by Miss J


It's almost past midnight now…. But still I can't manage to close my eyes, and go to the heavenly dreamland. I just sit here on the couch, in front of the TV screen, watching some unknown late night shows. My eyes are still wide open…can't sleep…

You put your hands around my neck, hug me from behind, place some light kisses on my neck..

"Nee…why haven't you sleep???" you asked huskily.

"Why haven't you??" I asked you back.

You stop your kissing, and turn away. Maybe you are going to the bedroom again. But to my surprise, you suddenly standing in front of me, looking down straight at me.

"Darling…why are you so distance these days??" you put you fingers on my face, caressing it lovingly. Sending shivers down to my spines.

I don't know what to say…

You kiss my lips…lightly, licking slowly but sure, until I open my mouth letting you enter it. Our tongue meet each other, dancing their way in one same rhythm. I can't help but gasp for some air to breathe. You always give me that kiss when you want to…

"Please….it seems like long time ago since we last do it!!"

You have those reflecting in your eyes…lust, longing and love.

How can I resist you, you are so beautiful…

"Lets go to the bed room then!"

You kiss me again…but this time just a quick kiss. I trail behind you to go to the bed room. As we reach there, you sit on the bed and I close the door behind me.

I walk slowly towards where you are sitting. Reach the wonderful smooth skin of yours, as smooth as the silk. And then we kiss again. More passionately than before. I nibble your smooth neck, laying you down on the bed…and tracing lower to your shoulder blade, when …


I'm a little bit surprise…I thought you want me to do it right here, now. But why did you just say…

"You've done so many work…and you look so tired. You always be the one on the top, you always take control… so, this time let me do all of the job nee??"

With that, we switch our position. I feel a little bit weird, I thought you like being the bottom…why all of the sudden…

"Just try to relax baby!" you whispered in my ears…licking it seductively.

Licking me down to my neck, your fingers working to open my pyjamas button. Then you brush your fingers on my chest. Taking and caressing my nipple, while still nibbling and biting on my neck. A moan escape from my mouth when you replace your fingers with your mouth, taking and playing my nipple, making it hard.

You're heading lower and lower…until you reach there…

"Honey…do you want me to take it??" You asked me in a very low and husky voice.

I don't know…"Mou….onegaii…."

You pull down my pyjamas' trousers and my underwear… An electricity seems to shock me when you take me into your mouth. Licking from top to bottom…. I thrust into your mouth…you hold my hip down. I'm going crazy… You keep licking and sucking…


I cum into your mouth…you swallow until the last drop.

"You taste so sweet koi!!"

We kiss again…deep…deep…deeper… I can taste the bitter taste of mine in your mouth…

I asked you, " Don't you want to….??"

You put one finger on my lips…wanting me not to say anything… "I love you!! I don't want to hurt you…now just take a rest….and sleep!!" you said inches away from me.


You silent me down…by kissing me.

"I love you….you know that…." You said between our kisses.

"…I know!" was all my reply.

I know you love me…but I don't know about my self. You said those three words every time… But I never give my reply to you. Maybe I am such a heartless person… Even though I am, you're still there taking care of me. Give me your angelic smile.

I don't know about my true feelings for you…

I don't wanna let you down by saying I don't love you…

We've been together for too long….and yet…I still don't know whether I love you or not??

What if the truth is…I don't…

You are sleeping peacefully by my side. Cuddling closer to me Showing that angelic face of yours.

I brush my fingers through your face….

"Gomen nee….itoshii!!"


**Miss J : whahaaa…I know the title sucks!! *cannot think of a perfect one* but…that's all I can do dudes!! Gomen if there're lots of grammar mistakes of sumthing like that!! *bows* Comments ...ONEGAISHIMASU!!!**


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