nika-No Heart
No Heart

by Nika

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Hi all you lovely people,

this is a short part, sorry for that.
I'm really deeply grateful that people were still pleased with the story.
Please, if you have any complaints please let me know, other than that, on
with the story.

Part 17

Kaoru feels frozen to the spot, in him a mixture of anger, unwillingness
and hurt pride, drowning out the noises of his own heartbeat. All he can do
is watch the blonde singer mumble to the cyborg and finally shooting
another sharp look at him.
"What happened? I want the truth."
Kaoru shrugs indifferently when he is scared shitless inside by the
behavior of Kyo: "He gave me a on hell of a blow-job. When I woke up again,
he was like that."
The truth still hurts like a thousand needles, even though Kyo already
knows what was going on. Hearing the real thing is so much more agonizing.
The singer huffs and gulps away the bitter taste in his mouth, before he
tries to access Toshiya's neck, buried in the cushion. Focusing on the
practical side of the horror hold images at bay.
Surely Toshiya is heavy, but he manages to roll him on the side with his
cyborg arm.
What irony, he thinks and sees, that the entry is still open from when
Kaoru used it.
'Fed him Anime, so he wouldn't remember...echoes through Kyo's head, as he
seeks out a tiny hole with the word 'Power' written over it among the many
he sees there.
He plugs the cyborg to the power with the cables he has brought along, then
he unearths a small laptop from his bag, plugging in and whispers: "I'm
sorry, Toshiya. I don't want to be intruding, you know. I just want to help."
With an icy tone the calls out to the band-leader: "Mind coming here,
leader? I need your help bringing him back."
Kaoru, having stared at the quiet scene unfolding in front of him,
twitches. Clear as daylight he has lost Kyo's respect, trust and probably
worst of all, his friendship.
All of that because of a stupid toy?
Kyo of all people. He really liked the small blonde man, somehow.
"Sure", he urges out in a ragged whisper.
He just has to take a few tiny steps, there they are, the singer and the
cyborg. Kyo is busy studying the messages on the screen, still every now
and then his eyes flicker to the lithe body.
Like father and child, flashes through his head. Like brothers. Confidants.
Linked not only by the cable that runs from the laptop right into the
cyborg's brain, like linked on a more intimate basis. Bonded to each other.
Like lovers.
But fragile, both of them, despite their enhanced body-structures.
Kaoru feels something very painful and choking, paralyzing him, making him
wanting to run away, never to see something like this again.

He forces himself to move.
Just move from this point to make a connection with the world again.
Redempting himself by helping, maybe.

Just as he leaves his designated spot at the door-frame, there's another
urgent knock at the door. Turning to the source of the noise, the eyes of
the leader widen and he hisses: "Die and Shinya", making Kyo blink.
"What are you waiting for?", he asks the guitarist, "Let them in."
When Kaoru still hesitates Kyo starts to mock him: "Are you afraid? You,
our fearless, brave leader?"
A growl escapes the throat of the blue-head.
Yes, he is really afraid.
He will lose his position, his image when he opens this door, he will
sacrifice this Kaoru, this man, just because he wanted to play with this
toy for grown-ups.
"Not afraid. I was just fascinated by the fuss you're making about that
robot", he tries to hide his insecurity and hurt under acid sarcasm. But it
sounds fake even to him. He is lying, obviously and can't hide it.
The door-bell rings, a sign that Die is impatient in front of the door.
Every answer is beneath Kyo, he just shakes his blonde head and returns his
attentions to the cyborg, finding the messages displayed for him very
confusing, hoping Shinya is going to be able to help him with this one.
Still Toshiya simply doesn't move. Maybe his brain is short-circuited or he
simply ran out of power, Kyo is hoping the latter. He stares at the
passwords protected areas, wondering what in there is program and what is
the Toshiya, he has come to find in his thoughts.
How cruel life has treated the man who was created to be perfect and a
servant, made into a feeling machine, who turned out to be a sweet
individual, curious, always questioning, searching for his place in this
world and with a delicate sense of humor. He hopes, when Toshiya opens his
eyes, all of that will still be there.

Kaoru opens the door, expecting a red-head glaring at him, but not a few
man in overalls, "Goki Motors" written on the top of their name-tags.
"Nikkura Kaoru?", a cold, business-like voice.
"...Yes...", the band-leader stares at them. A tingly, bad feeling spreads
on him.
"We are here to reclaim the rightful assets of Goki Motors."
The leader of the five men in front of his door, wearing glasses and a
harmless face, shows an ID to Kaoru and reads from a note: "You have a
cyborg here, which belongs to Goki Motors. We are here to collect it.
Please, don't try any resistance."
Kaoru turns around, his eyes and mind calling out to Kyo, who looks around
the corner.

Hired goons! They want to have Toshiya! rushes through the heads of both men.
"Kaoru, close the door!", Kyo screams, while he disconnects the laptop from
the cyborg, covering the body.
Kaoru tries to slam the door into the blank faces of the Goki-Motor-people,
but their leader puts his foot between it and forces the door open.
"I said, don't put up any resistance!", the voice of the man with the
glasses is angry. He shoves the band-leader to the wall with such force,
that Kaoru feels all air is forced from his lungs, before he slumps to the

The other four men, carrying a stretcher, proceed to the small room where
they meet a growling Kyo, looking like a fierce small golden predator,
ready for attack.
"Don't you dare to touch him!", he snarls. The four men shrug to each other
and simply start to transfer the limp figure of the cyborg onto the
stretcher, a moment Kyo chooses to attack.
He hisses and leaps onto the back of one of the men, his victim crying out
in anger and surprise.
Unexpected the leader comes up and injects a clear liquid into the small
blonde's behind. Kyo feeling a short prick, just afterwards his vision and
coordination become dizzy. He feels his eyes slipping close, struggling to
keep away.
"Toshiya...don't take Toshiya.. Don't touch him..." he still clings to the
overall of his victim, but the bigger man shakes him off like a annoying
insect. Kyo falls right on the table, smashing it, but he doesn't feel it.
Everything is black for him, his body is a limp as the cyborg's, his mind
as empty.
There are tears of defeat on his pale cheeks, while the Goki-Motor-Men seem
indifferent. They neither cheer nor express pity.
They don't even talk as they carry the property of their client out of the
small, pathetic apartment, passing the small blonde, unconscious and the
blue-head wildly sucking in air, with sounds, that show just how painful it
is to do so.
They don't hesitate.
All they do is vanish.
Almost as if they are cyborgs themselves.
They leave and there is a scary silence in the small rooms, disturbed only
by Kaoru's hurtful gasps for air.



to be continued 

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