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Notes : alrightie…I don’t know ANYTHING about Ichiro Takigawa, D’Erlanger, or Craze….so THESE one here is just something from my head!!! Oh yeah, and I don’t own anyone in this fic!!  *peace*


The ballroom was very crowded. There, a great massive party was held. Everyone from Indies to Major, from pop rock to visual was there.

On one side of the room…

“Oh my….Ichiro-san is here too!!!” cried a very exited Inoran.

J who stood beside him rolled his eyes.

“Ne…JunJun-chan, would you like to wait here?? I promise, I wont’t take long!!! Nee…neee….”

Who could resist such a puppy eyes, so J allowed him to go and meet his idol.


On the other side of the room….

“Waaa….Shin-chaaan….Ichiro-san is here!!!!!” Die said holding his lover’s hand tightly.

Before Shinya could say anything else, Die kissed him quick on the lips and said, “Nee….I wanna go meet him…wait here nee!!”

And so…Shinya was left alone…”Baka!”


Two men was walking happily, heading to a place where Ichiro Takigawa stood. But didn’t notice that their favourite guitarist was gone already.

They bumped into each other…

“Itttaaaaaii…..heey, watch where you going dude!!” a very angry Die yelled. He scared the hell out of poor little Inoran.

“Ettoo…ano, sumimasen” Ino continued bowing.

They realised that the man who should be standing there was gone already.

“Where’s Ichiro-sama???” they both said in the same time.

They looked to the left and then right, until they finally noticed a very familiar figure walking through the oceans of people, heading out of the ballroom.

“There he is!!” Ino said, feeling like an overexcited fan girls.

And so they ran pass the people, following their idol.


Outside the ballroom…

Ichiro Takigawa was walking to the elevator. When he was already inside of it, he didn’t notice two cursing boys just outside the elevator.

“Ooooh maaaaann…now I wouldn’t able to see him!!”

“*sniff* ‘kuso!!”

Seeing the almost crying man beside him, Die tried to say something…

“Nee…now now! Don’t cry!! We’re acting like a bunch of real fan girls!!” [Miss J : hehehee…..]

Hugging the sniffing Ino, Die walked to the coffee shop. They took a place to sit in the corner, which was quieter.

Inoran didn’t notice who he was with, until he looked closely at the man in front of him.

“Anoou…aren’t you the one from Yoshiki’s new band???”

Flattered, Die could only laugh. “Hai…Dir en Grey no Die desu, yoroshiku nee Inoran-san!”

“…” Ino looked at him once again “You’re not as scary as I thought!!”

Die just grin sheepishly.

“Nee…you were looking for Ichiro-sama too right?” asked the red head guy.


“Kyaa….” Holding Ino’s hand again, “I’m a BIIIG fan of him too you know!!! I’m so glad to meet you!! I heard that one of Luna Sea’s member is a fan of him too…but I don’t know who he is!! It’s you!!”

Ino didn’t know what else to say, he was happy too to meet Die.


Inside the ballroom…

“Gyaaah….where is Ino???” J was strangling everyone he saw. He’d been waiting too long, and he couldn’t wait any longer.

He walked without looking….


J walked over someone’s foot.

“Mouu…watch it!!!”

“Eehh…gomen neee!! I’m just looking for my Ino who was looking for that damn Ichiro!!” J bowed apology to the other guy.

“Neee…..Ichiro?? Die was going to after that guy too!! Do you happen to…”

Before the frail guy got the changed to finish, J cut “Hell I know where he is?? Damn it…I’m getting pissed of!!!”


In the coffee shop…

“Hey hey…did you see D’erlanger first concert in 1989??? Ichiro-sama was way awesome!!!”

Who knew that Inoran, the quiet guy from Luna Sea could talk that much?? Die was very surprised.

“And…and…when they first performed in….ummm…that live house on Shibuya…”


“Yeaaah…that one!! That was when he first showed his entire guitar skills!! I can never be that great!!”

“Inoran-san, you ARE great right now!!” Die said mater of factly.

“But…but…YOU have to agree that he IS the best nee!!!” Ino forced showing his innocent face.

“Man…you act like a child nee Ino-san!!” said Die, tapping Ino’s head.

Little did they know, two pairs of eyes were looking straight at them, from the other side of the coffee shop.

“Hey…what’s that dork doing with my Ino-chan…gyaah…he’s touching hiiim!!”

“Watch your words!! Die is not a dork you asshole!!”

They walked quickly to the other side of the coffee shop, taking their position right behind their lovers.

“Hey…Ino-san…did you get to watch Craze latest cons…” Die stopped his words when he looked at the angry mad man behind Ino.

Ino looked at the terrified Die, and there was someone behind Die that looked straight at him with killer eyes. He knew him, he was another member of Dir en Grey who has the same name as Luna Sea’s drummer.

Noticing where Die was looking at, he glanced behind him and found, a red faced J.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH ‘MY’ INO???” “WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH ‘MY’ DIE??” Both J and Shinya said in the same time, while trying to grab their lover possessively.

“Ettoo…we are…” a very stunned Die tied to explain.

“JunJun-chan…we were trying to meet Ichiro-sama, but ended up missing our idol…so we are here to talk about something….about HIM…Die tried to comfort me so I won’t be so upset about no be able to see Ichiro-sama….”

Shinya eyed him suspiciously, then moved his eyes to his lover…”You’re not having an affair, are you??” he asked Die.

Die shook his head “No…off course!” then he looked a J who was still staring at him the way Shinya was staring at Ino.

J grabbed Ino away from there, and so did Die.

“Nice meeting you Inoran-san!!!” screamed Die. Shinya pinched him.

“Same here!!” Ino replied with his fingers singing the “peace” sign, while being dragged by a mad J.

+++THE END+++

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