Pet Shop of Horror

Title: L’Arc~en~Ciel’s Pet shop of horror

Author: Mizuki

Band: L’Arc~en~Ciel

Pairing: TetsuXHyde…^^

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Comment: just tell u what u thinks about this okay? I really don’t think this fic is good anyway…but….today is a holiday and I have nothing else to do….instead of my schoolwork and the public exam await….*sweatdrops*…(I’m not able to bring myself to study again….^^;)

The shop’s Owner= Yoshiki

The delivery men= Tetsu& Ken

Ken&Tetsu’s friend?=Yokihiro


Part 1

It was another peaceful day in the delivery company. But not a customer arrived for the whole day. Therefore, two deliverymen Ken and his friend Tetsu were having nothing to do but all day.

Ken*yawns*."How boring…"

But before 4:00pm, the door’s bang rang unexpectedly. Ken answered the door, thought that maybe they would have a customer before closing.

"Ken what’s up?" Later Tetsu also walked to the doorway in order to see what kept Ken for so long.

In front of him there was a huge package beside Ken. Tetsu noticed that there were air holes upon the box…as if there was some living thing within it.

"Ken, what’s it?" The blonde asked. "I can’t remember ordering something like this before."

"It ‘s the package for Hayashi’s pet shop ne….the shop ordered us to transport a pet to their place yesterday."

"Hayashi’s pet shop? Never hear of…but now we have work to do after all!" Tetsu said cheerful to his friend as he stepped forward to the huge package." And I like pet ne…let me deal with it this time okay?"

"Sure, sure." Ken answered before he walked back to his office.

And then the blonde started to untie the package..

~Such a huge animal isn’t it?~ Tetsu thought to himself.

When he finishing untied the package, he looked into the box and flunked back to the wall in horrible.

In fact…there was definitely not like what he expected…



Ken almost choked with his sip of tea when he heard Tetsu screamed in fear all of a sudden.

He immediately ran into the room to check what happened. "Whaz up? Tetsu chan?"

"There’s a….a kid’s corpse in the package!!!" Tetsu pointed to the opened package with his shuddering finger.

Ken also gasped for Tetsu’s words, but after taking a deep breath, he walked in for a closer look. There was a young man who looked not more than twenty, wore a black outfit with red skirt, curled inside the box, with his eyes closed, obviously being unconscious.

"You hadn’t seen thing like this before ne?" Ken asked Tetsu.

"Yes…"Tetsu answered, still shivering all over with fear, refused to look at the package again. "I had never seen a corpse before…"

"Baka! Not a corpse! "Ken laid his hand toward the unconscious from, stroked the latter’s chin gently, and the young man slowly opened his clear dark eyes, blinking.

"It’s not dead???" Tetsu stared with amusement as Ken helped the young man got off the package.

"It’s rare to see such creature right? But that kind of human-liked pet is quite popular among the city…" Ken explained to Tetsu.

"Really?" Tetsu winced for the weird idea. Human-liked pet?

"And I heard that they’re really expensive too." Ken added.

"What kind of animal it is?" Tetsu asked uncertainly. Looked at the young man one who was supposed to be … animal.

"I dunoo, but it have to be a very rare creature."

"What creature? Ken don’t you think it’s so odd!" "Any normal animal is not supposed to look like human! What if he’s some kind of monster or demon? "

"Come on, don’t be silly. How can a cute creature like him evil?"

"demo I really don’t like it…."

Hyde pouted and offered a kick on Tetsu’s kneel as he hearing what Tetsu’s said.


Ken couldn’t help but laughing. "But it’s your duty to carry it to Hayashi’s pet shop!"

"Demo !I don’t know how to deal with it!"

"Enough procrastinating, Tetsu chan! Job is job you know!" Ken pushed his friend out of the door, together with the [pet]. Also the taller man gave the blonde a sheet of paper, with the pet shop’s address was wrote upon it.

"Now it’s time for you to start working! Ja na!" Upon speaking the taller man closed the door in front of Tetsu’s face.

" Damn you, Ken." he cursed his colleague before he turned and lead the quiet pet down the stairs and he also decide to give a phone call to Hayashi’s pet shop before they got moving.



The phone in Yoshiki’s pet shop rang.

"Monshi monshi?" The shop owner answered the phone.

"Are you Mr. Hayashi?"

"Yes, may I help you?" Yoshiki said calmly.

"I’m Tetsu. Eh…I’m from the delivery company and that’s some problem…" Then Tetsu explained the situation to the shop owner that he wasn’t allowed to transport something that wasn’t dead object or *really* animal.

"So I hope you understand I can’t take this job." Tetsu summed up.

"But Hyde is an animal ne!" Yoshiki protested.

~So his name is Hyde right?~ Tetsu thought as he glanced at the [pet], who was sitting nearby.

"Still he doesn’t look like this way. Mr Hayashi." Tetsu complained.


At that point some horrible scream came out not far away from the shop owner.

"Hay, hand on a minute, gentleman." The shop owner laid down the phone in a hurriedly, then Tetsu heard the sop owner’s shouted.


A couples of second later, Yoshiki returned to the phone again.

"Sorry! I think I have to hang up now; my guard dog ‘s biting the mailman again out there!


"But just let me reminded you that I had make a contract with your company that I was promised to have Hyde transporting to my place save and unharmed. Therefore, if you are not going to abide the contract, then I will demand compensation. "

"How much this…pet cost?"

"That’s…." Then Yoshiki mention a number.

"What?????" Tetsu choked in his word when he heard the number, his eyes almost bugged out of his head, sweat dripped down his face. Even Ken told him pet like this was costly. Still the number Yoshiki had mentioned was unbelievably high!!! How stunning!

Tetsu was speechless, while the crying from the mailman grew loudly.

"Now I have to go to save the poor mailman. Hope to see you bring Hyde safety to me on time. Bye bye!" With this Yoshiki hanged up the phone.

Tetsu stared at the mobile phone for a second then realized that…~I still had forgotten to ask what kind of animal this short guy is!~

And he also knew that he would have to transport this pet safety to its destination, if not withdraw would be so great that he wouldn’t be able to handle.

Now the [pet] was sitting on top of his big suitcase, waiting for Tetsu with his brightly dark eyes blinking innocently to the latter. Meanwhile, the blonde couldn’t stop wondering what make such….such [pet] like this so ridiculously expensive.

Maybe….for his beautiful face and fine figure? But at the next second Testu forced this thought out of his mind because he thought it was so weird to address a *male* as *beautiful*.

However, the blonde still had to admit the shorter man looked really….good.

"Okay. Better prepare yourself for a long trip would you?" Tetsu said while placing the [pet]’s suitcase into his car.

The shorter one nodded, then got himself into the car.

"I’m Tetsu." Tetsu smiled kindly to Hyde before he started to drive. "Nice to meet you Hyde…"

to be continue…

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