Sanguinaire Liebe

by Malice Maizer

Chapter 2:

Metal fur


A Lil guide: -noises-

                   * Sighs and such *


- Taptaptaptaptaptaptptaptaptaptaptptaptaptaptaptptaptaptaptaptptaptaptaptaptap -


-Taptaptaptaptaptaptptaptaptaptaptptaptaptaptaptptaptaptap -

 * Sigh*

-Taptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptap –

* Cough *

         -Taptaptaptaptaptaptaptap –



Another pause

- Tap…tap-

“Tell me again Kaoru, how late is Kyo normally?”

Everyone except Kaoru visibly flinched at the distinct chill in Yoshiki’s voice, all the leader could hear in his silent rage were the words


“Half an hour” He bit out “At the most” How dare he…

Yoshiki swore quietly and glanced at the younger members in concern.

Toshiya was sat on the worn leather couch in the corner, legs crossed with a magazine in his lap, glancing at it occasionally but mostly staring at the entrance doors to the studio with a questioning look on his face.  Die was sitting by the window with a cigarette in his mouth, his eyes were closed but he was plucking at the sleeve of his blue T-shirt.

Shinya was sitting on a chair next to Kaoru, watching him with an unreadable look on his face.  Kaoru, like Toshiya, was staring at the door, but unlike Toshiya, Kaoru had a look of pure malice on his pretty face, glaring at the door so fiercely Yoshiki was surprised it hadn’t burst into flames.

The blonde sighed in irritation and finally put down his pen.  Two hours, two fucking hours had past since he’d shown up and that blonde psycho of a vocalist hadn’t decided to grace them with his presence.  No one answered at home, and his keitai was switched off.  Kyo was either dead, in a coma, or as Die suggested earlier, getting fucked, and if he was any later he would definitely be dead, by Kaoru’s hands.

Yoshiki glanced at his watch, 1:05pm.

He once again broke the silence.

“I have to go now, I’m meeting someone in half an hour”

The others looked up at him with a look of understanding, and Toshiya smiled coyly

“A date? Naughty Yoshiki-san, you’ve been holding out on us!”

“He probably has a date with is studio” Die winked at the bassist  “We should feel honoured he managed to tear himself away from his true love to visit us!!”

All except Kaoru and Shinya laughed at that, Shinya smiled slightly and Kaoru’s frown deepened ever so slightly as he stood up with an exhausted sigh.

“I’m sorry Yoshiki-san, when he’s late he usually calls us, its usually an excuse but he makes the effort at least”

“But it seems he’s decided to sleep in for today, If you se him today, be sure to let him live long enough to see the plans Kaoru”

The producer stood up with a sigh and left the small folder at the table he was sitting at and put on his coat.

“If I have time tomorrow I’ll come over”

He walked towards the door, and as he was about to open it, it suddenly swung open from the other side.

It was Kyo.

Or at least, it _ appeared _ to be Kyo.

He was a mess, his button-down shirt was half open and buttoned in the wrong places, he was, thankfully, zipped up in the right places in the jeans area, but his blonde hair was more of a mess than usual, one side of hair was plastered to his face somehow, and the rest sticking out in an interesting variety of blonde peaks and horns.  The little man was stooped over and leaning heavily on the doorknob, looking exhausted and like he hadn’t seen his bed all night.

“…Uh, is it too late to say Ohayo?”

For a full 10 seconds Yoshiki stared at him in shocked silence, took him by the arm and guided him to Toshiya, who had leapt up from the couch to embrace him warmly

“Kyo, where have you been, I was so worried!!” Worry and relief filled Toshiya’s words, and Kyo found himself smiling weakly and hugged back as hard as he could, not answering

“We all were worried, you little warumono, were taking drugs or biting small animals?”

