Sanguinaire Liebe

by Malice Maizer

Chapter 1:

Love Replica

Silent feet landed on a brick wall next to a slightly open window.  A handsome face looks in and gives a slight smile at the inside occupant, sleeping quietly.

Nimmura Tohru.  Kyo

Absolutely perfect.

First appearances could be deceiving, as the older man already knew, but he thought he had the demented vocalist pretty much figured out.

Short, cute and angry.

A couldn’t-give-a-fuck antichrist.

In other words, a wannabe.

Not his type, although not in the literal sense.

What a fool he was!!

To be so closed minded…until he saw those photos from that magazine nearly a year ago, the name and date were of no importance, he had indeed bought it from that newsstand and looked at it everyday but he focused only on the pictures.

Pictures…even so, the photographer did no justice to his Kyo-kun, nor that model he was standing with, who was quite stunning in her way, although Kyo’s presence alone could do quite a lot.

Beautiful blonde hair mussed charmingly, his face scrubbed clean of any makeup with only a hint of lip gloss to only enhance the beautifully sculpted lips and only a single piercing by the sensual mouth drew him to those eyes that enchanted him with their sorrow and need.

The need to be loved.

The man gently put his slim hand to the chilly pane of the window, his sharp, icy blue eyes still firmly fixed on the sleeping young Kyo, wanting to be closer to the warm body inside.

He hated pictures with Kyo having all that horrid makeup on, with those ugly piercings, it marred his natural beauty and made him pale in comparison to his only pretty bandmates.  He liked Kyo with little or no makeup, which brought out his full beauty and made him much more than ‘Kawaii’

Unfortunately, those were few and far between, this mortal did not did not want to share his beauty with anyone, obviously.

Time to make his own memories.

Placing his fingers at the foot of the window, he pushed it up slightly, enjoying the slight feeling of the rushing warm air escaping and a unique, delicious smell invading his senses.  When the window was quite open he slipped in the cosy apaato and shut it firmly to prevent more warm air from escaping.

The small figure in bed frowned slightly and turned his head away from the direction of the window, still asleep, and threw his arm up to scratch his messy blonde hair but never made it, just slumped on the pillow and slid slightly to lightly brush the shell of his ear, and unconsciously presenting a breathtaking view to the room’s other occupant of his pale and slender neck and shoulder.

The man smiled and licked his lips heavily, and approached the comatose man, his eyes never leaving his neck.

Oh yes.  Without even trying the little blonde had seduced him into his arms, and now he was spellbound by this man’s beauty and his warm, overwhelming scent of spicy aftershave mixed with his natural musk, and now he was offering a precious gift of himself.

His blood.

He gently sat on the edge of the soft bed, and bought Kyo’s face back to face him with his hand, softly stroking the soft cheek so that the small scowl melted into sleeping serenity.  A sincere smile graced the man’s handsome face as he touched the warm soft lips, then moved his hand so his thumb gently stroked the full bottom lip.  He slowly moved forward, and whispered into the boy’s ear a small incantation, ensuring he would not awaken during this little visit.  He was so close to him now, the heat was radiating off him and he smelt delicious, even with the faint scent of cigarettes that clung to him, he was so used the smell of those cancer sticks now he hardly noticed them anymore.  He moved his nose to the coarse blonde hair, the natural scent of Kyo was gathered in the young man’s hair and would of made the older man’s heart pound in his chest, if it still did that sort of thing.

After a few minutes, he moved his head to Kyo’s mouth, then placed a slow, chaste kiss to those soft, pliant lips.  He broke the kiss, but left the lips touching so he could feel Kyo’s hot breath and hear that rich throbbing pulse.

He finally then slowly moved his head past those beautiful lips, the firm jaw with the stud piercing, down to his neck, just above where the neck and shoulder met, his favourite point of the neck, a beautiful sight, especially on his blonde beauty, and an ideal place to drink where the pulse throbbed at its strongest and most seductively, and also where he could hear his lover’s cries.  Even when asleep, it was human nature to be vocal at such an intrusion.

He slowly ran his tongue over the pulse point, the feeling of that wonderful throbbing gently stirring to life another part of his anatomy.

He quickly stripped away the bed sheets and sat and sat fully on the bed, gently pulling the little man into his lap.  He gently pushed aside the shoulder strap of Kyo’s blue tanktop, not wanting to make a mess, then moved his head again to the neck, breathed deeply, then gently sank his teeth, feeling the sudden intake of breath and hearing the soft ‘Ah!’ as he penetrated the fragile skin.

Crimson blood quickly welled up, then flooded into his mouth slowly. He drank deeply, feeling the lightly tainted blood slide down his throat deeply, enjoying the light sting in his gums.

Oh god.  This made it worthwhile, the hot blood pulsing in his throat to mingle with his own, the thundering, rushing pulse in his ears and in his mouth and tongue, and the slight breaths and moans of the victim, or lover, unknowing or otherwise just heightened the pleasure and senses.  The boy’s skin burned him through his clothing, and the hitching gasps and the overwhelming musk of the mortal was confusing his rational thought and increasing his want to tear off this boy’s clothing and just *take*

him roughly, despite the fact that it would kill him almost instantly if he did so.

As Kyo’s pulse began to weaken and slow slightly, he reluctantly pulled away, mentally and physically, detaching himself from the unconscious mortal.  He gently licked the sensitive wound, then bit his finger lightly, then touched it to the bite marks to close them.  Then he licked the neck to wipe any residue on the area.  He check the blonde’s back, not a drop spilt.

It was time he went anyway, he had other matters to attend to before he went home.

Reluctantly he placed the small blonde back on the bed, got off it himself, then pulled the bedcovers to cover the slightly paler man.  Placing a small kiss on his forehead, the man suddenly remembered what he came for originally.  Very cliché, but necessary in his case.  He pulled a Polaroid camera out of his suit pocket and took a few snapshots of Kyo’s peaceful face, then another from across the room as he was leaving.


Beautiful, sweet smelling Kyo.

HIS beautiful Kyo.

He shouldn’t of tasted him, he wouldn’t be able to stay away now, the pull would be too strong, and he would soon need Kyo’s spicy blood and to shower his lithe body in hot kisses, he should of known when to resist.

As he pulled open the window again, he turned back to look at Kyo again, who had pulled his knees up to his chest slightly and had one arm flung out towards him.

The man’s normally deep voice was soft as he spoke

“Don’t worry Kyo, I will be back soon , to taste you again…and you are mine always, don’t you ever forget that…”

And with those words, he slipped out of the window and into the night, no sign he was ever there.

The corners of Kyo’s mouth twitched slightly, but he slept on, oblivious to what the future may now hold for him.

‘ai shiteru’


to be continued~

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