyo’s nipples until they were hard. “I promise I’ll play nice…”

A tingle ran down Kyo’s spine as he felt Miyabi’s tongue take over the actions of his fingers. He felt like his heartbeat would break his ribs, as the anticipation and nervousness building up inside him made it seem louder and louder.

Miyabi noticed a small tear escape from the corner of Kyo’s left eye, both of which were clenched even more shut then before – in fact, though the guitarist, his whole body has gone tense! He leaned forwards, and licked away the tear.

“Kyo-kun…relax…” he resumed his path of licks and kisses down the blonde’s chest, dipping his tongue into his belly button, lightly teasing the hair below, before moving back slightly so that not a millimeter of his body touched the other’s.

Kyo waited, panting softly. His body was racked with little shivers of anticipation…This is it, he thought, this is it…he braced himself for the expected pain, to feel Miyabi’s hard- Kyo’s eyes flew open. Far from the pain he had been anticipating, instead he felt a warm, soft, pleasurable sensation envelope him. Suddenly, it clicked in his head.

“Your…your tongue?” he struggled out, between short pants as moans of pleasure unwilling escaped him. “You had…ahh…your tongue pierced?” he felt the hard metal slide slickly up and down his length, and a faint giggle from Miyabi. “Uggh…I like this piercing…”

The blonde’s hips bucked as Miyabi ran his pierced tongue up and down Kyo’s erection, letting the cold metal ball just touch the pulsing skin. He took it all in his mouth, still using the piercing to his full advantage, flicking and running it against the skin as he began to build up a rhythm. Kyo’s breathing grew faster and was punctuated by short gasps and moans, as Miyabi’s movements became faster. The vocalists hands let go of the sheets they’d been gripping, moving down to tangle in Miyabi’s hair, encouraging the younger man to go harder and faster. He squeezed his eyes shut again, holding the guitarist’s hair so tightly he squirmed in pain, and let out a long sigh of satisfaction as he came.

Miyabi crawled up the bed, laying next to the panting, sweaty vocalist, placing a wet, lazy kiss on the smaller man’s lips. Kyo moaned a little in response, his tongue seeking out the other’s that had just given him so much pleasure.

“Uhh…how could you think I would be disappointed with that piercing?” he asked, opening his eyes to gaze at the other man.

“I kind of got the feeling that perhaps…perhaps you had overheard a certain conversation and thought I may have been pierced…elsewhere. You seemed kind of interested…I wasn’t sure if perhaps that was all you wanted to find out…” Miyabi said the words fast and nervously, unsure of that the blonde’s reaction would be.

Kyo smiled, and rolled over so that he was on top of the guitarist. “Well…” he said, taking a long stare down Miyabi’s body. “As a matter of fact…you definitely don’t need a piercing down there to make it any more…” he tried to think of an appropriate word, “…attractive.” He shifted his gaze the taller man’s eyes, and grinned cheekily at him. “I sure don’t have a problem with it as it is…” he put his fingers on Miyabi’s lips, who took the hint and sucked them gently. Kyo removed them, and ran them slowly down the guitarist’s body, leaving a trail of sticky saliva. He reached his belly button and began running his fingers around it in teasing circles. “Besides…that was only two months ago…so I wouldn’t have been able to do-” his hand hovered in mid air above Miyabi’s erection, “- this…”

He dropped his hand and began running it up and down the guitarist’s length. Already aroused from what he’d just done to Kyo, the younger man began panting fast and jerking his body against the vocalist’s hand.


Kyo looked at him in confusion and embarrassment. “You…don’t…um…that’s ok…I’ll-”

“Wah, no stupid…I want to come…” he put his hand around Kyo’s already hard-on and guided it towards his opening, “- with you in me.”

Miyabi pulled the small vocalist down on him and began kissing him roughly again. Kyo pressed his body close to the other’s, sucking on the piercing in his lower lip once more. “OK..” he whispered, looking over to where his still packed luggage was, a small frown forming on his forehead.

The guitarist blushed. “Err… before dinner…just in case… I…” he blushed even more. “Well you had been…” He gave up on explanations. “Left pocket of my pants.”

Kyo reached over the side of the bed, picking up the discarded pants and fishing a small tube out of the pocket. “Funny things you chose to bring to dinner,” he commented with a grin, kissing the tip of the other man’s nose, just to see him blush again.

He spread a generous amount over his hands and massaged both him and Miyabi expertly. “Uggh…” the guitarist weakly protested. “I’m not going to make it if you keep doing that.” Kyo grinned again, and leaned in close. “Ready?” Miyabi nodded numbly in response.

