~raison de'tre~

by Missa Yoruku and ShizuOgawa

Part 3

Kaoru climbed up to the mountaintop before the full
moon rose upon the heaven. Toshiya was there, waiting
for him, of course.

“There you are Kao-Kao.” Toshiya smiled when he saw

~When did he begin to call me Kao-Kao?~Kaoru frowned.
“Shall we start now?”

Toshiya shook his head. “Not yet, we should wait for
the others and the Lord to come.”

In fact, they didn’t have to wait for too long, a
while later the other witches flew through  mid-air
then landed upon the ground. 

“Don’t say any thing no matter what happen later.”
Toshiya told Kaoru when he saw the others coming.

All of the witches stared at Kaoru after they
discovered a stranger was there, but none of them came
near him and Toshiya but a blond hair young witch.

“Toshiya,” The blond haired witch said. “ Who’s
that stranger? And why you bring him here?”

“I bring him here to worship our Lord, Shinya.”

“Wah! Is his wish difficult enough to let you
come here to borrow the power of He?” Shinya became
more interested in Kaoru now, because Toshiya had
never need to borrow the power of they Lord to complete
a mortal’s wish.

“ What’s his wish? The marvelously treasure of the
Emperor? Becomes the smartest man in the world? Or the
deadly force to against a whole powerful kingdom?”

“None of them he want,” Toshiya answered quietly.”
He asked me for the love of a person whom he should
have never fallen in love with. ”

Kaoru remained silence during their conversation.

“Oh, I see…but…” Before Shinya could say anything
else, suddenly a dark whirlpool appeared in the

“He’s coming.” Toshiya turned to face Kaoru after
he saw the whirlpool appearing, and then he led Kaoru
to join into the rest of witches. All the witches were
on their feet now, they circled around the whirlpool,
seemed to wait for something and Kaoru stared
curiously at the whirlpool that grown bigger and
bigger until it finally stopped growing…and then…

And then…

Nothing happened.

Everyone kept still for a long while, but nothing

“Eehh…I think something’s wrong.” Gazed at the
whirlpool, Shinya said uncertainty.

“Shit! I should have known it!” Toshiya cursed
annoyingly before he made his way to the whirlpool,
reached out his arms and tried to pull something out
of it.

“Master! Our Lord- Devil Kyo! Wake up! It’s time for

To Kaoru surprised, he saw Toshiya pulled a cute SD
size (1m tall only, Shizu add it coz she thought SD
Kyo’s kawai>0<) short guy out of the dark whirlpool.
That tiny man was wearing kawai-looking pajamas,
hugging a big pillow and sound asleep sweetly,
floating in the mid-air, the evil atmosphere around
that SD tiny man made Kaoru realized he was the Devil.
However, if he wasn’t had a long tail, the dark
bat’s wings in his back, a pair of horns on top of
his head. Kaoru would have thought he was a cute kid!

“Fxxk!!!! What’s up!?!?” The kid…(O.osp! mistake
here, cross out)…the great Lord, the master of all
witches-Devil Kyo finally awaked, he yelled loudly and
was ready to tear the bastard who had woken him into

“You ask me what’s up?” Toshiya exclaimed. “Can’t
believe it! What’s happening is:It’s full moon
tonight, the time for our monthly meeting. And YOU’re
late again!”

“Meeting? We HAVE a meeting tonight?” Kyo asked
innocently, pretended to know nothing about it.

“Don’t say you had forgot all about it,
M.a.s.t.e.r.!” Toshiya snapped coldly at Kyo.

“Gomen ne, Tochi. I’m so sleepy…” Devil Kyo
replied with his eyes fill of tear.(Kawai ne~ but
Shizu chan must beat me if she find out I made Kyo
cry~even I’m just kidding!)

~He’s the Devil, Toshiya’s Master? Really? How
come…? ~ Kaoru wondered but he knew he better keeping
his mouth shut at that moment.

“So we should begin the witchcraft ceremony, Master.
The witching hour’s almost gone.” Toshiya told Kyo,
in orderly.

“Okay, okay…” Devil Kyo sighed slightly cleared his
throat before using his magic. “In the name of Satan,
your master. All the evil spirits walking in this
earth listen to me now! Show me your power!” Kyo
cried out. The rest of witches began to dance crazily
around him.

