Title:  Princess + Princess (one-shot)
Author: Malice~Maizer, the Queen of under 18 perverts of the United
Band:  Mana from Malice Mizer and Shinya from Dir en Grey
Pairing: ManaxShinya
Genre: Romance (awwww)
Rating: PG-13 probably
Mirror/Archive: Haaaaaaaiiiiiii
Dedication: Whoever said Shinya was a 'Girl' but Mana was a 'Woman'

Extra note: * cough* * hack* *wheeze * That's what I was doing all
this fic; hope I get better before I go!!

Also, I still have no idea how old Mana really is, so I'm going to make
wild guess and put him a little older than Gackt, who is but 3 months
than my sister (both children of '75) so I'm putting Mana at 26-28

A bathroom in a pleasantly sized apaato.  A slim pale body in the bath,
rhythmically kicking his long legs gently to the music, careful to not
any water over the rim.  A secret smile upon a beautiful mouth, with
closed in quiet happiness.
A minute passed and the almond eyes lazily opened to the look at the
on the wall. 6:45 PM, he better get out now or he might be late.
Shinya folded his legs and pulled the bath plug.  He stood up and
got out of the bath. As Shinya stood on the bathroom floor towel
an old blue bathrobe and wrapped it around himself, and as the soft
enveloped him he had to smile and blush at the reminder of his koibito. 
few minutes after standing still, practically glowing with excitement
gave his head a small shake and he opened the bathroom door.
As he walked barefoot from the small space from the bathroom to his
he could hear the Television set to a low level and a small bark every
and then, he had left the television on. Puppy loved television, and
wanted a little peace before he started to prepare.
Shinya slid open his door and walked in, then carefully closed it
him, he still needed a few moments peace, and Puppy would only lick his
ankles and distract him from his important task. One swift movement,
and the
elastic hair band he had used to keep his hair back was gone, and he
thoughtfully ran a hand through his seek hair as he opened his large
wardrobe to stare at his clothes.
Hmmm.  This was their three-month anniversary, so it was a very special
occasion.  Both parties had mutually agreed that when their
reached the three-month mark they would…Shinya secret smile appeared
and his face took on a lovely pink hue.  It might be tonight, so he
dress well for this special time, a black dress perhaps?
He reached into his wardrobe and pulled out three of his best black
and carefully laid them on his bed side by side.
The first was 'The funeral dress' which was ankle length and very
with long sleeves and a high collar, but it had a thigh length slit so
could be worn with his suede boots.  The second was 'The lolita dress'
was a sleeveless knee length, with a white lace trim at the hem of the
skirt, the chest with extra lace running up the front tied with small
ribbons, the lace underneath was black.
The last was called 'The nosebleed dress' (so cleverly named by Toshiya
bought it for him) The top half was like a traditional black corset,
scarlet ribbons tied at the back, the skirt part was very small and
tight, made of lycra and cotton.
This was a very tough decision, he needed a professional decision.
Shinya opened his door and whistled "Here Puppy!" And a moment later a
dog appeared and raced down the hall and into Shinya's room, where he
promptly started to lick his master's ankles.  Shinya had to giggle at
ticklish feeling "S-Stop that Puppy! Bad Doggy!!" He laughed, and he
Puppy up, placing a small kiss on his forehead.
"Puppy I need you help," He told the adorable dog "What shall I wear
for my
date tonight?"

'Nothing will go wrong tonight, everything will be perfect'
Mana coughed nervously, and tucked a strand of hair behind his ear.  He
looked into the kitchen and eyed the food. 'Perfect' he let out a sigh
relief he didn't know he was holding in, and went back to his room, for
not bothering to close the door.
He picked out the dress he had laid aside over week ago from the
and started to dress carefully.  It was a pretty white sleeveless dress
went just over his knees with white lace underneath, with a medium
sized bow
at the waist, and underneath was a white, long-sleeved shirt, with long
on the collar and gathered sleeves, which fell just above his slim
He put on a pair of band new white tights, but checked for snags
anyway. He
glanced at the clock at his bedside table, it read 7:41 PM, and his
would be due soon.
Mana sat at his dressing table and mirror, while hot curling tongs were
waiting for him already, he gathered up his long hair with one hand,
with the other, picked up a light blue towel and carefully put it
around his
After a moment of staring at the mirror quietly, he picked up a small
curling tong and began the careful process of dividing and curling his
into soft curls.
It was rather strange, the two of them together, but they fit perfectly
each other, like two pieces of a puzzle…

