Tonkou [ ]

by Miss J

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I was standing in the shore of Kuta beach. The sun was almost setting, and its ray passed through the clouds in the sky, radiating warmness to my body. I inhaled the fresh breeze, as it flown my hair.

It was my first day spending my holiday in that beautiful paradise. We, me and my family, had just arrived that morning. My family was all tired because of the long journey, but I won’t waste any of my time here, I walked around the hotel which was located near the beach.

There were so many people gathered around in the seashore. But from what I saw, there weren’t much Nihon-jin there. Wasn’t it supposed to be holiday? I heard so many Japanese people visit that place. Or maybe it was because of it was winter back at Japan? People only visit Bali on summer. But I careless about all of that. All I think about was to runaway from that coldness and freezing wintertime.

I walked through the shore, but not too far, for I might lost. But, I didn’t care about that, the hotel I stayed in was a famous one. I could always ask the way back to the hotel.

I found a place so that I could sit there. I took my cigarettes out from my pocket. Light it, and inhaled the intoxicated smoke. I knew I was too young to smoke, but who cares, lots of high school students, even junior high schools students, smoked. It’s not like it was a big deal or something. Deadly? Yes, I realised it.

While still enjoying the breeze, I didn’t even noticed someone sit next to me, asked me politely for a fire to lit his cigarette.

“Sumimasen, can I borrow your lighter?”

I looked at him, didn’t realise that he was too a Japanese.

I handed him the lighter, and he lit his. Inhaling it happily, and said “Domo arigatou!!” with a winked.

He had this something inside of him that was very charming. He owned a very delicate and beautiful face. High cheekbones, deep eyes that could look straight into you, skin a little bit burnt. Perfect. His hair was pink-purplish. Matched him perfectly.

“Anoou…you’re from Japan too right?” he asked me, again in that polite way.

Before I even had the time to answered his question, he bowed and introduce himself to me.

“Boku wa Niikura Kaoru desu!! Omae wa??”

Dumbly I answered his question, “Anoou…..Hara Toshimasa, douzo yoroshiku”

“Aahh…finally I can hear your voice Hara-san!!” he added, smiling.

“…don’t call me that please! People call me Toshiya!! Just call me by that nee!!”

He smiled again, what a sweet smile he had. I had never seen someone with the smile as beautiful as his. I smiled back.

We talked about lots of things. He told me that he’d been there for 3 days, and would be staying more for the next whole week. He stayed in the hotel next to mine. So we walked back heading to our hotels together.

“So, where do you from??”


“Saaa…it’s my hotel…got to go now! Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow?”

I nodded.

“Okkay…you better take a good night sleep nee!! Rest! You still got lots of time here!!”

With that he disappeared into his hotel, and I walked to mine. Heading to my hotel room, room 304. Put my card keys, open the door, stepped in. To my surprised, nobody was there. And I found a note near the telephone…

Toshiya dear,

We’ll be going out for a while, find something for dinner.

We won’t be long…and we’ll buy you something okay?


Mom, Dad, Nii-chan.


They were out. I walked to the connecting door, that connected me and my brother’s room to our parents’. It’s not fair how parents always got the bigger and better room. The bed was big, I laid my body down to that very soft bed. Felt like heaven, and before I knew I was fast asleep.


The next morning I was awaken by my dad’s loud snoring. I couldn’t believe how I spent the night with my snoring dad?

“Otouusaaaan….” I groaned, shaking my dad so he would just stop snoring.

But I think it just wouldn’t work, at least for my father…..useless!! So I just get off the bed, a quickly dashed into the next room.

“Ohayou Totchi!!” my mom greeted me.

“Okaaasaaan….how did I end up sleeping with dad??” I asked whining.

“Hey, you’re the one who fell asleep there!” said my brother, in his sooo annoying face.

I just ignored that one. He can be such a pain in the ass sometimes, but hey, he’s my one and only brother!


After like seemed hours, eating breakfast with them. I excused myself.

“I have to meet someone! Jaaa…..”

And so I ran to the elevator, pressing the Lobby button. As I arrived there, I only think

of : maybe I shall go visit his hotel and wait at the lobby so…

“Heeyy…Toshiyaa!!” he gripped my shoulder surprisingly. Giving me that smile.

“You shocked me to dead!! …..asshole!” eepps, didn’t mean to say last word.


“Eehh…..nothing! Sooo…where are we going to go?”

