Sanguinaire Liebe

by Malice Maizer

Chapter 3:

Wish and Flowers


The door opened quietly but swiftly, and a pretty blue head peaked in to look for any damage.

"Kyo?" Toshiya cleared his throat anxiously "Kyo? Are you here?"

"Oi Toshiya!! Stop hogging the door space!!" demanded a voice behind him, and Toshiya almost stumbled over when Kaoru shoved the door open and pushed past him into the apaato.

Toshiya felt a small hand on his shoulder, and turned to see Shinya with Die close behind him, both looking as nervous as himself.

Die whispered "Are you alright?" to the bassist, and after receiving a nod, went to Kaoru, calling out "Seen the little bugger yet?"

Shinya's slim hand slipped down to squeeze the bassist's hand warmly

"I'm worried Totchi" He murmured quietly  "Kyo's been acting like this for nearly two weeks now, he must have some kind of virus or something"

Toshiya nodded slowly and looked around the living room again, as if searching for something

"I think you're right, did you see him yesterday?"

"He looked ready to collapse"

"Exactly, and today he doesn't show up at all, I don't think it's-"

"Shinya! Toshiya!?"  Die suddenly appeared in the doorway of the bedroom, panic written all over his face

"Get in here! Kyo's not waking up!!"

The two exchanged brief glances, then rushed to Kyo's room



*  *



Kyo was lying in bed on his back, looking like he had just gone into a deep slumber.  The black and ruby red sheets made the singer look even smaller and paler than usual, his bright blonde hair a shock contrast to his translucent skin and bedsheets.  He looked ethereal, otherworldly, and almost…beautiful.

But truely, he looked like he was dying.

His skin was too pale, yesterday Kaoru could almost see some of Kyo's veins, and now, watching Kyo sleep, he could see them so clearly it was disturbing.  Kaoru reached out hesitantly and shook Kyo's shoulder without much force, Kyo looked so fragile and doll-like he was afraid he would shatter beneath his fingers.

No response.

Despite himself, the guitarist felt tears prick his eyes, he turned away from Kyo and the others to remove his sunglasses and wipe his eyes.

Toshiya sniffed loudly from where he was sitting on Kyo's bed  "Is he even breathing? I can barely see anything" His own voice was thick with tears, and he was fidgeting with his bands, which was unusual for the pretty bassist.

"I…I think so" Shinya whispered, so quietly Toshiya almost didn't hear him.

Without any hesitation Toshiya pulled out a small handmirror from his back pocket and held it close to the slightly parted full lips and watched intently.

A small puff of air fogged onto the mirror, then disappered, three seconds later, the same happened.

"He is, regularly at least" Toshiya breathed, a little releived "But it's too slow and little"

He felt for Kyo's temperature, frowned worriedly, then looked at Die

"Die, does Kyo feel normal to you?"

Die blinked in surprise "Normal?"

"Just feel his forehead"

He hesitated for a moment, then put his hand to the vocalist's forehead.  He suddenly understood what Toshiya was worried about. Kyo was still warm but was almost cool to the touch, like a person close to death... Die swallowed thickly and moved his hand to Kyo's neck, searching for the pulse

-ba bump..-

A million thought's ran through Die's head 'This isn't natural, it's as if something's sucking all of the life out of him...Kyo's what's happening to you? Are you even aware of what's going on?'

"It's too slow" Was all he was able to say, and as he said the words, the room seemed to get colder.

A tear made it's way down Toshiya's cheek, followed by another "What's wrong with him?!"

he gasped, eyes still focused on the still form, his voice finally cracking at 'wrong'

Die's hand left Kyo's neck,and put his arms around his in an embrace, which Toshiya gladly accepted. Die's mind was still spinning but decided to concentrate on comforting the bassist.

After a minute or so of silence, save for Toshiya's sobs, Shinya lifted his pain-filled eyes from where they previously glued to the floor, and hesitatingly approached Kaoru, who still had his back to them

"Kaoru?" He didn't answer, Shinya knew he heard him "Kaoru? are you-"

"I'm fine" The unusual chill in Kaoru's voice and body language almost scared Shinya with the harsh coldness.  Shinya ignored the small stab of pain in his heart and focused on the small man in bed

"Kyo..." He didn't like this, not at all, something really wasn't quite right about this , something was feeding off of Kyo alright, but Shinya really wasn't thinking of any virus or disease.

