by Nika

Pairing: Aiji x... Kohta x... Kiritox...
Everyone seems to fancy someone else...

More confusion, messed up love-letters and food.
I hope you enjoy... I had fun writing this one ^_^
Dedicated to j, cee and Candice...nice to see you're still around

Miyuki "Wickey" was quite surprised when she discovered an envelope shoved
under her door. She picked it up and opened it.

// Dearest Wickey,
I know this my come as a surprise to you, but I feel the same way as you do.
When your soft fingers wander over my skin, the wings of butterflies
flutter against my skin and heart. Your fingers work magic and I long for
the time you'll touch me. Please, don't be shy and just show your feelings
to me, so we can have a chance for a happy end.
I admire you every day and really like to get to know you better, so maybe
we should get together for a date.
What do you think? Just let me know in the "make-room" the next time we meet.

Someone close to you, also starting to fall in love//


"Kohta, don't you think it would be better just to give her your name?"
"Aw, but I'm so embarrassed. What if she tells me off?", deep blush
spreading on the handsome face.
Jun laughed quietly: "And there I was, picturing you for the great hentai..."
"I am, just not...always!" Kohta gave his friend a sharp glance. Jun
shrugged and stared at the sentimental lines on the piece of paper. Things
were getting stranger with every day.


"Miyuki-san, what's wrong?", the girl sharing her room asked after seeing
the perplexed face of the make-up artist.
"It is?"
"It's a letter..."
"Nothing. I was just surprised, that's all."
The other girl shrugged and stumbled to the bathroom, when Wickey read the
words again.
[Can't believe it. It must be one of them! One of the guys!]
Her thoughts were in a frenzy.
Suddenly her gentle and clever teacher, who she always had admired very
much, popped up in her mind, raising a warning finger: "Never fall for one
of your customers. You are very talented, Inoue and you'll work with many
famous people. But no matter how cute and sexy they are, never fall for them."
Then her mother took over: "Really, Mi-chan, you're not that young anymore.
You should really think about getting yourself a nice husband."
She felt frustrated, so she just stared at the letter, as if it contained
the secret of the universe.
[One of those three, it must be one of them!!]
Her room-mate Junko returned: "You look really distracted, Miyuki-san. Bad
"Uh-uh...", no real reaction. The younger woman shook her head:
"That is it! Let me see!" and fetched the paper from the make-up artist's
hand in a fluent motion, while Miyuki could only squeak in surprise.
With curious eyes the thief studied the lines: "...hmm..." After she had
finished, she frowned: "Good lord, one of our three Pierrot customers is in
love with you."
Miyuki winced, but her friend cried out: "Wonderful! Man, I'm so jealous!
You're such a lucky girl! Who is it? Who?"
Miyuki snatched her letter back: "Maybe it's all a cruel joke!?"
"I don't think sounds much too pathetic to be fake."
"Really?" Miyuki sighed, seeing her friend nodding. "But who?"
Both of them pondered that question, the younger woman said: "By the way
Jun-san and Kohta-san acted so...uhm... intimately last night, there is
only one of them left..."
In unison the two of them came to a conclusion: "Aiji!", while Miyuki
nearly fainted.
"Don't you have all the luck?", Junko babbled, helping Wickey up again, who
was beyond speech, only shaking her head in disbelief for some time.
"We're leaving today, so you won't have a chance to speak to any of them,
but you should ask him at your next assignment."
A wordless nod.
"I still wonder why you never told me you fancied him..." Junko pouted, but
then she smiled and consoled her confused friend.
The letter lay on the floor like a truce flag, offering feelings from one
heart to the other.

"I wonder if that worked...", Kohta sat next to Jun on the plane and stared
at his band-mate intently.
"If she's the one who likes you then it should have", Jun shrugged,
gripping the chair tightly when the plane rolled a little, feeling his
stomach doing somersaults.
A love-sick sigh escaped Kohta, making Jun think: [Never assumed he could
have it that bad for her, really. Maybe I should pay more attention to
what's going on between the people around me... ]
Then the plane made a little dance in the air, coloring the guitarist and
the singer in a nice shade of pale green, hoping for a soon to come landing.
They landed safely and just like always both men swore inwardly that the
never put a foot into a plane again.
A promise they never kept.

Aiji closed his mobile and took his jacket.
He was going over to Kirito's to do whatever possible to win the heart of
the man he loved. He hoped, that the plans of the singer wouldn't turn out
to be such nonsense as they mostly were considering romance. After all, he
had never seen the singer build up a steady relationship, all of them were
fleeting and the partners gone before him or one of Kirito's other friends
ever got to know them.
Maybe Kirito was just to bubbly-headed for a permanent thing? After all, he
did in no way live up to his serious and stern image, once you got to know
him. Some of his lovers were probably in for a surprise when they found
out...Aiji grinned.

