nika-No Heart
No Heart

by Nika

To all of my very sweet and lovely readers.
You're so nice to me and this motivates me very much. a heart-felt thank you.

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Part 7

Upon entering the even smaller apartment of Kaoru, Toshiya gets rid of his
shoes and follows the blue-head through the small kitchen into the main
room, where Kaoru halts.
Robot-toys and some model-kits attract the attention of the bassist.
Sit down, Toshiya-kun", Kaoru points to some cushions lying on the wooden
floor bedside a small table. The order is followed at once, Toshiya kneels
on of the cushions and looks up in the older man's face expectantly.
Otherwise he remains completely still.
"I'll get us some tea", the leader mumbles and Toshiya sits on the floor,
alone, taking in the unmade bed, the TV and the different console games.
He collects all the data he can receive being ordered to sit.
Tea is placed in front of him: "What do you think?", Kaoru asks.
"About what?", Toshiya tilts his head. Kyo had never wanted to know
something like that.
"My place."
The cyborg answers truthfully: "It's different from Kyo's.", which leads to
a dry laugh from the blue-head.
Drinking his tea in silence, Kaoru studies the bassist's face, who actually
notices the stares from the other man but takes them as nothing unusual
regarding Kaoru. He had already been staring at Toshiya's body the day before.
"All my clothes are at Kyo's. What will I wear overnight?", the cyborgs
voice uneexpectedlyx fills the air. Kaoru has never experienced the bassist
make a self-initiated inquiry and is confused.
"I will give you something to wear, okay?"
Kaoru takes a long look at the indifferent eyes: "What has Kyo been
teaching you anyway?"
"He taught me many things, how to get a ticket, run for the train and how
to sleep."
"Sounds like pretty useful stuff... But I'm gonna teach you the art of
being irresistible", Kaoru smiles in an oddly haughty way. Toshiya echoes
his expression with a sweet smile of his own, and Kaoru is not aware, that
the cyborg hasn't shifted his position ever since Kaoru told him to sit down.
He is just too nosy about everything he can do with this wonderful man-made
band member.
"How do you like our band, Toshiya-kun?"
The cyborg doesn't know what to answer.
"Do you like us?", follows another question. "Or don't you know how to like?"
"What does that mean?", the bassist doesn't understand what the blue-head
is getting at and so Kaoru just raises his eye-brows, then taking Toshiya's
hand and getting him up on his feet. The cyborg is heavier than one might
suspect, judging from his lithe appearance. Kaoru bites his lower lip in
sheer excitement.
"Probably the skeleton..." he mumbles and Toshiya lets go of his hand.
Surprised he looks at the dangling limps, like the man-machine doesn't know
what to do with himself.
"Come; I'll show you what I mean with make-up", Kaoru leads his guest to
the bed and settles beside him, then gets out some pics, showing them to
"This is our make-up style", he explains while the cyborg takes in the
details of the rather unclear cheap photos. Kaoru watches this with a giddy
expression, his hands automatically shooting out to touch the cheek of the
bassist, because he feels so curious. "Study them, while I get something..."
Toshiya does as he is told, when the leader returns with his make-up case
and a small self-standing mirror, sweeps the table from all it's contents
and shows the colors and items to his student.
Toshiya sits down beside the guitarist again and saves every name Kaoru is
telling him for the different things on the table into his brain. Then
Kaoru shows him, how to apply the base, eye-shadow for an dramatic effect
and enhance the fascination of lips with color, all the time the unblinking
eyes of the cyborg follows his every move, remembering every color and
Then Kaoru presents himself in full make-up.
Toshiya sees the difference in appearances, while he makes up a smile.
"And now, repeat what I've done only to your face. Can you do that?", Kaoru
gives the mirror a little flick so the bassist can see himself in it. The
cyborg pauses a moment and then he nods: "I will try."
With childlike grins and shiny eyes, Kaoru watches how the fragile fingers
of Toshiya wander over the soft surface of the face, thy had chosen from a
variety of many.
Pretty he had to be, at least as attractive as Kisaki has been, and
talented. Sexy and desirable.
So here the result was, sitting in his apartment, making him feel like he
