sei-The Hidden Face of the Moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon
by Sei-chan

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Part 10

'Daaaamn him!!' When it was suppose to be a nice sunny happy day, he 
HAD to appear somewhere. He didn't care if he was bothering people, 
he just popped out and had fun teasing Toshiya.

English class had taken forever! Ayumi's drooling over Gackt didn't 
bother him as much as Kaoru did. The problem was, that Kaoru had just 
been sitting there all period not even saying a word to anybody.
Only his presence affected the blue head!

'I'm going to punish him someday. I'm going to get back at him 
so~~~~o bad, he won't want to see me again and that's going to be 
grrreat!!' Toshiya grinned to himself trying to imagine the worst 
torture he could use on Kaoru.
Kaoru the perfect mysterious blond guy that was kicked out of his 
other school for an unknown reason. Kaoru the blackmailer, who used 
poor innocent people to do his work. 'No wonder he had such good 
grades! I bet he did the same thing in his other school, that's why 
he got kicked out!'

Then, there was only one thing to do. If he told the director about 
this, which was may I recall Kyo's daddy, Kaoru would be kicked out 
again and he would never had to deal with him again!
Toshiya shrugged, but what if the others knew? What if Kyo didn't 
like it? He was after all a friend of Kyo, maybe he should try to be 
more understanding and figure out what was going on.

The blue head didn't want to loose Kyo's friendship, even thought it 
wasn't much. It still was a precious friendship. 'Besides, if Kyo 
moves out of the apartment because of me...who's going to take care 
of him? The poor thing...'
Toshiya bit his lower lip and shook his head. 'No! No! I won't tell. 
I don't want Kyo to be alone! He needs me!'

Looking down on Kaoru's research, the young man sighed again. He had 
understood he was in a loop situation, there was no way out after 
Resting his head on his desk, Toshiya felt like crying. He wanted 
everything to end, he wished it was all a bad dream and he would soon 
wake up. Why did he have to endure this? Why couldn't he be left 

He was an average guy...well almost, he was after all the most 
popular, smart, sexy man in this school...or was he? Maybe not... 
Nobody had ever told him so, he had only figured they thought that.
Kyo usually told him he was the worst brat ever, maybe it was true. 
Maybe he was a brat after all, maybe they all knew but he didn't.

Maybe he should change his way of thinking so the oth...

He felt a tap on his shoulder. Turning around, he blinked. It was 
Kaoru again, he growled. "What do you want?"
Kaoru stood up. "Classes as been over for five minutes y'know?"

Looking left and right, Toshiya noticed he and Kaoru were they only 
students left in the classroom, even the teacher was gone. He 
snorted. "I knew that!" Of course he didn't, he had been lost in his 
thoughts since the beginning of the class. He didn't even know what 
the teacher had been talking about.

Not saying anything, Kaoru made his way out of the class. But stopped 
before he closed the door behind him and turned around. He had an odd 
expression on his face. "You know what?"
Toshiya glared. "What?!"
Kaoru only grinned. "You make the most funniest faces. You don't know 
about it buut...when you were in your clouds, people were laughing at 
you. Especially me, but that's not a surprise isn't it." And he 
walked out laughing his head out.

Feeling like throwing a chair behind Kaoru's head, Toshiya put all 
his paper in his backpack. 'Screw them all! They can go to hell for 
all I care! I can't believe I even thought of being nice to them for 
a change.'
Putting his bag on his shoulders, he stormed out of the class.

Well he actually "tried" to storm out of the class to scare the few 
that were still around the classroom, but the only thing he was able 
to do was hit something or somebody with the door. Which was more 
Usually, he wouldn't have cared, he wouldn't even have bothered to 
help the person up, but that time was different.

The person with a bleeding nose that he had hit was exactly like him. 
They were look a likes, perfectlly the same...or maybe close to it.
He looked at the guy as he cursed, he was still holding his nose. 
Toshiya closed the door.

"' me!" The guy looked up at Toshiya and 
they both blinked. It was true!