I didn’t even know him, why did I ask him where to go? Am I to paralysed by him? God damn! He’s the same gender as I am! Am I suddenly turning to like him? What the….

“Hey, you okkay Toshi-kun?”

Unnoticed by my own self, I was starting to blush. Damn, what’s gotten into me? What is this strange feeling?

He took me to the beach again, there were lots of people but much more than yesterday. People swimming, surfing, sunbathing. I wish had I brought my swimming shorts with me! We found the place where we met yesterday, we sit there again, and started to talk while smoking our cigarettes.

“You haven’t try anything, have you?” asked him.

Dragging my cigarette, exhaling it, I nodded. I suddenly felt so speechless.

“Well, you have to enjoy everything here!! The day and night time are VERY, I mean VERY awesome!!”

And so he talked non-stop about everything, again. And he said about a nightclub, a bit far from here, but it’s great. And he asked me if I wanted to go there with him later that night.

Absentmindly, I again give him my thousands nod.

“Oooh, it’ll be so great nee??!!”


Later that evening, I was so confused. I had nothing to wear, I felt like a school girl going on a first date. Well, I was a school student, but I am NOT a girl!!

“Looks like my little bother here, are going to have a date tonight??!”

Oh great, it was my brother again. And in a very happy teasing mode.

“Is it the same girl with the one you met this morning??” he said in he’s usual annoying mode.

“You don’t wanna know, so back off nii-chan!!”


We met again in the lobby, I wore just a plain white tight shirt and my dark blue jeans. I didn’t know what to do with my dyed-blue hair, so I just let it be, letting the tail fell down through my neck.

While in the other hand, Kaoru looked so ready for a clubbing. I couldn’t describe what he wore, but they were all black. Again, PERFECT!

“We’re not gonna walk there, so I rented a car, ikimashouu!?!”

The car was a black jeep. Fit well to him. And so he drove us out there, through the streets of Legian, and out… I don’t know the name of the street. And it was dark, so I couldn’t see the surrounding.

We stopped at a house, with lots of cars parked around it. There was a big sign ‘TERRACE’

“C’mon, it’ll be soo fun!”

The place was fantastic, I’d never been to a club like that before. There were two places, inside and out in the garden. We chose to sit in the garden. The waiter gave us this menu with lots of cocktails there. I ordered the usual ones, and so did he.

They were playing that ambience music. It was so relaxing. I could see some gaijin dancing there. Wow, sure that place was marvellous! It was located near the beach for sure. For I could feel the night breeze of it. It was wonderful. I enjoyed the every bit of it, drinking my cocktail, and ordering it once more when I saw the glass was empty.

He asked if I wanna dance too, dreamily I just nod. We joined the other people that were dancing there. I wasn’t that drunk, I had my senses then. But I was high….I though there was something in the drink. But I was careless about that. Maybe, I was drunk.

The next thing I knew, I was back in the car with Kaoru.

My blurry eyes took a glance of him.

“Man, I wouldn’t have guessed you will be THAT drunk!!”

“….ee….where are we going now? Another bar???” I said smiling drunkly.

He shook his head, I could see his beautiful face showing….sad??

“No Hara Toshimasa…you are going back to the hotel!! You, my friend, are DRUNK!! Shouldn’t have brought you there in the first place”

Silence again. I fell into slumber.

I could hear his last voice, “k’so…”


“Heey…wakey wakey my dearest ototo!!”

Slowly I opened my eyes, my head was so heavy. And there was a stunning pain, and a rush to throw out.

“Urrghh….how do I get back here?” I ask my brother, while trying to stand still.

“Your friend brought you back last night. Man, I never see you that drunk before!! Thank god mom and dad didn’t see you!! Or else…”

I ran to the toilet, holding the toilet seat, threw out all everything from inside of me. I didn’t feel so good. And I couldn’t stop vomiting, until I feel a little less better.

Still a bit sick I asked him, “What time is it??”



“I told mom and that you went home late last night and still tired, so they left you, and me to take care of you..” he walked closer, “ Are you feeling all right? Want me to make you something??”

I didn’t answer his question right away, instead of that I just said, “Where did they go?”

He sighed, “I have no idea! Maybe they are reserving a place for us to go cruise…or something like that!”

I shrugged, and head back to bed. My head was still dizzy.

Someone was knocking on the door.

