samantha-A Very Special Friendship

A Very Special Friendship

by Samantha


Part 4

“Give me a piece!” Die shook his head as he stuffed another chocolate into his mouth. Kyo growled with anger as the other boy teased him brutally.

“Yum...caramel feeling inside, your missing out Kyo-kun.” he popped another into his mouth and chewed it happily.

“Give me, damn it!” Kyo tried to grab one from the box he held.

“No, you’re not getting one because of your bad behavior and temper.”

“Just give it up, Die! You had almost all of the chocolates in the box, I want one!” Die looked at the cover of the chocolates which had a note on it.

“Well, it says here.” he pointed at the yellow sticky note. “To: Die from: Shinya. You are as sweet as this chocolate, hope you enjoy. XOXO! Oh, doesn’t say Kyo on it!”

“Damn you!!!”

“Foul language is not going to cut it! No sweets for potty mouths!” he licked his fingers, getting the remains of the dark sweetness off. He played with this for awhile, watching his friend growl and turn red with frustration. He was so evil! “Okay, I’ll give one under one condition.”

“What?! I’m not cleaning your shitty car for a candy! Or raking the leaves, any chores are off limits!”

“I wasn’t going to make you do that, never!” Die rested his fingers on a piece of chocolate, resting it into his palm. “You want this...really bad?”

“Hai! Come on, be nice to me!”

“You can have it eat it out of my mouth.” he placed it on his tongue, leaving his mouth open. Kyo narrowed his eyes in disgust, but held out his fingers for the capture. Die took it out suddenly with his own hands and shook his head once more.

“Take it out with your own mouth.” it went back into the dark caverns of his mouth, waiting to be eaten. To take the chocolate or not to, that is the question. The shorter boy thought for awhile...he wanted that chocolate, but to that extreme? Boy, did it look good.

“Fine!” he leaned towards Die till he reached his mouth, then paused. Die looked impatient with it on his tongue, he could eat it at any time. Kyo looked around the cafeteria for anyone watching them. No one...he leaned in more till his mouth was almost touching Die’s. He opened his mouth and took the candy from the hot mouth...his lips brushed Die’s as the item exploded with sugar. The taste of sweet success, yet he couldn’t bring himself to yank away from Die and his warm lips. Die made no intention of moving from the situation, he never ran. But Kyo...he wasn’t like him, he ran anytime for anything. No, he wouldn’t run this time...this greeted him. Die pulled back after a minute passed, tracing his finger tips over his pouting lips, caramel laced his lower lip.

“Unexpected...” he murmured to him, but he didn’t seem like he minded it at all. He smiled after awhile then gave the box to Kyo. “I’m sick of the candies now...ate to many.” he patted his stomach, looking content.

“Thanks...I guess.” he chose a lighter color of brown, sticking it between his lips. “Good, chocolate. Shinya must have spent a pretty penny on these.”

“He always goes extreme on I have to give him something and he is so hard to choose for. Have any suggestions?”

“Hardly...I can’t buy anything for my own mother without getting confused.” he looked at the box thoughtfully, he closed it and set in the middle of the table. It felt like someone’s eyes were boring into the back of his head in anger. He turned towards the direction where he felt the presence of someone watching him intently.

“What’s the matter?” Die asked as the other searched behind him for anyone who saw the situation which was at hand. Kyo shook his head, scanning the area...he spotted who was watching them. He frowned visibly making eye contact...his eyes were angry, so cold. Kaoru glared at him...they examined each other, getting familiar. Kyo hated the look he gave, it showed Kaoru’s real side...wicked. He couldn’t tear his eyes from the boiling anger of Kaoru’s...he fantasized of how he looked as he beat him, with all his strength. That was the look, the uncontrollable emotion running over his usually soft features. Rapidly burning him, hurting, peeling, scaring, bruising, ripping, tearing, loving. Hating. Killing.

“Nothing is the matter, Die.” he leaned forward kissing him lightly, friendly. Die responded with a gentle squeeze on the base of his neck. It tickled him from the caress that he never really remembered experiencing after damn Kaoru. The hairs on his neck stood up as they finished the dry kiss and Die’s hand and warmth disappeared, leaving his hair to regain the heat.

“That guy looks pretty angry, Kyo.” he sealed the candy box more causing the box to protest. He grunted at it, but finally finished the job.

“He’s just angry because we are flaming fags and he can’t join the cult.” he chuckled, resting his elbows on the table. His mother would have scolded him, if she were here. He was always the troubled child, the different one. The special one, passionate. His mother always said he was the artistic one out of her children, he had potential.

Die shared the laugh, letting his eyes fall back on the other’s face. Such boyish charm...couldn’t keep the girls or boys away if he didn’t have such a bad reputation. Who was to judge anyways really. Kyo was something special that Die couldn’t put his finger on...some enigma. Had the potential to explode with rage, he could easily kill someone with those soft eyes.

“Hello, Die.” Kyo waved his hand in front of his eyes, but leaving the other arm still to rest on the table. “You home? Or did you take off to the moon?”

“No, I’m here...I was thinking that’s all.” he let his fingers slide through his hair, smiling as usual. What was expected. He really couldn’t get his mind off the other, filled to the brim with secrets and special talents. Raging anger...

“Thinking of what? Buying Shinya something, thanking him for the delicious chocolates.” that face was so beautiful, angelic. Who could have thought something hidden would be found, something dangerous.

