by Missa Yoruku


I need more blood…killing killing and killing!!! Poor
missa’s thriving for blood …I know I make myself sound like a
series killer again, but it’s my motto: ”murder is much more
exciting than love and love making!”

Part 1
kimi ga inai kimi ga warau
kimi ga inai boku ga inai


A young boy lied still on the ground in the backyard of *** boys
school, he has laid unconscious in the same place long after all the
students and teachers were gone.

Finally, he shut his eyes opened when a wave of pain overtook him.

“Ah…”he curled himself in pain when he try to sit, his stomach was
hurting too badly and it forced him to collapse on the ground again.

“Damn it…” The young man gasped, then forced himself to sit
against a tree.

He remembered at 3:30pm after school that day when he was ready to
walk out of the school’s front gate as always, unexpectedly a group
of students blocked his way, the same group of bastards who love to
tease and beat him. And before he had a chance to protest or at
large, those morons forced him to the backyard with them, where they
kicked him down to the ground, called him ‘freak’, ’son of the
bitch’ and ‘asXhole’, while hitting him again and again….he could
do nothing to save himself nor fight against those bastard…as usual, and
the only thing he could remember before he passing out is that a guy
kicking him right into his stomach.

It took him such a long time to re-conscious again. So when he came
to again, the sky was already dark, he could feel his face and body
hurt like hell….damn it! It really hurt….latter he found that his
belonging lay around everywhere, his wallet and bag was gone.

It was really a wonder that he didn’t broke any bone this time.

The young boy closed his eyes in pain, tear falling silently, he
wondered where he can go after this torture. First the place where
people called [home] came to mind, but he have no will to go back
because he could picture what was waiting for him well, he knew when
he back home, his father would be drunk as usual, and every time he
was drunk, he would yelled and beat him for some silly who-know-what
reason. And during the whole matter, his mother would never speak a
single word as always, just as she was always silent when his farther
beating him. She never care about his own son, she simply didn’t

Cold….so damn cold! He almost froze when the bitter cold wind hit
his thin body. The world is so cold, so GOD DAMN cold and cruel!!!

No one’ve even bother to protect him, expected of one person….Die,
his teacher. But even Die couldn’t protect him this time. Because
Die wasn’t in school all day, he’d been out of town for a meeting
outside…. Fuck it stupid meeting.

Die. He wanted to see him, immediately!

Thankfully, his mobile phone was still remained in his pocket, so he
made a phone call…to the only one who really care about him….

“Moshi moshi?”a good while latter, Die’s familiar voice came
again, made the young boy feeling a bit better.

“it’s me.”

“What's the matter?”

“Ano…Can you come on over to see me, please?”

“But…I think it’s too late for that…”

“I don’t care! I just want you to show up, NOW!”he couldn’t help
himself yelling.


“Gomenasai…I really….really need to see you. I afraid that I’ll
hurt myself…I can’t control myself…”worried that he might pissed
the older man off, the younger one made his apologize quickly, tears
slowly fell from his eyes again.

“All right…Where’re you now?”Die soften his tone, he realized
something bad must have happened to the younger one.

“I’m still in school.” the younger sobbing.

“Listen, stand there and don’t go away, I’ll be there ASAP. but

“Okay..okay..”he hanged out the phone. Then made his way to the
front door.

Die’s still his teacher after all, the young boy thought to himself.
The red head was concerned for him only because he’s his teacher. He knew
the fact that the red hair never loves him, still the younger fall in
love with him helplessly.

In addition, their relationship should remain only as student and
teacher if he hadn’t happened to discover about Die’s secret.

Why he has to find out this? No….he don’t want to know it at all!
If he’d never known, he could have continued his pointless day-

Maybe it’s the happier way for him actually, if he’d never seen the
truth, so… why he had to see that? God, he hated it, he hated
himself for it.

Unluckily he happened to know too much, he’d threaten the red hair
to date him, otherwise he would tell his secret to others, that’s
why the red hair still stay with his side, in returned for the
younger one’s silence, in order to keep his own secret.


That’s exactly what he was doing now, using his dirty little trick
to blackmail the one who respected and loved.

Only because he’s too lonely…and too hungry for love…

After about half and hour later, the young boy heard footsteps
coming, he looked up and saw the one he was waiting.

“sorry for keep you waiting, a really bad jam on the road.”Die
explained, came quite closer to the younger one, and he grew red with
anger when he saw the upon the latter face. “What wrong with your

“Nothing.”the younger squirmed uneasily, tried to hide his injected

“They beat you up again? Didn’t they?” the red hair exclaimed,
reach out his both hand to take the younger’s face gently in order
to check his inject.

At that moment, the younger break into tear. He felt so helpless,
weak toward Die, he could bear his pain no more. All he could do next
is collapsed down into the older man chests and cried his heart out.

“It’s okay…”Die embrace him gently in his arms.

“it’s not okay!!!! I want to die….really want to…”the younger
boy cried even harder…sobbing and freaking out. He know he looked
like a fool but still he can’t help it, the will to die grew so
strong in his heart.

When he looked up again, he was surprised to find the red hair gazed
into his eyes, with a truly serious look on his face.

”Listen to me…”then Die gave him a answer….which he had never
expected the red hair to reply before. Actually he couldn’t believe
he would have a answer like this…

Although the older’s suggestion was so strange, still it seemed a
very attracting solution to the younger, so after the older finished.
He nodded with agreement.

“I’ll go with you if that’s what you want. I’m not afraid.”

“Sorry…..i shouldn’t have mention it to you.” Die smiled sadly to
the latter.

Then the two began to make their way though the gloomily backyard…
but the younger one notice something sensibly…something strange…he
could feel that, as if someone was watching them.

The younger one slowed down his speed. Are they really going to do
this? But when he turned again to meet the red hair’s sight, all his
suspicion gone, Die gave him a nervous smile. As if he want to said.[
everthing’ll be okay.]

The younger one smiled black shyly. ~I’m not afraid to die….when
there’s no hope in life at all….he thought.~and beside, I can go
with you….i’m not alone any more, that’s enough!

I’m glad that I can be the one you ask…Andou sama….as long as it’
s your wish….

Then the young boy followed the red hair fearlessly into the dept of
the woods. He never saw that the shadow who kept watching them in the

And then the next day, the red hair teacher’s warm less body was

To be continued…

*sigh* confusing~~right?I know Part 2 seems really a mess~ but I can’
t make it better~i'm too damn tired!!!!!>.<~ forgive me~~*deeply sigh
and sobbing*
but I guarantee that the truth will on the surface soon…let we
continues to part 3!!!


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