had eaten an overdose of chocolate.
Getting slowly hypnotized by the swift and elegant movements of the cyborg,
he comes back to reality when Toshiya asks: "Is that okay, Kaoru-kun?"
The band-leader takes in the face, at once feeling proud and dazzled at
the same time. "You look stunningly beautiful, Toshiya-kun", he breathes
out. Then he smiles and pipes: "Oh, you're really impeccable. This is all
so exciting. Now you've got an outfit, that screams out: Touch me!, make-up
that says: Don't you even think about it and now all is missing in a cool
The band leader jumps to his feet, happily bouncing around the bassist and
studying him from all sides.
"Yes, definitely some redo of the hair is required. Nobody goes for the
plain long black hair thing anymore today."
"If you say so, Kaoru-kun. Will it be better for the band if I get rid of
it?", this statement makes the leader raise his hands defensively: "No no!
Just a cut and a little color. What color would you like?"
"Any you'll find suiting.", is the very polite but unsatisfying answer,
making Kaoru shake his head. But then an idea lighted up on Kaoru's face:
"How about blue? A lighter than mine, and we will have two red-heads and
two blue-heads. We would look great together, wouldn't we?"
Delighted and enthralled by the idea, Kaoru tugs at the bassist shirts:
"Get rid of that, I have some nice blue dye here." And Toshiya strips, gets
dragged into the small bath-room by Kaoru's callused but warm hands and
the older man takes some chemicals from a small cupboard and some
silver-foil, before he takes a few strands, all the time babbling away how
beautiful and perfect Toshiya will be. The cyborg can only notice how often
those words tumble over the leader's lips, so he connects them to the
When the few are covered on bleach and foiled, Kaoru drags him back to the
bed, making Toshiya sit, while the cyborg is still bare-chested. "The
others will be in awe when they'll see you tomorrow..." the band-leader
wistfully sighs.
"Cause you'll look so great."
"Is that a good thing?"
"Of course, especially when you're in the music-business. Good looks will
help you greatly and the more attention you get, the easier you'll be able
to make it big", Kaoru explains like he is teaching a little child.
"So, how I look will help the band?", the bassist wonders. "Then I want to
look as good as I can."
A proud and happy glint and smile graces Kaoru's eyes, still the range of
humanity in this machine manages to surprise him over again. Logic combined
with determination, absolute obedience and heart-stopping beauty...all that
is their new bassist. All he could ever hope for and maybe some more.
He was certainly worth the wait, when all the other try-outs they had held,
had been complete failures. The bassists were too old, too young, too slow
or speeding too much. Many of them were talented but simply unattractive,
others beautiful but no use at playing the bass. Oh, hoe lucky that Shinya
asked his father if they could have one of the prototypes the team of
professor Terachi was working on and the genius even agreed. Even the
conditions, under which they were allowed to keep Toshiya, were agreeable.
Only a few data downloads every now and then to see how the bassist was
doing, how his abilities were improving and what experiences were
influencing his behavior seemed easy enough. And he would be theirs after
just a few months.
Kaoru smiles triumphantly. There is no other band in the whole world with a
bassist like theirs.
The apartment is a little chilly and Goosebumps appear on the smooth
surface of Toshiya's naked skin, a slight shiver runs over him.
Kaoru is puzzled.
A cyborg feeling cold?
No Gundam was ever cold, as far as he recalls. His voice is confused: "Are
The cyborg looks at him, eyes full of shock: "I don't know." Kyo's
apartment had never been chilly, also the singer forcing him to better get
dressed and the lab had always been more than warm, even though the cyborg
doesn't remember that.
Kaoru's fingers touch the skin, feeling the surface under his hands, eyes
filled with interest. The contact makes the bassist shudder even more.
Kaoru's looks up when he notices the cyborg's reaction and into the eyes of
the young man, plans and ideas playing on his features. But at first he
gets a towel and drags it around the slim shoulders of his guest. Then he
leans closer to Toshiya.
"There is also one thing I have to talk to you about, Toshiya-kun."
"What is it?" The cyborg notices that the strange sensation is getting
