by Mizuki& Shizu

Note: humm…I translated this fic using the internet translation tool, and I dunno if the English within are correct or not…so I I really don’t mind you to correct my mistake if you find one.

Comment: I wrote this part coz I want to write something romantic…a little bit bloody…but the really bloody thing will come out in part 3!^^

Part 2


Finally I get to you again…


“Ohayo minna san, I’m Tetsu, nice to meet you all.” with a clean and nice smile on his face, the new classmate- Tetsu said hello to everyone.

However, it wasn’t correct to him to introduce himself as [Tetsu], because he didn’t have a name actually, [Tetsu] was only the name which he had been forced to use by someone.

Yes…once he had been named by [that person].

“Not a kawaii girl. It’s such a loss ne…” Sakura said not showing much interest to the new comer.

“Wow, such a cute boy!” By the time when most of the boys laid out a sigh of disappointment, many girls have already began to murmur to each other.

Tetsu remained calm to the 2 different kind of reaction.

" Ano... Tetsu san, would you sit in that empty seat first ,okay?” the Teacher pointed to an empty seat just behind Hyde and Sakura’s seats.

“Hai.” Tetsu said and walked across the classroom, when he passed near Hyde, he smiled slightly to him for a second, and then slipped to his seat quietly.

How strange…Hyde couldn’t help but noticing that there was something strange in Tetsu’s smiling face. It wasn’t mean he was smirking or force himself to smile, still Hyde felt that something missing in Tetsu’s smiling face…his smiling lacked warmth, and it made his face as if a expressionless chilled and blank even though it was beautiful.

“If you have any problem, don’t forget to ask Hyde or Sakura for help, okay? And you 2 should be nice to new classmate, understand?” The Teacher told the 2 students.



the next day…

It was still another peaceful morning for today, and Sakura’s anxious footsteps crushed loudly along the street, broken the peaceful atmosphere of the morning again.

Damn it! He had gotten up late again!

Sakura turned into the other street and now he could see Hyde stood in the same corner, right in front of the abandon western-style house where they meet almost everyday.

“Ohayou~~Hyde.”,Sakura began first, he thought Hyde had certainly been waiting for him for quite a long time once again he must be fumed!

“O…hayou.” Completely out of Sakura’s expected. Hyde didn’t complete at all, he only answered Sakura with a low and weak voice as if he was very tired.

“What wrong with you today? Don’t be like this~~hey~~smile~~” seeing Hyde didn’t seem to be happy, Sakura decided to cheer him up, and he also pinched his cheek for joking.

“L-let go! Baka Sakura!>.<” Hyde fling Sakura’s hand away and walked away.

“Wait~~don’t be so upset early in the morning! What happened? Tell me!”

“Hadn’t slept well last night…so tired... " Hyde sighed lightly, wiped his forehead tiredly, and he also remembered the strange dream which interrupted his sleep last night...


In that dream he stood in the middle of a pure white place, completely pure white, all he could see is the whiteness, truly pure whiteness… but it was just too white to be reality.

Unable to decide where he should go, Hyde turned and discovered a white door appeared suddenly in front of him. He could hear that some “Tick-tock Tick-tock” sound of water drop coming behind the door.


Tick-tock, Tick-tock, Tick-tock…

The sound spread clearly in deathly stillness.

He reached his arm to push the door back, then a dazzling bright white light stab into his eyes. It was so blinding that he have to his eyes close for a second before he opened them again…a pure white room showed in front of him and he saw…

He saw Tetsu…and himself…

They were in the room together…Tetsu was sitting right in the center of a strange-looking red color document, and the person who laid unconsciously in Tetsu’s arms was looked exactly the same as Hyde!

That person had his eyes closed, dressed all in white (remember hyde’s image in winter fall’s pv?^^)he was laying unconsciously in Tetsu’s embrace. Besides…he looked ghastly pale, his skin was too pale like that of a corpse, except the ring of deep red around both his wrists… they were such a deep crevice and crimson fresh blood drops were dripping slowly to the floor.

The sound of [water drop] he had just heard were actually the sound of blood dripping! The strange-looking circler of [red document] was drawing by human blood indeed!

Overwhelming by the horrible screen in front of his eyes, Hyde frozen, unable to neither move nor talk. All he could do was to watch [himself] keep on bleeding, and blood went out from [his] wrists, then dripping onto the floor helplessly. Finally seeped to the blood-drawing circle of redness.




The dark red blood seemed to have its own mind, seeped out slowly on the floor, and began to flow toward Hyde….

Meanwhile, Tetsu didn’t seemed to realized Hyde was there at all. Relaxingly he continued to hold that other [Hyde] who still remained unconscious in his arm, playing with his dark hair by his long thin fingers gorgeously, like a child playing with his own lovely doll. It was really an abnormal and monstrous scene to look at; suddenly Tetsu cocked his head, locked his sights right onto Hyde’s eyes, smiled and said.

“The game is about to begin.”

“No-no nooooooo!!!” Finally, Hyde screamed, At present the image also rapidly turned fuzzy and fade away, then the blinding white light also turned into Darkness. Hyde woke up and found himself back into his own bedroom again.

Tetsu…why him again?

To be continued…

Hey hey…find that screen in Hyde’s dream is so familiar ne? !I have to confess that it was copied from VM’s fic “Apple of Eden”!!!GOMENDASAI~~~VM~~~forgive me please!


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