“Yeah...nothing came to mind though.” his mind was far away from Shinya...he wanted to unlock the secrets, but with time. Time will unleash, release everything the boy was hiding. He would stick around to see this. Die glanced behind Kyo once more, the evil guy never seemed to take his gaze off of them. Why?

“Kyo, that guy is really creeping me out...”

“What guy?” he turned around...Kaoru. What the hell was he looking at? He had something on his mind...Kyo knew that for a fact. The wheels in his head were moving, plotting something out...something out of the ordinary. He smiled crookedly at Kaoru, throwing darts at his body with his pupils. Kaoru leaned back in his chair, unblinking...waiting for more of the amusement. He waved like he was swatting the air free of evil around him. His own evil, rising from every particle of his being. He was unaware of his own wickedness, it was like looking into a mirror with Kaoru in front of it.

“Should I worry about him...”

“Of course not...he won’t do anything he’s just retarded.” Kyo turned around, leaving the twisted smile playing on his lips.

“Alright...I’ll trust you on that, but if he comes and kills me in the night it is your fault as well as his.”

“You’re funny, Die-kun.” the bell rang loudly informing them lunch was over and time to return to their studies of history, science, math, and other subjects which dulled their senses. “See you after school, my place?”

“Always. Never changes, never will.” he reached for his backpack then disappeared into the crowd of groaning students. Kyo watched him leave then got up, grabbing his stuff. He turned to see Kaoru with the other tormenters, but Kaoru looked at him as well. The closeness still there, but friendship non-existing. He held up his middle finger in a sign of war and left the room towards his fucking boring class.

“Fuck off, Kaoru. Just fuck off and leave me alone. You pushed me away now you won’t let me be. Is this your strategy to make me pay for being fucked by you?” he mumbled in misery to no one in particular other than himself.


“I’m home!” Kyo yelled dropping his bag and throwing his shoes off. Die did the same, but in a more polite way. “So is Die! Come on, let’s go upstairs and do something.”

“Tooru! Why don’t you go to the grocery store for me?” his mother appeared from out of the kitchen, holding a damp towel in her hands.

“It’s Kyo, and no. I’m busy.”

“Your name is Tooru and that is what I’m going to call you. And you can do one favor for me, you have Ando to accompany you.” she pointed out. Damn did he hate when she said such dumb things. She just had this way of pissing him off.

“Fine, his name is Die. Not Ando and my name is Kyo.” he groaned as he slipped on his shoes, Die did the same as usual. “What do you want?” she gave him the list of items and money needed then kissed him lightly on the cheek. He rolled his eyes and walked towards the door where his friend waited. Die said goodbye and left the warm confines of the living room. The boy followed him towards the piece of shit considered a car.

“You know I don’t mind if your mom calls me Ando. I just hate it when my mom does, you know. Maybe I can find Shinya a present then.” he opened the driver’s door and got in, unlocking Kyo’s also. He got in rolling his eyes.

“Getting your koi something at a grocery store. I can’t imagine what treasures we’ll find there. Flour, eggs, or sugar? Oh, my maybe we’ll find one of those candy bracelets and a matching necklace!” he waved his hands like in utter pleasure of their journey at hand.

“Shut the hell up. Dumb ass, I meant at the jewelers near the grocery store.” he started the car, pulling away from the curb in front of Kyo’s flat.

“Are you serious? He bought you chocolates, not a diamond or a car which I might add, you need very badly.”

“Does your jaw ever ache?”

“No, why do you ask?”

“Because you flap it every second of every minute of every hour of every day!”

“You are not funny, Die.” he commented strapping his seat belt over his body. Die didn’t even bother with it.

“You said I was this afternoon. But you are just mad because you talk too much.” he steered the car over the street with ease, keeping his eyes fixed on the road ahead and beyond. Kyo narrowed his eyes, but distracted himself by looking at the multi-colored surroundings which looked like paint splattered onto the canvas of a starved artist. His canvas of colors, of beauty which he was not close of being. Die turned on the radio, to deaden the silence between them. Static filled the void of silence, annoying Die. He turned it off, mumbling something unknown.

“You are funny, but you’re more than that. I can’t deny’re so much more.” there he said it.

“You really think that, Kyo?”

“Hai, I do believe there is more to you than that stupid humor you posses and your sexual orientation. Happy?”

“Hai, very...I thought no one saw past the plastered smile, the clown make up.”

“Well, I do. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not, but I do.” he smiled slightly as he saw the grocery store appear over the horizon.


“What would you think would suite him?”


“His ears aren’t pierced.”

“His ears aren’t pierced...then why are we looking in the earring section, baka?” Kyo said looking down at the small diamonds, harder noticeable but the price was. “Die, just choose something and let’s go. My mother will be waiting for her supplies.”

“Okay, okay. Few more minutes, onegai.” he begged with those sad brown eyes of his. How could he say no? He wasn’t a cruel person, only if someone pushed him to be.

“Hurry.” Die walked to another glass display case, looking at the contents. A smile brightened his face as he pointed at the jewel of his choice.

“Look, Kyo! It’s perfect, it suites him!” the boy came over and looked at the piece. A necklace with a gold chain and a diamond heart hanging from it.

“How much?” he said dully, crossing his arms. Die shrugged, calling the jeweler over to ask for the price.

“It’s $$$*lots and lots of money-Sam*”

“Nani?! You can’t afford that! You are not made of money because you wouldn’t have a shitty car outside!”

“I’ve been saving up my money. His birthday is coming up soon and I want him to get something to show my love.” he smiled down at the necklace, probably thinking of Shinya. “I’ll take it.”


to be continued~

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