MyuMyu-Black Coffee
"Black Coffee"
by: Myu Myu
Chapter Two: A Gentlemanly Proposal
Rating: NC-17
Band/Pairing: Malice Mizer / Gackt x Mana
Warnings: Yaoi, Shounen Ai, angst, POV switches, long winded typing
Gacktís POV
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I walked down the street hastily, looking down at my watch nervously for the billionth time. Maybe this wasnt such a good idea.... Mana, sweet, you seemed so cold...distant.... I shouldnt be coming here. How will you react when you hear what i have too say? A sigh escapes my lips as i turn the corner, passing the bookstore. The coffee shop is only a few meters away, and i can small the dark roast from here. I walk in, running a hand through my bleach blond hair as i step into the cafe, and look around for him. Doko doko doko.......aha! in the far corner, away from everyone else. As expected, i supose... you never did like crowds. I smile at you, but you dont seem too notice me.
"May I help you, sir?" The coffee girl asks me expectantly, i expect for a second time, because she is peering at me as though i did not hear her. I probably didnt. I look at her, pausing a moment.
"No thank you, i'm with h- er, her." I nod towards Mana, embarressed at my own stupidity. I would have never made that mistake a few months ago.
"Oh, alright." The girl smiles, and walks back too the counter blushing. I supose she recognizes me, from the way she is grinning, but one can never tell. I walk over too Mana, smiling as i sit down.
"Mana-sama." I kiss his lace gloved hand , and i can tell he is blushing beneath that cold exterior and china doll face.
"I hope i did not keep you waiting long?"
"No, i was early, but i have not been here for more than a bit."
"Aa. Punctual as usual....."
"Mm." He wrings his hands absently, averting his eyes from me.... What are you thinking, angel? Oh... if i could tell you what i think... no, you would probably run from me. You would hate me forever and condemn as one of those beings that you hate. Or do you already? "It has been some time, Gakuto."
He sighs and turns too me, with some sort of renewed emotion. "What have you too say for yourself?" There is bitterness dripping from your must hate me, the way you say such things... i can feel the glass of my heart breaking again...
"I prefer not to make excuses..."
"Stubborn as usual." Humour? maybe you dont hate me afterall... I smirk. He looks at me pointedly, as if examining my every essence with extreme scrutiny. "you've changed..."
"....You haven't....still the perfect doll..." my voices fades, and i barely mouth the word "Leibe" i hope he didnt hear me. I reach my hand out, caressing his chin gently, and smiling softly at him, the way i did so long ago.
"Gakuto, please." He looks at me pleadingly, eyes almost begging me too stop, to not continue, too not break his porcelain heart again...
Idiot. How could you want me after all i have put you through? how could i even begin to dream...? No, all is plain now. It was a mistake coming here...
"Gomen nasai..maybe.. maybe i should leave, gomen ne..." i stand too leave, but my wrist is grabbed. I turn, and he is looking at me again. "Mana-sama?"
"No. Dont." I sit again, trying too keep myself from fidgeting with nervousness."why did you ask me here, Gakuto?" his sentence is labored... my soul dies, knowing knowing i have caused such pain.
"I wished too tell you something."
"Couldn't you have told me over the phone? Was it so important?" The look...the look in your eyes... you want it to be, dont you? Can you see how much i care for you? How much i regret leaving you?
"No. things of such matter are better said face to face..." he blinks expectantly, and i open my mouth too speak -
"Miss? Sir? Here's your coffee.. im sorry it took so long." The coffee girl speaks before I, setting down two cups of black coffee. She bows and scurries back to where she came from.. I look around, realizing for an instant how busy it is here in this little cafe.
"er.. i was going too say..."
I pause for a moment, trying too form the words too say what i want too make known. "Perhaps away from so many people... i know how such crowds make you uncomfortable, hime..." how easily i slip back into my old vernacular. like a comfortable pair of shoes. it feels right too call him such my hime.....
"I'm surprised you remembered."
I look at him slightly shocked "Of course i remember."
There is a silence between us. He sips his coffee, as do i, letting the empty space hang between us, both acting as if neither could feel the tension in the air.
"Hai?" he looks at me, face warm... not smiling, but warm. There is almost a happiness in his eyes.
"would you like too come too my apartment? we could talk more freely there, away from all of these eyes, ne?" i give him my best im-cute-you-know-you-want-too-make-me-happy grin.
You nod.

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yes, for the sake of my sanity, there are some other languages in this fic! Dictionary provided for those who are incompetant like me. i know, i keep switching fomr the he's too the you's .... i think liek that. I always guess i saw Mana as more of a.. umm.... deep thinker? i dont know. i hope i didnt go out of character too much......i kind of feel like i hit writers block here.... it really isnt as good as i wanted it to be.

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1) Leibe is German for sweetheart. I like it better than Cherie. Deal with it. you want french, read Belladonna (which will be up soon ^_~).

2)hai = japanese for "yes" or "yeah".

3)-sama = an extreme honorific

4) hime = princess

=to be continued=

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