~raison de'tre~

by Missa Yoruku and ShizuOgawa

Dedicated to: VM, Mana Caumi, Jennifer, Yukimi2 and those who enjoy 
the story! Thank for all your guys help and suppose!^.^

Part 6

Somewhere inside the dark forest, in Devil Kyo’s mansion…

“Shinya?” Toshiya entered into Shinya’s lab while Shinya was busy 
himself with his new spell making.

“May I help you?” Shinya asked Toshiya straightly. He’d knew 
Toshiya so well that he knew the blue head wouldn’t come to him for 

Shinya was right, then Toshiya smirked. “Can you please do me a 
favor by fix some pills of revive for me? ”

“You-you what? You mean THE *pills of revive*???” Shinya stopped 
all his action entirely, his voice turned louder.

“Yes…please?” Toshiya bagged, with an innocent lovely look on his 

“Well well…okay…but I hope you really understand what you are 
doing, I’m sure you know what kind of *affect* that pills of revive 
can make. Do you?”

“THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I LOVE YOU SHINYA!!!” Ignoring Shinya’s 
question, Toshiya exclaimed immediately and leaned forward to give a 
light kiss on Shinya’s cheek.

”Gotta go now! See you latter, Shinya!” Now Toshiya know his 
*plan* will work out right after he heard the promise from Shinya, 
he had no doubt about it. Therefore, he’d better take action now! As 
soon as possible! He walked out of Shinya’s lab and disappeared just 
in front of the iron door.

The pills of revive…it’ll be a lot of tough work to do ne…a small 
smile went across Shinya’s face when he left the lab and came over 
to the corridor…


“Shin-shin! Let us play!” when Shinya reached to the library of 
Devil Kyo’s mansion (I don’t think Kyo himself will use this 
library~~ and I still haven’t figure out what kind of housing did 
the little Devil live, I will mention it latter^^), Kyo flied over to 
Shinya’s side, his little black wings waved.

“I’m sorry ne, Master, but I’m not free now. Toshiya’d asked me 
to fix some pill for him.”

“Nani~~~” Kyo pouted slightly with disappointment, followed Shinya 
to enter into the big library.

” What kind of pill he wants?”

“The pills of revive, Master.” Shinya answered as clam as ever, 
began to pick up some magic books and spells around the room.

“Woow! So it means I’ll have another marionette to play with ne, 

“I think…probably…yes…”

Kyo cutely reply. “Naughty Toshiya! That must be so much fun!”


Just the same as the past 2 years, when Die had been in coma back 
than. Until now, Die ‘d already laid still and lifeless in the ward, 
since he’d been rush in to the hospital by Hide 2 days ago. Still, 
now and than he showed no sense of recovering.

Doctors were worrying, they’d done everything they can, but still 
they failed to figure out what wrong with Die, and they couldn’t 
find out the reason what can cause a health young man to collapse 
without warningly like him?

They found no illness nor damage in his brain, all of his organs 
still working perfectly right, instead of one thing, his heartbeat 
slower and slower, even slower….lead him went to die slowly, the 
doctors knew if they still be unable to do anything, soon enough Die’
s life would in danger. No…he’s already in danger, seriously danger.

Not very far away outside of Die’s ward, Kaoru sat still aside in 
the hospital’s corridor, hadn’t move a muscle at all, he had been 
sitting in the same place for he can’t remember how long. To those 
outsiders who passing by, he really looked like a prisoner who was 
waiting for his own execution.

It’s all his fault!!! Hatred and pain, so many of them full his 
heart, Pain, hatred- hatred to himself and regretted overwhelming him 
so totally, left no room for him to drop a single tear. To him 
everything seemed to behind a great fog, even someone’d passed by in 
front of him and tried to talk to him for a several time, but the 
purple head neither heard nor saw them. Until a familiar voice came 
behind his left, that no one was supposed to be there. 

“Does he really mean that much to you, Hay?”

Kaoru turned around just to face Toshiya who appeared from no way 
suddenly, sat next to him.

“Why you’re here?” Kaoru gasped.

“Why what? I’m here because I know you’ll need me after all.” 
Toshiya chuckled.

“I don’t want to see your face anymore! Get out of my way!” Kaoru 
yelled annoying.

“Don’t be that loud!!! Someone may see us! In addition, your 
brother is an accident! It’s not my fault!>.<”

Kaoru went silence right away, eyed the witch blankly. Toshiya’s 
words stabbed right into his heart, Toshiya was telling the truth. 
Kaoru recalled he had promised to pay for Die for the rest of his 
life…but now Die’s dying…because him…dead for his stupid 
selfishness….his face turned horrify gloom while he thought about it.

Toshiya couldn’t help feeling upset when he saw the purple head sad 
look, and he noticed that Kaoru had changed so much within 2 days. 
His face paler, those attracting deep eyes no seemed as empty as a 
pair of glass balls. “Don’t make this sad face! Although some 
*accident* had happened, still we certainly can make any other 
contract ne. I can complete one more wish for you! ”

Toshiya chuckle again, more mockingly. “So what do you want this 
time, Kaoru?”

Kaoru couldn’t reply at first, he only looked more blankly to the 
blue head, the only thought in his mind was…. he must do something 
to save Die; he couldn’t handle such terrible sorrow…without Die… 
he ‘d rather dead!

“Bring Die back to me! I’ll do everything to bring him back!” 
Kaoru made his answer, which was already expected by the blue head.

Toshiya smirked. “Okay, up to you, it’s your choice!”

