by Missa Yoruku


kizuku goro ni wa kizutsukete ita
wakariaenai boku ga iru yo

by the time I realized it, I had hurt you
we don't understand each other, but I'm here.

~Word from: raison d’etre


Part 3

The elevator had been going down very slowly and
soundlessly until it stopped at the underground level.
When the elevator opened, Shinya stepped out of it and
began to walk along the corridor to the police office
of Team 23.

Team 23 is a very famous office among the whole Tokyo
police office. Well, what made the group become so
well known is the fact that it was the camp for all
the strange, odd and funny people within the
department. Fortunately, people like this weren’t too
common in the department that there were not more than
10 people working in the team. And the team
mainly-duty was to trail after some un-wanted cases
called [open file], Shinya had been working here for 2

To him everything was as normal as usual, until…. 

“Terachi.” He heard one of his teammate, Jiro called
out at his back when he was on his way to his desk.

”Yoshiki asked you to come to Chief his office.”
It was a abnormal signal because Jiro always avoided
talking to him.

“Thank you.”Shinya thanked Jiro polity but he
noticed that the latter didn’t buy it. 

He made his way to Chief Yoshiki’s office, then
knocked slightly on the door.

“Come in please.” Yoshiki said behind the wooden

Shinya opened the door and saw Yoshiki set behind his
big round desk, and a young blue haired thin man set
oppositely from the desk.

“Ohayo Yoshiki-sama.”

“Good morning Terachi.”The Chief smiled kindly back.
Now the blue haired stranger also looked at Shinya.

“Would you mind to tell me…who’s he?” Shinya asked
the Chief as the blue haired kept gazing at him

“Oosp, almost forget to introduction ne…he is the
new trainee and he will work with us until the
training end.”

”Miyabi desu. Hajimemashite...like to meet you.” The
blue haired stood up and introduced himself, reaching
his hand for a shake.

“I’m Shinya Terachi, nice to meet you too.”Shinya
introduce himself in return, reached him hand to shake
Miyabi’s hand formally.

“We need a experienced investigator to look after
him, so…. ”Yoshiki stopped for a second, but before
he went on again. Shinya’d already knew what Yoshiki
was going to said next.

.” And you still have no partner ne?”

“Yes, Chief Yoshiki.” Shinya replied motionlessly. 

“That’s good.”Yoshiki coughed slightly. Then he
turned to the blue haired. 


“Hai?” Miyabi blinked.

“You’ll work with Shinya…he’ll be your partner

“Understand, Chief Yoshiki.” Miyabi smiled before he
turned to face his new guarder and partner. But the
latter didn’t reply.

“I think the two of you will get along quite well,
and here it’s the first case for the 2 of you.”
Yoshiki smiled and handed Miyabi a folder with the
basic information of the case. Curiously the latter
looked into the folder’s cover, the title upon was
[High School Teacher’s Murder Case.]

Okay, it looked a bit difficult for him.

“Shall we leave and go to work now?Yoshiki-sama?”

“Sure, and Miyabi?” Yoshiki called out to Miyabi
before he followed the blonde to leave.


“Hope you good luck and enjoy your training, I think
you’ll lean a lot from Teraci ne.”


Half a hour latter, the 2 were on they way to the
victim’s younger sister’s home. During the journey
Shinya drove in silence, hardly spoke a word and
Miyabi felt quite nervous as he facing the folder in
front. Because it was his first case.

In fact, He’d been reading the whole pages before
they left the department building. The murder case was
one of the [open file] among tons of un-wanted cases,
and latter Miyabi leant that this case’d been
abandoned because police couldn’t find nothing
useful. No clue linked to any suspect, no solider
evidence and even no one has the obvious motive to
kill the victim. That making the case went into a dead
end. After the murder case happened, half a year’d
been past but still the investigation couldn’t went
any further.

He remembered hearing about that murder case. It
happened half a year ago, a very big news of the time.
True enough it was quite shocking that a young teacher
was murdered in the backyard of the school he’d been

When Miyabi opened the pages of victim’s profile
again, Miyabi found Andou was a handsome man with a
cheerful expression on his face, he remembered seeing
the same photo appeared on the newspapers. Miyabi
wondered what made this man ended up having a stab
right in front of his chest. 

The family-background of the victim told him that
there were five members (including the victim himself)
in Anodou’s family, his mother was dead a year ago,
but his father, an older brother, and a younger sister
were still alive.

Finally his thought turned back from reality, then his
attention turned to the blonde who sitting beside him,
Shinya, his un-known new partner. 

“Ano…excurse me?” Shyly Miyabi tried to speak to
the blonde haired.


“Shinya-san? Can I call you this?”

“Sure.” Shinya answered, without looked at Miyabi. 

~He’s so cold...~

Gave up trying to talk to the blonde again, Miyabi
went back into silence, wondering if he could really
get along well with the blonde. Then he remembered
before he left the office, a brown hair investigator
waved Miyabi to his side.

“Moshi moshi?” Miyabi moved to the older one and

“Hey, kid comes here! I’d better warn you about him
at first place…” Takuro – the brown haired began to
talking a very low tone.

“Him? Who?”Miyabi asked innocently.

“Terachi of course! You’d better be careful of him,
kid…he’s not normal!”

Miyabi widened his eyes in surprise. Meanwhile Takuro
left before the younger one could make any reply.

To be continued…

I feel the part 3 is suck…but at least it start
moving again after all!!!!!^__________^
In Part 4 Shinya and Miyabi will visit Die’s younger
sister! Who gonna act this role? if any body want it
please gimme ur name and I’ll put it in Part



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