by Mizuki& Shizu

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Part 4

Facing such horrifying scene, the first thought in Hyde’s mind was to scream, but he failed to gasp out the slightest sound from his throat, and he couldn’t help himself staring at the mess of bloody human flesh which had once been Sakura, he’d just seen Sakura’s body explored and being torn apart into countless fragment of bloody flesh!

Meanwhile Tetsu still with all Sakura’s blood stained upon his uniform, stared blankly back at Hyde. The latter was so scared by his chilly sight. To Hyde everything was as if in his dream again, again he was unable to move a muscle, not even be able to make any sound. However, the reality he’d seen was far crueler than in the dream. For God’s sake! His limbs trembled too hard that he thought he would collapse within any second.

He tried so hard to order his legs to move, to run, but everything felt so heavy. Therefore when Tetsu reached out his arm rapidly toward Hyde without a thought and captured his neck, all he could do was gazed fearfully at the latter. Tetsu’s action was too fast so he caught Hyde even before the latter’s body could make a lightest action, before he could have chance to escapes.

With his hand locked dead around Hyde’s neck, Tetsu lifted him up to the middle of the air by using one of his arm.

~If I can see you swallowing your last breath painfully with my own eyes…my suffering may be solved a bit…~ Tetsu thought, with a small cruel smile on the corner of his pale lips. Although he could end Hyde’s life within a second if he feel like killing him. Nevertheless, he didn’t, instead he increased his strength slowly, wanting to see the dark haired boy to suffer as painful and long as possible.

Of course Hyde could feel the pressure on his neck was increasing, he gasped hard but no oxygen went inside his throat. It hadn’t taken too long time that his vision started to blur as tear began falling… all his brain cells were screaming desperately for oxygen and there was only one thought in Hyde’s mind… that freak…he’s going to kill me, like he killed Sakura in front of my eyes, this murderer!

Hyde still didn’t know the reason why he and Sakura have to die like this…but unluckily he knew he wouldn’t never figure out the answer, because he didn’t have strength left to think about this question as he gasped almost the last breath out of his lungs.

When Hyde slowly closed his eyes. However, unexpectedly, Tetsu’s smile fade and his eyes widened then he finally let go of him and let him to fall unconscious on the ground. Seeing that lacking in oxygen made Hyde’s face turned purple, Tetsu almost felt sorry for him.

No, it wasn’t mercy hold him back, but something else.

His own memory’d held him back.

He just remembered a very important thing.

He remembered that he couldn’t kill Hyde, he simply couldn’t, at least not right here, right now…

Because at the last second his faint memory reminded him…the fact that Hyde is the only clue to undo his [curse], if he killed Hyde right away…he would have no chance to break free from his [cruse], which once Hyde’d forced upon him….long long time ago.

If he couldn’t kill him, what he was supposed to do now?

~All right, why don’t let us play? ~Play…just like once he and Hyde used to do in the long gone past, delighted by this idea, Tetsu smiled.

He decided to set out a little game to play with Hyde.

Then Tetsu bended down his knees, leaning toward to Hyde, and began to talk to the unconscious one.

“Hyde…listens to me…” Tetsu spoke in a low and gentle tone.

“Hai…” Hyde reply to Tetsu, his closing eye chased and his expression soften.

“Let me tell you this…what you had just seen was all a dream…”

“it’s all just a dream…” Hyde repeated what Tetsu told him blurrily

“And you’ll forget all about this dream when you wake up next morning…” Tetsu went on whispering into Hyde’s ear.

“So is that clear enough, ne?”


“Well, good night for you. Sleep now.” Tetsu said, as a dark wave of tiredness overpowered Hyde’s consciousness totally.

Tetsu took a last look at Hyde’s sleeping face before he turned to the mess of bloody flesh again.


He whispered softly, then began to packed up those of bloody remain of limbs and body’s fragments, and them together.

“I know you’re not completely dead out, aren’t you?”

Tetsu saw those fragments started shivering ghastly on the ground as if it had its own will, which made him realize that hope was still there. He took Sakura’s bloody head to his arm, cutting his wrist opened, and poured his own blood into its motionless mouth in order to wake the abnormal cell inside Sakura again.

“Hey wake up Sakura…”

Yes, those people who’d been error could never die that easily, as long as they have Tetsu’s minute cells in them…


Hyde snapped his eyes open as the alarm clock beside him suddenly rang, shattering the prwvious silence of the bedroom. At first, he couldn’t be sure that where himself was,then he looked up glancing around and found he was back into his own bedroom again.

His head ached when he trying to figure out what was going on.

What time was this now? How could he make his way back home? He couldn’t remember any of them!

He jumped up from his bed when his mother knocked the door. “Hyde! Go downstairs and eat your breakfast now! it’s time to go to school!”he could hear her voice called loudly to him.

School…? Hyde looked down and found himself still wearing his uniform, but why? What happened last night?

Hyde hurried down the stair to the diving room, just in time when his mother placed his breakfast to the table.

“Why don’t you sit down?” seeing his son stood still in the corridor, Hyde’s mother asked, worryingly.

As a result, Hyde had nothing to do but walked across and sat down beside the table. With his almost totally blanking mind He tried to order himself to finish the breakfast in front as usual, but he couldn’t.

Latter he found it was the smell of bacon in the dish bothering him…the smell of bacon…smell too familiar to body’s blood and flesh…he had smell the same thing back then…last night in the classroom…

The pieces of hazy memory began to return…how he saw Sakura was torn into pieces of little fragments in front of his eyes, how Tetsu tried to kill him…but what happened next? Why he woke up in his room and being unharmed in that morning?

Didn’t that mean everything he saw in the classroom last night was just a dream?

No…it couldn’t be a dream…the image still sealed deep inside his mind…the whole horrify scene he’d seen in the gloomy classroom was just too vivid to be just a dream.

Probably no one knew the true that Sakura’d been murdered yet?If there was the case, he should tell people the truth as soon as possible.

Therefore, Hyde left the table and walked toward his mother. “Okaasan…I need to tell you…”

Before he could finish his word, the door’s bang rang loudly at that point.

“Wait a minute please!” ignoring her son, Hyde’s mother hurried though the doorway, disappeared out of his sight.

A minute latter, she returned to Hyde and said. “Why don’t you be quick? Sakura-san’s waiting outside, don’t keep him waiting.”

“Sakura?” Hyde couldn’t believe his own ears…Didn’t his mother say Sakura was waiting outside? It’s impossible!!!

Hyde rushed to the doorway and saw Sakura stood beside the door, smiled at him…

To be continue…

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The [Hyde] whom mention by Tetsu is a different person from the [Hyde] whom we seen in the story…I think it’s something about last incarnation, am I making sense?


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