Kyo eased himself in, kissing along the younger man’s collarbone as he did so. Miyabi let out a small cry of pain – the vocalist moved to kiss him gently on the mouth. He began to pump in to the slim body, relishing in the feel of the other man’s hardness between them, he tried to close the distance between their two bodies to as little as possible in order to increase the friction for the guitarist. Miyabi brought his legs up, wrapping them tightly around the small body on top of him, he gasped out a desperate request for Kyo to go faster. The blonde obliged, sucking on the taller man’s neck his movements became harder and faster; more intense with every movement.

“Aahhh…Kyo…” Miyabi moaned in ecstasy as he felt himself come between their bodies. His muscles went tense, the feeling too much for Kyo who collapsed on top of him, panting and gasping Miyabi’s name as he came. The two hot, sweaty bodies lay tangled together, as their breathing and their heartbeats began to slow. Kyo rested his head on Miyabi’s chest, sleepily closing his eyes.

Miyabi smiled down at the smaller man, running his fingers through the short blonde hair. He untangled his legs, leaning over to pull the sheet across them; he snuggled down beside the other man, both soon to be lost to sleep.


“It was your idea, you go in there!”

“But…you’re much more comfortable with that sort of thing and besides, you used to live with him! You must have seen Kyo like that before!”

Toshiya grinned naughtily at the blushing drummer. “You really think…?”

Shinya grinned back. “Kazuki did say Miyabi didn’t come back last night…”

The two stood and smiled proudly.

“Eh… finally. You reckon this’ll keep Kyo in a happy mood for a while? Not so snappish whenever he sees me and Kaoru so much as sit next to each other?” The pair began wandering back down the hallway.

Shinya smiled happily to himself. He’d managed to finally find someone for Kyo, who, in his opinion, had been too lonely for too long, and, he thought, his smile gaining an evil edge, with Kyo not surfacing this morning, he’d have a chance to get Die back for what he did to him in the TV Station corridor yesterday!


Kyo’s eyelids didn’t really want to co-operate with him. He knew he should get up, but then…some more sleep wouldn’t be too bad. He shivered a little, and instinctively flung an arm across the bed, searching for the lithe body that had been keeping him warm.

Suddenly, his eyelids were fully co-operational.

Sitting up in the bed, he looked wildly around the room. Clothes – gone. Miyabi – gone. He felt like his heart had stopped, been ripped out of his chest, stomped on, and flung out the window. He tried to get angry at himself for this emotional response. Hey, it’d been great sex, hadn’t it? And he didn’t need the worry of someone like Miyabi in his life, did he?

His head sank down into his hands. Moments came fleeting by in his head – the way Miyabi had smiled at him at Motoki’s; how he’d asked him for a light; the way he’d held his hand when he’d shown him his tattoos, the way he’d blushed when he’d asked Kyo to…

The vocalist jumped out of bed, and carelessly flung yesterday’s clothes back on. Pulling on his shoes, he headed for the door. He couldn’t stay in here for now – he didn’t want to remember, and he didn’t want any sympathy from his band mates. With a halfhearted attempt to tame his unruly hair, he swung open the door, only to find that his hasty exit was prevented by a pair of wet hands roughly pulling him back inside, slamming the door behind him.


Kyo stared wide-eyed at the site in front of him. Miyabi was standing, hands on hips, completely naked, and sopping wet, with an extremely hurt expression on his face.

“I thought…maybe…” tears began to drip down the guitarist’s face, and he tried to blink them away. “I…if you’d wanted this to be a one night thing, you could at least…at least have had the guts to say it to my face, instead of running out like that!” He tried to sound angry, but his voice came out broken and sad.

Kyo gave a slight smile. “You were in the shower?”

Miyabi glared at him tearfully. “Well where did you think I’d gone?”

Kyo gently took the shivering guitarist and led him to the bed, wrapping his wet body in the sheets. “I thought…” he leaned in, placing a soft kiss on the piercing on the other man’s lip which was slightly inflamed from the previous night’s rough treatment. “When I woke up alone…I thought perhaps you had run out without the guts to tell me to my face that this had been a one night stand.” He lay down, pulling Miyabi close.

Miyabi sniffed, and smiled shamefacedly at Kyo. “Stupid…I’ve had this mad crush on you ever since that day I caught you looking at me at Motoki’s with that crazy expression on your face…You think I’d let go of you that easily?” His smile widening, he purred softly in the other’s ear. “Besides…last night wasn’t too bad…but…”

Kyo’s eyes widened, and looked at the guitarist in mock anger. “Not too bad?! HUH?!” Pinning the laughing man down on the bed, he began to remove the clothing he’d hastily got dressed into moments ago. Kyo leaned in close, smirking before he lowered his lips to Miyabi’s. “I’ll show you not too bad!!”


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