weaker, so he clutches the towel tightly around himself.
"Fanservice. You know what I meant, don't you?" Kaoru's face is still close
to his own.
"I'm not sure", the bassist replies truthfully, after checking his
database. Kaoru grins mischievously and giggles: "It means, we touch each
other. kissing, teasing. Nuzzling each other's necks... stuff like that.
We're doing that, to drive our fans wild."
"Is that so...", the voice seems a little haunted.
"Un. It always works, almost as if like they were addicted to that",
Kaoru's voice gets deeper, still he's grinning in a strange way. "So, I
want you to practice that."
"Okay", the cyborg answers in an indifferent way. "Tell me what to do."
"I'll show you and you repeat after me, understood?", the leader studies
the lovely face before him, hair ornamented with silver foil, the chemicals
leave an unpleasant tingle in his nose. But that doesn't spoil Toshiya's
artificially created and with make-up perfected beauty. Kaoru's head tilts
a little to avoid that their noses bump and presses his lips to the
cyborg's, who doesn'T react.
After some time, he tries to invade the unmoving lips under his own, but to
no avail ,so he retreats. As soon as he sits back, Toshiya shoot to him and
kisses him in the same way as he had been taught. Not a too pleasant
experience for the guitarist, when he gets released.
"Was that okay?", the bassist asks , while Kaoru tries to sort out the kiss.
"Well, at lest it was technically a kiss... But you should work on your
The bassist wants to right his fault and comes forward to practice kissing
again, but gets stopped by the other man, who sighs, disappointed in his
machine again, before he stands up: "We should wash out he bleach and go
for the color now."
When the color is carefully applied to Toshiya's whitened strands, they sit
down again.
The phone rings and Kaoru gets it:" Hello?"
"It's Kyo. How are you two?", he hears the voice of the singer.
"Oh, everything is just fine, Kyo-kun. No need to worry", Kaoru assures the
blond. "Can't stand an evening without Toshiya, huh?"
The singer snorts into the phone: "Nope, but I thought I might check on
you. Maybe he's too much to handle for you..." A smile creeps through the
phone-receiver into Kaoru's ear.
"Ha ha ha. No we're getting along just fine."
"Really?", the voice changes an real concern is lacing the next words: "He
has no pajamas or tooth-brush..."
"I'll give him some of my old clothes...", Kaoru looks at the cyborg, who
follows the phone-conversation.
"I hope not also your tooth-brush...", Kyo wonders. Kaoru giggles and
denies it.
"Don't worry about us, Kyo-kun. See you tomorrow. Ja."
After he cut the line, Kaoru returns to his guest: "Kyo is right. I'll get
you some clothes to sleep in." He turns on the TV and seeks in the deep
cupboard for sleep-wear. When he comes back up with old pajamas, the cyborg
stares at the screen.
"Maybe we should wash your hair now. And rid you of that make-up", Kaoru
suggests, leading Toshiya back to the small tub, where the bassist leans
over and he gets the chance to indulge his fingers in the long tresses, now
blended with brilliant blue. He looks at the slender neck, seeing the
birth-mark on the neck, where he could easily get access to the bassist
deepest core. And he wants to see that shining metal again. But he saves
that for sometime later, since Toshiya will be theirs forever.
Telling the bassist to towel his hair then, he gets make-up remover and
rids the fragile face of the now dissolving colors. They blow-dry the long
tresses, and Kaoru admires his work on Toshiya's hair, when the young
bassist sees himself in the mirror, Kaoru nods slowly. This is the way, he
wants the cyborg to look for now. Then the leader brushes his teeth and
gets ready for sleeping.
"Now get dressed in these and then join me in bed.", he hands his old
pajamas to the other now blue-head.
Programmed to follow the orders of his band-mates under all circumstances,
the bassist gets dressed and slips under the covers next to Kaoru, who
looks at the bassist for some time, like he is finally realizing that there
are limitations to the things that can be taught to the cyborg. And since
his frustration is growing slowly, he turns around and mumbles a
impersonal: "Oyasumi"; before he closes his eyes.
Toshiya's eyes stay open, as the band-leader breathes evenly.
He can't order himself to sleep.

*leaves them there*

to be continued 

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