by Missa Yoruku


hay minasan~~~it’s my second DEG’s fic! This time it’s a 
school fic(at least part of^^)!although it’s a school fic, but we 
still have murder!!! it’s part of missa’s bad habit~~I figured out 
the whole story when I was 14…so who’s the murderer is *really* 
easy to guess~~


You told me…you loved me….you said that to me over and over again….

Or you’re just lying to me?

Why did you do that to me, Die?


I love you…. and so you know it don’t you? I love you more than 
anyone else in that world! Even though it's such a sinful and 
forbidden love…

It sounds so strange ne…why that love has to be called {psycho} and 
[mad] just because I happen to in love with someone who is the same 

But still I really can’t go any further without you…

Therefore, when I saw you and [he] together, I collapsed.

No…even my reason of being and my whole world collapsed too.

However, I won’t let anyone else to have you!


Therefore, I stabbed through your chest with my knife….

…..finally no one can take you away from me any more…

….please forgive me Die….I really love you….

Please said that you would forgive me, please? 

At that moment…

There was not a single fear nor blame in your eyes when the bloody 
roses bloomed so wildly in front of my view….and instead I saw you 
even showed a slightly sense of longing within…on the other hand, 
all I could do is hold you in my arms tightly when you breathed 
your last breath….

Eventually you are mine...though what a hideous price I had paid for 

You leave me nothing but these pain that spread deep into my marrow…

You only left that knife and the blood upon it behind for me….I’ll 
never wash it again…because the blood on it is all belonging to 

New report: A body was found in the backyard of *** boy’s school 
yesterday, the victim was recognized as Andou Daisuke, a 28 year- 
old teacher of the school, and the police officer have already 
classified the case as a homicide. Until now no one has come under 

To be continue…

Really terrible….terrible English isn’t it? forgive me~~and I’m 
not sure when’ll I finish part 1!!!><


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