It was unusual, unusual for him to be late, to forget they had 
promised each other they would go out and take a drink. The four of 
them were all worried, Die had missed school for two days now and it 
was abnormal.
Their friend liked going to school, oddly enough, he liked his 
classes and most importantly he liked to tease people around him. 
People that would force him to get up in the morning just to look at 
their frustrated face.

That was more one person, but the four of them didn't really know. 
Die had never told them and he probably would never.

Sakito shrugged when he heard the first bell ring, class were about 
to start in five minutes. "Where the hell is he?" He looked around, 
no red head to be seen.
"I know... Maybe we should call him..." Added Sugizo while he put his 
pack of cards away.

Kamijo put his hands on his hips and pouted. "He's like such a 
moron." He sighed before he received a slap behind the head. "Oww!! 
What's your problem?!"
Hide snorted and pulled Kamijo's long blond hair. "I can't believe 
you said that, isn't he your buddy?"

Kamijo raised an eyebrow and Hide, Sugizo and Sakito glared at 
him. "Alright sorry, I was just joking." He sighed like he didn't 
really care. "Don't get so worked up because of it."
They all sat down, Sugizo, Hide and Sakito not caring about Kamijo 

They didn't feel like playing anymore or even going to class. Who 
cared anyway? They would get another detention and it would be over.
They were all pulled out of their "misery" when they heard a pencil 
case crash on the floor and a crayon came rolling down the corridor 
and stopped in front of Hide's foot.

It was Shinya. While cursing, he ran after all his pencils and 
stopped when he realised Hide was handing one to him. The guy didn't 
really look directly at him, but he still talked to him nicely for a 
It's not that they ever had a conversation, usually Die would tease 
him and the others just laughed. "Ano...Shinya... Usually I wouldn't 
be talking to you but...did you see Die today?"

He didn't really want to answer, but even Shinya had known about Die 
not being around. He would always see him every day because the red 
head liked to tease him so much.
He couldn't care less if the red head was sick or anything but... 
Where was he? Shinya shrugged and shook his head. "Nah."

Hide glanced at the others, they all had a worried look on their 
faces, except for Kamijo who was polishing his nails. "You sure about 
Shinya carefully closed his pencil case and looked up at Hide. "Would 
have been with you."

Hide shrugged. "I guess so."
"Call him." Had he heard right? Had Shinya just tried to help him? him was a big word, but he hadn't been mean or 
anything. "Yeah... I should do that..."

That's when they heard a cellphone ring. Of course, it wasn't allowed 
in the school but those four didn't really worry about those kind of 
details. Sugizo answered. "Yeah it's me... Oh! Where are ya?" His 
eyes widened. "WHAT?!? Expelled?! Why?" And he started laughing. "You 
really are an idiot. Haven't told me why you beat them up..." He 
shrugged and started laughing again.

There were no expression on Shinya's face. There was no doubt about 
it, it was Die. He had been expelled because he had beat up V6...for 
him! The young man couldn't understand why his worse ennemi had done 
this for him. He was so unpredictable, so stupid... "What a moron..."

Giving his stuff to Hide, he took the cellphone without asking from 
Sugizo's hands. "YOU MORON!! Now I'll feel guilty because of you!"
For a second, he didn't hear any answer as if there were nobody on 
the other end of the phone and then Die spoke. "It's you..."

The young man couldn't quite catch the feeling in Die's voice, half 
of it was disbelief and the other half was just unreadable. He found 
himself blushing and turned quickly around to be sure Die's friends 
wouldn't see him.
"What are you doing around my friends...Shinya?" Shinya's heart 
jumped, he had called him by his full name.

Putting an hand on his chest, Shinya breathed hard. "They're the ones 
who asked me if I had seen you." Die chuckled. "How typical of 
them..." There was a pause. "I wanted to talk to you anyway."

The second bell rang, classes were starting.

Shinya bit his lower lip. "Really?"
There was no reaction for about fifteen seconds. "Yeah... I wanted to 
say...I'm sorry." And he hung up.

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to be continued~

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