The next second, a faith light escaped out of Toshiya’s closing 
palms, then a little dark box and a golden tiny key appeared in 
Toshiya’s hands. “It’s what you want, just inside this box, the 
Pills of revive.” He handed the box along with a tiny golden key to 
the purple head, and Kaoru hanged them carefully on his palm. The 
pills of revive was there…inside the tiny box…he reached out for 
the key to open it, but before that…

“Wait a minute!” Toshiya stopped his action.

He murmured in Kaoru ear, nearly a whispering, “but I think you’re 
sure that I won’t help you for nothing…so once you open the box, 
our contract will complete…and you will be mine… ”

~~this mean even Die come back to life, I still have no chance to see 
his face again…but…it may be the best way for us….Die may be live 
happier without me…Toshiya’s contract is only a small piece of cake 
to ex-change Die back to life again…I’ll do anything, as long as 
he’s alive and happy…


Hide’s voice drawn Kaoru back to reality again, and he noticed that 
Toshiya was gone.

“Come with me. The doctor said he need to talk to you.”

“I’m afraid that I would have to keep him waiting for a while, Hide 
sama…I’m just…too tired.” A sad little smile slipped from Kaoru’
s mouth.

“Okay… but I think I’d better come on over to Die first…the 
doctor’s waiting, so promise me you’ll be there soon?” Hide really 
hated to hurry Kaoru because he knew what’s waiting for him.

“Okay I’ll be there.”

Hide took a few steps forward, but before he left the room, Kaoru 
called from his back and stopped him.

“But before that, Hide sama, can you do me just one more favor 

“Yes.” Hide stood still and wait, wondering what would Kaoru ask 
for him in that every moment.

Slowly Kaoru went to Hide and reached his hand out to show a tiny 
dark-color box and a golden key in his palm. “Bring this box along 
with you and help me to open it latter, please?”

He almost couldn’t help shivering when he reached his hand to Hide, 
even so slightly…NO!!! Don’t shiver! Kaoru told himself, and 
struggled to remain clam on the surface, tried not to case any 
suspicion from Hide, even it cause so much difficulty.

“All right…” Hide looked at the box confusingly but still he took 
over this tiny box, although he couldn’t understand that strange 

“But Kaoru-san, you really don’t have any thing else to tell me?” 
Hide asked with a worrying look on his face.

“Hide sama, I--” Kaoru’s lips moved in silence, he tried to talk 
but then again, he decided to hold himself back in the last second, 
he simply shake his head. ”Nothing.”

Finally, Hide put the box inside his pocket and walked out of the 

“Sayounara…” Kaoru said softy from Hide’s back, almost in a 
whisper, but Hide was too busy to think about what the doctor’d told 
him, so he failed to notice it….


“Do we really need to talk him, Doctor?” Hide asked the Doctor once 
more after he stepped into the ward. ”You really think that there’s 
nothing else you can do for him? ”

The doctor just nodded silently. Both him and Hide stood beside Die’
s bed, watching him with a serious worrying look. “We all agree that 
he have no chance, So it’s meaningless to keep him alive as a 
vegetarian. The sooner we give the permission for us to remove Die’s 
life-saving system from his brother, the better.( I really don’t 
think a doctor in reality would say something like this! But it’s a 

“Kaoru…Do we really need to tell him, Doctor?” Hide asked the 
Doctor once more.

“I’m afraid we have to.” The Doctor answered.

Hide bitted his lip, what else could he say? They’re going to tell 
Kaoru that horrible truth, and then the purple head will be forced to 
make this cruel choice. 

At that time, the doctor’s AO rang. “Oh, please excurse me, I’ll 
be back soon.”

After the Doctor left the ward, Hide was along now, he have nothing 
to do but waiting for the purple to show up. So he sat down beside 
Die and he put his hands into his pockets, then his hand touch the 
tiny box in his pocket, then Kaoru’s words came to mind, the purple 
head asked him to open this box…but for what? He gazed at the box as 
if he was trying to look though it. Finally, he sighed, his sight 
turned to the key, decided to unlock it. 

The box was open easily.

But at the moment he unlocked it. Something unexpected happened. A 
lot of black smoke withdrawers from the tiny box rapidly!

“What—what the?” Hide instantly thrown the box away, covered his 
face against the fishy smoke, leaned himself back in fear.

When the heave smoke finally turned thinner, Hide opened his eyes. He 
saw a little bottle which full with some red liquid appeared in his 
own hand. Then he raised his head to see a giant-side monster 
appeared behind the smoke, its huge body almost filled the entirely 
ward’s space.

“You opened the box did you?” Surprisingly the monster spoke to him 
with a ghastly but clear human-like voice.

Hide was so shook he only could nod as a reply, hold the bottle even 

“All right, now this pills of revive is your and I’ll give Kaoru to 
my master.”

“Wait! Contract about what?” What did that monster say? The 
contract? Pills of revive? Kaoru? What’s up?

But wait…it said…it’ll take Kaoru away….a wave of fear 
overwhelmed Hide. What’ll that horrible thing want to do to him?

“According to their contract, Kaoru’d agreed to get himself to my 
Master in ex-change this pills of revive, in order to save his 

“And now you have take the pills, that means the contract’s 
completed. Kaoru should pay his price. I’ll have to take the reward 
back to my Master.”

Not bothered to talk to Hide any longer, the monster turned away and 
rush out of the ward with an inhuman-speed, flying out of sight.

It took Hide a good few minute to regain his senses again, Kaoru!!! He rose to 
his feet and ran out of the ward. But all he could see in the empty 
corridor outside was a empty chair which was turned upside-down 
violently, and Kaoru was nowhere to be see.

Hide stood still in the middle of the corridor, trembling, he 
realized the fact within a second, it---the evil monster took Kaoru 

Why you have to make contract with those evil things? Why did you have to 
do it?


To be continue…

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To be continue...

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