sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan

Comments: I know school fics are popular and that I'm not the only 
one who's writing this sort of fics, but I wanted to try something 
new and looked like a good idea so I tried. Don't will NOT 
be like 304 (besides, I dont want to copy if anybody feels like I am 
please tell me and I will stop writing this fic...I dont want anybody 
to be mad at me), it should be different because I seem to have a 
unique style ne. :\
Anyway, I hope you like it, and I will try to write as often possible 
and will try to not keep you waiting like I did with my other fic 
(From one couple to the other?)
Enjoy! ^^
Part 1

"Damn! I look awful this morning!" Eyeing the reflection, Toshiya 
made a disgusted face. "What's with the black marks this morning?" He 
growled and almost crawled out of the washroom.

He had that look that said `Don't bother me or else…' Do I really 
have to go to school? He wondered. Will anybody notice he wasn't 

Of course they would, everybody knew Toshiya. He was the kind of 
person you never missed in the corridor; even guys would drool over 
his long and sexy legs. But he did not care… He never cared about any 
of these people, all they did was drool and then, believing he was 
unreachable, would move on to find somebody who was more human.

Besides, even if some girl would ask him out he wouldn't answer. 
Pretty… Ugly… Tall... Fat… Christian… Even Americans if it was 
possible! They never were what he was looking for.
They were dull, had this abnormal super energy to compete with him. 
He hated that the most.

"Happy happy joy joy" personality is mine, no need to copy it for me 
to accept them!

Opening the door of the room next to him, Toshiya looked at the empty 
bed in the middle of it. It was empty… Had he been gone all night?
"How can he party so much? I thought he liked the sleep most of all!" 
Toshiya frowned.

And one other thing, maybe he looked like some I-go-out-every-night-
and-I-get-anybody-I-want-to-warm-my-bed guy, or some may even call 
him a slut because he looked like a girl so much, but he was serious. 
Dead serious about school, work, money, it seemed like he didn't have 
the right personality.

Closing the door of his roommate's bedroom, Toshiya put on his shoes 
not forgetting his bag and his glasses and locked the door behind him.

Slowly walking out of the apartment building, the young man looked 
around and sighed. It really wasn't his day…

The only sound he could hear was the noise of his feet on the floor 
as he ran as fast as he could in the corridors. He knew he wasn't 
allowed to do so, but nobody would know it was him because he was 
already really very late for class.

Undoing the top button of the blouse he was wearing, Kaoru cursed. 
Private schools and their stupid uniforms…why did he accept to go 
His parents were too demanding.

Well, at least I'm going to make a beautiful entry! He thought 
wanting to cry. Late for his and everybody would notice 
because it was the middle of the semester.
He didn't want to be called the exchanged student, but the other 
school he was before had kicked him out. His parents thought of it as 
an opportunity to put him in a private school because he needed some 
good taming.

"I'm not that bad…" He snorted. "It was just toilet paper, what is 
wrong with toilet paper?! Everybody use it! Geez…" He missed his old 
school, his old friends, and now that he was here. People would soon 
find out why he got kicked out and he would never have the change to 
meet somebody.

"Aah…my life is bitter…" Holding on that thought, Kaoru finally found 
the place he was looking for. Putting on his breaks, he stopped in 
front of the wooden door and sighed. "I can't believe I'm nervous…"
He knocked.

A strange old woman opened the door and almost killed him with her 
glare. `She's ugly', was the first thing that came up his mind. `So 
much for the beautiful babe that makes you drool when walks in front 
of the class.'

She was old, very old, with white hair and a long nose. Her clothes 
looked like a carpet and the ribbon she had in her hair as huge dots, 
for the size of it they took 90% of the fabric.
Comparing to Kaoru, she was nothing. But hey, she's not the principal 
character so lets move on.

"Are you the new student?" She asked with a high voice that almost 
looked like the mice in Cinderella. Kaoru felt a shiver run down his 
spine. "Yeah…" She pouted, and believe me it was not cute. "You are 
late young man."

Kaoru sighed in exasperating. `Well duuuh…why do you think I was 
running in your greasy corridors?!' "I apologise, I got lost on my 
way here."
She had a mean smile, but still let him in.

