by Samantha

Comments: My first fic about this particular pairing, I hope it doesn’t suck. -___-; Comments would be very much appreciated.


My heart thumped against my chest when he got closer to me. The body warmth from him made contact with my own body. It was so comforting to feel another’s body, I’ve been lonely for too long. You’re what I’ve been craving for and now you’re here with me.

The smell of your perfume is strong in my nostrils, you smell so sweet. I love you to death, I never want to be without you. You complete me, I hope you love me back.

“Kao-kao, touch me.” You whisper lovingly to me, taking my hand and placing it on your chest. I feel your heart pound rhythmically against my palm. I never thought we would be here, in this position of need and desire. I always loved you from afar, I watched you with your many lovers, the slot I wanted so dearly. I don’t have to dream or long anymore, you’re here.

My fingers run over the silk of your shirt, lingering over the buttons that kept your flesh hidden. The silence engulfs us, holds us near as I finally open the top of your shirt. Your breathing is so beautiful like the music I play for you, your perfect.

I slide the rest of the buttons from the material then push it off your creamy shoulders. The black silk flows gracefully to the wooden floor boards, the ground is covered with you now. I have you, I love you.

You smile, a genuine smile and it’s for me. Your pale flesh matches the room perfectly, the dark black with vanilla white.

I tremble slightly as I reach for you again, I run my fingers through your beautiful hair. It’s silky smooth to the very touch, my other hand rests on your hip. You’re the only thing that matters, the aching disappears.

I breathe, I live, I cry for only you. Our faces are so close, I try to memorize every feature of your face. This is the only place I want to be, with you.

I gently capture your lips with my own and slowly run my tongue over the flesh. Those beautiful lips open to give me access to your warm, wet mouth. My taste buds take in your original taste that is completely intoxicating and indescribable. This moment, this moment fantasized about every night for as long as I known you. This closeness, this undying. I never want to let this go, I want this event to repeat forever in my mind.

Your arms rest on my shoulders as my fingers fall from your hair to your long neck. I grip it lightly, taking you completely into this special kiss. It’s not like before when we would kiss for fun, this is seriously perfect.

You pull away for you can stare into my eyes. Your eyes will be the death of me one day, those large, dark, passionate eyes. I couldn’t be happier, I pull you to my bed.

The floor boards creek under our feet, my heart can’t stop beating at this pace. It’s a lasting excitement, a lasting love which cannot be broken.

I hold your wrist, feeling your pulse faintly beneath your skin. A smile still is plastered on your face, an award winning smile. I’m luck as hell to be with you, I’m so fucking lucky! Nothing can compare to this, nothing.

I sit on the mattress, smiling invitingly for you to also sit. My fingers loosen their grip, waiting for you to move, to come to me.

You don’t hesitate the offer, your eyes are teasing me with their beauty. You walk towards the bed then put your hand on my shoulder. I tense at the gentle touch, I feel invincible. You climb into my lap, bring me into your loving arms.

I whimper a little as you place kisses on my forehead. These small kisses felt like they weren’t even happening, but they burnt through my skin. You made these marks on me for a reason, I’m yours to break or take. My heart is in your control, do what you please.

I nuzzle your neck, wrapping my greedy hands around your body. Your tongue massages my temple with care, you’re so careful and gentle towards me. I’m hard as a rock outside in the real world, but you know I’m like putty in your hands in this world that seems so surreal.

I feel your touch on my chest, arousing me as your tongue still works on my forehead. Your fingers pinch at my nipples tightly, I moan into your flesh. The feeling is wonderful, intoxicating down to the very scent. My eyes close half way as you slide one of your palms under my shirt. Your fingers are cold, but my flame for you doesn’t die, it grows larger. I want to be inside you, will you let me?

I kiss your neck, leaving trails of saliva on it, marking my territory. You groan as I bite down on your body, I hope I didn’t hurt you. I smother it with my wet mouth, trying to cure the pain I inflicted. Don’t hate me, please.

You seen to forgive my action and continue to rub my chest, pushing at my ribcage. I run my hand over your naked back, I rest it on one of your shoulder blades and massage it lightly. You still continue to push at my ribcage in an urge to make me lie down. I do what you want, letting my hand let go of your beauty.

You lean in and kiss me tenderly then you start to pull at my shirt. Heavens, this is really occurring, it is not a dream!

I lift myself up slightly letting the material be stripped off. The air is warm with our passion, our undivided attention for each other. The cotton sheets brush underneath my back from any movement we make. My need for you grows as you rub against it in a teasing manner. How I moaned when your lovely bottom pushed against it. You are my weakness, you are my angel.

My hands run over your gorgeous legs as you make me grow as hard as my outer exterior. I can feel your desire grow as it runs over my stomach. The leather of your pants are driving me crazy and I believe it’s driving you insane as well.

I roll you onto your back and now I’m on top. Your eyes are filled with deep and true love and Passion. I kiss you happily then pull at your pants and underwear. You cry out as the air hits your erection which is wet with pre cum. I slide down your body and kiss your hip while looking into your eyes.

“I love you, Toshiya.” You smile lovingly at me, placing your hands on my face.

“I love you too, Kaoru!” I place my lips on your hip again as you trace my cheekbones. I can’t believe how happy I could be, not only am I with you, but you love me! You said it yourself, my heart is soaring!