Die had joined the two and gave Kyo a friendly slap on the back, more relieved than he let on, Shinya had decided to stay silent and remain where he was, he was happy Kyo as safe but had decided to stay by the guitarist and keep an eye on him in case he did something regrettable, seeing as Kaoru looked eerily calm now, but he tightened jaw and fists were unconsciously giving him away.

“…Gomen” was all that came from the blonde head tightly kept to Toshiya’s chest.

Shinya swore he was Kaoru’s right eye muscle twitch slightly.

Yoshiki, after looking over Kyo carefully, walked to Shinya’s side and cleared his throat slightly.  When the young drummer turned to him, he said in a low voice, “Make sure you keep an eye on Kyo, I don’t want him sick, and for that matter, make sure Kaoru goes easy on him, give me a call tonight to tell me what happens”

Shinya nodded slightly, and Yoshiki gave a slight smile in return, then left quietly.

Toshiya loosened his vice-like grip to cup Kyo’s face in his hands and saw the dark circles under his eyes and paleness.  He wiped a thumb over his bandmate’s round cheek “Did you even go to bed Ko-ko-chan (A.N I know, I didn’t come up with it, but I couldn’t help myself ^_^)

Kyo grimaced slightly at the cute, affectionate nickname and Die’s not-so-quiet snicker.

“I slept like a log all night Totchi, I just woke up late, that’s all”

“If you were at your apaato you would have heard us call you about 20 times” Die said suggestively.  Kyo lifted his head to look at Die.

“My apaato? Die, I was there all night and most of this morning!”

“And you NEVER heard the phone?”

“…Every now and then I heard a ringing noise, but it sounded so far away…”

Toshiya heard the fatigue in Kyo’s voice, and cuddled him closer

“Hmmm, my kawaii teddy bear is all sleepy still, maybe you should go home”

“Like hell he will!!”

Everyone looked at Koru in surprised, even Shinya, who wasn’t  prepared for the sudden outburst.  Their leader was not a happy man, obviously.

“Do you know” He ground out bitterly “Why Yoshiki-san was just here?”

Kyo, sensing a showdown, slowly untangled himself from Toshiya’s protective embrace to size up Kaoru, despite his urge to collapse and sleep for 20 years

“Enlighten me, oh leader-sama”

Another eye twitch “He was here to help us with our upcoming release, remember?  And because we’re a band of _ five _, it would only make sense to go over it all together, but with only _ four_ here, nothing could be done!!”

Kyo’s small frown deepened into a glare “Sorry” He said sharply, and clearly didn’t mean it, at least to Kaoru.

“SORRY? Sorry isn’t going to cut it _ Tohru _, we’re over two weeks behind schedule on this!!” Kaoru’s voice was rising in irritation.

“Well he’s coming back tomorrow, isn’t he?” Kyo’s was too

“If we’re LUCKY, Yoshiki-san has better things to do than wait around for you to swan in when you feel like it!! You know I don’t mind usually, but I have a life that doesn’t revolve around you!!!”

Kyo was silent for a time, then “Well fuck you, shit for brains, because I’m going home, at least I turned up”

With that, the tiny vocalist stormed out of the practice room without another word.  Toshiya gave Kaoru a worried look, packed up his bass and left too, Die following him.

Kaoru was still staring at the door five minutes later, regretting his words.

“That was pretty harsh kaoru, he did look sick” Shinya said quietly.

“…I know, but…Yoshiki went through all that trouble of flying here on such notice… And you saw Kyo yesterday” Kaoru finally turned away to put away his guitar, his voice quiet  “He was his usual excited self, and so full of energy.  No one gets that sick so quickly, it’s just not possible”

The beautiful drummer thought about this as he put on his warm coat and scarf “True, but maybe it’s been building up for a while, I’ve heard of that”

“Maybe” He ran his hands through his sexy purple hair.

After a moment of silence, Shinya said quietly “And you were worried something had happened to him? Is that what’s wrong?”

Koru looked surprised, then suddenly smiled brightly

“Ne, Shin-chan, I don’t feel like going home right now, want to get something to eat?”

