MyuMyu-Black Coffee
"Black Coffee"
by: Myu Myu
Chapter Three: A kiss between Friends...?
Rating: NC-17
Band/Pairing: Malice Mizer / Gackt x Mana
Warnings: Yaoi, Shounen Ai, angst, POV switches, long winded typing
Mana's POV
Disclaimer (which i know i forgot last time): I dont own Malice Mizer. Or Gackt. If i did, i would not be writing fanfiction,and i most certaintly wouldnt be living in crapsville, california and asking my friends for lunch money. You want too sue me? FINE but all youre gonna get outta me is a few peices of pocket lint ^^;;

I shut the door of the apartment quietly, slipping in behind Gakuto. We could both could feel the tension in the air, and it was almost unbearable. When was the last time we were here together? before he left....
"um... Would you liek a glass of wine?" He looks at me nervously, shifting his weight in a subtle fashion, hoping i would not notice. I nod softly and he walks into the kitchen, disappearing from my view.
A sigh escapes my lips.. what had i been holding my breathe for? I look around the apartment, looking around for any sign of.....any sign of what? My eyes fall too several pictures on the mantle. I walk over carefully, taking one into my hands, almost cradling it.
.... this picture was taken at our first live. I blink, and smile fondly at all the memories that rush back. The joy of finding him after Tetsu had left, how hard we had worked too make our fans enjoy the show. I am looking shyly at him, he is smiling at the camera, Kozi is giving the thumbs up with a huge smile, Yu~ki is eating, and Kami is draped over myself and Gakuto. Happy times.
My smile fades slightly as i put the picture down carefully, seeing another that catches my eye. Well, two, actually. The first is of you, with about 20, maybe 30 people.... your band and dancers? i presume so... the next is of you and....another. A male, skinny, short hair. he was in the outher picture as well....who is this man, Gak
"What are you looking at?" Your voice is soft as you hand me a glass of red wine, peering at the pictures on your mantle with me.
"Your photographs... we took this at our first live, remember?" I give him a rare smile, and he grins back.
"Hai I do." he sips his wine with fondness, reflecting silently. What goes through your mind? Are you remembering the times we spent together? "Mana-sama..." he turns too me now, looking me in the eye seriously.
"About....about us." there is a small pause, before i nod him on, i can tell he is nervous.. What do you want too tell me? I can sense something wrong and i sit down carefully, crossing my legs nervously. He sits down next too me, taking my hands in his. "I'm sorry...."
"Oh? For what Gakuto?" i look at him seriously, my dark eyes peering into his bright blue ones. "For leaving the band? For leaving me? For..." I stop, i can feel the tears starting to come too my eyes, and I turn away, taking a handkercheif from my purse, just in case. I feel his strong arms around me, embracing me closely, his hot breathe against my neck.
"For everything.... for everything Leibe.... i didnt realize........" he whispers sorrowfully too me, and i can tell he is close too tears as well.
I turn, facing him again. We are close, face too face, noses almost touching.. but i scowl at him, not even thinking, for once, what is coming out of my mouth.. " You didnt realize what, Gakuto? That you broke my heart? shattered my world? I -died- when you left!"i stand and walk back too the mantle, staring at the picture of us, tears coming down my face, ruining my make-up, although i dont care very much at the moment.
"It killed me too... I.... i thought it would be best......."
"Oh, you did, did you?" There is sarcasm in my voice, he catches it, and looks at me pleadingly.
"I didnt ask you here too fight with me. I wanted too tell you something important. Something i didnt realize before..." He walks over too me, wiping a tear from my face. I look at him, i almost know what he is about too say, but that harrowing feeling still fills my soul.....
"I love you."

=to be continued=

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