by Mizuki& Shizu

Pairings: TetsuXHyde(I dun really support any pairing else but them in L’Arc!!!)

Note: humm…I translated this fic using the internet translation tool, and I dunno if the English within are correct or not…so I I really don’t mind you to correct my mistake if you find one.

Comment: first of all I have to tell you the character's image direction(their appearance I mean): 4 of the L’Arc and Sakura’s images in “Heart” album back then.(I love their heart’s images!)

dedicated to Mi-chan & winterfaLL*hugs the 2 of them* I know dear tete still doesn’t look evil enough in part 1, but please wait and see!

Part 1

I woke up again from the same identical dream, it was also identical…like all the other countless dreams I had, and the pain it causes is also increasing…why? Why am I still not be able to escape from this pain that’s eating painfully into my heart?

Can anyone ever give me a reason to let me know why I have to be like this?

I have been looking for him for so long… I am so exhausted…so tired of reaching…but still I can’t stop…. I’m still so sure about it even though my memory have been destroyed so badly that they all seem to behind identified.

Sometimes I may be able to recall my past... when some little vague fragments of my memories return... they always float onto the surface of my mind from no where like many pieces of snowflakes, but as those little fragments returned, they also bring back the same fiery hatred-the hatred toward that person! Yes! I could have not to be pushed into that much suffering, and my tortures are all because of him! It’s all his fault! I couldn’t have to become something like this if he didn’t do that to me! I hate him!

However, in this time as time goes by…my memory become more and more clear…now I can recall his face again,so I believe that at this time even if he hid into hundred of thousand of people. I still can recognize him out at the moment when I see him once again.

Soon enough I will completely remember everything.

Experience also tell me that my memory can only return for a very short while, when the time is up, my brain will soon turn blank again. Therefore, I have to find him as soon as possible; otherwise, I will forget all the things once again…

That’s true, I came all the way to this town in order to reach him, I can feel his excitement, somewhere within this town…somewhere very close to me. If only I could reach to him and kill him…perhaps I can be free again…now his name is the only one thing I still can’t remember, so as long as I can remember his name...

A strange voice gently whisper to me in my mind…Quick…just be quick…you have to finds him...before you lose all your memories again, before you really go insane again…

The missing links of Fate has begun to tangle together and I ‘m so sure that we’ll meet again, too…it’ll be a precisely excellent chance for me, so I take an oath to myself that I will bring my missing past and all my memory back to me.


Early in the morning, Hyde stands in the corner of a spatially street alone, his smooth dark short hair swayed with the cool wind, However, the anxious dry expression on his face failed to fit the atmosphere of this peaceful morning. He kept glancing around, but no matter how many times he glanced, still nobody was on road besides himself. Damn! They had agreed to meet each other that! but today it was the N time that Sakura was late again!>.<

Then Hyde lowered his head to glanced at the watch and was shocked by the time.

“Nani!? It’ already 8?”

Er…8am…he sighed slightly, knew that they were going to late *again* today. When he looked up and saw across the street, there was a large western-style house, which was surrounded by a high brick wall. It must be the first time Hyde really paid attention to that house although he used to pass though that same street almost everyday.

Then he noticed that a figure appeared behind the large window of the 2 nd floor of the house, some one Hyde had never seen before. Hyde can only saw his brown hair vaguely far in a distance, and it seemed that…he was wearing a school uniform right? The stranger laid his hand relaxingly by the windowsill, he have a pair of attractive noticeable eyes, which were gazing rightly at him.

At first Hyde didn’t paid much attention to the stranger, but after 10 mins, the other still kept on stared at him stubbornly without a wink as if as fox staring at its prey.

Being disturbing by the stranger’s sight, Hyde thought to himself distortedly.”Who is this person? Why he staring at me?”

Slowly, time passed by. And Hyde’s impression toward that stranger was changing into mild anger. [ he’s too assorted! How come he keeps gazing at another like this? Weird!] he thought to himself and decided not to pay attention to the other again. Hyde turned his sight away but on the other hand, the other still eyed him and showed no sign of leaving at all. Hyde stood completely still in silence, glancing and waiting. Why Sakura still not come?

At that moment…


The familiar voice drew Hyde’s attention to another side of the street, and he saw Sakura, panting, running rapidly toward him with his anxious steps.

“Baka Sakura! You’re late again!” Hyde pouted his mouth at Sakura, although he was complaining, but in fact he felt relieves now that Sakura appeared,

“Gomen! I got up late again!”

Hyde turned himself to the house again, but now the windowsill was empty, and the stranger was already gone…

“What are you looking at, Hyde?”

“Do you know who’s living in that house, Sakura?”

" Nani?"

"I think I had just seen someone standing outside upstairs…” Hyde said, pointed his finger to the window upstairs.

“Don’t be a fool ne, this house has already been abandoned many years ago! How can there any people there? ”

“Really?” swallowed his suspicion back, Hyde didn’t ask any further, but why? I really did see someone there ne…

“Be quick or we’ll be late again!” Sakura started running without wait a bit long.

“Hey! Wait for me!” Hyde yelled and started to run toward the direction of the school after Sakura.


Later, in school…

In this morning they were late for school again after all. Hyde and Sakura passed though the empty corridor to the classroom. Fortunately, the Teacher still not came in yet. They quietly slipped inside and returned to their seats.

A moment later, the Teacher came in.

“Good morning minna-san! Before our lesson begin, I have to tell you a new that today we’ll have a new classmate in our class!” The Teacher told his students.

“I wonder how that new comer will look like!” Hyde whispered to Sakura.

“I hope to have a kawaii girl stepping in ne!” Sakura chuckled back.

Meanwhile, the rest of students began to murmur to each other.


The Teacher waited until all of the students were silenct, then he invited the new student to come in.

" Tetsu, you may come in now.”

A second latter, the classroom door thrown itself back and a brown haired stepped into the classroom. Hyde recognized this familiar figure immediately, he gasped and found that it was the stranger who standing at him from the window of the old abandoned house early that morning…



To be continued…

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