'Kyo you need to get through this....' He thought gently 'You're so weak now, so I'll help you this time'

Shinya walked around to the top of the bed where Kyo was resting, he looked so delicate and childlike he couldn't help but gently run his hand down the round cheek, he was still so soft.

Shinya's heart clenched slightly 'If...If I'm right about this, we could lose Kyo forever, one way or another'

Enough whining now, Shinya firmed his resolve "Kyo-kun.." He whispered, his right hand stroking Kyo's chest "Kyo-kun...time to get up, time to leave the world of dreaming" He ran his free hand through kyo's soft hair and leaned in close as if to give him a loving kiss

Die and Toshiya were now looking at Shinya, and even Kaoru had turned around as well, after a moment, he said "I don't think that'll work"

Shinya ignored him, and closed his eyes.

"Shin-chan?" He ignored Toshiya as well and concentrated.  Shinya put his forehead to Kyo's, then after about half a minute he shifted so that his mouth was close to the shell of his ear and whispered something over and oveer.

'What the hell is Shin-chan doing?!' Die looked at Toshiya, but the bassist was intently watching the pair, still confused, his eyes met Kaoru's and he could see he was confused as he was.

After about seven minutes Shinya drew back panting

"It should work now" He whispered to himself, but Toshiya heard him.

"What should work? Shinya, we need to call the hospital and-"

Toshiya was interrupted by a loud snort from the bed.  All were silent as their eyes moved from Shinya to the bed.

Kyo snorted and scratched his head, groaning softly

"Nhhh, fee' like shit" He mumbled. A few seconds later he opened his eyes and sat up slowly, it was noticably harder for him.  He wiped his eyes sleepily, then noticed his shocked bandmates and exhausted Shinya

"Guys? What are you doing here? What time is it?"


* THUD *

"And why is Totchi on the floor?






“So he’s not alone tonight…”

The man smiled softly, true friends indeed.

His Kyo was asleep in bed, as always, but there was another young man asleep in bed with him, wearing light blue pyjamas, with his arm slung over Kyo’s torso.  He looked so familiar to him, he might have been in the band Kyo was in, Dir en Grey.  Next to bed was a sitting chair from the next room, and in that chair was a very slim young man also asleep, with a soft creamy blanket drawn up to his chin as he sat curled up in the large seat, with his head drooping to the side slightly.

His curled his long elegant fingers to the rim of the window and opened it swiftly and silently, stepping inside to escape the chilly February air.  He shut them behind him and walked slowly to the bed and chair, and when he reached the three he simply had to admire the delicious sight before him.

‘I suppose I really should be feeling jealous, why should these boys spend all night with Kyo, and let them come so close and intimate with him so willingly, whereas I only get a few precious hours of him to myself, and if I want to feed from him, kiss him, or even touch him…he has to be under a sleeping spell’

These thoughts ran through his head as he absently brushed away a lock of dark blue from the taller man’s forehead.

He spoke softly “Now I remember you” He said with a friendly tone “Toshiya, the pretty bassist” He glanced to the sleeping young man in the chair “And you are…Shinya? I heard the drummer was lovely but frightfully skinny, and I think I’ve seen you a few times with my Tohru in those pictures…”


There was something about this Shinya, something special and rare about this drummer that he couldn’t quite put his finger on, he couldn’t stop staring at him suddenly, and even reached out a graceful hand to stroke the soft hair.

‘Not a good idea’ his mind snapped at him, and his hand froze only a few centimetres away from the younger man, he retreated it and frowned lightly ‘Strange…’

A soft sigh and murmur caught his attention and he turned to the direction of the noise in slight irritation to the interruption of his thoughts, but when he saw who it was his face softened immediately

‘Kyo…how could I forget him…”

His Kyo was as beautiful as always, but he was too pale.  His skin was…almost translucent, and his veins were far too prominent, he looked exhausted, and the man the man knew why, and his heart filled with guilt.

