nika-No Heart
No Heart

by Nika

GENRE: AU!! Really AU. Seems like our world, but there is a twist in
technology here.
PAIRING: Not sure yet

This is a story which flashed before my eyes while I was at work.
Just scenes and dialogue. I try to put it into a story. I'm really not sure
of this.
Please enjoy and let me know what you think...


It is a gloomy day and the sky is already showing first signs of the
approaching night, the greedy clouds hovering over the busy city slowly
turning into a darker shade.
Three men sitting in one of two small rooms of a small apartment, waiting.
The atmosphere in this room is tense, unspoken words and accusations
lingered around them, like the smoke from the many cigarettes smoked in too
little time.
"He should be here by now...", one of them mumbles, He is a tall men with
brightly dyed red hair, a guitar is his most priced possession. Now it is
sitting on the floor behind him, also waiting. He listens to the name of Die,
Beside him his friend, Kaoru, who happens to be their leader, is shrugging
in an impatient manner, his hair blue and black, he seems like he is torn
between saying something harsh and just giving up. On the opposite of them,
a small blonde is lurching over the side of another couch, his eyes staring
around blankly.
"He is probably just concerned with the technical details. You know how
what a perfectionist Shinya can be", he mused with a low, yet smooth voice.
The other two nodded in unison, thinking about the times when even Kaoru
had said that practice was over, but Shinya drummed on until he found the
drumming perfect.
"You're probably right, Kyo-kun", the red-head agreed and lit another
The dark takes over the sky above and it gets even more tense, when Kyo
gets up turn on the light. And finally a soft knock at the door.
Kyo leaves the light turned off, with a smug grin, and opens the door to
his small, pathetic apartment to let in Shinya.
But not only Shinya.
Behind the young drummer is a tall, lean man, his hand entangled with
Shinya's. Kyo blinks a few times but then grins: "Finally you made it,
Shinya-kun. Come on in. Kaoru and Die are nerveless wrecks already." In the
small room the two other men have put on the light and are standing, eyes
full of apprehension and curiosity, when they try to catch a glimpse at the
person behind Shinya.
With a mischievous grin, the drummer prolongs the torture of waiting,
keeping his companion out of sight and waiting until Kyo is in the room.
"Gentlemen", he begins in a business-like voice: "I'm proud to present you
the newest invention from Goki-Motors."
He tugged his hand and the man behind him stumbles into view: "This is our
new bassist."
The figure straightens and comes to a stand, face without much expression,
except his lips are looking as they are about to curl into a smile.
Kyo frowns at the height of the new addition to their band: "He's so tall,
Shinya-kun", he complains. But the drummer just shrugs: "Father said, they
couldn't make him any shorter that this." Die gathers his wit and surrounds
the tall figure, which is clothed in pure white, wide formless trousers
and a white shirt, looking much like the clothing of a lunatic asylum. Die
continues scrutinizing every inch of him.
"Hmmm...", escapes his lips. "I can't complain. He's got really long legs
and some muscle too. Kaoru-kun?"
The leader goes up to the new bassist, whose face still is without
feelings, and is about to touch the soft looking skin, before he halts:
"Can I touch him, Shinya-kun?" The latter shrugs: "Of course."
Kaoru nods, licks his lips nervously and touches the right cheek of the
taller man with care. A surprised smile lights up on his face: "It's
warm!", he giggles like a kid.
Shinya shakes his head in amused annoyance: "Of course it is. I told you
already, it's real living tissue grown on the titanium skeleton, there are
blood vessels and veins...He has to eat and drink to sustain this part of
his being."
"And the other part?" Kaoru asks with a glint of suspicion glowing in his
eyes. "We can't have him running on empty in the middle on a concert, you
know." All stare at the band-leader. Shinya sighs: "It's still a bit of a
problem, father has said. The inner cells do carry enough energy for a
month or so, but then they have to be recharged, which takes about an hour
or so."
Shinya takes the hand of the silent creature again and leads him to the
couch: "Sit down, please", he orders in a low way. The tall man follows his
orders. "Lean a bit forward and lower your head ." Again orders are followed.
Shinya points to the slender neck of the bassist: "Come closer, please", he
asks his band-mates. Reaching for the neck, he flips away some of the black
hair there, unveiling a birth-mark, waiting until the other three have
taken notice of it.
"This is his control unit. We can access him from here."
Out of his pocket he hauls a small box, opens it and displays some strange
tools. One is used to open the birth-mark and everyone now can see what
lies beneath the human tissue: Shining metal.
"Open the skull here", the drummer instructs his friends, showing them how
it is done. All three of them nod, while Kyo seems uncomfortable. He covers
his eyes with his hands shortly and then pays attention again.
"Here you can see the different input slots. Data can be uploaded here from
every normal computer, laptop or anything. Also you can input TV or Radio
signals here", he points to a another small slot, "I already fed him all of
our current songs and Father made him learn the techniques of bass playing.
And he taught him how to follow orders. He also gave him memories of a
family, after he had found two people agreeing to play his parents. But, I
didn't really understand, how all this AI stuff worked, he kept on talking
and talking... But I guess, he will tell all of us again, later. He also
pointed out, that he will learn as we interact with him, meaning he will
get more human when he is with us."
Kaoru nods: "That's why he asked us to let him stay with Kyo."
Kyo shivers, while Shinya consents.
"At first he will be in his basic status, but Father will switch to
advanced mode when everything is going just fine." The drummer smiles
proudly, while Die and Kaoru make agreeing gestures.
"Does...", Kyo whispers, his voice giving up on him, "Does that mean, he is
going to be like this all he time?"
"Of course not silly. I just wanted you to see him before you get a shock,
scream and run away, ruining his trust program once and for all.
He's...well, at least sort of... asleep." The drummer pokes around in the
small slots with the tool, making Kyo sick somehow. "I will wake him up now."
Kaoru nods and takes his band-leader pose: "Okay, guys, be nice to him."
"Wait, wait!", Die interferes.
All looks rest on him: "I mean, if we have to make him believe, he is one
of us, we have to know his name, you know. It's not very nice to say:
Hello, welcome to our band, cyborg", the red-head eyes are serious.
"The team of my Father gave wanted to give him a name and it was 'Toshiba'
", Shinya giggles, even though Die and Kyo think that is mean and
disapprove of the laughter.
"And, what is his name now?" Kaoru asks with impatience.
"I just changed one little syllable", the drummer announced, "It's Toshiya.
I think it kind of goes well with our names, ne?"
"Toshiya?", an laudatory question from the leader.
"It's as good a name as any," Die states, really wanting to see this
machine in action now.
Kaoru's lips spread into a strange smile: "It's time to wake up now,

to be continued 

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