samantha-A Very Special Friendship

A Very Special Friendship

by Samantha


Part 3

“Hi, Ayumi. Have you seen Kaoru around?” Kyo slung his bag onto his back and began to gather his other belongings.

“Hello, no I haven’t. Didn’t you spend the weekend with him like always?”

“Last I saw him was on Friday night and he’s been gone from school for awhile now.” he tucked his shoulder length hair behind his ear.

“Maybe he’s sick.”

“Maybe, but wouldn’t he tell me?” she shrugged, looking deep in thought.

“Maybe he’s really sick and can’t speak on the phone.”

“Possible, better be going.” he waved then proceeded to leave the classroom and walk towards the other class he was to attend. This was the one him and Kaoru had, then lunch. He hoped Kaoru would be there to greet him as always. Gently he pushed in the door of the room and walked in, something caught his eye.

Kaoru sat in a desk near the large window, alone. Kyo smiled, taking the desk next to him.

“Hi, Kaoru. Where have you been?” his friend looked away, narrowing his eyes into small slits. “Kaoru, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” he said with no emotion, so cold and for no reason. Kyo wanted to respond, but other students entered the room. The small boy slumped in his chair hoping this class would go by quickly.


Kaoru grabbed his school supplies and quickly left the room. Kyo sighed heavily, it seemed like he was angry with him, but for what? Oh, well he would come around sooner or later. He also left the room, getting tangled with the mess of students outside of the dreaded classroom. The boy finally got to his locker and opened it up to the world to see.

A note fell out of the compartment to his feet. White, the color of innocence. He put his books into the locker, keeping his eyes on the paper. Maybe it was from Kaoru. He smiled to himself as he closed the door and bent down to retrieve it. The folds were unfolded to reveal the words of the letter given to him.

FAGGOT! it was Kaoru’s had to be it. But why on the planet earth would he do such a thing? A prank, joke even?

Kyo crumbled the sheet and stuck it in his pocket.

‘I want to look in your eyes as I...’ he remembered Kaoru saying softly, lovingly as he captured his heart and soul.

His eyes began to sting as he entered the cafeteria. The pain was so bad, it burnt him alive. But he had pretend that he didn’t care, wouldn’t care. Kaoru should mean nothing to him, absolutely nothing at all.

“Look Kaoru, it’s the little queer Tooru!” Kyo stared at his tormenter, he sat smugly at a table occupied by none other than Kaoru himself. Kaoru was with the bastard, the bastard. He swore to protect him from the bastard yet there he was sitting with him! Was this friendship really over? Dead? Kyo looked down, stumbling towards a table in the corner of the room. He pulled out the chair and sat down wearily, laying his head on the top of the table. The stinging began to increase and threatened to appear upon his features. The body heat, the soft touches, the sweet didn’t mean anything at all.

“Excuse me, is anyone sitting here?” Kyo’s head shot up and he wiped at his eyes roughly.


“Is it okay if I sit here then?” the voice seemed kind, not mocking.


“Domo arigato, it’s pretty awkward in a new place.” the person said, Kyo looked up unsure who the person was. The newcomer set down his lunch tray and took the chair across from his. “I’m Ando Daisuke, I rather be called Die.” he smiled warmly and held out his hand.

“I’m Kyo, also a nickname.” he took the other’s hand, he was so amazingly attractive and sexy?

“Nice to meet you, Kyo. May I ask why your alone?”

“I’m a loser that’s why...” Die let go of his hand, frowning deeply.

“Why do you say such things? But if people think that, who gives a damn, ne?” Kyo pulled out the crumbled paper that broke his whole being into small sharp edges. He put it on the table top slipping towards the other boy.

“Read it.” Die picked up the paper and unwrapped it from itself. The sheet made an ugly noise that made Kyo want to cry, cry away all this pain.


“My supposed best friend wrote that lovely letter to me.” he sighed. “I guess he’s just stating the obvious.” the other raised his eyebrow then let his eyes drop back to the words of hatred.

“Is that so bad?”


“Is that so bad being a fag? A queer, a cock sucker, a damn pussy?”

“Well, one will accept such a person.” he watched Die place the sheet on the table again and reach for something in his pocket. His wallet, he pulled something out and offered it to Kyo.

“Here, take a look.” Kyo took the item and looked at it. A photo of a beautiful girl with Die. “My koi.”

“She’s lovely, beautiful.” the small boy gawked at the angel that belonged to Die.

“You are wrong.”

“Wrong? Die, she is amazing! Any guy would kill for her...well accept me.” Die shook his head it seemed to be in humor.

“You are still wrong. He is amazing and smart and beautiful and so much more.”

“He?” Die nodded and smiled like if he were in a dream.

“It’s pretty strange the things you will find out, isn’t it? His name is Shinya, been together for a little over a year.”

“Wow...that’s nice.”

“Yeah, I guess...his parents don’t know. He doesn’t want to tell them either. He’s afraid...”

“I would be parents expect so much from me and I can’t deliver.” Die nodded absently as he took the picture of the person he adored so much.

“You know what, Kyo. We should make our own cult made only for fags.” Kyo shook his head, smiling. Smiling for Die not for Kaoru, never for Kaoru anymore. He took Die’s hand then smiled wider, he squeezed it lightly.

“Why not...this looks like it would be interesting anyways.”


to be continued~

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