‘Oh dear…is this why he’s having this little sleepover? Is he afraid the big bad monster will take more life out of him? Or is it his cute friends and band mates who think that? I can’t really be angry at that’

He murmured the familiar incantation, this time making sure to make it a lot stronger, he had a feeling that the young drummer could shake off the usual weak spell.  Once that was done, he gently removed Toshiya’s arm from Kyo’s torso and his long leg from where it was curled around Kyo’s smaller one, and picked up Kyo easily, but as if Kyo was the most precious and delicate object in the world.

With the greatest ease he slipped through the half-open door into the living room, and crinkled his nose in annoyance at the sight of the pizza boxes, toys, beer cans and cigarette butts spread all over the living room hazardly.

Thankfully the couch only had one pizza box and a few gundam toys on it.

He brushed away the pizza box and toys with a thought, sending them scattering to the floor, and lay Kyo gently upon the couch, then used a few cushions to prop up his head and upper body.  He kneeled by the vocalist and started to stroke his soft cheek with care.

Ever since that fateful night, Kyo had been the only true thought in his head.  He had even cancelled some of his own practises to watch Kyo during the day.  Since he had started feeding from Kyo the vocalist had been tired and a little sluggish, which was normal, but he had continued to be as passionate and energetic to his singing to his singing as he always was, and continued his life as normally as he could, trying to hide the fact that he was worried about his sudden fatigue.

The man had to admit he felt guilt to a certain extent about Kyo’s situation, but he could not help himself, Kyo seduced him, with his blood and scent, but, not only that…

He was falling in love with him…

The man leaned over to Kyo and kissed him softly, gently pushing his tongue into the unresponsive mouth as he closed his fair eyes.

Fair enough, ‘Love’ would seem far too strong a word to an outsider, considering they had never formally met or spoken to each other, but it was so true.

He loved Kyo with all his heart, his bizarre voice, his eccentric habits and pets, his incomparable lyrics and poems, his small cute form, his small black clothing which he hated at first, his bright hair, his sensual mouth, his scent…everything that was Kyo.

He drew away from the soft mouth and moved to kiss and lick the small neck lovingly, deciding to avoid the pulse point as he embraced his Kyo.

Kyo was like a drug to him, and he had to come back for more, damn the consequences, but Kyo was too weak now, if he fed from him tonight and tomorrow, he could quite possibly kill him, and he wanted him around far longer than that.  Again he considered Turning Kyo, he wanted to see his eternally young face to be same thing he would see when he woke up, he wanted him as a proper lover, when he kissed him, he wanted Kyo to respond, embracing him and playing with his tongue, he wanted to feel Kyo’s small hand hold his as he nervously took his first feed from a mortal, wanted to see his expression and voice when the rules and history of vampires was laid before him, wanted to feel, see and hear Kyo beneath him in bed, tight and panting, moans escaping soft lips…

But in the end, it came to being Kyo’s choice, and his alone.  Turning a mortal without their full consent or while being forced upon was illegal in any vampire populace, the penalty being his banishment and Kyo would be killed mercilessly.

He drew back and licked his lips, taking the time to admire the red marks now upon Kyo’s pale neck, lovebites, perfectly harmless but still deliciously fun.

The man ran a graceful hand through his brown  (A.N: Wait a sec * checks magazines*

Yes…yes it’s brown) hair thoughtfully, the stood up.  He put his tiny camera on the coffee table, then went to the doorway to switch on the dimmer.




Kaoru came over to Kyo’s apaato the next afternoon, Kyo was already up and looking much better.  He sat on the couch with Kyo and told him the rest of the week’s practise was cancelled due to everyone’s concern for his health, and told him to get some rest.

Kyo rolled his eyes but agreed smiling, on the condition Kaoru bought him a new Gundam model.

When Kyo was in the kitchen getting some tea from the fridge (the kind in a can) Kaoru spotted a small Polaroid, face away, halfway down the side of the couch, and without thinking picked it up, and put it into his pocket without thinking, put it in his pocket.

It wasn’t until he got home and remembered the photo he knew what happened to Kyo the night before.



to be continued~

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