samantha-A Very Special Friendship

A Very Special Friendship

by Samantha

Comments: This is pretty crappy and well this isn’t a pointless scene. It does have a purpose in the chapters to come. ^^;; If there are any chapters to come. Any who hope you enjoy.

Part 2

“Extremely disturbing yet beautiful.” Kaoru smiled strumming on his guitar. “How do you do it, Kyo?” Kyo shrugged, blushing lightly at the praise the older boy was giving him.

“I don’t know...I guess I just express how I feel.”

“Emotion is the best thing to use when coming to art.” Kyo climbed up from the floor then fell onto his bed. Kaoru followed his example, setting down his beloved instrument on the place where he was sitting. He grinned widely, playfully he punched Kyo in the arm.

“Hey!” he slugged back not quite gently their. Kaoru hit him in the back with force causing Kyo to fall on his side in pain. “Baka!” he kicked at him, but missed his target.

“Don’t you dare!” Kaoru growled, grabbing a hold of his foot.

“Let go, Kaoru! Stop it!” he yelped as Kaoru began to crush his leg.

“You surrender?!” he laughed at the smaller boy’s cries of pain.

“No, never!” Kaoru let go and turned Kyo onto his back and pinned his wrist above his head. He laid on top of the smaller body, crushing his poor friend.

“Do you surrender, Kyo-kun?!”

“Hai, hai!” he struggled still, staring into Kaoru’s teasing eyes. His dark...beautiful eyes. He stopped his fight against the other body, loving the warmth brought upon him. Kaoru let the grin wipe off his face and stared intently into Kyo’s face. They were so close, but in a sense not close enough. Kyo’s lip trembled at his friend’s closeness, feeling his warm breath on his skin. Kaoru gently brushed his lips against the trembling ones. How sweet and warm the elder tasted to Kyo, he thrusted his tongue out and into Kaoru’s hot mouth. Kaoru jerked back in shock, but not far back for the tongue to come out of his mouth. Kyo pulled back, smiling like he was in a daze. A dream, a fantasy. His friend stared back in shock. He licked his lips tasting Kyo’s saliva. What happened exactly? A playful fight turned into an uncomfortable kiss, an uncomfortable closeness. He lit go of the small wrists and crawled off his body.

“Gomen...gomen.” Kyo blinked, looking confused at being apologized to.

“I should apologizing, Kaoru. I’m very sorry.” he waved the apology off and leaned against the wall. “I’m seriously sorry, please don’t be mad.”

“Kyo, I’m not mad at you. Forget what just happened.” he grabbed at the note book paper on the wooden floor then held them out to Kyo. “Sing the song again for me.” the boy took the paper, glancing at his writings. Anything for Kaoru, anything.

“Okay...” he cleared his throat and began to sing the words of the newly written song. To Kyo he sounded like he was sick or constipated, he stopped abruptly.

“Why did you stop, huh?”

“ sounds really sucky, you know. How I sound singing.”

“It’s sounds really unique, beautiful, and romantic.” he sighed taking the paper, laying it on the mattress. He took Kyo’s hands in his own and squeezed lightly. Without warning he pulled him closer and attacked his lips. He savagely chewed on his lower lip, enjoying the muffled moans of his friend. Kyo pushed his body against Kaoru’s well toned one and entangled his fingers with the other’s. This time Kaoru stuck his tongue into Kyo’s mouth and roughly licked his tongue. The two friends closed their eyes, tasting each other for the second time. The sweetest time. Kyo pushed him down onto his back and laid on him, the exact position accept the older boy was on the bottom. They broke apart suddenly to get a breath of air. A well deserved breath of air.

“Yum.” Kyo licked Kaoru’s closed lips. “You taste so good, Kaoru-kun.” he began to unbutton his shirt, exposing Kaoru’s white flesh.

“Kyo-kun...” he sighed, feeling the feather like touches of his friend’s finger tips on his chest and nipples. Kaoru stared blankly at the ceiling, not thinking who was pleasing him. It felt so right, but wrong. Kyo gently unzipped the other boy’s pants and pulled them down his long legs. He threw them to the floor and took in the sight of his Kaoru. It was one of those things you can only fantasize about. But now, some how it was coming true. He slipped his fingers under the waist band of his boxers and slowly pulled the silk material down. Kaoru shut his eyes and tightened his grip on the material of a blanket he held. Kyo smiled broadly as he exposed Kaoru to him and couldn’t help but stare in longing. Should he touch such beauty, will it stain his porcelain skin if such a dirty being touched him? He couldn’t hold his desire anymore, the image that he longed for was now in front of him. Gently the boy crawled between Kaoru’s long legs and place his hands onto his hips. Kaoru felt Kyo’s touch, but laid there still, never opening his eyes to gaze at the ceiling. It seemed like eternity before he felt another action, he gasped as Kyo took him into his mouth. The action was indescribable to him, so warm and pleasurable! Kyo’s tongue ran over his tip several times in a loving manner causing Kaoru to cry out. He opened his eyes and his vision began to blur at the wonderful sensation. Kyo tried to take as much of him into his mouth without choking and Kaoru’s moving hips weren’t helping the situation. He pulled his mouth back, letting the tip remain inside his mouth and sucked slowly.

