Untitled: DIExKAORU

by Rae

ok, this is PWP, and my very first lemon, and the very first fic I've 
ever had the urge to post. There are not many DXK or KXD fics out 
there, and I love them, so I decided to make one of my very own ^_^
C&C are craved and appreciated, and if you feel the urge to mirror 
it, just go right ahead, but email me so I can go look at it and be 
all proud. *giggle* writing lemons is fun... I'm getting the urge to 
write a whole bunch of these.


Kaoru smiled wryly to himself and sighed as he flipped on the TV and 
slouched low on the sofa, stretching his aching legs out before him. 
Practice had seemed unusually long today, Kyo was tired and pissed, 
which made life that much more difficult for everyone around him. 
Toshiya was out of sorts and distracted, messing up constantly, and 
he hardly even acknowledged Kaoru's presence when he spoke to him, 
staring down and mumbling at his feet. Die wouldn't leave Shinya 
alone, even after the younger man had made it perfectly clear that he 
was not up to dealing with the redhead's antics that day.
Finally, Kaoru had conceded to let them all go when Shinya stormed 
out in an unwonted display of anger, leaving Die wide-eyed and 
scratching his head. They were all pretty relieved to be out of 
there, except Die, who just seemed slightly confused and extremely 
Kaoru honestly hoped everyone got themselves sorted out soon. They 
had a new single to record, and they'd never get to it if this kept 
The guitarist popped the tab on a can of beer, wiping the 
condensation of on his jeans and flipping channels to find what he 
was looking for. Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz was airing, familiar and 
comforting. He leaned back into the embrace of the cushions and let 
the bright images take him away.
"Ne, Kaoru!" The purplehead was called out of his reverie by an 
overly cheerful voice from his front door. Die's red puff of hair 
could be seen peeking around the door from the hallway.
"Hey, Die," he sighed. "Come on in."
Before he could even finish speaking, Die had plopped himself down on 
the cushions next to him.
"You want a beer?"
Die grinned and nodded, "Sure!" (*giggle* think Hiro from Tokyo 
Pop, "Sure!")
Kaoru couldn't help but smile as he fetched the entire six-pack from 
the fridge. Die's mood was catchy, and just what he needed.
Dir en grey's leader's jaw dropped and he glowered at the redhead 
when he got back to the TV room. Die sat calmly drinking Kaoru's beer 
and had switched the channel over to watch wrestling. So much for Die 
cheering him up, he thought as he sat down next to him and stared 
holes in Die's head until the oblivious man noticed.
"Nan da?" Die eyes shifted around as he asked.
"Nan da?!" Kaoru mimicked, his brown eyes wide. "I was watching that!"
"But, I'm watching this…" Die blinked innocently at him.
"Tough crap! I was watching Gundam, and I was here first!" Kaoru 
roughly grabbed the remote from Die's hands. (ne, they're like 
children… ^_^;)
"OY! Is that how you treat your guest?!" Die was yelling but his eyes 
sparkled with mischief.
He reached over to grab the remote back, but Kaoru jerked it away 
quickly. Die leaned further over as Kaoru continued moving away from 
the redhead's grasp until he was backed into the corner of the couch, 
the remote held as high as he could overhead, with Die leaning over 
him, hand intertwined with Kaoru's on the remote.
Kaoru blinked up at Die's eyes from merely an inch away. "Ne, Die-
kun, it's my remote," he whispered weakly, swallowing.
"I know," Die husked, his lips curving up slightly at the corners.
"Then give it me," the older man requested.
Die's smile faded and his eyes darkened with unmistakable lust, "You 
want it?"
Kaoru's heart sped up and breathing suddenly seemed to take conscious 
effort. Was Die really…? Only one way to find out.
"Yeah," Kaoru's breath caressed Die's cheek, "I want it."
"Good…" Die's free hand made a grab for Kaoru's other wrist, and the 
remote clattered forgotten to the floor as Die adjusted his grip to 
Koaru's wrist, pinning the purplehead's arms on either side of his 
head. "Still want it?" Die smirked.
Kaoru growled up at him, the fire of challenge in his eyes. "Quit 
Die laughed and lowered his head to bridge the short distance between 
their mouths, forcing his tongue into the warm wetness of Kaoru's 
with out waiting for permission. Kaoru responded in like, tongue 
grappling for dominance against his friend's, lips bruising and 
demanding. Die moaned and began to relax on top of Kaoru, arching his 
clothed hardness into the other's. Kaoru took that moment to free his 
arms from Die's grasp and he bit down sharply on Die's tongue.
"GAH!" Die pulled away, his mouth filling with blood.
Smiling evilly, the lead guitarist pulled his t-shirt off over his 
head, and pushed his bandmate down on the couch.
"Too easy," he gave a half smile and moved to straddle Die's hips, 
then swiftly and efficiently lifted the redhead's t-shirt over his 
"Easy, huh?" Die sat up quickly, unbalancing his friend, who fell 
back onto his back, and kneeling between Kaoru's opened legs. His 
arms held Kaoru's shoulders down and he lowered his mouth to Kaoru's 
smooth chest, his tongue exploring the silky skin he found there, 
until he came upon one of Kaoru's hard, brown nipples. He latched 
onto it, firmly pulling the nub between his teeth and biting down 
hard. To Die's surprise, Kaoru didn't cry out or pull away. Instead, 
he did just the opposite, moaning in ecstasy and arching his chest up 
in a request for more. The rhythm guitarist pulled back and watched 
in fascination as blood seeped out of the wound on the abused nipple, 
and he bent down to lap it up before it could run off.
"Die," Kaoru gasped, "motto."
"Who's easy now?" Die lowered the zipper of Kaoru's jeans and slid 
his hands around to caress his ass, sliding the jeans and boxers down 