----Flashback, about 3 Months earlier----

Dir en grey were bored.  Malice Mizer were bored. 15 minutes later they
were very bored.
Shinya was looking at Mana.
So this was the famous Mana, 'The doll' Mana from Malice Mizer, the
He was so beautiful, even when he was annoyed and angry. The older man
sitting upright next to the one named Kozi, legs crossed and his hands
folded in his lap in a prim manner, blue painted lips drawn into a
line of annoyance.  Every now and then he would say something quietly
sharply to Kozi, who was starting to look a little annoyed at whatever
was saying to him.  Suddenly he saw Mana jerk his head in their
and turned his head to look at the rest of Dir en grey. Their eyes met
briefly, but Shinya quickly looked away, slightly embarrassed at being
caught staring at the beautiful man. 'Oh no, he must think I'm some
sort of
a weirdo now…'

"This is utterly ridiculous" Mana repeated to Kozi "Why should we have
wait out here with those barbaric children?" he snarled in a rather
unladylike manner.
"Well do I look like I know?  I'm not in charge of this place" Kozi
back, he was getting sick of Mana's impatient attitude, the guitarist
usually this bad.  Mana usually just sat quietly observing his hands,
and he
would scowl when angry
"And anyway, we get to see them out of their element, so it's fun to
something interesting happen"
"Like what then?"
Kozi pretended to consider "I'm not sure if I should tell you,
Mana-chan, if
you had been paying attention to your surroundings then maybe…"
"Well, if you had been paying attention, you would have noticed the
cute but
frightfully skinny kid staring at you, I think he's the drummer"
Mana blinked in genuine surprise "Skinny kid?" he jerked his chin
towards the other group of men, then his eyes met a pair of dark wide
before those beautiful yes looked away, and the pale face began to
'What a delicious little piece…'
Mana licked his lips delicately.


Shinya stood nervously in front of the 5th floor's bathroom mirror,
taking out a tube of lipstick and applying it carefully.  It was his
favourite colour, a deep shade of crimson that gave his lips a fuller
more sensual look.  He never really dressed up or put on makeup during
weekday interview, but he always kept some of his favourite makeup with
'just in case' or to calm his nerves.
And Shinya's nerves certainly to be calmed, because they were currently
to hell.
That Mana…he was so strange.  Ever since he had caught Shinya staring
him, he seemed to be…encouraging him? He had been staring at Shinya
openly, maybe giving him the Elevator Eyes, and the few times that
felt brave enough to maybe hold his head high and look back at Mana,
gave him certain looks…it was hard to describe to anyone who had not
received such attention, but to Shinya, it was rather scary, yet
exciting at
the same time.  Was Mana giving him-
"Hello, Shinya"
Shinya jumped in shock, he hadn't heard or seen the older guitarist
because he was so deep in though.  He spun around to face Mana, not at
noticing that when he jumped, his lipstick stick had accidentally
onto his cheek, and he now looked like he had played with crayons.
Mana, of course, noticed.  For the first time that afternoon he smiled.
From within a small pocket in his skirts he drew out a clean light blue
handkerchief with a dark blue lacy trim. He ran half of it briefly
under the
tap, and then squeezed some excess water out.
"You young men today" he said quietly, knowing Shinya was close enough
hear "No self control at all, there is a difference between visual and
messy, you know"
"…Huh?" Shinya was feeling slightly dumb in the presence of this man,
it was
as if all of his intelligence and manners had taken a flying leap out
of the
window, he could feel his face starting to do a slow burn again.
"It's not 'huh' Shinya, it's pardon, you should know that, now hold
Mana gently grasped Shinya's face in his hand, and professionally
started to
remove the large smear with a careful hand.
After a moment, Shinya gathered his courage "Uh, Mana-san?" He began to
speak "What are you doing?"
"You have a large smear of lipstick on your face, I'm just helping you"
Shinya went pinker
"It's no problem, Shinya-kun, but I expect you to return the favour"
said in his usual quiet voice, but with a very slight smile playing on
dark lips.
Shinya looked at Mana and his immaculate face "Huh? Uhm, I mean, uh,
look..Well perfect, and I don't think I could ever do your makeup?!"
the hell was wrong with him?? What was it about this man that made him
so strange and clumsy?
Mana's small smile widened slightly, this boy was just too cute!
Finally the
last of the stray lipstick was gone, and he used the dry area of his
handkerchief to wipe away any moisture.
After a few minutes of silence, Mana spoke again "What are you doing
"….!!!" Shinya stared at him in shock, but he said nothing.
"You're doing nothing then? Good" Shinya felt something small being
into his palm, then Mana leaned to his ear "Give me a call later" he
whispered, and then gave Shinya a kiss on his cheek.
Then he was gone, and Shinya, after mentally pulling himself together,
looked at what he was holding in his hand.
A small white rectangle with blue writing, Mana's address and phone
'He's…he's interested…in ME? Oh…Oh Kami…'
And young Shinya stayed alone in the bathroom for a while, with a small
personal card in his hand, and a blue kiss mark on his cheek.