~Boring, boring, boring…~with his arm across in front
of his chests, Devil Kyo*sleepy* thought, floating in
the mid-air when he looked at his followers dancing.
Being interrupted by Toshiya, surely the Devil was in
pretty bad mood.

“Come.” Toshiya led Kaoru up, who found himself
being unable to find any reason to resist; the purple
haired followed and began to dance with Toshiya just
as the others. They jumped so high it seemed that they
were flying. Kaoru could feel racing of wind, the
shifting of the fides, even the faintly light of star
high above them. At that moment, Kaoru almost forgot
all his sorrow. Probably it was causing by the Dark
Magic, still whatever it was, it was just wonderful,
dancing in front of a tiny Devil, under the soft ray
of moon with a witch.

“See? I’m sure it’s a lot happier then living in
the town. ” Toshiya whispered softy near Kaoru’s

Kaoru know Toshiya was telling the truth, sure he had
never felt so right in his whole life…he had never
felt happier before…

“So why don’t you just come and join us?” Toshiya

Now Kaoru gazed fuzzily at Toshiya’s face, unsure
what he should say, although a great desire to said
“yes.” to Toshiya seized on him, still his love to
Die held him back. “Why should I?”

Toshiya was so beautiful, he was as beautifully as a
dream under the bright moonlight, but…Kaoru knew he
just couldn’t do this. It was impossible for him to
agree to join in, nor to love another person.(missa:
I’m sorry Tochi…)Because Die was the only one he

“Please, I asked you for this because I *really* like
you!” Toshiya said bitterly, his eyes stared right
into Kaoru’s. Nevertheless, he used neither spell nor
magic this time.

“No, I can’t because it’s not what I want.” Kaoru
made his answer. ”And you had promised to help me.”
He reminded Toshiya.

“Yes, I had, in the name of Devil.” The look in
Kaoru’s eyes made Toshiya understood Kaoru would
never change his mind. But promise was promise;
anyway, he had to help Kaoru. 

He sighed. “So come on, let’s us begin.” Then he
pulled Kaoru closer to himself and murmured some
incantation. “Here we go.”

Again he led Kaoru to follow him to dance. “Faster!”
Toshiya cried, a bright light burst open between them
while he continued to murmur his incantation; he knew
the Dark Magic of Devil was working around them now. 

The witches around Devil Kyo danced faster and faster
like whirlwind. Now Kaoru felt like his brain was
swimming, as if every part of his body was no longer
belong to himself, the gravity wasn’t seemed to exist
any more and all he could do is to follow what Toshiya
had said, and the earth seemed to spin under his feet.

”Be quick! We’re almost there!” Toshiya shouted
again, increased they speed. However Kaoru couldn’t
handle this anymore. He thought he would die in every
moment if they went on like this for a little longer.

“Soon your wish will come true…” A painful feeling
spreading suddenly, awake him a little, Kaoru felt
something burnt his right hand, then he saw a scar
appeared on his right hand. It was the mark of Devil.

“Don’t forget your promise, Kao-kao.” Toshiya’s
whisper was the last thing Kaoru had heard before he
passed out. 

The light went out, and then Kaoru disappeared. 

“It’s all over now, okay? I’m tired!><” Kyo hissed
and then went back to his sleep. ~I have had enough!~ 

The meeting was over. 

“Are you sure it’s a right thing to do, Toshiya?”
Shinya asked Toshiya shortly after the others were all
gone. He could tell Toshiya was fond of the
purple-headed young man not a little. He didn’t
understand why Toshiya agreed to help the purple head
for this. ”What’ll you give from him as the price?”

“The most important thing of him.” Toshiya answered
simply. ” He did promise me for it.”

“…Actually you were asking for his life in return?”

Toshiya nodded.

“…And he did agree to give you this?” Shinya gaped;
he couldn’t believe anyone would have agreed such
contract just for the love of a person.

Toshiya nodded again, said. “Don’t you see, Shinya?
Once I take his soul, I can make him to become one of
the faithful servant of Devil just like me and you.” 

~That’s what Toshiya have in mind.~ Shinya could see
his point now. That meaned once Kaoru’s wish was
completed, he would belong to Toshiya forever. That’s
the result of making contract with Devil’s servant.

Kyo:”…hummm….”*hugged his pillow,still sleeping,
floating in the mid-air^^

To be continue...

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