I finish treating your hip and slowly kiss down your leg, flicking my tongue out a few random times. I love the way you whimper as I touch you. I nimble at your milky white thigh, rubbing my ache over the mattress. I need you, I need to be inside of you, desperately!

I crawl back up to you, I start to play with your hair. “Can I be inside of you...can I make love to you, Totchi?” You kiss me, cupping my length through the denim of my jeans. I moan against your mouth as you fondle me with care.

“Hai, my darling.” I feel like crying when you say that, I’m so in love with you, I want to be with you forever!

You begin to unzip my pants and tug them down. The material is disposed of and I’m left with the thin material of my boxer shorts. You cup me again and torturously squeeze me.

“Totchi...hai!” The sensation almost drives me insane, oh how I need you! I think you could read my mind because you pulled off my boxers and sit up. Your cum still flows out of your tip and makes you look so erotic with your pulsing desire.

I sat up as well and push you to your back and roll you on your stomach. I kiss you then down your spine. Your breathing is quicker and faster as my fingers run over your sides.

I slowly kiss your whole back then kiss your ass, your perfectly shaped ass. You gasp in surprise, never had the sensation of this sort?

I let my tongue trace the curve of your body, I’m in heaven! I begin to feel your hips buck, you need release.

I give the flesh under my mouth a final kiss then run my tongue down your opening. I want to get you wet for when I enter you I won’t hurt you. You’re moaning amazingly loud as I probe at your insides, so tight and warm!

I push down on your hips for I can thoroughly wet you. My heart pounds as I taste your insides, soon we will be one. Slowly I pull away then ran my middle finger over your tight opening. Your hips buck wildly without my hand to prevent you from doing so.

I press it into your opening, feeling the tightness surround my digit. Another finger joins then another then I begin to ready you for what will happen very soon.

“Oh, Gods! Motto...Kaoru!” You grip the sheets in your sweaty palms, pushing yourself into my fingers. I begin to ache more as I thrust into you, just imagine how crazy I’d go from being inside you! You’re wet enough for me to pleasure you to the max and not hurt you.

I bring my fingers out of you and begin to position myself behind you.

“This will hurt.” I warn as I take your hips into my hands, lifting you closer to me.

“Hai, but I want you to make love to me...slowly.”

“I promise I won’t hurt you...that’s not my intention. I love you.” I gently press my tip upon the opening, letting myself slide slowly into your slick and tight walls. A sigh escapes my lips as I am fully inside you. You yell a little bit at being invaded, but you urge me on by touching my hand on your hip. I kiss your shoulder while pulling out half way then pushing back into you. Your hand still rests on mine as I build up speed slightly.

I close my eyes taking in the smell of you, the inside of you, and your gasps of desire. I thrust into you gently and buried my face into your hair. You smell lovely.

I slowly pull out all the way gasping out from the loss of your warmth. I really can’t help it when I pushed quickly into you then pull out even quicker.

“M-motto...” You say and I begin to break away from reality. I use all the strength I have to bring you to the heights of pleasure that I believe you deserve.

My pace grows quicker and my length spears you then lets you go free. I lean my head on top of yours and fuck you harder and quicker. My cum drips over your beautiful ass and into your sweet opening.

You push into my sex, keeping up with my pace. Our bodies become sticky with sweat and from our cum that keeps us together. We’re cheek to cheek as we arrive to heaven. I can’t stop going this fast and hard, you are so inviting and I love you and I don’t think I can stop saying that either! I never want another lover, but you. You fulfill me like no other, it’s too good to be true!

My erection keeps pounding into you letting the muscles of your ass squeeze and tease me. You begin to scream a as make and show you my love.

Behind those yells I hear a choking sound like you were...crying? You are crying...am I hurting you, oh gods!

“T-totchi?” I groan as I still enter you.


“Am I...am I hurting...aah...y-you? Hai, oh darling!” You yelp loudly as I must have touched your spot of all pleasure.

“Oh!” you push swiftly against my hard flesh giving me access to the root of your pleasure. “Quicker! Kao...harder...” I did as you commanded, hitting the target every time making you quiver.

“Totchi...” Your muscles tightened more as I hit that one spot. We couldn’t last that much longer I could tell. Your body was just too overwhelming for me to handle.

One of my hands escaped and went under your length and the mattress. I stroked it as I wildly moved within you. Your penis quivered like your body as I squeezed your tip tightly. My hips banged into yours over and over again, my cum flowed freely. I let my fingers drop from the wet slit and down to your warm balls.

You jerked the choking sound still active like us. My erection rubbed over the spot once more and I massaged one of your balls which make you cum hard and fast.

“Kaoru!” My name echoed off the bedroom walls, your muscles clinched my manhood tightly causing me to cum a few seconds later.

“Toshiya!” After a few seconds of recover, I pulled myself out of you, I didn’t want to squash you. I lay next to you and pulled you into my arms. Tears roll down your cheeks and I begin to worry even more than before.

“What’s the matter? Did I hurt you?”

“No...it’s just that...that I’m so happy to be with you, Kaoru. I never felt this way about anyone. I never loved till now, never. You are the first and you are my last, you’re my soul mate. I just hope that you believe me when I say that. I love you, Niikura, Kaoru.” You gently kiss me and I in return tighten my grip on you.

“I love you too, Hara, Toshimasa.”


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