as he went, and flinging them to the floor. 
"You are, you slut." Kaoru responded, his eyes dangerous and narrow.
Kaoru's long, white neck and prominent Adam's apple were more than 
Die could stand, as he felt the overwhelming urge to devour them. He 
flicked his tongue across the Adam's apple and began to suck it 
lightly as he leaned into Kaoru, brushing the rough material of his 
jeans against Kaoru's exposed length, coaxing a low noise from 
somewhere deep within the lead guitarist's throat.
"So we like talking dirty, eh?" Die smirked, seeking out the pulse in 
Kaoru's neck and biting hard enough to draw blood, leaving an expanse 
of red and purple bruising around it.
"Fuck you," Kaoru half moaned, half growled it.
"Nuh-uh," Die said, moving his mouth up to bite and pull at Kaoru's 
earlobe, "I'm gonna fuck you."
Kaoru's entire body shuddered in excitement. "Only if you suck me 
Die sat up and glared down at Kaoru's grinning face. Lifting a fist, 
he back-handed him across his sexy cheekbones, knocking the grin away.
"Tonight I tell you what to do. Got it?" Kaoru's breathing was 
shallow and erratic as he nodded dumbly. His erection was almost 
unbearable, had he known Die was rough, he'd have tried this with the 
other guitarist long ago.
"Good," Die lowered his head and licked a slow trail up the thick 
vein of Kaoru's erection, causing the tight ass in his hands to 
twitch as the purplehead's hips tried to thrust upwards, wanting 
more. "Now I wanna hear your voice." He told Kaoru as he took him 
into his mouth, sucking on the head before taking as much of Kaoru as 
he could into his mouth.
"Oh, God," Kaoru gulped, "Die… motto…"
One of Die's hands kneaded the smooth flesh of his ass while the 
other sought out his entrance, fingertips massaging and loosening the 
sphincter muscles before sliding in one, then two fingers.
"Die…" Kaoru moaned as Die's tongue continued it's torturous play 
along his erection, his small hands tangled in the red strands of 
Die's hair.
Die pulled away as he felt Kaoru was about to cum, nipping the head 
lightly with his teeth.
"Die…" Kaoru whined, his eyes wild and lost.
"Yes?" Die smiled innocently.
"I need… uhn…" he moved a hand down to finish what Die had started.
"I don't think so," Die pulled Kaoru's hand away painfully and 
slapped Kaoru's thigh, leaving a red, hand-shaped imprint on the pale 
"Please…" Kaoru pleaded.
"Are you begging me?" Die stripped out of his jeans, tossing them to 
join Kaoru's on the floor.
"Just finish it!" Kaoru was growing desperate.
"We talked about this." Die snarled as he placed his hands around the 
guitarist's throat, pushing his thumbs into the trachea hard enough 
to be fair warning. "Are you telling me what to do?"
Kaoru shook his head in the negative, as well as he could with his 
neck in Die's none-too-gentle grasp.
"No? It sure sounded like it." He released Kaoru's neck, and lifted 
the man's head up off the cushions by a fist gripped tightly in his 
purple hair. Kaoru coughed in air as he once again was able to 
breathe. "Don't lie to me, Kaoru," he said around clenched 
teeth. "Were you, or were you not just trying to tell me what to do?"
Kaoru flinched as the hand tightened its grip on his roots. "Yes," he 
hissed out.
Abruptly, Kaoru's head was let go of, and it fell, cracking down hard 
on the arm of the sofa, stars swimming into Kaoru's field of vision.
"You know what happens when you try to tell me what to do?" He took 
Kaoru's lip between his teeth and let it slide back out. Die didn't 
look like he wanted an answer, so Kaoru kept silent. "You get fucked 
dry." He sat up and raked his short nails down Kaoru's thighs hard 
enough to leave welts.
"Oh, God, yes." Kaoru gasped, spreading his legs even further, his 
hips twitching.
Die chuckled as he hitched one of Kaoru's knees over his shoulder. 
He spread Kaoru's ass with his hands and positioned himself, 
thrusting harshly into the lead guitarist's warmth without any other 
Kaoru threw his head back and cried out at the intrusion, the pain 
was so exquisite. Die groaned, Kaoru was so tight. He pulled out and 
thrust back into that tightness that was Kaoru again. He could feel 
Kaoru's insides tearing and the blood and Die's pre-cum soon 
slickened the entrance as he built a rhythm between them. Kaoru once 
again attempted to bring a hand down to work himself as Die fucked 
him, but the redhead caught his hand and pulled it away, pinning down 
the other arm as well. Die glared down at Kaoru and thrust in harder.
Kaoru's loss was quickly forgotten as Die hit something deep with in 
him that scattered it like the flecks of light that now flashed 
across vision. Kaoru moaned to wake the dead as Die struck that spot 
over and over again, until finally it was too much. His body 
shuddered and tensed and he cried out Die's name as he came on their 
As Kaoru's muscles clenched around Die, it was enough to make him cum 
as well, filling Kaoru's torn insides with his seed.
Die pulled out of Kaoru and bent to lick the purple haired man's 
sticky essence off his stomach before collapsing on top of him, 
listening to his bandmate's heartbeat return back to normal as the 
sleepiness of afterglow took control. Die sighed against Kaoru's 
chest and flicked his tongue out to lick the injured nipple 
apologetically, before giving in to the warmth and comfort of Kaoru, 
as sleep stole over him.
Kaoru folded his arms around the dozing figure that lay on top of 
him, and reached down around on the floor for the forgotten remote 
control. He smiled tiredly as he popped the tab on another beer and 
flipped the channel back to catch the end of Endless Waltz.

hmmm... hopefully I will get better at this with practice, ne? It's 
been so long since I decided to write something...
oh well.


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