My brother opened it, and I could hear he talked to someone. Maybe it was the room service, I didn’t pay any attention to what the said. And the door was closed again.

“Who was tha….”

“Toshiya…are feeling better?”

It was Kaoru.

“I’m sorry….it’s all my fault that you got that drunk!” he said, looking to me.

He sat in the edge of my bed, still looking straight at me.

“Noo…it was me…I’m the one who drank too much!!”

He took a hold of my hand, “You look pale! I’m sorry…”

“Yameru!! Don’t blame it on yourself!!”

I tried to stand up, getting rid of all my headache, “Let’s go somewhere! I’m hungry!”

But then I fell on the floor. “Damn!!”

He helped me stand up again, “You’re still weak man!!”

“Let me change…nee?? I don’t want to stuck in the hotel room, gosh I’m in Bali now!! I won’t waste my time!”

He only gave a weak nod. There were worry in his eyes.

“Hey…stop staring and don’t worry!! I’m storng!!”


Moments later, we were in a restaurant called Warung Made. We ordered our food. It was delicious! Even thou I couldn’t recall the name of it. Feeling full enough, I lit my cigarette.

“Aww…maaan!! Only one left!!” I said whining, “Kaoru, accompany me to buy a new one nee!!”

I felt so much better. A little bit dizzy, but way much better.


The next morning, I was feeling good. Mom told me we are going to go cruising that day, so we have to prepare immediately, cause someone are going to pick us to the marina. Didn’t accept to be so soon, so I packed also.

The journey to the marina was about 20 minutes from my hotel.

So I wouldn’t be able to meet Kaoru then.

Wait, I was thinking about him again. Was I having a….crush on him??


When I arrived back to the hotel, I was very exhausted, because I snorkelled too much. Playing this and that!! Using all the facilities in the island and the boat greedily!! Sunbathing until I felt my skin was all burnt!! So very exhausted. I laid there on my bed, and went to dreamland. Ignoring everything around me.

It was already late at night when I woke up.

And my family left me alone again. Great!

Since they went out, why couldn’t I? So I changed my outfit to something better. I tried my new clothing, I bought it in the market nearby. I looked a bit girly, but I didn’t care.

I changed to it, get ready, and then out.

Didn’t notice that it was already night. But at least people were still wandering around the street. So I walked and walked without knowing where my destination were.

I stopped in front of a small circle k market. Took a look around, by then I knew I was lost. I didn’t know where I am, and where to go back. I thought I had walked too long. So I just stood therein front of the mini market, looking like a fool.

Looked at my watch, it was 10.30 pm already.

I was so confused.

“Hey there pretty thing, are you lost??”

I looked at the man who just talked to me. Dumbly I just nod. I was almost crying that time. And also almost loose my own mind, when I followed that man to a quiet place.

“Where are we??”

I glared at him, he was a middle aged man, and I smell some alcohol from him

He walked closer to me, I knew he wanted to do something bad…

I just did what everyone do in a moment like that. Still holding back my tears, with all my strength I kicked him, THERE! And then I ran, back to the mini market again. I sat near the door, hugging my knees tight, and cried.

What such a cry-baby !!

Didn’t care about all the passer by that were staring at me, I just cried.

A hand shook my shoulder, I slapped it.

“Let me goo!!”

“Toshiya, Toshi…it’s me!!”

First, I didn’t want to know who it was. I was afraid that it’d be that man again. I didn’t look at him, I didn’t want to look at who it was.

I was struggling when he tried to pick me up.


Slowly I opened my watery ayes, and I saw…him, Kaoru, not my imagination.


Yeah, it was one year ago.

The last time when I saw him.

I don’t whether can I see you?? I realise it now…I fell in love…with him.

Now, even though I search everywhere, I can’t find him. We’re in the same country, but I still cannot find him. He didn’t give me his number, or even where he lives!!

I’m so desperate now. All I can do is just walk here and there, like a lost child, just like the day when I was lost there, in the place where we met. And a rush of frightened suddenly hit me, like when I met that man.

Somebody is hugging me from behind.

I’m afraid to look at that somebody.

Could it be…

“Toshiya….I found you!!”

It’s him!!

I turn around and look at his face, it is really him!! So I hug him, I won’t let him go…


“Ssshh…don’t cry!” He wipes the tears from my eyes. His touch is so gentle, as gentle as I’ve always remember.

He hug me back…

“Now, Toshiya…I won’t ever let you go….”


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