samantha-A Very Special Friendship

A Very Special Friendship

by Samantha

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 Part 1

‘Are you coming over?’ Kaoru chewed on the eraser of his pencil then wrote on the paper, passing it back. Kyo grabbed it from him and opened it quietly, glancing at their teacher then at the note.

‘Of course, where else do I go?’ after he read it he scribbled a reply and threw it on Kaoru’s desk. Kaoru stuck between the pages of his text book for it looked like he was actually paying attention to the lecture.

‘Home. You know you have one. Are you going to bring your guitar?’ the older boy answered back and sticking into Kyo’s waiting hand.

‘Why would I go there? Hai, I always do.’ before Kyo could write anything the bell rang. Finally! He slammed his text book closed and grabbed his back pack off the ground. Kaoru yanked the note out of his hand and crumbled it into a little ball. “Come on, Kyo.” he flung his arm around his shoulders and began walking to the exit.

“Where is guitar?”

“Band room.” he replied throwing their earlier conversation into the trash bin. “I’m going to go get it, wanna come?”

“I need to go to my locker, I’ll meet you outside.”

“Alright.” Kaoru let go of him turning to the direction. Kyo went past the happy school spirit kids in the hall towards his locker. Thank the gods it was Friday! Now he could sleep in and stay up late. He walked to the rows and rows of lockers choosing the particular one that held his belongings. The short boy entered the combination and opened the door to the small compartment. He put the large book in his hand into it, looking at the Polaroid taped on the back of the door. Him and Kaoru. His only friend, best friend.

“Konnichiwa, Tooru.” a feminine voice said next to him. He turned to the greeting smiling politely.

“Konnichiwa, Ayumi. Don’t call me that.”

“Gomen, Kyo.” Ayumi chuckled opening her own locker. Okay, Ayumi was sort of his friend. “What are you doing this weekend? Hanging out with Kaoru, I suppose.”

“Hai, you?” he closed the door seeing her shrug at the question.

“I don’t know yet...hey maybe you and Kaoru can go see a movie with me.”

“Like” Ayumi burst out laughing hiding her face behind the door of her locker.

“Hai, Kyo! A date with both of you! Of course not! Friends going with friends.”

“But your a girl...I’ll think about it, Ayumi. Bye.” she waved as he left smiling at his funny statement. He came outside looking for Kaoru, but didn’t see him around, so he seated himself onto one of the steps of the building’s entrance. The breeze gently pushed his bangs out of his eyes letting him examine the area. The normal school environment that he hated so much, damn, hurry Kaoru.

“Hey, Tooru! You baka!” a person hit him in the back of his head. He instantly held his head, frowning deeply. “Where’s big bad Kaoru?” he didn’t answer the boy in front of him. The usual tormenter.

“Go away!”

“Why? I thought we were buddies.” he smirked at him then looked to his snickering friends. Buddies, what a joke!

“Just go away!” he wanted to go home desperately.

“You don’t tell me what to do, baka!” he flicked his nose causing a stinging sensation. Kyo grabbed his nose then looked into the smirking face.

“What are you guys doing?” a person demanded from behind them. Kyo’s tormenter looked up, frowning at the interruption.

“Oh, it’s you once again.” the small boy turned around, letting his hand drop from his face.

“Kaoru!” he jumped from the step and hugged his friend tightly.

“Hey, hey! Loosen your grip little man!” Kyo glared at him after being called such a name. “Gomen.” Kaoru smiled wrapping his free arm around him. “I recommend you guys leave and now.” the bullies began to back up smiling sheepishly in the process.

“Tooru, because your a faggot doesn’t mean you have to turn everyone you touch into one.” he grinned leaving them alone. Kaoru pretended like he didn’t hear the comment made.

“Domo arigato, Kaoru-kun.” he let go of his frail body, grabbing the straps to his back pack.

“Never fear, I’ll always be here.” the older of the two chuckled, walking off the steps, carrying his guitar case in one hand. Kyo followed suite across the dieing grass and the pile of brown and orange leaves.


“Hai?” he slowed down his pace for his friend could catch up.

“Why do you always defend me when that bastard picks on me? And why do you pretend not to hear him call us faggots?”

“That’s a stupid question, Kyo.”

“Why is it stupid, huh?” Kaoru stopped walking staring into Kyo’s dark eyes. It was kind of difficult because of his bangs hanging in them. He pushed them out of Kyo’s sight, frowning slightly.

“It’s stupid because I’m your friend, your best friend, vice-versa. I’ll always be there to help and defend you. The answer to your other question is that I don’t care what people think of us and our relationship.” without another word he set down his guitar case and hugged him tightly like Kyo did a few minutes ago. “Never question my actions because you now know the reason.” he let go a couple seconds later then picked up his case. “Come on, I want to hear your new song.” he turned causing Kyo to let the color rise in his cheeks. “Come on, Kyo.” Kaoru turned his head, smiling at his best friend. Kyo smiled back running towards him.

“My parents aren’t home.”

“What about your brother?” he shook his head to the question. They would be alone in his house. Alone, that rarely occurred. The multi colored leaves blew across the blue sky and chilled Kyo’s flesh. He sighed softly, looking up at Kaoru. Kaoru.

‘My one else owns him, mine.’


to be continued~

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