----End Flashback, Present day----

'Perfect…perfect…tonight must be perfect….-'

Fuck he was nervous!
As soon as he was done with his of delicate procedure hair curling Mana
to his cigarettes.  He had gotten as far as putting one in the mouth
lighting the filter, but before the small flame could light the
cigarette he
remembered that Shinya hated the smell of cigarettes.  He had aired out
apaato all day to get rid of any residue smell, but this cigarette
ruin a whole day of having a freezing cold apaato. But still…
Five minutes later, the bathroom window opened, and a blue haired man
his head out before lighting up contently.

Puppy had opted for the Lolita dress, and Shinya chose a white,
shirt with pointed sleeves to go underneath.  He chose his best black
platform shoes to match the dress, and a black silk ribbon to stop his
falling into his face.
He had decided to make his makeup simple as usual, and put on his
deep crimson lipstick with dusky black eye shadow, but spent and extra
minutes with his mascara, trying to perfect the innocent, wide-eyed
look he
knew Mana liked secretly.
"Alright Puppy" He told the small attentive dog "I'm going to a
house for a while, and I won't be back for a few hours, or maybe
So you be a good dog, I don't want to come home to a wreck,
Puppy yipped attentively, and Shinya smiled "I'm glad we understand
With that, he shoulder his simple Vivienne Westwood bag* and left,
sure everything was locked.
As Shinya walked the short distance from the apaato building to his
there was a small gust of wind and Shinya's skirt lifted slightly, and
could just about glimpse something lacy…

* For some reason, Vivienne Westwood bags are *very* popular with
city-dwelling Japanese kids

