nika-No Heart
No Heart

by Nika

PAIRING: I have some ideas and there will be sex, yes. I'm not sure about love.

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Some hours later, three men are sitting on the floor in a small shop, Die
leaning at Kyo's shoulder, snoring lightly, while Shinya directs his whole
attention to some notes he had brought along. The band-leader and the
cyborg are hidden in the dressing booth.
Kyo is wishing they would have rather spend the money on food than on
clothes, after having been saving it for so long. His stomach feels empty
and he envies Die for sleeping on him.
At first, getting some jeans and stuff hadn't been that bad, but now, since
Kaoru was deciding on Toshiya's stage-appearance, all three had fallen into
Behind the curtain he can make out Kaoru's excited voice, still babbling away.
At first Toshiya had been rather reluctant to get undressed in front of them.
"But Kyo told me that I shouldn't be undressed in front of strangers."
And everyone had been staring at the small bold again, who had been
blushing again.
"A~and what have you been doing with Toshiya the whole night long, huh
Kyo?" Die had been delighted by the idea at once. "Alone with your own
little love-machine..."
"Cut it, Die-kun!" Kyo had retorted and told the cyborg, that Kaoru, Die
and Shinya were not exactly strangers and that it would be okay.
That was why the cyborg is inside the booth with the band-leader now,
allowing Kaoru to aid him slipping into a tight velvet black dress.
The band-leader enjoys the chance to touch the fair warm skin with his
finger-tips, fascinated by the idea that all of this being was made by
human hands, even when he seems so very human. All appears harmonic about
him, the legs fit his tall figure, the thin arms and even the form of his
buttocks. Everything is in remarkable balance, making the band-leader
tingle with thrills. Never had he dreamed of such a perfect answer for
their request of a bassist.
When the tall figure is dressed in the elegant material, the smooth surface
of the material inviting the eyes and finger to travel, he checks Toshiya's
"It really suits you, Toshiya-kun. All the girls will fall for you", he smirks.
"Fall for me? Is there something I can do for them?", the cyborg feels he
is pushed outside the cabin and in front of a tall mirror.
"Nope. There's no reason you should, because you will be in their wet
dreams when they see you dressed like this", the band-leader whispers in
his ear and draws the man-machine's head with his fingers so he can see
himself in the reflecting surface. "You are wonderfully tall and luscious
at the same time."
All Toshiya can see his own figure, covered with black velvet, revealing
one of his legs, so it feels a little cold there, even though lingerie is
hiding the naked skin. Being used to white clothes, he can not really point
out, what is different about him. He looks just unlike he usually does and
that is connected to be considered as good, as far as Kaoru's reaction is
to be interpreted.
"I really think you're going to be a sensation, Toshiya-kun.", the
lead-guitarist purrs, satisfaction lacing his voice, when he turns around
to the comatose rest of the band: "What do you guys think?"
Kyo scrutinizes the bassist and shrugs: "You look good, of course", making
Kaoru smile proudly, fussing at Toshiya's dress a little more. "That's what
all of you agreed on after all...", the singer added in a whisper.
Die wakes with a start, when Kyo's elbow hits his stomach, his head shoots
up and he blinks at the bassist: "Wow, what a babe!"
"Exactly my point", the lead-guitarist almost glows with self-satisfaction
regarding his work. "We need to work on the make-up yet, but all in all,
he's just"
"Perfect?", the drummer asks.
A short silence follows the cool question.
"Yes, perfect", Kaoru nods.
"That's what we wanted after all. My father created him according to our
wishes, so he has to be what we wanted", Shinya eyes take in the appearance
in the black velvet dress: "It suits him. Black gives him a much more
mysterious aura. But keep in mind, Kaoru-kun, that I'm the lady of the
band. Don't make him too elegant." A small and somehow fiendish smile shows
up on the full lips of the young drummer.
Die snorts: "A Lady? My ass!"
Kyo can feel the guitarist's breath on his neck, tickling warm and full of
contemptuous desperation.
"I know, Shinya-kun. Of course you are the elegant feminine one... We will
turn him into something more like an irresistible mixture of innocence and
During their careless talk about the future role of the bassist, Kyo had
felt anger rose within him, Die's drool on his back only adding to that, so
he unexpectedly rises and growls: "Don't talk about Toshiya like he's not
here", hands curled into fists at his sides.
First he stands up to the flabbergasted stares of his band-mates, then he
laughs angrily and leaves the shop without another world. Outside he
reaches for his cigarettes and with trembling hands lights one of them.
Die joins him after a short while, first smoking in silence beside him,
then asking: "Why are you pissed? He's just a machine, you know. He wasn't
born, he was made by human hands."
Kyo bites his lips. Images spring to his eyes, hard light on human tissue
samples, the stench of chemical liquids make his eyes water again.
Screeching tires. Pain.
Drug induced insanity.
He gulps and takes another drag from his cigarette.
"Yeah, I know...", he mumbles but feels it is unfair towards the cyborg
inside the small shop. He pushes memories and fidgets of a hyperactive
imagination in the back of his mind, concentrating on immediate needs: "I'm
still hungry."
Kyo runs back in the shop, roughly pulling the band-leader away from his
new favorite toy he growls: "Is there any money left, Kaoru-kun? I could
kill for a bowl of nikku-udon."
Kaoru smiles in a sweet way: "We wouldn't want you to go berserk. Yeah,
let's get going and have some food." He turns to the bassist: "Let's get
you dressed for that then."
Kyo shakes his head, while Shinya shows interest only in the papers,
scribbled with notes, resting on his thighs.
Huddled in a small restaurant, the men are studying the card, while Kyo
watches the cyborg mimics their actions.
He's a fast learner...he thinks and wonders if that is a good thing, even
when it will make things easier. Toshiya sits sandwiched between Die and
Kaoru, who seems that he can't get enough of his project called 'the new
bassist'. Die gives the new band-member suggestions about what to eat.
Shinya finally frowns at Die's lips moving so close to Toshiya's ear, then
he shrugs and his eyes return to the menu, before the states coolly: "He
won't even know what you are talking about, Die-kun. He never had udon
before. And I'm not even sure if he's got a sense of taste at all."
The red-head stops whispering to the bassist and turns to Shinya:
"Really?", which comes in unison with the same question from the leader.
The two friends look at each other and grin.
"You should ask Father about it, he can explain everything about Toshiya to
Toshiya appears like he is frozen in his movements, he doesn't even blink.
All his humanity has vanished, leaving a cyborg, a man-made puppet, as they
talk about him, observed only by Kyo and Shinya.
A cute waiter appears at their table and asks their orders which are given
by everyone, except the bassist. Kaoru orders some tanuki-udon and Calpis
for the new member.
The man-made musician lowers his head and unblinkingly he gazes at the
table, processing all the information in his head.
He tries to connect meanings to the different things said about him, The
categories he has are 'good' and 'bad', he judges the meanings according to
the reaction of the people around him. A smile, grin, verbal consent or nod
means 'good'. Shaking of the head, growling, frowning or verbal
disagreement means 'bad'.
But this time the mixed reactions are beyond his understanding.
He becomes unresponsive, even as a steaming bowl of noodles is placed in
front of him. "Eat, Toshiya-kun!", the blue-haired leader orders him, and
he does as he is told. He stops after he has eaten half of the bowl's
contents and looks up at Shinya, a look as if he tries to make some sense
of himself.
Then he looks at Kyo, still unblinking, making the singer feel
uncomfortable but then his stare returns to the table. Suddenly he stands
up in one jerky motion and leaves the table to hurry to the toilet.
"What's wrong with him?", Die asks. Shinya's brows rush together and he
seems to ponder the behavior of their experiment, while Kaoru mumbles: "I
hope he's not out of order..."
Kyo's gaze stays at the door until the bassist is back at their table,
bowing slightly: "I'm sorry."
before he sits down again.
"I guess it's time. Toshiya and I better hurry home and get some sleep,
ne?", Kyo states, earning surprised looks from the others. But the singer
ignores them, he smiles at Toshiya and orders him: "Take your bags, we go
home, okay?"
The cyborg nods and stands up.
Before he leaves the restaurant to run behind Kyo, who left without only
mumbled words of 'ja na' he bows deeply: "Thank you for today. Sleep well."
Then he turns and is gone.