“Shit!” Kaoru managed to get out, trembling from the overwhelming experience. “K-kyo...I’m...I’m going to...” Kyo let go of his tip and crawled away from him to the other end of the bed. That was...totally wrong. He took advantage of his best friend. No way would he give Kaoru his release, he didn’t deserve to. “Kyo, why did you stop?” he lifted his head off it’s resting place. The small boy was sitting in the corner of the mattress with his knees drawn to his chin. He looked so innocent and confused with his bangs hanging in his eyes once again.

“I’m sorry, Kaoru. I never meant to do such a thing.”

“ what?” he sat up pulling his long hair off his back and neck. Kyo shut his eyes, hoping the world would just disappear even Kaoru. Kaoru watched silently as the small boy look apologetic and a tinge of fear. Fear. He crawled next to him and wrapped his arm around his shoulders. His lips touched Kyo’s chubby cheek then kissed his lips. Kyo jerked at the contact and let his eyes snap open. Kaoru took his mouth away and held his chin, looking into his black orbs that were his eyes. “Kyo-kun...let me...” slowly he picked up his friend’s body and laid him down. His desire grew rapidly again and he needed release, Kyo could provide it. Swiftly he yanked off his shirt and pants causing Kyo to shut his eyes again. Kaoru kissed his chest and began to pull off his last remaining clothing, excitedly. Kyo was already erect and ready for what was to come. “Do you have any lube?” what did he think this was? A convenient store?

“No...lotion, lotion.”

“Where? Where is it?” he began to get really desperate for his release. The other boy got up, going to the chest of drawers. Kaoru examined his body as he rummaged through the many draws. Damn, Kyo had a nice ass!

“Got it.” he closed the drawer and returned to the bed. Kaoru took the bottle from his hand, it would have to do.

“Okay...get on your hands and knees.” he opened the bottle, watching him get in position. Neither of them had the experience and this was quite odd to be experimenting with each other. Kaoru squirted the lotion into his palm and rubbed it on his hard member. Kyo couldn’t help but shake from what would be occurring very soon. “It’s going to be okay, don’t worry.”

“I’m not.” he felt Kaoru’s hands on his hips, they were slick from the lotion.

“He goes nothing...” he murmured as he pushed into Kyo’s tightness. Kyo cried in utter pain from being invaded in such an intimate place. The lotion didn’t help him at all. Tears trickled down his face as his friend moaned in pleasure. Why was he so weak?! The warm tight atmosphere around him was so tempting he couldn’t help but pull out and then push back in. “Oh, Kyo!” He thrust in and out, trying to get in deeper as possible. Kyo yelped at the burning pain in his body, his insides felt like they were being shredded. The feeling was terrible, absolutely terrible. Through the minutes of blinding pain, he began to feel the tinge of enjoyment. Pleasure like Kaoru was probably experiencing. He let out a whimper and began to push his body into Kaoru’s erection, a natural reaction.

“K-Kaoru! Mmm...” the sound of his name made Kaoru even more horny so as a treat for Kyo he grabbed his member. He massaged him gently feeling pre-cum come out of his tip. “Aaah! It feels so good!” Kyo’s body fluid dropped onto the sheet of paper that held the words of his song. Kaoru let his hand wander to his balls and squeezed them, making him cry out again. He pulled out of the tight hole of Kyo’s small body and then proceeded to turn him over. “My song...” Kaoru took the paper and put it on the floor again. He lifted Kyo’s legs, placing them over his shoulders.

“I want to look into your eyes as I...” his sex pushed into him again, fitting perfectly. They looked into each other’s eyes as Kaoru thrust in and out, pleasing them both. Kyo pushed up against Kaoru’s chest, screaming every time his speed would increase. The older boy gripped the sheets, slamming into him as fast as possible. Their breath grew rapidly as the overwhelming sensation filled their bodies. Sweat rolled down their faces and their bodies grew slick. Kaoru fucked Kyo faster and harder, loving the feel of the tightening muscles around his hardness. The pleasure blinded Kyo, literally, he couldn’t get enough of Kaoru inside of him. Kaoru felt Kyo’s length poke his stomach and pre-cum coat his skin. His thrusts grew more and more desperate till finally he exploded inside Kyo. Kyo felt the warm seed of his lover fill him causing him to also cum hard. The fluid spilt out of him in a rush, sending him to collapse. Kaoru heaved then pulled himself out of Kyo and laid next to him. He saw blood on his inner thigh. Dried blood caked on his skin and the sheets. Gently he placed his lips on Kyo’s before dosing off into a deep sleep. He had had experienced the warmth of Kyo, the warmth of Tooru. Tooru, Kyo’s real self.


to be continued~

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