'Here's here…my angel'
Mana gracefully moved barefoot, save for his tights, from the dining
room to
the hallway in record time.  He glanced at himself briefly in the
mirror to
check if he still looked perfect, then unlocked and opened the door.
His breath caught " look.."
"Do I look that bad?"
"Iie…you look beautiful" This was no lie, Shinya looked so beautiful
sweet, like a gothic Alice in Wonderland with his beautiful lacy dress
simple white shirt.
Shinya went red "Arigato.."
Mana held out his pale hand for Shinya to take, he did so and stepped
the spacious apaato.
Shinya hung up his bag carefully and started to unzip his boots.
He caught a scent, 'Vanilla…'
"Mana I didn't know you had bought vanilla candles! How did you know I
them, that's so sweet!"
His koi looked surprised "I didn't know, it's my perfume I'm wearing,
to go
with the clean and pure look"
Mana put his hand on his slim hip and gave a pout "You haven't
mentioned my
look at all, by the way, and I went to all this trouble"
He looked up gazed lovingly at Mana in his virgin-white dress and
blue ringlets
" Mana…you look stunning as always, you don't need me to tell you that"
The younger man gave a slight giggle at Mana's almost smug look, and,
out of
impulse, he threw his arms around him and gave him a hug.  But he felt
stiffen in his arms, and started to loosen his embrace, but then Mana
him a soft and warm hug, and they held each other for a long time,
stroked Mana's soft ringlets and inhaled his sweet vanilla scent, and
just radiating in the drummer's warmth.
Mana gently freed a hand, and took a gentle hold of Shinya's chin, and
kissed him passionately, letting out a small sigh when Shinya responded
slightly, then gently slid his tongue into his mouth.  The two men
passionately for awhile, still embracing each other and savouring the
yet delicate wet kisses.
Finally, Mana murmured, "You know, as much as I love this, we can't
stand out in the hallway making out, or do you want to skip dinner and
go to the bedroom?"
Shinya laughed again, and drew back to see Mana giving him a very rare
honest smile, although very small.
"I think I prefer to eat first"
Still smiling softly, Mana took him by the hand and gently lead him to
dining room.
The unusually large room was illuminated with dozens of candles glowing
softly around the room, including a simple candelabrum on the dining
where two plates of hot food where waiting for them, complete with
"Oh Mana…this is beautiful!! How long did this take you?"
Mana only looked at Shinya, he looked so beautiful in this light. He
to sit down "Not very long, do you like Italian food?"
"I love what I've had so far…" Shinya sat as well opposite the
"This food looks delicious! It would be shame to eat it"
"Eat. You're so skinny I could snap you in half like a twig" Mana said
pointedly, and Shinya stuck out his tongue playfully " I am not"
They ate in silence for a while, enjoying the food and each other's
Mana was famously referred to as "The Silent One" and really was a
soul, feeling he would only talk when he thought it was relevant, and
was only a mild exception.  Shinya didn't mind as much, just as long as
didn't  go a whole date without talking
I suppose only quiet people can appreciate the sound of silence, and
try to make their point known.
Finally, Mana decided to ask something that was playing on his mind
"Did you have a lot of trouble getting away to have dinner with me?" He
Not really thinking about the question he answered easily, not even
up from his food, "Not really, Kaoru and Kyo were going on a date so
wanted to finish early, and Die and Totchi went to a bar.  They asked
me to
come with them but I told them I was busy"
Mana stopped, and silently put his knife and fork down "And what did
tell them?"
"Oh, I just told them I was fixing…my drums at home…Mana?" Shinya had
up by now, and was slightly stunned to see his koi giving him the
glassy stare he gave all but his band mates and Shinya.  When Mana
looked at
Shinya, his eyes were filled with emotions, happiness, love, and
and right now even anger would be better would be better than this cold
emptiness.  Shinya put his cutlery down, he suddenly didn't feel like
"Mana what's wrong?"
Mana continued to stare at him blankly, and Shinya started to feel
After a minute, Mana opened his mouth slightly "Why don't you tell them
about us?"  He said in such a soft voice it was barely a whisper, but
knew he was trying to contain his anger.
"Because I like to keep my private life private"
"So you just want to shut me away in the dark is that it?"
"So what's stopping you from saying anything!?" Mana was starting to
his cool and his hands were moving underneath the table, as if he was
twisting something.
"It's…well, have _you_ told anyone about us? Have you?"
"I told Kozi"
"Kozi doesn't count! He was the one who noticed I was looking at you
"Well why don't you tell Yu~ki or Klaha?"
"Because between them, they have the mental age of a ten year old.  If
told them I was in a relationship with the drummer of Dir en Grey they
deliberately go out of their way to make you feel embarrassed, and I
want that for you"
"They have problems with same sex relationships?"
"No, just incredibly immature, now stop stalling" Mana was looking
straight in the eye now, and the cold look was still there.
Shinya now hated that look.
"The…the reason why I haven't told the others is because….it's
"Because..." Shinya closed his eyes and bit his lip hard. 'Don't make
me say
it!' It a rather painful memory surfaced again, the slaps, the taunts
the abuse,it just went on and on...
"Shinya, I'm waiting" That cold voice too, he hated that too..
Mana felt his heart breaking, why was Shinya ashamed of him? It wasn't
as if
his Shin was a 'normal' young man with a 'normal' job, and he was  just
weirdo chasing him, that was ridiculous, even in mangaka.  Shinya was
love, and possibly his lover soon, they complimented each other in
every way and always got on so well together.  Shinya was so beautiful
well, with beautiful short chestnut hair and pale full lips, which