The class was fairly small and the students were almost pilled up. 
There were a couple of places empty in the front of the class so 
Kaoru sat down next to a guy who was snoring quite loudly.
Raising an eyebrow as the woman continued her class, not bothering to 
wake him up. He took it as a sign and didn't even open his book, as 
he preferred studying his classmates.

Half of the class looked a little fucked up. Some guys even had make 
up on, only the nerds, or the ones that were listening to the old 
bags babbling, looked like something close to normal.
A quarter of the class, or half of the fucked up people, was sleeping 
soundly like his the guy next to him and the other half were 
chatting, drawing, writing notes to one another or just plain doing 
nothing with their feet on their desk.
`Is this really a private school? Or is it just this class…?'

He eyed the guy next to him. He was blond. Kaoru blinked, the 
director wasn't happy that he had done it with his hair and almost 
refused him in the school. But this guy, he was worse then him. His 
hair had been bleached and then, died yellow, not blond…he was YELLOW.

Kaoru made a face… (You know…a face :P)
What kind of school is this? What the hell am I doing here??

When the bell rang, the little guy next to Kaoru almost jumped off of 
his chair. Kaoru thought his heart was going to stop, the guy was 
going to run out of the class but stopped himself when he felt 
somebody was watching him.
He turned around and eyed Kaoru. And then smiled cutely.

Kaoru had to stop himself from blushing; the guy was just too 

Toshiya was in all the comities, and more importantly, he was the 
highest a student could get in all of them. He was very important and 
always busy with some work. He was smart, always did well in sports. 
He never really tried but always ended up on top, he was what they 
called: A genius.

He was a model student, everybody liked him, but also envied him, 
wanted to be him, wanted him to know them, or at least their name. He 
was very respected and the teachers loved him.
While everybody thought of him as a God, Toshiya hated them. He hated 
ALL of them. They were so superficial. They only cared about either 
his notes or his looks.

They were all so nice to him, but it was not real. Not real at all, 
Toshiya felt like he was alone. The only person that he liked was 
Kyo; Kyo always ignored him. He liked that, even if it seemed bizarre.
He would walk around the apartment like a zombie and just ignore the 
fact that Toshiya was half naked all the time.

It was not that Toshiya wanted to get him in his bed; he didn't think 
that he liked guys anyway. But it was more comfortable and knowing 
that nobody was looking made him feel good…normal… The only place 
where he could rest…

"Hey Totchi! Did you see him? He looked so cool!" Wanting to cut his 
ears to never hear that annoying guy again, Toshiya turned around 
visibly annoyed.
"Stop calling me Totchi will you Takanori! And see who? What the hell 
are you talking about?" A light brown short haired man started 
bouncing in front of him. He was full of energy and never ran out of 
it, which was irritating.

Takanori grinned evilly. "The new guy! Ayumi told me he was in her 
class and that he was very sexy, so I want to see. And damn he's so 
`What a kid…' Toshiya thought. "Relax will you, it's just one guy." 
Not wanting to meet another guy who would probably take him for a 
girl, blue haired man turned around and walked away.

`I bet his ugly…Ayumi never had good taste.' Toshiya 
pouted. `Besides, I'm NOT after guys, why did Takanori tell me that 
anyway?' Turning the corner of an empty corridor, Toshiya walked 
passed a bunch of guys who were playing cards on the floor.

"Hey honey!" Toshiya froze. `Damn! Can't they leave me alone for one 
second.' He turned around putting on a smiling mask. "Yes?" A pink 
haired guy talked to him. "Wanna play?"

Toshiya looked at the cards that were scattered on the floor and 
noticed the money in the middle of the gang of five guys. "No thanks."
He knew the five of them too well. They weren't that nice, the always 
cheated so never say yes when you know they were playing for money.

The guy sex to the one that had talked to Toshiya grunted. He had 
flaming red hair and a friendly smile, but somebody who wasn't stupid 
knew he had to get passed the smile. That guy was evil. "You always 
say no! Can't you play once? We're not going to eat you…ne, Toshiya."
He gave him another beautiful smile.

"Die, you never got me and you never will. I will NEVER EVER play 
against you guys. Especially YOU! You cheat and I don't have money to 
waste on stupid games. Now if you'll forgive me, I'm busy." Toshiya 
turned around and walked away.

The five guys blinked and just laughed.

"What a bitch…"

Its a first part, and very short so I realise...but I hope you liked 
it. Comments are appreciated.
thanx ^^

Sei-chan ^.^

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