Arriving at Kirito's apartment, making sure no fan followed him before
that, he rang the bell.
After some time, he rag the bell again.
[Kirito said he would be at home. Man, I feel stupid, standing here to
receive a lesson in romance from him], the guitarist thought, tapping his
foot in a gesture of impatience.
When he decided to call the singer again, getting out his phone, the door
was forced open, revealing a rather snarled man.
Aiji stared at his friend for some time before he finally burst out into
laughter, making the singer snort in contempt: "Aiji, pull yourself together!"
The taller man held his stomach and still fits of laughter whacked through
him :"But... But Kirito...not only you're wearing an apron, it's!"
"Ha ha! I borrowed it from Jun's sister, idiot!"
Tears of laughter rolled down Aiji's cheeks but on the face of the singer a
mischievous smile spread, much to the worry of the still giggling
guitarist: "What is it now?"
"I'm really glad you like the apron, Aiji-kun", Kirito hurled the surprised
man into his apartment, straight into the kitchen. Aiji inspected the chaos
with a bewildered expression, before some yellow cloth swung into his sight.
"I'm glad you like my apron, cause this", Aiji took in the yellow and the
little more-than-cute chick at the top of it, surrounded by the words 'piyo
piyo' in romaji, "This is yours!", Kirito triumphed, finally laughing
himself when he saw the face of his speechless friend.
"Now put it on! We're going to win the heart of the object of your
desire!", another silly heroic pose followed Kirito's statement, looking
even more ridiculous with the pink apron on. Aiji couldn't believe that he
really put on the apron, but his partner in crime was already babbling
about the recipe and how to cook rice the right way.

Wait a moment rice?

"This really is about food then?!", Aiji asked, feeling degraded by the apron.
"Yeah, at least for now. With the right food you'll surely win his
oh-so-manly heart", nodding to himself, Kirito gave Aiji some fish to cut.
"Or at least raise his attention."
Watching Aiji's graceful fingers working with the knife and the meat,
Kirito hoped, that there wouldn't be any digits to be lost. On the other
hand he was positive about the fact, that since he had already prepared the
rice, there wasn't much his friend could do wrong.
"They're going to be the best Onigiri [Onigiri rice-balls filled with
various kinds of fish, pork or beef or picked vegetables. They're formed
like triangles and wrapped in roasted seaweed] he has ever tasted!" Kirito
said as a kind of motto.
In comfortable silence, they cut various ingredients Kirito had bought
since he knew his brother was turning into a drooling fool even if they
were only mentioned to him.
"Ready!", they called out in unison, hands still intact.
"Now to make all of this into Onigiri...", Aiji looked at the cooked rice
as if it was about to bite him.
Kirito nodded and wetted his hands, gesturing to Aiji to do the same. Then
he gathered some rice, filling it with fish and trying to form a triangle
out of it. The taller guitarist tried to follow his example, taking some
rice, entering some fish and kneading the rice into some form.
After a while, when he had thought it should be decent, he dared a glance
at the result in his hands.
"Oh no!", he cried out.
Kirito was confused: "What?!"
"It looks like my deceased grandfather! Maybe that's a bad omen", Aiji
whined, seeing the mess of fish and rice in his hands, appearing more to
freshly jumped out of a horror-movie than out of a gourmet-menu.
The singer hit his forehead with his hand: "Aiji!", then he froze. Aiji
stared at him a chuckle in his throat.
"Yummy! Kirito filled Onigiri", he laughed and pointed to the rice covering
Kirito's upper face nicely. "Or maybe cooked-rice is good for your skin?"
Kirito snorted, gave his friend an angry look, before he took some rice and
pounced the giggling guitarist to overspread the other man's face with
Surprised Aiji backed to the table, stumbling, his knees folding against
his will and suddenly he found himself sitting on the cut salmon, while the
vocalist still rubbed his face with rice.
"Stop! Stop!" he protested.
"Only if you stop laughing."
When Kirito retreated Aiji got up and contorted to look at the spoiled
bottom of his trousers: "Eeew! Now I will stink like a fisher and all the
cats will follow me!"
The singer looked at the firm, salmon-covered bottom of his band-mate,
gulping: "I'm sorry. You can have one of my track-pants..."
Aiji rolled his eyes, cooking wearing a womanly cute-ish apron and now
running around in too-short tack pants...hell, what a visit at Kirito's.
"Okay, get them here", he gave in to the ashamed gaze of the singer,
answered with a nod, while the rice started to dry on their faces.

to be continued

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