Without a word between them the two men return to Kyo's small apartment,
where the singer finally sinks onto his couch. Toshiya stands in the room,
The blond finally takes the bags from the cyborgs's hands and unpacks them.
"Kyo-kun?", finally comes a hesitant voice.
"Who is father?"
Of all questions Kyo sure didn't expect this: "He's Shinya's dad. You have
a dad too, don't you?"
"Yes, I have one. Can he really explain everything about me?"
"I guess so..." Kyo feels his cheeks becoming hot. This talk is becoming
dangerous within seconds.
"How so?"
Kyo is trapped. He busies himself with Toshiya's new clothes desperately
seeking for something to say. His silence obviously leads the man-made man
to the conclusion, that he doesn't know, much to his relief.
"I don't know what a "sense of taste" is. Can you explain?", comes the nest
crucial query.
Kyo sighs. He feels not up to a parental lesson concerning the senses.
"I'll try, Toshiya, but nit today, okay?"
That satisfies the cyborg curiosity momentarily and he finally moves: "What
can I do to help you?", and Kyo feels a grin creeping on his lips.
He gives s few instructions about the care of Toshiya's new outfits, seeing
the cyborg paying attention to him. Then he stretches his neck, feeling
worn out and tired to the bone.
"I'm going to take a bath. Afterwards I'll go to bed. Tomorrow there will
be practice in the morning, so we have to get up at 7.30 again. Go to
sleep, okay?" Kyo yawns and his eyes feel swollen and dry.
"Good night."
Toshiya nods and Kyo leaves him alone, hoping the machine will know what
"got to sleep" means. In the small room the cyborg pulls out the couch,
spreads the covers and gets into his sleep-wear. just like he had learned
the evening before, recalling every exact motion of the blond singer.
Then he curls up in the bed, relaxes every muscle in his body, listening to
the soft bathing-.sounds reaching the small room. He slips into sleep mode,
before Kyo gets out. The singer takes a last glance at the sleeping man
before he hits his futon, his lips forming a grim line.
Somehow he can't shake off the feeling, that he is betraying the cyborg.
That they are all lying to him.
And that Toshiya is getting closer and closer to the truth about himself.
And he wishes they he had never agreed to the making of such a thing as the
one resting on his couch.

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to be continued 

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