even more beautiful his Shin's favourite lipstick.  Shinya was a little
skinny but then, who was perfect? Certainly not him. And he had always
his feelings about the younger man known, and always treated him,
was Shinya ashamed that he had a boyfriend? Or a boyfriend that dressed
women's clothing, and we reknowned for being the reigning queen bitch
Mana somehow found himself standing up and walking to Shinya's place at
table, where the young drummer was hunched over his plate, eyes tightly
shut.He looked as if he was about to cry.
"Shinya..?"  Mana let go of the linen napkin he was previously
tightly with one hand, he pulled out a chair and sat next to Shinya. 
instinctively his arms went around Shinya's small waist. "What happened
"It's nothing" he said quickly, but Mana could feel him trembling
"Just something dumb that happened in Osaka when i was younger"
"Then you won't mind telling me" Mana's voice was gentle, yet slightly
demanding, as one of his arms circled Shinya's thin shoulder.
Shinya sighed "All know i'm an only child, right? well in
Osaka i
often stayed with my aunt when my parents went to work, and she
sons, my cousins, all older than me.
They never ever liked me, as long as i can remember they've picked on
because i was so small and weak, compared to them."
I think it was mainly jealousy, really, because to my aunt, i was like
little girl she never got-oh don't give me that look Mana!" Shinya half
snapped at Mana's incredulous look "She didn't put me in girl clothes,
i did
that myself!"
"Oh alright i believe you, go on"
"Well, my aunt liked me alot, so she always paid me lots of attention,
especially when i would come round to stay at the weekends, always
giving me
big meals and buying me whatever i wanted, and she ignored her sons for
but i was too young to realise it, they were not, so they used o beat
me up,
and i was too scared to say anything because i thought no one would
"Well when i was 14 i hardly ever said anything to them, plus i lived
on the
other side of town,  but somehow they found out i liked men...i still
figured out how they knew, because i told very few people who i thought
could trust.
At first they didn't seem to mind at all, and for a while they were
nice to me! At first i didn't trust them at all, but over the months i
slowly started to believe them, and for the first time i thought we all
friends at last...oh i know what you're thinking Mana, but all my life
wished for it!"
"Hn, if you say so"
"Well, anyway, one  night i was coming back from the store, after doing
errandds for my aunt.  But when i came back there was no one at her
so i went home because it still early"
"Well what happened?"
"I got grabbed, right into an alley and slammed into the wall.
There were my cousins...and some of their friends...they started
calling me
names, like a pretty faggot and a slut, it didn't really upset me at
time because i was in shock, so when i didn't really respond the way
wanted, one of them hit me, and soon everyone joined in
I think the only reason why i'm alive or not even permanently scarred
because some people came along and scared them off, they left me there
bleeding, but those people helped me to a hospital...
When...when I saw my cousins again, I still had alot of bruises and a
twisted ankle, and they looked really pleased with themselves, they
they had taught me a lesson"
Tears were now freely sliding down Shinya's downcast face silently
"The thing is, I got close to them, I told them about my true self and
betray and humiliate me"
"But you've told me you could trust the others completely"
"And I DO...but I'm still frightened of what could happen anyway, it
so stupid when I say it, but it makes sense when I think about it.
My parents...they disapprove of homosexuality and so does everyone else
my family.  They nearly disowned me when I joined La:Sadies and started
wearing dresses, so I told them it was all part of the act, and if it
out that I was in a relationship with another man...i don't want to
lose my
Shinya broke off and wiped his eyes harshly, tears still ran down his
as he stared sightlessly at the table.
Mana was still for a while, his perfect dollike expression not
except for his pale eyes, which softened slightly.
Wordlessly he picked up his forgotten linen napkin on the table and
to wipe Shinya's face gently.
'Poor Shin, if he ever got cut off from his family it would destroy
In comparison Shinya was lucky that he hadn't gone through what Mana
because unlike Shinya, Mana had already been distant from his family
before his true preferences started to show.
Still clutching the napkin, Mana held Shinya silently, then kissed him
softly on the cheek with his light blue lips.
After a few minutes of silence, Shinya buried his head into Mana's slim
shoulder again and murmured "I'm sorry i ruined dinner"
"It's alright, hell i should be the one apologizing for pushing you
that...but at least i get to hold you in my arms" The older man smirked
"Feeling better?"
"A bit, yeah...Mana?"
"Could i kiss you?"
"Go ahead"
Shinya lifted his head, and gave Mana a sweet, chaste kiss, which Mana
eagerly returned. Mana ran his tongue gently along Shinya's bottom lip,
Shinya opened his mouth to accept him.
After what seemed like hours Mana finally broke off the kiss,
"Willyougotobedwithme?" He shot out breathlessly.
Shinya stared "What?"
"I said" Mana took a deep breath "Will you go to bed with me?"
Shinya's pale features were starting to flush red again
"But what about dinner?"
"We can clear that up in the morning, but help me put out the candles
After they were done blowing out the candles, Mana saw Shinya standing
the door looking nervous "What's wrong? Not have doubts I hope" He
slightly as he walked to his koi, and gently took his small hands in
"No..I'm not a virgin, Mana"
"So? I would be unrealistic to expect you to be! I'm not either"
"Good, less awkward. But Mana?"
"Who's going to be on top?"

----About 10 minutes later----

"Shinya-what's this? *Clothing rustle*
"Shinya..Is this..A FRENCH LACE GARTER??"


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