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Part 3

- Teacher’s office-

Hyde stared into the Teacher’s office through the tiny crevice of the door in order to make sure that no one was there. In the next second he slipped into the office soundlessly and carefully closed the door behind him.

Then he walked toward the large desk that located in the center of the office quietly.

There was only one object in that room he was attempting to find.

The student’s information record.

He wanted to find out details about Tetsu , because it seemed that no one have any knowledge about that newcomer, almost everything about him was a mystery. Therefore, Hyde slipped into the Teacher’s office without even telling his best friend Sakura. Although he couldn’t tell why himself have that much interest in the newcomer, still he failed to control his curiosity and suspicion!

As a matter of fact, Tetsu always had made him feeling so abnormally nervous.

Most probably…because of his eyes! Hyde always felt that the way Tetsu looked at him was very strange, strange enough to make him felt uncomfortable.

Beside, Hyde found that Tetsu’s mysterious eyes following him wherever he went all the time.

If you discovered that you had always been watching by someone whom you barely know, so silently and unexpectedly. It wouldn’t make you feel too happy about it…

He have to believe that Tetsu was spying him…but for what? He didn’t have a clue… Didn’t the 2 of them had never met each other until they saw each other for the first time just a few days ago?

Being totally confused, Hyde’s eyelids began to close for feeling so tired…

He found it…the student’s record, there were handful of pages about new student…Tetsu’s information must be in here too.

Even though Hyde knew well enough that it wasn’t right to spy student’s record without permission. But he afraid that if he didn’t take some action to find out the truth, he would be suffocated to die by his own suspicion.

Finally he reach to the page about Tetsu, but he discover that the whole page was completely blank expected of Tetsu’s own name and a address. Not a photo, not a personal information nor a family-background, nothing.

Tetsu, the mysterious new student who didn’t have any background information.

Who was he actually?

Staring at the whiteness in front of him blankly, Hyde felt completely losing.

Meanwhile, the front door opened unexpectedly.

“Hay! What’re you doing here?”

Teacher’s voice came out, Hyde caught a gasp in his throat and the student’s record fell on the table loudly.

He’d been caught red-handed.


After school…

The sun had already set under the horizon just after 4:00pm in that winter day. Sakura opened the classroom’s door and looked inside, found that no one was there. Because the bell rang an hour ago, and all the students had already gone.

But he saw that Hyde’s knapsack was still in his seat, so he haven’t gone out of school yet right?

Where was Hyde? Sakura had not seen him for the rest of the afternoon till now…that little baka!

Where should he go to look for him now? Sakura lost in his thought while walking towad the door, then he cocked his head and found a brownhead standing in the shadow…he realized that the figure was Tetsu…who had been standing beside the door silently a long time before he noticed.

“Is that you Tetsu-san?” Sakura questioned.

“Mmm..” The latter nodded.

“Haven’t left yet?”

This time the latter didn’t reply at all.

“Ano…I think I’d better leave now…”

The latter still didn’t give any reply…what a strange guy, Sakura thought to himself, he never saw Tetsu acting so strangely before. So he decided to ignore Tetsu and continue to search Hyde.

But Tetsu blocked his way when Sakura tried to leave the classroom.

“Ne...just wait…” Tetsu locked his sights right into Sakura’s eyes, with a fearsome impression in his eyes.

“Sakura-san, you are Hyde-san’s best friend right?”

“Mmm, we’ve been together since we both went into secondary school…” Sakura answered though feeling odd by Tetsu’s question.

“So is that also mean…”Tetsu approached a little bit closer.

“He would be quite upset if he lost such a good friend like you?”


Tetsu went forward, narrower the distant between him and Sakura, and captured the latter’s lips before he could make any instead.

. Sakura:o__O;

Tetsu held Sakura’s head down forcefully, laid a deeper kiss to him as the same time he fed him with some strange tiny object, and forced him to swallow it down.

It took a couple of second for Sakura’s body to make any reaction. Then embarrassingly he hurriedly pushed Tetsu away from him. “What…the hell do you think you’re doing? You freak!”

Unlike his weak-looking pair of arms, Tetsu have a muscular strength that causing Sakura felt a unexpectedly pain spread around his head. Meanwhile a burning-like feeling also began to spread slowly from his throats …What’s that all about?

“What the hell you’ve fed me? ” He was afraid that Tetsu had just fed him LSD or some new illegal drug.

“No need to worry ne…I only gave you a partial of mine”

“[A Partial of]? What’s that mean?”

“A very little partial of my minute cells…it is some cell that can error all organic creature!” Tetsu replied with a relaxed smile on his face.

And now Sakura’s body started to [change].

“the reation is starting to show right?”

Then a violent numbing feeling hit Sakura, and it made his limbs out of oder, then causing him to fall onto the ground. He could see his hypodermic’s vessels in his arms was swelling under his skin horrificly.

“Oh no…”

The error started to spread all over him from the deep of his central nervous system and it began to take over the control of his whole body.

The abnormal biological signal

Invasion Repel function broken down.

The defense Broken



“Doesn’t it really hurt?”

“But you won’t feel anything any longer after your brain cells and nerves have all been error. Then you’ll become my puppet that your own will is meaningless. Ha-ha-ha…” Tetsu grinned lightly while watching Sakura strangled painfully for his life.

It was so painful…Sakura was in such a great pain that as if those abnormal cells that attacking his body was pinned his limbs inside out, and tearing all his muscles apart. He felt that something inside him was trying to tear out of him and break free!


He was so unlucky to have the Teacher caught him spying the student’s private information. For that Hyde had to spend a lot of time to explain and apologize to the Teacher, so it was already after sun set when Teacher’s interrogation finished eventually. Now Hyde was on his way back to his classroom for his knapsack.

Hyde walked along the long gloomy corridor, and the light passed out of the door faintly was the only lightness he could see.

Then the light suddenly extinguished.

What happened? Hyde hesitated for a few seconds, but finally he forced away the reasonless fear rising inside himself, began to walk slowly toward the classroom again.


“Ahhhhhhhh!!!!” Sakura’s horrible scream spread out loud as the violent wave of blood, along with countless pieces of human flesh’s fragments broke through his whole body at the same second.

A lot of blood oozed out everywhere stained all the furniture and wall, and even high above on glass window in red.

A moist fog of blood showered the whole room, dyeing Tetsu with a gorgeous-looking crimson color.

Even Tetsu couldn’t expect that under such would end up exploded, tearing Sakura’s body apart into thousand of fragments.

Those blood vessels and verves were still shocked slightly and strangely among un-recognizable bloody human fragments, bursting bones and soldier red’s color organs within the pool of blood.

“That’s all? Maybe the reaction is too strong for a mortal I suppose…mortals are…so weak!” Tetsu bended down to look above the mess of flesh and blood stain seeped on the floor everywhere, said in a emotionless tone.

“Yet these body’s organs and nerves still look so charming…they look really cute…”

In that silence moment, a weakly moaning came out.

Tetsu hadn’t failed to notice this little noise came behind his back…he realized that someone was there with him, there must be someone behind and saw all he did.

“Who’s there!?”

He rapidly turned aside and readied to silence the witnesses.

However, his movement frozen almost immediately when he saw who was staying in front of him.

Hyde stayed in front of the classroom’s exist. Stunned by what he had just witnessed, he frozen dead in his position, and was too shocked to make any reaction.

To be continue…

Hope it’s bloody enough for minasan…

I want to point out that I’m not hating Sakura…but the plot need him to die! I’m just unable to give this chance of writing bloody scene up! That’s all!^^


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