Shinya blinked in confusion, then understood. Besides…this was a rare moment alone with Kaoru… He blushed lightly “Okay, but one thing first”

“What’s that?”

“If you don’t put on your coat and die of the cold, I will not be held responsible!”



“Little shaver, who does he think he is, my father?”

Kyo muttered as he opened another soda

“Well you were 2 hours late, Kyo-kun” Die was stretched out beside him, with his feet on the table with no shirt, a can of cold beer resting on his bare flat stomach “And the almighty Yoshiki ‘ you may call me GOD’ Sama went to all that terrible trouble, Dahling” He continued in a mocking lisping tone.  Kyo glared at the guitarist “Keep that up and you’ll be feeling that beer, Daisuke”

Toshiya, on the other side of Kyo, giggled and turned over the channel  “You better listen to him! Ko-ko-chan has killed before!! He has the terrible thirst!” He exclaimed warningly, gesturing wildly with his empty beer can.

Kyo, despite his sleepiness, got the opening.  He put down the soda and snuggled up to Toshiya and wrapped his arms around him with a fond grin.

“Ne, Totchi, the only thing hat I thirst for is you and your luscious body” He purred sleepily, carefully watching Die’s reaction, and gave a smug but satisfied smile when Die fixed him with a dark look and sipped his beer huffily.  Toshiya laughed softly

“Why Kyo, I thought you were a faithful man, or did you only want me?”

The vocalist raised his head “What?” He asked, genuinely confused.  Toshiya winked and put his head close to Kyo to whisper, as if it was a great secret.

“Well Kyo-chan, _ something_ had you so exhausted last night that you overslept so badly.  Did you have a night time visitor?”

Kyo stared at Toshiya “No! I came home and went to bed, I told you that before!”

For some strange reason, his face and neck suddenly got alot warmer, particularly his neck, which started to burn hotly.

The guitarist whistled from his spot “Well if Kyo-chan is telling the truth, maybe an incubus visited him”

The younger men stared at him “A what?”

“It’s an invisible demon that has sex with with sleeping people, he puts ‘em in a trance”

He said with a distinct leer “Can’t you imagine kiddies? An unseen intruder sneaking into Kyo’s room at the dead of night, peeling back the covers and his clothing, kissing that full mouth and pinching those sweet nipples and then taking him so-“

Kyo knocked over the beer.





“Little prick…warumono…bastard” These words and many more followed Die as he walked out of the bathroom into Kyo’s bedroom, that connected to it and was the only way out. His stomach was still slightly chilly, and, as ordered by Toshiya, had to wear one of Kyo’s oldest, largest and most worn sweater, which turned out to be an almost perfect fit for Die, and his own boxers, because his jeans had gotten wet too.  You could tell it was a favourite of Kyo’s; the tobacco smells were so old the younger man had probably first started smoking wearing it.

“Can that brat take a joke? So what if he’s cute…” He trailed off at the recent memory of Kyo hugging Toshiya so intimately.

It made sense of course, the two had lived together for over two years so of course they would be kinda close and intimate with each other…but still, it did make Die’s blood boil slightly to see them like that, but that was jealousy ‘You can’t be jealous of friends’ He chastised himself

‘Jealousy of that kind is low, even for me’ True, that incubus bit was partly to get Kyo riled up, but it was true, or at least, it was something he read about.  But he had deliberately left out the part when after three nights, the incubus kills the victim, Toshiya wouldn’t wan to hear about that.



Die sat on the bed thoughtfully, leaning back on his hands.  What had he fallen for that bassist? That beautiful, kind, “Not the brightest cookie” Toshiya?


‘Why DO I like him in that way?’

Something very small and stiff under Die’s hand caught his attention, and as he raised his hand he thought of whatever it was as a welcome distraction to his thoughts.

Until he saw it.

A splatter of blood.



to be continued~

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